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More Mac user reports on NAS (ReadyNAS/NV/NV+, Linksys NSLU2)
I've updated the Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NAS again this afternoon. 8 more reader reports, primarily on ReadyNAS models in reply to a reader request for ReadyNAS NV+/Mac user feedback. Updated again at 6PM. (Earlier AM update included a report on the Linksys NSLU2.)
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Roxio announces Toast 8 (w/blu-ray support), Limited time discounts/hardware bundle sales
There's a press release today titled Roxio Launches Toast 8 Titanium at Macworld Expo and they now have a Toast 8 Titanium product page online with more details. (List price is $99.99 and they note a $20 mail-in rebate for owners of a previous retail version of Toast, Jam, or Easy CD Creator/Easy CD/DVD Creator - see PDF rebate form for details.) BTW - Their Upgrade Center today has a note "Upgrade today and save up to 50%" but several times today clicking on some page links there has quit Safari on my 10.3.9 system. (Upgrade price varies on that page depending on the previous product you own.)

" Innovative New Capabilities and Mac Platform Firsts Include: TiVoToGo, Blu-ray Disc Burning, Disc Cataloging, Cross-Platform Data Spanning and Recovery, and Advanced Audio Tools"

Previously there was a special OEM/bundle version of Toast w/blu-ray support included with some Blu-Ray drives.

" I just purchased Toast 8.0 (upgrade from Toast 7) for $59.99 minus 10% because of today ending in a total of $53.99
(I assume he bought via the "Upgrade Center" page. ) Yes.
I installed on Tiger (installs like Toast 7) and just entered my serial number from the purchase and I have not used it yet but it looks very good.
-Don "

from earlier today)
" Thought this would be of interest -- Roxio has a page with Macworld Show specials where you can purchase Toast 8 bundled with related hardware included (such as TiVo accessories and EyeTV hardware)
There are some great deals here. For example, you can get Toast 8 with the EyeTV 250 for $199.99 ("save $100"), which is very close to the retail price for the EyeTV unit by itself. (Lists for $199.95.) Pretty sweet!
-Neil "

(from earlier today)
"Mike, I received an email from Roxio offering a $30 rebate rather than their standard $20 rebate for previous users.
Included with Toast 8 are
- New version 4 of CD Spin Doctor
- Disc Cover RE (instead of Discus) for disc labeling. It apparently supports Lightscribe labeling although I don't have a Lightscribe drive to test it with.
- DiscCatalogMaker RE. This even reads CD Text from audio CDs for cataloging.
- The same version of Motion Pictures HD that was bundled with Toast 7.
(he later wrote)
Roxio has a page where prior users can save $40 and it doesn't require a mail-in rebate. I think it is part of the MacWorld Expo special. The link is ("Upgrade Center" ) The user then clicks on the product they currently own to get to the discount page.
-Thomas "
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SoftRAID 3.6 released
SoftRAID sent a press release that v3.6 has been released:

" Softraid LLC today released version 3.6 of SoftRAID, an important Intel-based upgrade to their RAID backup and performance software for the Mac. SoftRAID 3.6 offers complete support for all Intel processors, including the Mac Pro and Intel Xserve. Most significantly, SoftRAID version 3.6 now offers the ability to boot Intel Macs from SoftRAID Mirror and Stripe Volumes.
In a change from previous versions, SoftRAID 3.6 supports Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.x) exclusively. Panther and Jaguar support will be maintained with SoftRAID 3.5.x, but no new features will be added for those Mac OS X versions in future releases.

"It was important to move forward with a Tiger-only release," said V.P. of Engineering Tim Standing, "as so many of the tools to communicate on a low level with the operating system have changed. By making this change now, we ensure that SoftRAID can keep up to date as Apple transitions to Leopard later this year."

SoftRAID 3.6 fully supports 64-bit memory in the new Intel EFI booting architecture on the Mac Pro and Intel Xserve. All the monitor and notification routines have been rewritten to maintain compatibility across both PowerPC and Intel platforms.

In addition to the Intel support, SoftRAID 3.6 fixes numerous bugs including one which affected the speed of some Mirror volumes. It also improves support for burning startup DVDs and Utility program startup CDs, such as Disk Warrior 4.
The SoftRAID 3.6 release is a free electronic upgrade to all 3.x owners. The SoftRAID 3.6 electronic download is $129 and the retail CD is $149, both available from the SoftRAID website and retail outlets worldwide. All registered users will receive a free upgrade via email.
Demo version download URL:
User Testimonials: "

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Mac Pro owner notes on Belkin's FW800/USB 2.0, StarTech FW400 PCI Express Cards
(reply to Dec. 21st news page post on Mac Pro user notes on Belkin F5U602 PCI-Express FW card, FW/SCSI adapter that wondered about compatibility with the Belkin FW800+USB 2.0 card)

" I did go ahead and buy and try Belkin's Firewire 800/USB 2.0 PCI Express card in my Mac Pro. It was a gamble, as the site doesn't mention Mac compatibility (and you would assume Belkin is a relatively Mac-friendly company so they should have noted it). The card doesn't work at all in my Mac Pro. System Profiler doesn't recognize it, and no devices plugged into it work. Oh well...guess it's going back to eBay.

On a related note, I also bought a StarTech Firewire 400 PCI Express card and put it in the Mac Pro. This one works fine. (The StarTech site mentions "Mac G5 and up" compatibility but doesn't specifically mention Intel Macs.)
-David D. "

OWC has some listings of Mac compatible PCI express USB 2.0, Firewire 800, Combo FW+USB cards, SATA/RAID cards, etc..

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