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Fujitsu and Seagate 2.5in 7200rpm 160GB SATA drives
I'm late posting this but Adam sent a note that earlier this month Fujitsu announced a 160GB 7200rpm SATA notebook (2.5in) drive with Perpendicular recording. And back on March 12th, Seagate announced a Momentus 160GB 7200rpm SATA notebook drive they claimed was the "World's First 7200-RPM Notebook Hard Drive with 160GB of Capacity and Free-Fall Protection", but the press release notes the free-fall sensor was "optional". (Previous notebook 160GB drives were 5400rpm max.)
For those looking for maximum 2.5in (SATA) drive storage space (although at a lower rpm), while looking for specs on the Apple TV's 40GB (PATA) drive the other day I saw that Fujitsu Mobile HD page lists a 300GB 2.5in (4200rpm) SATA drive.
NOTE: Unlike most all notebook drives for many years (which are 9.5mm high, including the Toshiba 200GB SATA notebook drive), this Fujitsu 300GB model (and their same-series 250GB model) specs list its height as 12.5mm, which I think is too tall to use inside current Mac notebooks. (Apple's dev docs for the current MacBook and MacBook Pro don't mention a max hard drive height, although even the PB G4s had a 9.5mm high max HD limit IIRC.) I guess Fujitsu had to add another platter to exceed 200GB capacity. I wish they offered it in a PATA model. (Although I'm not sure if the Apple TV can use a 12.5mm high drive inside either, but it would make a nice drive for my portable FW case...)
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Extracting new Airport Utility from 2007-001 Update for Macs it won't install on
" Hello Mike, here's a comment from a Macupdate reader who calls himself TOMIS:

    "Airport Utility is the app that will be replacing "Airport Admin Utility" and "Airport Setup Assistant" in Leopard.
    (FYI: the update also has a different Admin utility for the older Graphite and Snow bases (inside APAdminUtility425.pkg), as well a pkg w/AirportDisk utility update.-Mike)

    Unfortunately, the installer refuses to instal(l) Airport Utility if you don't have it already. (requires v5.0 already installed, installer check also checks for OS X 10.4.0 or later)
    You can easily get around this limitation by digging into the installer package - Right-click (w/2 button mouse, use Cntl-Click w/single button mice) > "Show Package Contents" and copy out the following file:
    /Volumes/AirPortUtilityUpdate/AirPortBaseStationUp date2007001.mpkg/Contents/Packages/AirPortUtility. pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz

    Just double-click the file and a new folder "Applications" will be created with "Airport" inside.
    So far I've had no problems configuring my AirPort Express with this release. Just wish Apple hadn't crippled the installer as this really is an improvement over the old interface. (Version 2007-001)"

Following Tomis' advice, I was able to extract Airport Utility ver. 5.1 and copy it to my "own" Application folder. So far, it instantly recognised my Airport Express base - I haven't tried, though, to configure it yet as Tomis did.
-Sebastian "

I extracted the new Airport Utility on a 10.4.9 machine here this morning for use with my Airport Extreme (802.11g/b model). I've not tried reconfiguring the base with it but it did run a firmware update check when I launched it and seems to work fine (showed current base settings/details/config.) To be honest, I really don't have any complaints about the older Admin Utility for that base.
As I mentioned above, the AirPort Base Station Update 2007-001 installer also has a separate pkg file called "APAdminUtility425.pkg" that you can use the same method to get the admin utility for the older Graphite/Snow bases.
For cases where an installer has more than just an App update (i.e. support files, libs, etc. installed in various directories), either editing the installer check manually or using Pacifist are the usual workarounds.

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AirPort Base Station Update makes Airport Extreme (N) USB Drives mount in Vista
"hey mike, After installing the Airport Update (AirPort Base Station Update 2007-001), a Vista machine was able to mount a hard disk connected to the Airport Extreme (802.11n model USB HD port).
previous to this update it would error out and not connect.
No iTunes Library can be shared from a network drive with Mac OS X, XP & Vista.
-Steven M."

I don't run Vista (and the XP homebrew PC here collects dust, no iTunes even on it) but asked if sharing just wasn't supported, even if the ports used were opened. (OS X firewall has iTunes music sharing blocked by default (has to be enabled to work, something I almost forgot when setting up an Apple TV.)
(FYI - I saw a web post about someone that used a Airport Extreme (N) USB disk for his iTunes lib, but said after 3 days it stopped working as far as iTunes lib use.)

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Using smcfFanControl to Lower HD Temperatures in the Mac Pro
"AMUG has posted a review on, "How to use smcfFanControl to Optimize Hard Drive Cooling in the Mac Pro". This article demonstrates that smcfFanControl can provide 10 degrees (F) of increased cooling by setting the PCIe/HDD fan to 809 RPM. Users that want to expand the storage and PCIe capability of the Mac Pro now have a tool that allows them to determine what the minimum fan speeds will be inside the Apple Mac Pro.
Have a great weekend,
Michael Bean
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Transintl Pro Caddy for Mac Pros (add 5th HD in spare optical bay)
"Trans International today announced the availability of The Pro Caddy. In high volume professional production environments where flexible storage is at a premium the Pro Caddy for Apple Mac Pro is a unique internal optical bay hard disk drive mounting solution. The Pro Caddy requires No Modification, No Replacement and No Dismantling of your Mac Pro.

Using the existing optical bay housing the Pro Caddy enables the installation of one additional, bootable hard drive. Once installed, the Pro Caddy frees up all four of the removable hard disk drives in the Mac Pro's factory bays. You have the freedom and convenience to use all four drives in flexible ways to boost productivity (JBOD, Raid 0, RAID 1, or RAID 10).


  • Easy Installation.
  • No modification needed.
  • Uses original optical bay housing.
  • Does not effect or alter Air Flow.
  • Use SATA* or ATA/IDE hard disk drive.
    * Requires SATA to ATA/IDE adapter

The Pro Caddy is $39. ($69 with SATA/PATA Adapter) "

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EyeTV and Apple TV
Matthew sent a link to an ElGato page titled EyeTV and Apple TV - a perfect match which has a comment "We are working to integrate Apple TV and EyeTV even further. We invite you to join our mailing list to be notified of future enhancements."
EyeTV 2.x already supported recording to H.264 (and iPod video support). The Apple TV page here also has a previous report (3/23) from an EyeTV owner that said "My EyeTV recordings look great too, i have a TVmini atsc hd tuner...".
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Apple TV Heat Test
Digital Trends has posted a page on Apple TV Heat Tests with IR photos comparing Apple TV and Macbook. (Max surface temperature they recorded was appx 111F, I've not measured mine but it feels hotter than that a times.) I use a switched outlet strip to turn off Apple TV when not used. (After making sure no sync/writes are in progress - AppleTV can sync even in standby/LED off.)
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Another Vendor offering Apple TV Hard Drive Upgrade Service
MacService sent a note they're also now offering an Apple TV hard drive upgrade service - here's the current pricing/options from their page as of this morning:

  • 60GB Hitachi 5400rpm - $195
  • 80GB Hitachi 5400rpm - $215
  • 100GB Hitachi 5400rpm - $225
  • 120GB Seagate 5400rpm - $235
  • 160GB Hitachi 5400rpm -$295
    "$79 next day shipping available"

Monday's news has links/info/pricing and warranty notes on upgrades from TechRestore and iResq, as well as a link to a do-it-yourself Apple TV HD upgrade guide. (Also added to the page here on Apple TV.)

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Other News/Misc. Software Updates/Updated Apple Support Docs
(Updated 2PM)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
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