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Transintl Memory and Hard Drive weekend Specials
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" This is for XLR8YOURMAC readers only for the weekend. (through 3/25/2007).

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    More on Apple TV item listings out of order
    I don't have an Apple TV to test this but for owners with TV episodes that are out of order on the Apple TV (but ok in iTunes), can you create a playlist of the episodes in the correct order and then use that as a workaround? If you try that, let me know if it works. Thanks.
    Update - within seconds literally a reader replied it doesn't work:
    " I created a playlist consisting of the 6 episodes from season 1 and 1 episode from season 2 of the Office, but couldn't get the playlist to sync. Not sure if it only works with music playlists.

    I think that the AppleTV is listing the episodes in reverse chronological order. The season 2 episode is at the top of the list, followed by the season 1 episodes in reverse order. My guess is that the system defaults so that the newest movies/episodes/etc. all show at the top and are easy to get to, rather than having to dig down a huge list each time you add a new episode or podcast of your favorite show and want to watch it.
    ~Chris "

    Another later reply on the subject:

    " As far as Playlists for TV shows:
    I can't find under TV shows where it will let you use Playlists - Playlists that are made up from TV Shows do appear in the Music menu (but will not play - Apple TV says "There are no songs in this Playlist"), but there's nothing under the TV Show menu - I have no idea how to get the correct order for TV show episodes, or anything else for that matter - it is a bit annoying.
    It does the same thing for music albums - they are sorted oddly, and not by album order or alphabet. Even music playlists are reordered.
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    Notes on Exporting QT Pro 5.1 Audio Movies (but Apple TV not outputting multichannel...)
    I can't verify it here, but I've updated the Apple TV feedback page here with a reader's guide to (QT Pro) exporting movies with "5.1" audio. (Source file must have 5.1 audio.)
    Note: even with a movie with 5.1 audio, the Apple TV is not outputting multichannel audio. Maybe that's why no mention of surround sound, etc. is found on the Apple TV product pages.
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    Apple TV vs MediaCentral on a Mac
    (I've posted links to updates to MediaCentral many times but had forgotten about it lately until this mail today)

    " AppleTV vs. MediaCentral...
    I notice the AppleTV interface looks a lot like that of the program MediaCentral. Too much so. I wonder if there will be a lawsuit, and who holds the intellectual property...

    I have MediaCentral on my macs, and it works well. It also plays your iTunes library (even protected music, but not videos). But it also does so much more, like playing movies and music you store elsewhere, including DVDs in the drive or VideoTS folders you put anywhere. As long as you alias it to the MediaCentral folder, it'll play it, and you can organize it how you want. It also integrates Skype, IPTV, internet Radio, and things like that, though in my experience, it's not 100% there yet.

    It's what AppleTV should be. On a mini, it costs 2x as much, but you do get a real computer out of the deal... ;)
    MediaCentral home page.
    Mike "

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    More Apple TV user reports (Sync/Stream limits, Heat, No Photo Sync, Episode Order Issues)
    I've created a separate page with new and previous Apple TV user reports, including notes on Sync/Stream limits and impacts (with one user's workaround), Heat, No photo streaming (currently at least), issues with sorting/order of TV Shows (i.e. season/espisode listings not in correct order as they were in iTunes). Hopefully a later update from Apple will correct some of these issues, but as always, buying a 'first model' has its risks.
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    First Feedback from 7448 CPU Upgrade user (Dual 1.8GHz in Digital Audio)
    ??PCref="">Rate Your CPU Upgrade database has been updated with the first user report on the Newer Tech 7448 CPU Upgrades - a Dual 1.8GHz 7448 in a Digital Audio G4/AGP tower. (Total reports to date: 10,299). I've also mirrored a copy of it on a static page.
    If you've upgraded the CPU on your Mac, send a review with your experience (performance/stability/installation, etc.), Mac Model/Upgrade brand info and overall rating (1= worst to 10=best). Search the database for entries from most every upgradable Mac model before you buy. (Searchable by mac model/upgrade brand).
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    More swollen MacBook Pro Battery reports
    (Updated with two more this afternoon..)
    "on my MacBook Pro CD 2.0 (march 2006) i'm on my 3rd battery, the 1st was a swollen one, immediately replaced by apple, within 24h, the 2nd exchange wasn't swollen but lost power. after 4 months it only held 60% of it's original capacity.
    -Frederic "

    I have a friend with a brand new C2D MacBook (not Pro) discover his battery was wedged in (after noticing some odd charge reporting behavior) and had it replaced recently (battery could not be removed without damage to the case so he recd a new system). If you had repeated battery problems, the question in my mind is if this is a case of repeated bad batteries (battery fault, not properly reporting full charge, etc) or is it a problem with the notebook (where it's overcharging the battery/failing to recognize battery status, etc.) Normally the battery alone is the suspect, but with repeated failures I'd contact Apple support and have the notebook tested.

    "Just a week ago I heard a pop under my MacBook Pro 17in purchased june 2006, followed soon thereafter by a lack of response from the trackpad and keyboard caused by the battery swelling. Got a replacement battery under warranty from the local applestore (without first noting the sn). It seemed like the machine had been running warmer for about a week in advance but the weather was also warmer during that period.

    Had the power adapter replaced a couple months back as well due to failure of the strain relief.

    I found out I could get the screen replaced because it's at the borderline of being too dim at max brightness. The illumination was also very uneven but changing the resolution and setting it back fixed that (as people on the apple discussion forums have found).
    -Joel K."

    An earlier report follows:

    " I have had the same problem on my 17" MacBook Pro. Battery swelled up and popped right out of the bottom of the machine. Scary.
    I already turned it in so I can't give you any (serial) numbers. I bought the computer in July of last year, but it was refurbished.
    -Leesa F. "

    Last June the MacBook Pro feedback page here had a photo of a 17in user's battery that had swollen to where the casing had split. It's a good idea to check for any overcharging/swelling in the battery every so often. The first sign is often that you can't easily remove the battery. And although rare as far as I know, as mentioned in the news here a week or so ago one MacBook owner (bought in June 06 he said) had his MacBook battery burst into flames (from overcharging), almost burning down the house.

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    Xvid hack on Apple TV? Hard Drive Upgrade?
    Ed sent a link to a forum post titled We just got xvid working on the Apple TV - "I just officially got xvid/everything else supported by Perian working on the Apple TV." (I asked Ed if he knew if this was for real as even the original post now has a "Fake Fake..." comment)
    " Don't know.
    That you can take the drive out and add files to the OS is amusing. But unless 1080P is a firmware update, I'm not interested in this item. Not yet.
    As for the FAKE FAKE... I'm confused too. Needs more research..

    I read about a guy putting a 120G HD in but only sees about 107GB.
    (I asked for more info on the drive upgrade - cloned original drive? or did system/factory restore?)
    Apple TV 120GB HD upgrade
    No details yet. I'll keep checking. Sounds like just took out drive and either mirrored it or like I would, DiskJockey one to larger then repartition (Volumeworks).
    -Ed "

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