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MacBook Pro/Express 34 card reports page updated (Jmicron card w/OS X Tiger)
I've updated the page of MacBook Pro owner reports on Express34 Cards with a (mid-2007) MacBook Pro 2.4GHz/4GB RAM running OS X 10.4.11 report on using a ($18.99) JMicron based single-port eSATA card. (In reply to an earlier post/request, as some had reported problems in Tiger.) The main issue he notes is KP's if the card is removed while the MBP is on (even if card powered off).
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PB G4 user notes on OS X 10.5.7 and Adaptec 1480 PCMCIA SCSI card
From a reader mail this morning:

"Adaptec 1480 PCMCIA SCSI adaptor and OS X 10.5.7
Just wanted to let you know that the old beta drivers for this PCMCIA SCSI adaptor still work on my 1.67ghz Powerbook G4 15" laptop connecting to the SCSI hard drive backup with all of my old files, after updating to 10.5.7. Just used the software update feature and updated. (Personally I still use the D/L updaters (preferably combo update) despite apple's doc that a potential issue with SU had been fixed in 10.5.6 - the one where the SU script would start with an incomplete download. To me taking the extra time to use the D/L (and reboot clean before applying it) is worth it. Plus I have the D/L for updating other Macs (and if I ever have to reinstall clean from my 10.5.0 Install disc).-Mike)

I did have to reinstall my Cisco VPN client and I am sure there are other programs that will need to reinstall, I have not found them all yet, but so far, no aberrant behavior.
Have not noticed any change in battery life yet. (not sure if the PPC pwr mgmt files were updated - don't have 10.5.7 on a PPC Mac yet. Only updated 2 intel-based Macs so far.-Mike)

(I also asked if the card was inserted/used during the update (just curious as generally it's recommended to disconnect non-essential devices during updates. Although knock on wood I've don't disconnect my (FW800 connected) ministack drive used for TM and cloned B/U, and some devices like EyeTV Tuner connected to its built-in hubs.-Mike)
No, the card was not inserted... sometimes doing updates when the card is inserted may cause misbehavior. You have to insert the card at the right time, after the machine is booted and awake, when the drive is on and running. Then the card will be recognized and the scsi drive will be mounted.

Although I did have a kernal panic last night while experimenting... The card was inserted but the scsi drive was not mounted... sometimes I do get random panics (before 10.5.7), but they are rare... so I rebooted into single user mode and started applejack and then inserted the card right after it started. The system recognized the card and alerted me in green text on the black background but the applejack script continued uninterrupted, and when the laptop restarted, everything mounted normally.
-Mike P."

Wednesday's news had a post about a Adaptec 29160 SCSI PCI card user that had to reinstall the drivers after 10.5.7. (Includes tip for reinstalling driver to avoid the script error as well as links to Adaptec card OS X driver pages if anyone needs them.)
I welcome other reports on 10.5.7 and 3rd party cards/hardware/drivers.

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More feedback on OS X 10.5.7/Notebook Batteries, Auto-Sleep problems
Replies to yesterday's post regarding claims of improved battery runtime w/10.5.7

"I wanted to test the battery life with the new update, so I unplugged my MacBook Pro Santa Rosa. I left it overnight unplugged by mistake, and when I woke up, it was shut down. Seems it never went to sleep when it was low on power - Just shut down. (Assuming nothing prevented it from going to sleep mode (addons, ext. connections, etc.)) This is new for me...
-Mike K."

I asked Mike if he'd tried the usual tips - reset SMC, etc (and worst case, a reinstall using Combo Download updater perhaps.) Apple's Leopard Forums have threads on various problems some have seen w/10.5.7 - including a thread with some users noting After 10.5.7: MBP not sleeping, not waking (w/replies, log notes, etc.). (I've also gotten other mails from other readers noting their systems no longer automatically go into sleep mode (based on ES settings).)
If anyone else has seen this happen or has other 10.5.7/Battery related comments, let me know the details. Thanks.
And a reply from a Hackintosh user (as some MSI wind users claimed big gains):

"I haven't noticed any battery life increase on my ideapad y530 but I do notice that the system profile shows AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement loads even though I have the Disabler.kext in /extra/extensions/.
-NiaN C."
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Apple Troubleshooting Doc Updates

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Other News/Articles, Misc. Software Updates
(some I missed yesterday)

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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