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News Archive for: 7/18/2001 Wednesday's NewsReturn to Accelerate Your Mac!

Top stories of 7/18/2001:

Apple TILs on New Systems + Reference to OS 9.2:
Here's a list of TILs on new models or TILs that were updated as a result of the new models. (Thanks to Barney for the listing.)

New G4 Towers Info on External Bays and Dual Monitor card:
To answer two frequently asked questions on the new G4 Towers - a) the lower bay is still sized for only 3.5" (ZIP size) devices and b) the dual monitor card has VGA and ADC connectors (can't drive two ADC monitors). 28 Volt Power limits are likely why dual ADC monitor support isn't available.

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Mac SoundBlaster Live $79 Show Special (URL Corrected):
(Note -the cards handed out at the show had the wrong URL - the URL below has been corrected to agree with a new flyer Creative handed out today.)
I forgot to mention two items in my last update here. Creative's booth at the show had a series of items on sale - most notibly was the Mac Soundblaster live at $79. To see the complete list of show specials, go to . Login code: newyork0701.

Note - for this limited time sale, [the "Creative One" noted the sale may be valid for up to two weeks after the show] you can get their FPS2000 4 speaker+subwoofer speaker set with the Mac SBLive for $149. (Cnet reviewed the FPS2000 speakers back on June 1999 at this page.)

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XLR8 Releases Cache Control Software v2.5 for OS X and Classic:
See the press release for more info on the changes and note this version requires a serial number from an XLR8 upgrade card. ($14.95 for non-XLR8 Card owners). See the press release for details on serial numbers of XLR8 cards made before January 2000. The download page is here.
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Toast 5 for OS X Preview Download:
Roxio has a beta version of Toast 5 or OS X available for download at The comments there note that not all features of Toast 5 Titanium are included in this "Preview #1" OS X version, which expires on Oct. 1, 2001. (It also requires the CD Key from Toast 5 Titanium.)
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L3 Cache Differences on new G4 Towers:
I forgot to mention in the previous post that the new 867MHz and dual 800MHz G4s have 2MB of L3 cache per CPU (2MB for each of the CPUs on the Dual 800). (The previous G4/733 was the only G4 that had L3 cache - and only 1MB.) What's interesting is the new G4/733 is shown as having no Level 3 (L3) cache at all (but of course the standard 256KB on-chip L2 cache.) This is shown in a listing of specs on each model at the bottom of the PowerMac G4 tech specs page.
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Free Version of DAVE for OS X 10.0.4:
A reader email and post in the forums noted that a version of DAVE for OS X is available free at See the comments there for more info and note that:

    "This free release will only work with Mac OS 10.0.4, and no formal support is available."

Jobs noted OS X 10.1 is supposed to have MS networking support included.

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Connectix Virtual PC OS X Test Drive:
Connectix has a preview/beta of Virtual PC for OS X available for download for users of Virtual PC 4 only (requires your VPC 4 serial number). The Test Drive version will expire on January 31, 2002. They were handing out cards labeled "Beta License" at the show with the following URL
(the printed cards at the show didn't have the ".com" which is needed for the URL.)
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OS X 10.1 Demo Shows BIG Performance Increase; iDVD 2 Adds Features, 90 Minute Capability:
In my opinion OS X 10.1 was the biggest hit of the keynote. Much (MUCH) faster load times for applications (usually only one bounce in Jobs' demo - but not sure on the specs of that machine), added customization of the interface, plus DVD playback and Finder (data) CD burning made it very well received. The 10.1 update will be "free", but there's a $19.95 shipping and handling fee. See Apple's OS X 10.1 page for more info.

The "one last thing" product this year was iDVD2. More features, templates plus you can now burn up to DVDs up to 90 minutes in duration (vs 60 minutes with the original iDVD). This upgrade will also be free, but with a $19.95 shipping and handling fee. For more details, check out Apple's iDVD2 info.

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Sonnet's Combo Firewire and CPU Upgrade and Card for iMacs:
One of the more interesting new CPU upgrades is Sonnet's "HARMONi" combo Firewire/CPU upgrade card for the iMac (233-333mhz models). The press release notes a G3/500MHz CPU (looks like 750CX model w/256KB onchip L2), compatibility with Mac OS 8.1 through OS X and an estimated availability of late Q4 2001. Price (est) is $299.95 .
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No More ATI/Radeon Card Options on New G4s?
Note that there's no longer an option to choose an ATI Radeon card on the new G4s. I see it's still listed on the Accessories page of the Apple store ($249). I know Jobs said Nivdia across the line, but I assumed that there'd still be a Radeon BTO option. My first thought was that this is just clearing the way for the next-generation Radeon but I'm not so sure. (BTW - Guess what card was said to be in the Macs running Maya at the show... reminded me of those comments in Monday's news page. ;-)

I'd personally like to see a choice at BTO of cards and also to see the Radeon II (or whatever it will be called) as an option when it ships.

