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Accelerate Your Mac! News Archive for: 4/9/2002 Tuesday's NewsReturn to Accelerate Your Mac!

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News stories of April 9th, 2002:

ATI Driver Update Reports - Including PB G4 Owners (FSAA support for Radeon Mobility)
I've created a page of reader reports on the ATI March 2002 driver update noted earlier today. The reports are from owners of the 8500, 7000, original Radeon AGP and even a PowerBook G4 (Rage128 mobility model - as I noted earlier today the drivers are OEM/Rage128/Radeon compatible, except of course for the ATI control panel/video out features.)
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OWC Firewire SuperDrives (DVD-R/RW + CDR/CDRW)

Site sponsor Other World Computing sent a note about their Superdrive based Firewire drives. (Per the info there these are based on the later DVR-104 drives.)

    OWC Mercury Pro FireWire DVD-RW/CD-RW Storage Solutions
    $489 package is complete with FireWire cable, Power, and CDR/CDRW media, but no software. More than our competitors offer whereas they make you buy the FireWire cable separately...
    The $549 model includes 1 DVD-R, 1 CD-R, 1 CD-RW medias; FireWire and Power Cable, AND the FULL Retail version of Roxio Toast Titanium 5.
    I think these are the best deals available too.
    Best Regards,
    Larry O'Connor
    Other World Computing, Inc. "

Prices and availability may change over time so check OWC's site for the latest info.

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ATI Rage128/Radeon Series Driver Update is Released!
ATI has posted a page with the March 2002 Radeon driver update
The requirements note OS 9.2.1 or higher (due to OpenGL version required) and OS X 10.1 or higher. Here's the official list of supported cards:

    RAGE 128 Mac products such as RAGE ORION, NEXUS 128, XCLAIM VR 128 "

(The basic drivers should also work with OEM Radeon and Rage128 cards also - less the ATI retail card control panels which don't work with OEM cards.) See the Readme file for install info (run the installer in OS X and then reboot to OS 9 to run the installer again to update the OS 9 drivers. Just in case, I always like to make a copy of my current OS 9 drivers before updating.)
This should also fix the 8500's OS X/dual monitor scrolling issue noted here last week and add FSAA support for the original Radeon (as well as reportedly increasing 3D performance at least for the 7500 and 8500 cards.)
I welcome feedback on these drivers from readers. (Please include your graphics card, systems and OS details in reports. Thanks!)
[See the later news post above for a link to a page with reader reports on the driver update.]

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Rune: Halls of Valhalla for Mac (info/pre-orders)
(from the press release)

    Human Head Studios, Westlake Interactive and Mercenary Studios Team Up to Publish and Distribute Rune Multiplayer Addon

    DALLAS, TX - April 10, 2002 - Dallas-based Mercenary Studios announces partnership with Human Head Studios and Westlake Interactive to publish the Macintosh version of RUNE: HALLS OF VALHALLA, a multiplayer and stand alone add-on to the hit game RUNE. The game will be available for preorder at beginning April 10, 2002, and will begin shipping April 22, 2002.

    "This is an exciting new chapter for Mercenary Studios, and one I am pleased to be a part of," Harris said. "Mac gamers have supported the Rune community since its creation. This is the least we can do to show our support for them. I'm looking forward to locking virtual steel against a few Mac opponents with HOV."

    RUNE: HALLS OF VALHALLA is the official multiplayer expansion pack for the highly acclaimed PC game Rune. With it, Rune fans can go online and test their mettle against players from around the world. It can be played as a stand-alone multiplayer game as well as an expansion to the original.

    Two new modes (Headball and Arena) and additional maps, along with a multitude of new, animated creatures including three new fearsome female characters will keep the melee going. The Headball mode is a team based sports game in which players rend the limbs or heads of their enemies and score points by throwing them through a goal. It's kill or be killed in the Arena mode as gamers compete in one-on-one duels against varying opponents. Similar to the original game, HOV will utilize an enhanced version of Epic Games' Unreal Tournament game engine and will feature amazingly life-like animations, a detailed weapon system and a unique combat system.

    "We're very happy to bring Rune: HOV to Mac gamers, it's a great add-on for people who have already bought Rune, and a good way for people who haven't played Rune to jump into the non-stop action." said Glenda Adams, President of Westlake Interactive.

    Mercenary Studios is a content development company created by Tricia "Kazi Wren" Harris, an avid computer game player and the site director of the official Rune Website, The company will handle publishing and distribution of HOV for Mac.

    RUNE: HALLS OF VALHALLA was developed by Human Head Studios and ported to the Mac by Westlake Interactive. It will be available for sale online with an estimated retail price of $24.95.

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Yellowdog Linux 2.2 Available

For more info see the Yellowdog Linux web site. (For users without broadband connection you can purchase a CD there.)

