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Accelerate Your Mac! News Archive for: 3/26/2001 Monday's NewsReturn to Accelerate Your Mac!

Top stories of 3/26/2001:

FYI: Creative Labs Mac SoundBlaster Live Drivers Require Mac Card:
I just wanted to post a FYI that the Mac 1.0 SBlive drivers do not work with a PC SoundBlaster Live card. (Both a new retail PC SBlive 5.1 card and older OEM card tested.) The extensions didn't load and the Creative Config. application would not work. Also odd is the PC 5.1 SBlive card shows up in Apple System Profiler as duplicate cards on my dual G4/500 system (two of the same Slot ID entries). My Creative contact also said the drivers require the Mac card version. Just posting this in case any readers are thinking of buying the PC version and using the Mac drivers.
*Note* - the SBLive drivers are not compatible with OS X - even in Classic I'm told. Until Creative gets more info on adding PCI support in OS X, there's nothing they can do I hear. I'm guessing Fall or Xmas before there's any chance of OS X compatibility, but that's just speculation.

The Mac retail SBLive card comes with EAX enabled Deus Ex, Cubasis AV, Mixman® Studio Mac, sonicWORX Essential and SoundJam MP for about $129.95 street if you can find one available. (I've not been able to so far.) I've also confirmed the retail Deus Ex does not have EAX support. Creative has a requirements page for the Mac SBlive card listing OS and other compatibility info.

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Creative PC GeForce2MX Cards Already have a Mac ROM??
This has to be one of the oddest reports I've ever heard. A reader that originally noted he'd flashed the Mac AGP GeForce2 ROM in his Creative DDR GeForce2MX PCI card (with problems) said that he flashed it back to the PC version in his PC. Then he put it back in a Mac and it worked. And get this - it has a later ROM version he said than the Mac AGP GeForce2MX firmware. (Charles later noted another post in the forums here from a Creative AGP GeForce2MX owner noted it also had a Mac ROM. ) I've added his latest comments to the bottom of the PC GeForce2MX in Macs page. (Updated at noon for his comments on sound issues.)
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More Firmware Update Reports/Lost RAM Info and Other Issues:
I've added a slew of new reports to the Firmware Update Feedback page as well as some suggested things to try. At the bottom of the page are a few reports of other error messages/problems (rare compared to the unrecognized RAM issue).
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OS X Retail with PCI IDE Card Reports Page Updated:
I never expected as many reports as I've gotten from OS X 1.0 users with PCI IDE cards. I've updated the reports page with a huge number of comments. So far no Turbomax ATA/33 or VST ATA/66 card owners report it's recognized, but Sonnet/Acard ATA/66 (and Hardware RAID card) owners seem AOK even without the 3.1.2 firmware update. One Softraid owner noted problems, but I suspect that's due to Softraid not supporting OS X (yet).
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Feedback on OS X 1.0 Installs on Pre-G3 Macs and Clones:
As noted in the weekend news, Ryan Rempel (author of OS X beta patches/cache enablers) posted in the forums here he's published a page on installing OS X 1.0 on 7300 to 9600 PowerMacs. There's a forum thread here with reports on older Macs/OS X 1.0. One Umax owner reported he is running OS X 1.0 also using Ryan's info and files. See the OS X on Pre-Beige G3 Macs forum for more info. (The "Any successful installs" thread in particular.)
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Reader Reports AOL Blocking Fire v.22a
Last week there was a note that Fire .22a release (Mac OS X instant messenger) fixed the problem of AOL blocking. A reader reports that the .22a version is now also being blocked.

" hey mike i dl the fire app version .22a for os x and have been using it flawlessly for 2 days now however this morning i kept getting kicked off and now i know why aol sent me this in an instant message

AOL Instant Messenger (10:18 AM): You have been disconnected from the AOL Instant Message Service (SM) for accessing the AOL network using unauthorized software. You can download a FREE, fully featured, and authorized client, here .

so apparently they are no longer accepting connections from this version of fire hopefully eric peyton will release an update soon and aol gets their act together thanks
jorge a. najera-ordonez "

I wonder if this will be a continual thing - where each update eventually gets blocked. Frustrating. The Fire home page notes he's working on another update.