While on the subject of ATI, I saw a presentation of their next generation card's features, which has vertex and pixel shaders with even more advanced features than the GeForce3. (The question that always comes to my mind however is when/if any of the special features of any graphics card will actually be supported in the OS or applications. That's true of the current Radeon and the GeForce3 - often the "lowest common denominator" is what developers target, due to market size and budget.)

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Hope You Didn't Buy a G4/733 Last Week...
As you already know , Apple's new "QuickSilver" G4 towers have a 733MHz (128MB/40GB/GeForce2MX/CDRW) model at the entry level for $1699, a huge drop in price. The 867MHz model (128MB/60GB/GeForce2MX) with SuperDrive is $2499 and the dual 800Mhz model (256MB/80GB/GeForce2MX 64MB with TwinView dual monitor support) is $3499. The Dual G4/800 will be available next month, others are available now. The GeForce2MX 64MB w/TwinView graphics card is available as a $100 upgrade on the 733Mhz and 867Mhz models. The Geforce3 is a $350 upgrade from standard MX card, and a $250 upgrade on the dual G4/800 system with the 64MB MX/TwinView card.
(Why no dual 867Mhz? I suspect due to power or heat issues.) See the PowerMac G4 product page for all the details. (BTW - Those photos that were called fakes were in fact of the new case design, except for color at least.) I took photos of the new models and other areas of the show, but with a 56K connection here I'll have to wait to post them later.

No new iMac design, but the top CPU speed got bumped to 700Mhz and a model with CDRW is now $999.

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ATI's $129 Mac PCI Radeon VE Dual Output PCI Graphics card:
ATI had a press release and was demoing at the Expo today a Mac PCI version of their dual-output Radeon VE graphics card. The Radeon VE has DVI and VGA monitor outputs plus video out (although it's missing the hardware geometry acceleration of the Radeon). The Radeon VE Mac Edition is said to ship in September with a list price of $129. See their press release for more details.
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Acard and Sonnet Announce Mac ATA/100 IDE cards:
A reader (thanks Elkie) sent a copy of an email he received on Acard's ATA/100 Mac IDE controller card. This comes as no surprise I guess since Sonnet also announced a Tempo ATA/100 PCI IDE controller to ship in late Q3 with a list price of $119.95. (Previously Sonnet's Tempo ATA/66 card was made by Acard *but* according to the Sonnet press release partnership comments, their ATA/100 card is based on FirmTek/Promise Technology design, not Acard's.)

" Dear Premier Club Members,
It's my pleasure writing you this mail and inform you the new product information. The product release is listed below for your reference.

ACARD Technology Corp. announces "ACARD ATA-100+"

--- The worldwide first PCI Ultra ATA-100+ IDE Adapter for PCI PowerMac

Taipei, Taiwan - July 12, 2001 - ACARD Technology Corp., the worldwide leader in PCI IDE and SCSI adapters for Apple Power MacintoshTM, today launched a brand-new IDE adapter, ACARD ATA-100+ (AEC-6280M), the first PCI Ultra ATA-100+ IDE adapter for PCI PowerMac. The ACARD ATA-100+ is upgradeable to take advantage of ATA-133 in the future. The ACARD ATA-100+ adapter driver supports Mac OS X, OS 8.5 and OS 9 using the same firmware. Device booting is supported under Mac OS X.

Please feel free to contact me or visit our web site to see completed Press Release. You are always welcome to contact me if there is anything I can help.
Thank you in advance,
Best Regards,
Nita Yang
Acard Technology Corp. "

(Update - after talking to Acard at the Expo, their ATA/100 card is flash rom upgradeable to ATA/133 in the future they say). I noted a previous Mac ATA/100 card from Mac Alchemy in the June 28th news but considering the past history of Mac IDE cards - that one could also be made by Acard. (As was Turbomax and Sonnet Tempo cards.)

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Sonnet Announces/Demos PowerBook Wallstreet CPU Upgrade:
Sonnet was displaying a G3/500 CPU upgrade for the Powerbook G3 wallstreet (1998) series at the Expo called Cresendo/WS. The press release lists compatibility with OS 8 through OS X. Availability is listed as late Q3 2001 with a list price of $399.95.

Sonnet was also displaying their new "Piccolo". USB storage device (about the size of a USB dongle) with storage sizes of 32MB ($99.95) to 256MB ($599.95). (I've seen similar products last year from another company but can't remember their name.)

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Reader Notes Sonnet 1.4.6 Enabler Solves Photoshop Issues:
" Hi again Mike.
Just wanted to let u know Sonnet has finally seemed to have solved the Altivec/Crescendo PCI problem with their recent release of their 1.4.6 software upgrade. Been working just fine all day even with Virtual Memory off.
Best regards,
Bruno B. "

The issue Bruno refers to with Altivec is the Photoshop one noted here twice before and in the Rate Your CPU upgrade database. (Where Sonnet G4 owners previously had to enable Virtual Memory to avoid problems with Photoshop.) Version 1.4.6 is available at

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Mac Rune 1.07a Patch Released to Fix Disabled OpenGL Mode: notes the patch fixes the issue noted here before where v1.07 would not run in OpenGL mode. Get it here.
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