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OS X running on PowerBook 2400c
Ryan Rempel's XPostFacto utility v2.2b1 noted beta level support for the PowerBook 2400 (and 3400 and first model PowerBook G3). A reader (Jake) sent a link to a photo of OS X running on a PB 2400 that I assume used XpostFacto.
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ATI, Nvidia porting drivers for AMD-OSX hybrid?
That's the title of this inquirer story that says both comanies "have teams actively investigating the port of OSX to an X86 CPU - and that is upping speculation that such a beast cannot be too far away". Of course this is just rumors but interesting. (There's a web site from last year on OS X on X86s but I can't remember the URL now.)
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Another Radeon 7000 Owner reports 8500 Drivers Fixed Dual Monitor Problems
Yesterday's news had two reports from Radeon 7000 owners that had problems running dual monitors noting that installing the Radeon 8500 OS 9 drivers solved the problem. Another reader replied to that post saying they also fixed his dual monitor problem

    " Hi Mike:
    Wrote you once before about my initial experience with a Radeon 7000 video card in a Beige G3 266 Desktop.

    Read the report this morning about using the Radeon 8500 drivers and tried it once I got home. It works!

    Before I was not able to run 2 VGA monitors (using supplied DVI-to-VGA adaptor for the second monitor on the same card). The second monitor would be recognized, but there would be no picture. No amount of changing of resolutions or changing of monitors made any difference.

    However, after applying the new Radeon 8500 drivers to essentially the same system as before, the second monitor started up and worked seamlessly.

    I have no idea if the Beige G3 - OSX boot problem is addressed by this workaround as well as I do not yet have OSX. Hopefully someone else with a beige G3 will be able to give it a whirl and let us all know.
    jason s. "

I hear the dual head card/OS X issue with Beige G3 and older Macs needs an OS X update, but not sure that is really true. If anyone tries the 8500 drivers (which install some 8500 specific files though) with a Beige G3 or earlier Mac and a 7000 card, if they let me know I'll post their results.
(Previous reports follow for those that missed yesterday's news.)

    " Concerning Mac Radeon 7000 Graphics Card and dual output with DVI to VGA converter:

    Just installed the new Radeon 8500 Installer over the 7000 one and guess what? I now have the two VGA outputs on the 7000 working with a Sony 19" and an Applevision 750AV!
    I seriously hope this will help all 7000 owners!
    Thanks for your great usefull website, Patrick S.
    [I asked what Mac model he had-Mike]

    Tried the driver and the card on both a Umax S900 and an Apple 9500 with XLR8 G4 450 CPU. In the PCI Slots were the Radeon 7000 together with a miroMotion DC30 +, an Adaptec 2940U2W and an AudioMedia III from Digidesign. "

After the above report a 2nd S900 owner wrote about dual monitor problems - so I suggested the drive the 8500 drivers. He wrote that fixed the problem:

    "Hi Mike,
    Whatever it was, it worked. I have removed R-7000 driver and installed R-8500 driver and the UMAX S-900 runs both monitors of the same card. It does help to power up the second monitor (DVI-1 socket) after total boot up on primary monitor only. Anyway IT WORKS. Thank you so much!!!
    I am not sure I had to change the card driver but now - "if it is not broken don't mend it". Thanks again, I am ethernaly grateful.

The 8500 1.0 drivers were linked in the April 2nd news page. [A 7000 owner said the ROM xtender file alone didn't help.]
I've added these reports to the Radeon 7000 owner feedback page.

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8500/VR128 Owner Comments on latest XPostFacto OS X Utility Update
Yesterday's news had a note about Ryan Rempel's updateded XPostFacto utility (v2.2b1) which noted fixes for the "kernel panic if nothing connected to onboard video" problem. (The ATI driver update will still be needed for some ATI cards, however). A reader with an 8500 and ATI VR128 card noted good results with the update:

    " I have an 8500 with an ATI VR 128 card. I can verify that Ryan's latest XPostFacto does in fact fix the onboard video kernel trap. After installing it, I removed the adapter from the onboard video and successfully booted with only the ATI card active - and no brain surgery on my 8500 to remove the VRAM.

    I take it you had no words of wisdom from yourself or your contacts on my 3940UW dilemma (where it always runs in SCSI 1 mode)?
    Wes "

Wes noted his 3940 card had very low rates in OS X. I replied that Adaptec listed (last year) that the 3940 was one of their cards that was 'unsupported' in OS X. I can't say if that's the reason for his low performance or if it's some other issue (termination, cables, etc.).
For more info and download links see OWC's XPostFacto Home page.

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Nintendo 64 Emulator Carbonized for OS X
Versiontracker has a page noting the latest version of sixtyforce, the N64 emulator for Macs. Here's what's new in v0.6.2b1

    There's support for OS X, lots of compatibility fixes and a number of speed improvements. There are also plenty of new bugs and graphical glitches. This release is a major overhaul with changes to just about everything. The benefits of many of the under the hood changes will become visible with future sixtyforce releases.

