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News Archive for: 6/14/2001 Thursday's NewsReturn to Accelerate Your Mac!

Top stories of 6/14/2001:

Rumors of PowerBook G4 Free Ext. CDRW Promotion:
One of Barney's Net News links tonight included a MacUser UK article that said they have obtained info indicating Apple will be offering a PowerBook G4 incentive offer (free CDRW) very soon. See the article for more info.
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Omni Group Comments on Game Development for OS X:
Apple has posted an article titled Worth the Wait: The Omni Group and Mac OS X Games. The article quotes Omni Group's president Wil Shipley president as saying "We're finding, even with the tiny amount of time we have to port games, we get better frame rates for every game we port on high-end hardware. The sound latency is lower and the graphics are faster."
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Analyst Thinks Apple will Defy PC Market Downturn:
Despite a possible profit warning recently, at least one analyst thinks that Apple is going to defy the PC industry downturn according to the register's Apple to shine through PC market gloom article. The story mentions that Apple's new product lineup (referring to possible new iMacs at MWNY and the new iBook) are factors that may boost Apple's stock 25-30% in the second half of this year.
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Comparing OS 9.1 v2.1 System CD to OS 9.1 v1.2 CD Extensions/Control Panels:
Peter Chin sent a long list of all the extensions/Control Panels, etc. included on the OS 9.1 v2.1 CDs included with new Macs like the 2001 iBook. He includes a version comparison for each item based on his G4/533's OS 9.1 v1.2 CD. He also noted there's a new extension called "Apple Packet Media Access" that is "required for mounting Packet-Written data CDs onto your computer."
(Speaking of software - today OS 9's Software Updates no longer listed Drive Setup v8.6.1. As most users have reported - for the last several weeks, it's been listed over and over even after intalling the v8.6.1 update. )
" Unpacked a brand new iBook 2001 the other day; it came with a CD marked "System Software 9.1, V 2.1." As you might expect with a new piece of hardware, there are many updates to the software. For those core macheads out there, the following is a list of the revised system extensions as compared to the last System CD I received which was for a G4/533, which I believe was System Software 9.1, V 1.2.

MacOSROM is now V 7.9.1, up from 7.5.1.
[Note - the MacOS ROM v7.9.1 is about 2MB larger than the 6.6.1 version that shipped on my PB G4-Mike]

Apple Menu Items   Old V #   New V #
Apple System Profiler 2.5.4 2.5.8 (Also installed by Authoring Support 1.1)
KeyCaps    8.1.1    8.2

Note: the only thing different about KeyCaps seems to be that the newest version uses white letters on dark grey keys and all author's names are removed from the About page.

Control Panels   Old V #    New V #
Energy Saver    3.0.4    3.0.5
Monitors    8.6.1    8.6.2
Keyboard    8.5.4    8.5.5
Sound    8.5.4    8.5.5

Extensions   Old V #   New V #
Apple Audio Extension    1.3.3    1.3.6
Apple CD/DVD Driver    1.4.3    1.4.5
Apple Packet Media Access   ????    1.0.1 **
Apple Monitor Plugins    2.0.5    2.1
AppleScript    1.4.3    1.6 (Also installed by AppleScript Update)
EnetShimLib    1.4.6    1.5.3
FireWire Enabler    2.8.1    2.8.2
FireWire Support    2.8.1    2.8.2
HID Library    1.5     1.5.3
Internal V.90 Modem    1.2.3    1.4
Apple CPU Plugins    3.0    3.1
SerialShimLib    1.5    1.5.3
USB Device Extension    1.5    1.5.3
USB Software Locator    1.5    1.5.3
USBAppleMonitorModule    2.0.3    2.1

** = Apparently a new extension.. built in info says it's
"required for mounting Packet-Written data CDs onto your computer."

All of the following (Nvidia) extensions are now at version 2.1, up from 1.1. [1.1.1-Mike]

NVIDIA 2D Acceleration
NVIDIA DVD Accelerator
NVIDIA Video Accelerator

All these new extensions seem to work fine on my G4/400 AGP and G4/533.
Pete Chin
Computing Support Specialist"

The new system CD's also have DVD Player v2.6 (v2.7 was released a few days ago as noted in the main news page). The later DVD software versions have a separate NV (Nvidia) and ATI DVD extension also, which I did not see in previous versions.

