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Security Update 2007-004 for OS X Tiger and Panther
Apple's released Security Update 2007-004, available via software update or these download pages:
(2007 download links removed as they were no longer vaild.)

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Aperture 1.5.3 Update released
Apple today also released an Aperture 1.5.3 Update:

" Aperture 1.5.3 addresses issues related to overall reliability and performance in a number of areas, including:
- Generation of thumbnails for adjusted images
- Entering and exiting Full Screen mode
- Working with large sets of keywords in the Keywords HUD
- Restoring from a vault

Among the specific issues that have been addressed:
- Previews now update properly when images are sent to an external editor.
- Leaf Aptus 22 and Aptus 75 images are now imported with the correct orientation.
- When folders are imported as projects, the folder structure is now correctly preserved when identically named subfolders are included in the hierarchy.
- Reconnecting referenced images that have been externally edited now works more reliably.
- Setting the ColorSync profile in the Aperture Print dialog now correctly suppresses color management settings in the Mac OS X Print dialog."

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Newer Tech offering SATA Extender cables for Mac Pro's 2 unused onboard SATA ports
Newer Tech sent an email PR on a eSATA Extender cables (w/PCI slot bracket) that are long enough to reach the Mac Pro's 2 unused onboard SATA ports.
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Mac NAS page updated (Yellow Machine 1TB)
I've updated the page of Mac NAS (network attached storage) reports to include notes/tests from a reader that bought one of the $299 1TB Yellow Machines that OWC had for sale earlier this month. (Updated again with comments from a 2nd YM user.)
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Notes on Cinergy T USB XE and EyeTV 2.4
Just a FYI to anyone else that may have an older USB Cinergy T:

" I have a question - last Winter I bought a Terratec Cinergy T USB XE (Digital TV tuner stick) and also bought EyeTV.
This pair does not work- then I noticed the announcement of EyeTV Lite incl the Cinergy T USB XE Stick in a special pack... So I asked if EyeTV will support my Stick - Yes it will, was the answer from Elgato - and I also received a Beta of EyeTV 2.4 - but no, the Stick is there to choose but will not work. Elgato responsed that the driver is not working but will be in the Final EyeTV 2.4. (released yesterday)
And now surprise - the stick still does not work. Could you please make a request if there is anyone out with an XE Stick? (working with EyeTV 2.4)
I'm using a Mac Pro 2.66 ... also no luck on a G4 Powebook.
Thanks in advance and regards,
-Nils "

I wrote a contact at ElGato about this last night and received this reply:

" TerraTec shipped some older hardware labelled as "Cinergy T USB XE" with a USB 1.1 chip that is not compatible with the Macintosh. Only the later, USB 2.0 models of this DVB-T stick are supported by EyeTV 2.4. These later models are what TerraTec is now bundling with EyeTV Lite.

Please tell this customer to contact EyeTV sales and their purchase of EyeTV will be refunded.
Thanks, Adam
ElGato "

If I were him I'd also ask Terratec if they'd replace his Cinergy T with a current model.

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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