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Malware scanner/blocker included in Snow Leopard?
Zdnet has a blog post about Apple's malware blocker in Snow Leopard, saying it's not based on the (open-source) ClamAV engine. (The source of that article/screenshot always raises an eyebrow (on self-promotion). Rixstep has already posted a reply titled FUD: On Snow Leopard Anti-Malware)
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Snow Leopard and EVGA GeForce GTX-285
I'll be trying this on Friday when OS X 10.6 arrives here, but was curious about compatibility (any issues seen) so I wrote a couple contacts at EVGA to ask about this. (I also welcome any SL RC/GTX 285 user feedback, even off the record.) Got a reply from EVGA:

"Yes - it works great in Snow Leopard, the latest driver on the EVGA website supports it.
(He's referring to the 18.5.2F16 driver update posted back in June (and later mirrored at Nvidia's drivers page in early July), which was required for 10.5.8 and later).
I assumed you used the default 32bit kernel? (default on even EFI64 macs except for the Xserves IIRC)

That is the 64bit kernel.

BTW - It wasn't listed in Apple's SL OpenCL card list originally (but I hadn't checked since June 10th for a news post), but I assumed it (and the FX models) would be added later. The current Snow Leopard specs page has it included in the OpenCL card list:

" OpenCL
requires one of the following graphics cards or graphics processors:

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, GeForce 9600M GT, GeForce 8600M GT, GeForce GT 120, GeForce GT 130, GeForce GTX 285, GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 8800 GS, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX5600
ATI Radeon 4850, Radeon 4870"

Which reminded me - the ATI 3870 isn't in the list. (Neither are other/older GPUs, including my 2007 AL iMac's 2600.)
BTW: This just means OpenCL apps will not use the GPU for acceleration (not that they won't run).

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Article on Snow Leopard RC (installs, apps, features, etc.)
Reghardware UK has posted a 7 page Mac OS X Snow Leopard (RC) First Look which includes comments on installing/upgrading (he used 2006 Mac Pro and 15 month old MacBook), compatibility with his existing apps, the Finder, Dock, QT, Mail, Safari, Services, Automator and Rosetta.
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Crucial Pulls M225 SSD v1711 firmware update
Yesterday I updated the earlier post (in Friday's news) on the 1711 firmware update for Crucial M225 SSDs with notes about Windows 7 users reporting data corruption with Trim enabled on SSDs w/1711 firmware, but not sure how many readers running OS X on these drives updated to 1711. (Since you would have needed to make a bootable DOS CD with the updater to apply it using an intel-based Mac - no way to boot from a USB DOS flash drive or floppy.)
SuperTalent removed the 1711 firmware update they posted earlier this month (for their SSD that's basically a clone of the M225) and although Crucial didn't post 1711 until weeks after ST did, it appears to be the same basic firmware. Hopefully Indilinx will provide another update for their Barefoot SSDs vendors soon. (And all things considered, I was curious why Crucial hadn't pulled the 1711 firmware update download at their site (still there as of early Tuesday morning) since many of their customers applied it for Windows 7 use and other companies selling barefoot SSDs were already aware of the 1711 issues earlier this month. I don't get a warm fuzzy about them being proactive on SSD firmware updates - but then nobody compares to OCZ in that regard.)
Update: Although the D/L links were still there when I first posted this earlier today, when I checked again at appx 2:45PM (Eastern) they've pulled the download links and included this notice:

    "Important Notice:
    An issue with Firmware update 1711 has been reported by users specific to Windows 7. We are pulling the file from the site until our engineers finish reviewing the issue. Concurrently, we are working to provide a downgrade tool to enable users to revert to the previous Firmware."

FYI/Update: It's not only windows 7 users seeing problems w/1711 - two of us have seen problems with sleep/wake with 1711 firmware drives running OS X. (Me in a Mac pro (no hibernate mode) and a macbook pro owner as well.)
(BTW - OWC replied that their rep says new M225s arriving there Wed/Thur will not have v1711 firmware.)

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Another PowerMac G5 Coolant Leak Damage example (photo gallery)
I've got about a half-dozen more PM G5 coolant leak damage/repair reports from the last month or so to add to the previous (huge) page here on the subject, but one of the most recent mails included a link to a photo gallery of the damage (Late 2004 dual 2.5GHz - dual 2.7GHz and Quad 2.5GHz models also have LCS) showing why I've stressed (for 2 years now, in red) that every LCS G5 tower owner should check frequently for leaks. (Unfortunately another case where a leak wasn't detected for many months until major damage occurred. And with an all metal case/metal Pwr Supply under the coolant source, you can understand the potential safety concerns with leaks.)
Hopefully like most reader reports here, Apple will cover the repair cost (in some cases (rare overall), they've provided a Mac Pro replacement system instead).
The Powermac G5 leaks/repairs page here has tons of reports since that page was added here in Aug 2007 here, including a link to photos of far worse Corrosion in an older post from Oct. 2007.)
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