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Clearance Sale on Proformance 3 Graphics Cards, Dual Channel SCSI and CPU Upgrades:
Site sponsor OWC sent word they have special phone orders only pricing on a limited supply of upgrades. (These may sell out at any time due to limited quantity)

" Hi Mike
I have a few items that the readers should hear about, some really deeply discounted items we have only a few left of. Larry has set the pricing, and the customers need to CALL in for the special prices - not available on the web. 800-275-4576
Only going to your readers! :>)

sg4350 - 1 Sonnet Technologies Crescendo G4/350 MHz w/1024k 2:1 Cache (For PCI Macs) - While Supplies Last!! - $275

sgp240 - 3 Sonnet G3 Banker 250MHz Upgrade w/512K Backside Cache 2:1 - $135

fmpdac20-0 - 2 Formac ProRAID II Dual Channel UltraSCSI 80MB/s PCI SCSI Card - $145

fmpnga94-3c - 2 Formac ProFormance 3 Plus 16mb/ ProCyber 3D Glasses Special Bundle - $175

fmpnga93-3 - 2 Formac ProFormance 3 2D/3D Video Card 16MB SGRAM - $145
Thanks! Jamie
Other World Computing

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Interesting Fortune Magazine article from Stewart Alsop on Macs:
Fortune magazine's web site has an interesting article from Stewart Alsop titled My Old Flame: The Macintosh that leads off with the comments "I'm rethinking the Mac as a factor in computing. One simple reason: The Macintosh seems to work".
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Reader comments on WWII TC for Quake3:
In Tuesday's news I noted there's a beta World War II total conversion mod called Annihilation for Quake3 and asked if any Mac owners had tried it. One reader so far has posted his comments:

" download that beast yesterday and unpacked it with StuffitExpander. Put the annihilator in the Quake 3 folder and launched Quake 3 1.27G. In the mod menu I selected the annihilation mod and clicked load. It loaded without any problems and I tried a few games by starting a server.
It all worked good but there were a few bugs that I could see. For instance the bots would not join the game, which made playing the game boring by playing by yourself. But otherwise this mod looks good but more importantly it works on the Mac. :-D
Rob "

The Fileplanet page with the appx 80MB ZIP file download is here (Fileplanet now requires a GameSpy ID/login to download files.)
If any other Mac owners have tried this TC, let me know.

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More Older Mac Reports with DVD Player 2.7 and Patch:
" Hello Mike,
I thought you and your readers might find this bit of info useful.
Currently, I own an old APS Powertools clone. To look at DVD's, I invested in a Wired4DVD card. [reviewed here last year-Mike] But before that, I had been trying to see if I could get the hacked Apple DVD players to even start and recognize the DVD drive and the movie on there. Till yesterday, I had no success. But I grabbed 2.7, applied the patch to it, and it works, albeit _VERY_ slowly (my Powertools has the 604e 200 MHz CPU), but the very fact that it works was encouraging. To make sure this was not due to the Wired4DVD card, I disabled that extension and rebooted, and it work as before ...

My setup is as follows:
- APS Powertools clone, 200 MHz 604e, 80 MB RAM

- Running OS 8.6 and the original Apple CD/DVD driver with that version of MacOS

- Hitachi GD-7500 DVD-ROM drive (IDE)

- An ATI PCI Radeon card (and that was also surprising - that the player worked with the ATI navigation manager on this card, and did NOT seem to require a Rage 128 based card)
[The DVD software player requires a Rage128 or later card, so the Radeon works also. I used it in my retail Radeon AGP review last fall. The 2.6 and 2.7 player software also has an Nvidia (NV) extension for owners of Mac Nvidia cards-Mike]

- All of the 2.7 player software was extracted using Tomeviewer and "manually" installed. This circumvented the MacOS 9.0.4 "requirement" ..."

Yesterday's news had another report on the 2.7 player patch with links to the download. Tomeviewer as noted in past articles is available here (direct download link). Although the Radeon is listed as requiring OS 9, this reader noted using it with OS 8.6.

