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Photoshop CS3 Beta Image Resize bug
Updated again 10:30PM. (From reader mails - I don't have CS3 beta installed here. See update below - this is a known bug acknowledged by Adobe.)

" Mike, Not sure if you have seen this issue or not... so here goes. PS CS3 beta works so well, it seemed that it would be usable for some real work. However, it seems that image resizing is broken and this is a complete show-stopper for me to use the beta for anything further.

I've attached a screenshot of an image resized down from the master file in CS 2 and CS 3. (scaled down sample image)
I get the exact same results on Windows and Mac versions of CS 3, so this is not a Mac only bug. I am using a dual 2GHz G5. I do not have an Intel mac... but I do have a Windows box and the resize problem is the same in Windows and OS X versions of the CS 3 Beta. As the article I sent says, it's most pronounced at large changes in size - the one I sent was a 2560x2560 sized down to 128x128. The resize options do not make a difference. CS 2 makes super smooth nice images.
I've found a couple mentions of it on the net, if you want to see some other info on this: (includes an updated list of other known issues in CS3 beta)

Since this is something you might not notice at first glance or even think to check if you are resizing an image for save to web or in an automated action, I thought it was worth mentioning. Thanks!

A reader replied to the above saying it was resize options related, but Sean replied that wasn't the case:

" CS3 resize bug is not a bug, It's user error. (Not per Sean's reply to this - see below-Mike)
CS3 has options for how to resize image, up or down. Attached is the dialog box. Using Nearest Neighbor gives the results Sean has been getting. (Sean replied to this saying he was using Bicubic and the problem exists with any setting/option.-Mike) Choosing one of the Bicubic options gives much nicer results.

Sean replied to Jon's comments:

" Not true. The one in the photo (Sean's earlier post/sample image) was bicubic (default - smooth gradients). It doesn't matter which one you select. The reader on the other website experienced the same issues regardless of option selected as well. I have attached the same image resized with all five algorithms -- the results are the same with all.
This is not expected or normal behavior. These are RGB 8 bit per channel PSDs at 2560 pixels.. the results should be smooth and nice. Not this.
Thanks, Sean"

Jon later wrote he can't replicate the problem with several images (photographs) he tried. (Although an image like Sean's (sharp border between large areas of contrasting solid colors may be more likely to show the problem than a typical photograph.) Just for the record I asked Sean if he'd tried trashing the CS3 prefs (won't help with a bug but just to rule that potential issue out.)
Update: A reader later sent a mail noting Adobe lists this as a known bug:

" Photoshop CS3 resize bug
It's a known issue and I have no problem reproducing it. It is also a show stopper for me.
it's listed as:
#1382654: Mac/Win: Quality of Image Size resizing is worse than CS2
1) Use CS2
In the adobe forums.
Adobe thread with list of Beta CS3 Known Issues/Workarounds
-James C. "
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Seritek 2eEN4 4-Drive Enclosure/2SE2-2 PCI-e Controller RAID Tests
A reader with a Dual 2.3GHz G5 Tower sent comments and benchmarks on his Seritek 2eEN4 4-Drive Enclosure/2SE2-2 PCI-e Controller RAID Tests.
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iBook G4 Overclocking article
" I released an article on how to overclock the G4 iBooks (models up to 1.2 GHz) on my website
It's in french but it's easy to understand with the pictures and tables.

(You can also use google or altavista (babelfish) translation tools.)

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More feedback on DiskWarrior 4
I've updated the DiskWarrior 4 user reports page with two more reader's comments on using it. (Including a surprising story from a MacBook owner on his drive not booting after directory replacement w/DW4.)
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New/Updated Apple Knowledge Base Docs
(from Apple's weekly list )

There were also a ton of "Mac 101" and "Switch 101" docs in the list, too many to include here. (You can search Apple's support page for those)

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Other News/Misc. Software Updates

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Recent Reviews and Articles:
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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