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M-Audio Revolution 5.1 Audio Card Beta driver for OS X 10.5.2/10.4.11
"Hi Mike! At last they did it! M-Audio has relased a (beta) version for Revolution 5.1 driver working on OS X Leopard!
I was going to buy another soundcard!! but they did the miracle this morning! :)

The driver is working quite well on my Dual G5 2.5Ghz.. it has still the pops and glitch issue, which shows really OFTEN: adjusting volume, running 2 sounds at once, pausing iTunes, and so on.. but as they say it's still Beta! (and it shows!)
Anyway, my rear speaker goes back to play! :)

The new driver allows my mac to go to sleep with the Revo 5.1 card installed - (it did not work on 10.5 and caused kernel panics in 10.4), but after wake from sleep the sound card does not load 3d environment settings (must load the Application Panel to get it back)

Even if the sound card is not 100% working properly, I can say I'm happy to know that m-audio still remembers Revolution 5.1 users ;) I'll keep in touch for updates

The new driver is available at M-Audio's drivers page - here's the info on the (beta) Revolution 5.1 version 1.6 for OS X page which also has a user feedback form:

"Operating System(s): Mac OS 10.4.11 (BETA), Mac OS 10.5.2 (BETA)

Release Notes: ==This driver is released as a BETA candidate ==
Changes made in this driver release include:

  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Fixed delay processing, which did not work in previous versions of the driver. Please check that the delay settings are accurate for your speaker setup, or set all the delays to the same distance to disable delay processing.
  • Improved control panel responsiveness when dragging sliders.
  • Fixed peak meters to erase the background correctly.
  • Removed system-wide controls for the individual output channels. Please use the Revolution 5.1 control panel instead. This works around a problem where the first two channels (front left and right) would be reset incorrectly by the system UI server when using the system-wide volume control menu or volume keys on the keyboard. Master volume control is still available system-wide.
  • Fixed possible kernel panics on sleep/wake.
  • Inflated the package version number to match the control panel version.

    Known Issues:

  • DTS pass-through is not supported
  • Changing Surround Sound settings while streaming audio may result in distorted audio Workaround is to stop audio, make your desired setting changes, and restart audio.
  • Slower systems may experience performance issues during DVD Playback."
  • As of 9AM (Eastern) this morning I didn't see any updated OS X drivers for the Revolution 7.1 card (last update was v1.4.1 from May 2005)

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