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MacTell Vision 3D Pro II Video Card Review
Software Controls and Hardware Specifications
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Software Controls

The Control panel for the Vision 3D Pro II one of the nicest and full featured ones I've seen.

There were so many tabbed panels of options that I can't show them all here, but you can click on each of the listings below to see a capture of each one of them. The tabs of the control panel are:

Several of the tabbed sections had buttons for extra features, for instance in the Gamma panel you could press a button to show a picture to compare the current gamma setting, and another panel had buttons to launch Netscape and go to their web site, etc. Very handy and a nice touch.

Control Panel
Vision 3D Pro II Control Panel

Unlike the MacPicasso software, the DDC monitor auto-sensing function did not identify my Hitachi 19" monitor.

The software controls were complete, easy to use and powerful. I could not think of a single feature that was not included so I rate the software control panel a 10.


Compatibility Issues:
I've gotten a report of font corruption when Adobe's Type Manager (ATM) extension is used and the Font Cache is enabled in the control panel. For a image showing this problem click here. Apparently this also affects the Imagine 128 series 2 cards. Since I don't use ATM normally, I did not see the problem during the review. As of 4/26/98 there is no fix.
Hardware Specifications

Vision 3D Pro II Specifications:
  • Graphics Engine: Number Nine "Ticket 2 Ride" (aka Imagine III)
  • 250 Mhz RamDac (with heat sink)
  • 8MB of 60ns VRam (dual ported Video Ram)
  • Quicktime/Quickdraw/Quickdraw 3D support
  • Hardware Pan and Zoom
  • QT and MPEG Video acceleration/scaling
  • Max Resolutions: 1920x1080 millions colors @80hz, 1920x1200 thousands colors @ 75hz
  • Expansion RAM connector (Modules not currently available)
  • Mac and VGA Monitor Connectors

Requires: PowerPC Mac with available PCI slot.

Ticket 2 Ride chip Specifications:
(all features may not be supported in current drivers)
  • 3D, 2D and high performance video engine
  • Floating Point Setup Engine w/Hardware Vertex Sorting
  • Display List Processor
  • Multi-Pixel Simultaneous Processing
  • Block Write Support
  • Pre-Clipped BLTS, Fills, Area Patterns
  • 5 LOD MIP Mapping in Hardware
  • Perspective Corrected Texture Mapping
  • Tri-linear and Bi-linear Filtering
  • 8KB on chip Texture Cache
  • Per Pixel Specular Lighting Effects, Interpolated Fogging, Alpha Blending
  • Gouraud Shading for 3D Triangles and Lines
  • Replace, Decal, Modulate, Blend Texture Modes
  • 30 frames per second full screen MPEG playback
  • Front End Color Space Conversion
  • Real Time Single Pass Video Scaling in X and Y
  • 1.6 GB Per Second Graphics Memory Bandwidth
  • Support for up to 24MB of VRAM

Link to T2R Specs

Since the graphics engine was full featured (2D/3D/Video) and was the RamDac was also top notch (250mhz/128-Bit) I rated the hardware design a 9

If the drivers/applications fully supported all the capabilities of the chip, it would be a runaway favorite.

A wrap-up of the review with details on availability is on the summary page.

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