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News stories of June 28th, 2004:

El Gato announces EyeTV 500 - HDTV Video Recorder
Miguel wrote with links to a Yahoo press release on El Gato's HDTV EyeTV 500.

"EyeTV 500 FireWire digital video recorder is the first high-definition television (HDTV) solution for the Mac, specially designed for the thriving North American digital terrestrial television (ATSC) market. Watch, record, timeshift, edit and archive free over-the-air HDTV and digital standard-definition television (SDTV)."

The Elgato EyeTV 500 product page notes there's an introductory price of $299 ($50 off the $349 list price) until July 5th, 2004.

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New Apple 20in/23in/30in LCD Displays, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL Graphics card
Apple announced new LCD displays (20in/1680x1050 - $1299, 23in/1920x1200 - $1999 and 30in/2560x1600 - $3299) with Aluminum enclosures at the 2004 WWDC keynote today. The displays use DVI (not ADC) and have Firewire and USB ports. The 30in Display requires a special ($599) Nvidia 6800 Ultra DDL card that's usable with the PowerMac G5 only. (Update: Here's our Review of the Mac Nvidia 6800 Ultra DDL card) The new display's design pages sidebar notes new magnetic iSight mounting kit (to be included in new iSight boxes this summer), a Kensington locking mechanism, and VESA Mount Adapter Kit.
The Apple Displays page has been updated for the new models and the Apple store back online with the displays listed.
The $599 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL graphics card required for the 30in Cinema HD display shows a "late August" ship date when ordering. (A test order for the 30in Display showed "August" as the estimated ship date.) The Mac 6800 Ultra DDL is an 8x AGP card with 256MB of DDR3 memory and supports the DVI standard dual link digital signal specification from its two DVI ports. The card can drive two 30in Cinema Displays according to the Apple page. Due to the card size, it blocks the adjacent PCI slot above it in the G5.
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Nvidia SLI for PCI Express Graphics Cards
A reader posted a link to a hardocp article on Nvidia SLI (Scalable Link Interface) that uses two graphics cards to render one display. It differs from the 3dfx SLI (Scan Line Interleaving) design and uses two PCI Express graphics cards with load balancing. (Note the 1st image in the 3rd pair of thumbnails in the Nvidia article has photos from my 1999 tests here of Voodoo2 SLI in my B&W G3.)
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MDD Owner Guide on upgrading to Dual 1.42GHz CPU module
A MDD owner sent an email on upgrading his single G4/1.25GHz model with one of the OEM Dual 1.42GHz modules sold recently at auction sites like ebay.
" Hello Mac O Philes,
I wanted to write in about my experience of changing my 1Ghz single MDD unit with a Dual G4/1.42GHz module. After having read the various tutorial pages that other people have up across the net and coming to the conclusion that nobody really gives a "direct" translation of how the go about the change-out, I thought I'd expound on the topic a wee bit with my own experience.
Sadly, I was under the gun to start a project that same day I did this surgery so I don't have any pics to show, however I think just talking about the procedure will surfice in helping would be modders and upgraders.

First it must be stated that in order for a single processor mac board to run a DP 1.42 module the motherboard MUST run at 167Mhz and use DDR 2700 333Mhz ram. (Unless you up the bus speed the new module will run at a lower CPU speed, since it was designed to run in systems with a 167MHz bus. Some Dual CPU MDD models are already running at 167MHz bus speeds - so check Apple system profiler if in doubt.) For pics and info please refer to the pics posted here. (Also linked at the bottom of the past article here on the original MDD CPU module speed settings)

Next after you have the module, proper heatsink (see article on MDD Copper Heatsink swap) and ram, proceed (with caution and a steady hand) with taking your mac apart.

1. You'll have to unhook all ATA cables, power supply, PCI cards and a couple of various pieces attached to the motherboard itself (duh ;)

2. Remove all screws holding the CPU heatsink in place and remove the old unit.

3. Remove the one screw holding the motherboard down and gently push the board to the left as it's laid against the metal casing with "slots"and lift up.

4. As per the pics noted above locate the resistor named R676.
(NOTE : It is incredibly small and hard to see)

5. After locating the item for surgery and with soldering gun in hand, precisely heat each side of the resistor for about a 1 sec. Do this about 3 times to "loosen" the solder contact point. After having done this and trying to use a pair of tweezers to pull the resistor up I found that then using a razor to remove the resistor, it simply flaked off. (Did I mention this damn thing is small?!)

6. Your done with the hard part!

7. Reassemble the motherboard to the case and hook up all cables, screws etc.

8. Replace the new CPU module and ram and your off to the races!

I hope this helps anybody out there who has wanted to upgrade their systems with the many units that are out there for sale (ebay) and get that extra punch from a new processor, higher frontside bus speed and faster ram. Taylor Buchanan "

For other MDD G4 related articles (cooling mods, case conversions, performance comparisons, etc.) see the Systems page.

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Table of OS X 10.3.4/10.3.2/10.2.8 OpenGL Feature Support by Graphics Card
(clip from the list)

" And for those of you who don't have access to every Mac ever made, I've taken the time to extract (nearly) all of the GL info and implementation limits and format the results into a big at-a-glance table:
New since previous posting:

  • 10.3.4
  • a few extra items (max sample buffers, some extension limits) added for the three OSes I've extracted (10.3.4, 10.3.2, 10.2.8)
  • easer-to-read table (consolidated columns fit on 1152px wide Safari window now.)
  • by request, extraction tool with source is downloadable (of course this could be obsoleted by Apple come Monday... )

The tool extracts ARB vp/fp implementation limits but unfortunately I did not have that working in the lab when I was extracting, so it's not in the table yet. :(
Disclaimer: it's possible I broke something while editing the HTML manually. Not official info, use at your own risk, etc.

Usage note: the table is laid out such that you can open each OS in a tab in Safari and Cmd-Shift-arrow between them. Very easy to see what's changed.
-alex "

The page has links at the bottom to Apple's OpenGL Extensions Guide and a GLinfo extraction tool.

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CHUD Tools v3.5.2
A reader sent a note that there's an update to Apple's CHUD Tools ( v3.5.2) available at Apple's FTP developer tools area, or use the CHUD updater if you have it installed already. (It's recommended to use the CHUD remover before installing the updated version.) It was updated last week apparently - I've not checked the readme file for a list of changes.
There's previous pages here on using CHUD's Hardware pref pane to disable the CPU Nap mode was a common tip for G5 Power Supply Chirping Noises and a page on Dual G4 MDD Owners enabling Nap mode to lower CPU temperatures although some Dual CPU MDD owners noted problems in the past with Nap mode enabled. (Single CPU MDD systems seem to have it enabled by default.)
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