    Does this version work on Mac OS 9?
    Mac OS 9 is "supported" but this version hasn't really been tested on it. Looking ahead, as Apple continues to add new features to OpenGL on OS X and doesn't bring these features to OS 9, sixtyforce will really start to require OS X.

    Why are some options that were in older versions missing in this newer version? And why is the interface so quirky?
    This version might look similar to older versions, but again I want to emphasize, much of sixtyforce has been completely rewritten. The interface is all new code. This was done fully support OS X and keep performance on OS X as close to OS 9 and possible. Believe it or not, sixtyforce in general is now faster on OS X than OS 9! (I think sixtyforce might be the first application to manage this ;)"

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Rocket Arena Quake3 Mod Server for Macs
    Hi Mike-
    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that some internal development efforts at ASWP have resulted in a "Rocket Arena" like MOD for Quake III that is server side only.

    One of our members, Maleficus ASWP, was wonderful enough to write it for our servers, and we have implemented in on our main server which can be found at our website:

    I thought you might want to post this to your site, since as a Mac site, you probably have a lot of users who are unhappy that the Rocket Arena Mod doesn't work for the Mac.
    Mike Cozzi
    Admin, ASWP gaming system- QIII, RTCW, and others! For Gamers who are "Good Sports"

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CDRW/CD/DVD/Hard Drive /Cardreader Compatibility Database Updates
The Drive Compatibility searchable database had 10 new reports added today. The database includes reports on Combo DVD-CDRW, CDROMs, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CDRW, Hard Drives and Removables (tape drive, ORB, ZIP, MO drives, CF/Smartmedia readers, etc.) in all interface types (IDE, IDE RAID cards, Firewire, SCSI, adapters). Current total 7,066 reports. Here's a summary listing of today's new reports. (Does not include updates to previous entries)

    DVD-R DVD Recorder Drive Reports:
  • IDE Pioneer DVR-A03 in G4/AGP (OS X)

    Combo DVD+CDRW Drive Reports:
  • IDE LG GCC-4120B (12x8x32x + 8x DVD ROM) in B&W G3 (OS X)
    (Used CD Drive install guide here)

    DVD-ROM Drive Reports:
  • USB BTC BDV-212B (12x/40x) used w/iMac (OS 9.2)

    CD-ROM Drive Reports:
  • SCSI CyberDrive 24x in 7300 (OS 9.1)

    IDE CDRW Drive Reports:
  • Lite-On LTR-24102B 24x10x40 in B&W G3 (OS 9.1)
    (not bootable he said)
  • Yamaha CRW2200E (20x10x40x) in Beige G3 (OS 9)
    (noted the old 'tray eject' issue - suggested trying a different version of Apple CD/DVD extension or just Toast reader ext.)

    Firewire CDRW Drive Reports:
  • Que QPS PX-W1210A used w/B&W G3 (OS X)
    (problems noted)
  • Sony CRX185A1 (32x/10x/40x) used w/iBook 2001 (OS X)

    SCSI CDRW Drive Reports:
  • CDD521 (2x CD-R only) in 7600 (OS 9.1)

    IDE Hard Drive Reports:
  • Seagate Barracuda 40GB in B&W G3 (OS 9.2)
    (problems noted - apparently a rev 1 B&W G3.)

You can find full owner reports (latest shown first) by searching the database by drive/brand/interface/mac models (the latest reports are shown first in searches).
For guides to installing CD/CDRW/DVD drives or Hard drives in many mac models, see the IDE Articles page. The Firewire articles page also has guides on case kits, installing drives, etc.
If you've added a IDE, SCSI, Firewire or USB hard drive, CDRW, tape drive, etc. make sure you add a report to the database. [If you post an updated entry - make sure you use the same name, etc. as you did before so I can find your past entry. Thanks.]

(Entries today will be added the following newsday. Incomplete entries are deleted. Do not post questions in the database, it's for drive reports not questions on what drive to buy - for that try searching the database for reports from owners of your mac model on the drive type/brand/interface, etc. you're interested in.)

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CPU Upgrades Owner Reports Database Updated:
The Rate Your CPU Upgrade database has been updated with 2 new reports. (Total to date: 6,957). [Entries made today are posted the next newsday morning. Incomplete entries, those with not comments, missing info, etc. are deleted]

  • Powerlogix G3/400 in PowerCenter Pro (rated 9)
  • B&W G3/300 OC report

(Warning - Overclocking may not be reliable and could lead to hardware failure or corrupted data.) You can find the full reports by searching the database selecting the indicated Mac model and upgrade card brand/type. If you've upgraded the CPU on your Mac, please post an entry in the database. Search the database for entries from most every upgradable Mac model *before* you buy. (Searchable by mac model/upgrade brand). For detailed reviews with performance tests and install tips, see the CPU Upgrades page.)

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News pages from 1, 2 and 3 years ago:
(Sometimes these old pages are a bit embarrassing - and in many cases the offsite links may not work and comments there were accurate only on the date posted regarding upgrade availability, etc.)

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