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Reader Tip on Flashing OEM ATTO SCSI card with Retail Firmware:
Published: Aug. 6th, 2001
Last Updated: Nov. 8th, 2006 (mirror for updater download)

Notes on ATTO OEM Ultra2 Card Flashing: (from the 1/14/2002 news page)

" Hi, Mike- I was tearing my hair out trying to get an Apple OEM ATTO ExpressPCI UL2D card (reflashed to retail 1.6.4 firmware) working in a PowerTower Pro 225. Basically, the system would crash with an empty white dialog box freeze whenever the Foreign File Access extension was enabled. I did some looking around on Google and found an old news item on your site explaining another user's similar experience:

Anyhow, flashing the card to the 1.5 firmware solves the problem I was seeing which was driving me nuts. Please spread the word that updating this card to the 1.6.4 firmware is a BAD IDEA. Stick with whatever works in your machine.

Saved again by your site. -John"

I've updated that old news archive page with John's comments.

[Aug. 6th, 2001 comments follow]
A reader sent a tip on how he flashed the latest retail ATTO SCSI UW card firmware in an OEM ROM (Apple OEM) ATTO card.

" Hi Mike !
Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your great site !
But I write you to let know one think I've juste discovered and experienced. I don't know if you knew this.

I've a PowerComputing PTP225 (very great machine !) and received from a friend an Apple UltraWide SCSI Card coming from a Beige G3 Server. And I suppose you know it's an Atto ExpressPCI PSC with an Apple ROM.

I wanted to use the Atto Express ProTools to fine the tuning of the card with my different SCSI peripherals, but it was impossible (no Atto card found). So I tried to flash the card with the Atto firmware flasher. No luck though, "no Atto card found" too :-)
So here is the method :

Download the ExpressPCI PSC flasher (1.64U at this moment).
[Use the support/downloads link at www.attotech.com-Mike
Download the MacOS X SCSICard Updater (on Versiontracker e.g.).
[I could not find it at VT, but the FAQ here has a previous direct download link to the update but apple moved it as of 2006. I searched and found this however - Mac OS X 10.0: SCSI Card Updater Document and Software BUT the download link there doesn't work (come-on apple...) Trying again - I searched (web search) for the filename and found a copy of the updater at the bottom of this page that worked as of Nov. 8th, 2006.-Mike]
Make a copy of the Mac OS X SCSI Card Updater application.

Open ExpressPCI Pro Updater 1.6.4U with ResEdit, open the "firm" ressource, copy the ressource ID 128 named "Firmware". Open Mac OS X SCSI Card Updater with ResEdit too, open the "firm" ressource, paste what you copied. Replace the old ressource ID 128, rename it with empty name (to be sure, eventhough I don't think it change something). Close and save de modifications.

Run Mac OS X SCSI Card Updater, flash the card.
And voila, you've got a "full" Atto ExpressPCI PSC !

I've reflashed it with the ExpressPCI Pro Updater 1.6.4U to be sure it's good, and there isn't any problem. Now I can use the Atto Express ProTools as if I had bought an Atto retail version.

I hope this will be useful for someones,
Mike. "

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