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More Reader Comments on Final Cut Pro/Quicktime 5 Capture:
In the last week or so there have been several reader reports of dropped frames (even on desktop G4/AGP systems) with Quicktime 5.01 - one reader noted going back to Quicktime 4.1.x helped. Here's the latest reader comments on the issue:

" Hiya Mike. With further extensive testing I'm swayed also in conclusion that indeed QT5 both the QT5RT version (on FCP2 CD) and QT 5.0.1 is suspect. I wont go into configuration/settings details (too many) but it seems only FCP 1.2.5 with QT 4.1.2 functions without dropped frames. Here is a brief summary :

FCP2 with QT5RT and QT 5.0.1 created dropped frames on capture and playback.
FCP1.2.5 with QT5RT and Q 5.0.1 also dropped frames on capture an playback.

FCP2 can't use QT4x but FCP1.2.5 dropped frames so it may be either FCP2 that is at fault or QT5...hard to say..

Apples supposed latest suggestion is to close the audio meter in FCP2, quit FCP2. Reeboot the Mac, Launch FCP2 and capture. This is meant to cure it. However this did not work for me and at least 10 others on the 2pop board who have reported back.

I just wish Apple were more forthcoming when it comes to issues like this. I suggest they consult FCP2 users and request that they submit exact systems specs and software settings they have tried that replicates this behavior. This would help them immensely in trying to isolate factors that may reproduce dropped frames, then they can get to work on a patch.

Anywayz, for now its back to 1.2.5
(I asked for more info and he wrote)
Sorry for lack of clarification what i meant was that FCP 1.2.5 can use both versions of QT5 and dropped frames. Only FCP 1.2.5 with QT 4.1.2 did not drop frames. But as i say FCP2 cant use QT 4x
Machine is Pismo 400 512meg no expansion chassis or cards. Stock IBM Drive. As mentioned i never experienced this behavior on the same system even when it had only 128meg of ram and when it had 192meg with FCP 1.2.5 and QT 4.1.2

Recently i pulled the ram (64 bottom, 128 top), and replaced with 2 new 256meg blocks from Mac Gurus my favorite store.
I'm almost certain its a QT5 issue. If we could run QT4x with FCP 2 an dont get dropped frames, then for sure we can say it is definitely a QT5 issue. As it stands now either FCP2 is at fault or its QT5. We will just have to wait and hear what Apple have to say."

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CPU Upgrades Owner Ratings Database Updated:
The Rate Your CPU Upgrade database has been updated with 5new reports today (total to date: 5,803). [Entries after midnight last night are added the following day.]

  • Other World Computing G3/400 in Beige G3 (rated 5)
  • Sonnet G3/400 in 8100/80 (rated 1)
  • Sonnet G3/400 in 7200/90 (rated 9)
  • XLR8 G4/450 ZIF (MPe) in B&W G3 (rated 10)
  • G4 Cube OC report

You can find these full reports by searching the database selecting the indicated Mac model and upgrade card brand/type. If you've upgraded the CPU on your Mac, please post an entry in the database. Search the database for entries from most every upgradable Mac model *before* you buy. (Searchable by mac model/upgrade brand). For detailed reviews with performance tests and install tips, see the CPU Upgrades page.)

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CDRW/CD/DVD/Hard Drive Compatibility Database Updates:
The Drive Compatibility searchable database had 6 new entries added this morning. The database has reports on Combo DVD-CDRW, CDROMs, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, CDRW, Hard Drives and Removables (tape drive, ORB, ZIP, MO drives, etc.) in all interface types (IDE, IDE RAID cards, Firewire, SCSI, adapters). Current total 3,997 reports. [BTW - the drive database is not a place to post questions, it's for reports on drives you've used. For guides to drive installs, see the IDE, SCI or Firewire articles linked above and/or the FAQ. If you post an updated entry - make sure you use the same name, etc. as you did before so I can find your past entry. Thanks.]
You can find full owner reports by searching the database by drive/brand/interface/mac models (the latest reports are shown first in searches).
If you've added a IDE, SCSI, Firewire or USB hard drive, CDRW, tape drive, etc. make sure you add a report to the database.
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