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News Archive for: 1/05/2002, plus prev. Week's SummaryReturn to Accelerate Your Mac!

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Top stories of Jan. 5th, 2002:

Tips/Guide on Backing Up OS X Volumes:
In reply to a past article with reader feedback on FWB's backup for OS X, a reader sent comments on a cheaper/better way to backup OS X disks:

" From what I understand, while FWB Backup Toolkit can back your files up in Mac OS X, when you want to perform a _real_ backup--restorable, like backups have been in the past--you're left standing in the wind. [Update: See the latest comments added to the Feedback on FWB's Backup Toolkit for OS X for a note that an update to their software solves that issue-Mike.] (Perhaps Retrospect for X will be able to do this, whenever the hell it's released.) At any rate, Backup Toolkit is useless, really, for those looking to create backups of OS X that can be restored and used without having to reinstall the OS.

But all is not lost, as Apple has kindly provided us with a solution. Using Disk Copy and Apple Software Restore (or some Terminal scripting), your S volume can be archived for restoration. Check out Mike Bombich's OS X site for info:

There's also a detailed PDF (by me) that will guide you through a total system backup and restore:

I'm trying to spread the word about X backups, since many people out there are out in the cold. Spread the word!

I need to check this out, as I've not backed up any OS X disks yet.

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OS X Printer Driver Updates (Canon, Epson and HP) Available via Software Update:
Running Software Updates in OS X last night listed several printer driver updates, but they're shown as v1.0, so I wonder if they are really new. Here's a listing of each of the updates:

  • Canon: S100, S100SP, S300, S400SP, S500.

  • Epson European: (only for printers purchased in Europe) C40, C60, C70, C80, Stylus Color 980, Photo 1270, Photo 1290, Photo 2000P, Photo 810, Photo 870, Photo 875DC, Photo 890 and Photo 895.

  • Epson Japanese: MC 2000, PC 730C, PM 790PT, PM 830C, PM 890C.

  • Epson US: (only for printers purchased in USA/Canada) C40, C60, C80, Stylus Color 980, Photo 1270, Photo 1280, Photo 2000P, Photo 780, Photo 785EPX, Photo 820, Photo 870, Photo 875DC and Photo 890.

  • HP Deskjet and Photosmart Printers: CP1160, CP1700, Deskjet 1125, Deskjet 1200 series, Deskjet 810, Deskjet 812, Deskjet 816, Deskjet 830, Deskjet 832, Deskjet 840, Deskjet 842, Deskjet 843, Deskjet 845, Deskjet 880, Deskjet 882, Deskjet 895, Deskjet 920, Deskjet 930, Deskjet 932, Deskjet 935, Deskjet 940, Deskjet 948, Deskjet 950, Deskjet 952, Deskjet 955, Deskjet 957, Deskjet 960, Deskjet 970, Deskjet 980, Deskjet 990, Deskjet 995, Photosmart P1000, Photosmart P1100, Photosmart 1215, Photosmart 1218.

I've written a contact at HP to ask if these drivers are really new, but it's the weekend and I may not get a reply until Monday. (Just got an auto-reply that he's on travel to MWSF and will be away until the 14th.)

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Red Faction 1.2 Update Fixes Bugs, Adds Carbonized OS X Version:
The Red Faction update noted yesterday (see Friday's reader comments on FSAA options w/Radeon) is now available for download at this MacGameFiles page. The update "includes a number of bug fixes and introduces the release of the carbonized OS X version of Red Faction." (It also adds FSAA options in preparation of a future Radeon driver update according to a reader report yesterday.)
Note: one reader in the forum said after the update he could not save games. (Not sure if this is common, but just a FYI.)
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Quake2 for OS X:
A reader posted a note in the forums that there's an OS X version of QuakeII available. (Requires full version game CD) That page notes it includes OpenGL and Software mode plugins. (One reader said doesn't work with previous saved games, but ran well and comes with a dedicated server cli application.)
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Links Summary of 12/31/2001 to 1/04/2002 News Items:

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(No news update for 1/1/2002 New Year's Day)

1/02/2002 Wednesday's News
1/03/2002 Thursday's News
1/04/2002 Friday's News
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