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More reports on 20in iMac Displays, tips for washed out color
Due to length I've moved all the comments/notes/specs, etc. to a separate page on new iMac 20in displays. Includes notes on custom display colorsync profiles to help with washed-out color and more discussion on viewing angle. (Which as shown in the specs here on Wed., is 10 less than the previous 20in model and 18 less than the 24in, due to the LCD panel used. I mention that here again as several people sent emails about the specs, apparently never reading the -complete new vs old model display specs- already mentioned here.)
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Workaround for iMovie 6.04 download installer check (Updated)
Update - A reader sent a tip that avoids the need to use Pacifist. (Verified here this morning.)

"It installs without iLife 08 just fine. So now Apple is giving iMovie HD away for free.
You may have to enter the following command first (even if you do have iLife 08 installed as users are weird and may have deleted this file).

open the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type:

    defaults write /Library/Preferences/ HappyCakeOven -bool YES

Do this before you run the iMovie HD installer.
Again, you may have to do this even if you've installed iLife 08, but only if iMovie HD refuses to install.
No need for pacifist. In fact, not needing pacifist is the main reason I send this. If it's either entering a command into the terminal, imagining Phil Schiller in a thong, or using Pacifist... I choose the defaults command (x-man-page://defaults), especially when people are already intent on doing one of the three.
Sincerely, Rosyna "

(That humor was lost on me...) I'm going to pick up iLife 08 this weekend and had already downloaded iMovie HD6 yesterday (on a G5 tower with only iLife 05 installed). I verified the above works, although oddly when I first opened the Apps folder and ran iMovie HD it was still v5.0x - but the iMovie HD in the "(Previous Version)" folder was the new 6.0.4 version. (Odd but just a FYI in case anyone else sees that .) I've not rendered anything with it but it did run and open a previous project.
(earlier post follows)
Yesterday's news had a link to the iMovie 6 download page for iLife 08 owners and a note the installer checks for iLife 08 already installed. I didn't dig into the pkg to look at mods to the installer check but had forgotten about using Pacifist as a workaround. "Wolf" today sent a link to an Apple forum thread on using Pacifist to install it on non-iLife 08 systems. He also said the download version is 6.0.4, not v6.0.3 (the last previous update).
BTW - he also asked if anyone had tried to use iMovie 08 on a 1.6GHz or better G4 Mac. (Won't install normally on a G4, but he's curious if anyone has actually tried to run it on a fast G4 after bypassing installer checks.) If anyone's tried this let me know.

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Bowed Keyboard on some new MacBook Pros
(follow-up mail from a reader that had mentioned his new MacBook Pro keyboard wasn't flat)

" Mike - Thought I'd let you know that indeed the keyboard on my new (2 day old) MacBook Pro 15" 2.2GHz was bowed and was dipping in the middle of the keyboard. When I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store here in Schaumburg, IL last night, the tech noticed it immediately & just gave me an exchange new MacBook Pro!! I was thrilled.
He did mention that him and a few other techs at that store already have given replacements for a scattered few, with the same exact issue. Notably only the newer 2.2 & 2.4GHZ w/15" displays.
Just thought I'd let you know and might want to post this somewhere on your MacBook Pro owner feedback page.
- take care, Mike "
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Apple Keyboard Software Update 1.1 for new Alum. Keyboards
I'd seen a reference to this earlier this week in an Apple kbase doc, but there was no download page available then but there is now. See Keyboard Software Update 1.1 (dated yesterday):

"About Keyboard Software Update 1.1
Install this software to use your aluminum Apple Keyboard and take advantage of the special features "

I assume this means the initial retail boxed Alum. keyboards ship with a v1.0 CD? (A new iMac owner said this did not appear in Software Update, but did install from the download.)
The new iMacs come with the new aluminum keyboard which is also sold separately (US $49 wired, $79 wireless)

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Express34 Card Reports page updated
I've updated the page of MacBook Pro owner reports on Express34 cards (Firewire, SATA, Modems, etc.). The latest addition is from a Belkin FW 800 ExpressCard F5U514 owner, later updated. (Still waiting for more info and results of more testing.)
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Other News/Misc. Software Updates
(Updated 6:35PM, includes updated apple support docs)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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