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MacBook Air Shipping, Apple TV Update delayed
from Apple's news page today. (Yesterday emails were sent to some Macbook Air buyers that they had shipped, but this is the first I'd heard that the Apple TV update has been delayed)

" MacBook Air now shipping; Apple TV Update coming soon
The world's thinnest notebook is now shipping, Apple announced today....
Apple also announced that the free Apple TV software update enabling movie rentals is not quite finished and will now be available in another week or two."
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More ATI X1900 XT with Zalman VF-1000 LED Cooler feedback
I've updated the recent article on ATI X1900 XT with Zalman VF-1000 LED Cooler with another owner's notes on that card/cooler combo.
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Seagate 7200.11/ST3750330AS Misreported drive model/firmware issue
This is from a recent 2008 Mac Pro report - not sure if this affects all 7200.11s w/firmware before AD14, or just SD04 firmware, but posting as a FYI. Can't recall if any G5 onboard SATA users have seen this to date.

"....I just added 4 Gbytes of RAM and a Seagate 750 Gbyte 7200.11 (ST3750330AS) from OWC to my box this morning. Too soon to tell how much faster the additional RAM makes it "feel", but I noted in Disk Utility and "About this Mac that the new internal SATA drive is described under "Model" as "ST3_INVALID_PFM"
What does that mean? (I googled this and came up with the following (Seagate user forum):
ST3_INVALID_PFM as model number on ST3750330AS drive
(Posts there from PC users mention the "invalid" model reporting and has 2 comments that updating the drive firmware (to "AD14") corrected the model number reporting, but said the drive then showed 0KB of buffer in HDtune (PC benchmark). As in the past, I suspect Seagate's firmware updates are still for PCs only unfortunately (and still require a floppy drive - but Jim later wrote the updater includes an ISO file for creating a bootable CD, but as I suspected it would not work under his VM windows (fusion, parallels, etc.)).
I asked Jim to send the firmware version of his 7200.11 drive (ASP 'revision' info). Based on posts in that thread I suspect it's firmware SD04. He later said it was SD04.-Mike
Guess I'll try Seagate's website as well. The drive formatted just fine and Disk Utility doesn't find any problems with it afterwards, but the errant model number persists.

(he later wrote)
Sure is. (Firmware SD04) Later today, I'll be installing VMWare Fusion and Windows XP Pro, so perhaps I'll be able to flash the firmware. I'll let you know. (I replied I don't think you can update the drive's firmware via windows running in a VM.)
The firmware flasher also includes an ISO file to create a bootable CD if one is running from the command line. However, the problem is that my SATA internal drive in question is not visible to the virtual machine (the "hard drive" for the virtual machine is a file that is treated as the C drive, and no other physical drives are seen by the machine.

That might not be the case had I installed Windows XP using Boot Camp for Leopard, but I didn't think of that in time, and the Win XP Pro I purchased is an OEM version, so I don't want to annoy Microsoft's software snoops that would detect running under Boot Camp as running the OS on a different "machine."
So, I'll call Seagate tech support tomorrow and see if they have any other ideas.
-Jim R."

I've also added this as a drive database report. As noted here in the past (news page posts, drive database reports, etc.) over the years - there's been cases in the past where some seagate drives (i.e. 7200.9 and .10 models previously) had some issues with some drive firmware versions. Seagate tech support may offer to exchange the drive since you do not have a PC to update it. This is why I prefer the Hitachi drives. (I chose the Hitachi 7K1000 series over the Seagate, although they were both 7200rpm/32MB cache.) The Hitachi 1TB was also a bit less than the Seagate 1TB at the time and still is I think.
I asked if he recd a reply from Seagate tech support to let me know. (Years ago when the first 7200.9's shipped they had SSC enabled by default, not compatible with Macs onboard SATA. (Later .9s had SSC disabled by default.) OWC back then got the patcher and patched drives they had in stock but not sure they are aware of this issue so I sent Larry a FYI on this and got a reply they're contacting Seagate support about it. The Site specials page has the Seagate 750GB 7200.10 model, not the .11 but their main SATA HD listings include the .11.)

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More Feedback from 2008 Mac Pro owners
I've updated the 2008 Mac Pro owner feedback page with 6 more owner reports.
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Express34 Card Reports page updated
I've updated the page of MacBook Pro owner reports on Express34 Cards with a (positive) report from a Sonnet Tempo eSATA card user. (Most eSATA expresscard users (other than the Apiotek) had reported problems of some sort.)
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Other News/Articles, Apple Docs, Mac Software Updates
(Updated 5:30PM - includes updated apple support docs)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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