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Some Note Audio Problems in OS X 1.0:
There's a thread in the forums that has several readers reporting a loss of audio in some applications. In my tests so far with OS X 1.0 on the PB G4, I only remember a lack of audio running Quake1 Rave (classic). iTunes for OS X played MP3's fine for instance. (As noted in a TIL, the volume keys on the keyboard don't work on the PB however.)
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Reader Reports OS X Kernel Panics with PPP/Modem:
"Hi Mike,
I wanted to post a reply on your BBS to comments on PPP connections with OS X. PPP under OS X works very poorly with my Dual G4 450. Using OS X with the internal modem I have found PPP connections to be extremely unstable. My PPP connections usually end with an "error=264" message after ten minutes or so. If my connection doesn't end with that error then it ends with a kernal panic which of course brings the whole system down. The longest I have been able to maintain a PPP connection under OS X is 45 minutes. This is compared to connections which last literally days under OS 9.1 on the same machine.

Yesterday I used OS X for 12 hours and had 5 kernal panics. The same machine doesn't crash 5 times in a week with OS 9.1.

The problem with PPP under OS X seems to be specific to dual G4 machines using the internal modem.

On my only OS X machine so far (PB G4) I've not had any problems but I use Airport (w/Cable modem) not the internal modem. If anyone has any suggestions for Hiram let me know.

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OS X 1.0 - Cube Owner's Wake From Sleep Disaster:
I've avoided using sleep mode under OS X 1.0 on the PB G4 after reading the TIL that battery swapping was not supported (making me think it may drain the battery more than normal in sleep mode). A Cube owner posted a report of a serious disk crash after waking from sleep on a G4 Cube. Not sure how common this is but just posting this as a warning. (Remember there may be thousands of users with no problems but this is just a post to see how common this is or if anyone has any suggestions or reasons why it happened.)

" Well after waking up from sleep on my Cube, I have experianced a 'Kernal Panic' which on restart has caused my HD to no longer mount as a startup drive. It whirls and clicks and whirls again. Booting off a CD allows me to see the drive and data, but will now have to backup and reformat. This has cost me a day without the machine (needed to get stuff from work to fix) The TIL's have also given me a clue for fixing, but it is a mega pain in the butt.
While this is no reason to not buy OS X it is a huge shame that this size crash occured in less than 12 hours of use. Especially as it is 'uncrashable'.
Marcus "

Another Cube owner wrote in reply to this post saying he's had sleep problems in OS 9.x .

" I had the the same exact experience happen to me, but I am still using OS 9.1, and haven't even tried OS X yet. I wonder if this is a Cube matter? I had to use a Firewire iMac to recover the data. After reinstalling 9.1, it works OK, so far. So it doesn't appear to be mechanical in nature. Hope this helps.
Chris R."

I'm not using sleep mode with OS X 1.0, but welcome other reports with it (note the mac model and duration it was in sleep in reports)

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Claris Emailer and OS X (updated)
A reader spotted Claris Emailer running on OS X in a Cnet OS X screenshot. The icon appears on an OS X window and in the dock. He wondered if AppleWorks 6.1 included an updated Emailer version. A reader replied to this post :

"No, emailer does not come with AW (AppleWorks) 6.1. Yes, you can put Classic aliases in the dock -- they launch classic and themselves when clicked."
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Review of (PC) Pioneer DVD-R Drive Notes Apple DVD-R Discs A Bargain:
ZD/Net got their hands on a Pioneer DVD-R (aka Superdrive) and posted an article on it. It's interesting that they note the DVD-R discs were $40 each, when the Apple store sells them for $49.95 for a 5-pack.
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