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Top stories of Nov. 16th, 2001:

Reader Comments on using FWB Backup Toolkit 3.02 for OS X w/DVD-R:
" Mike-
As I am writing this in X, the new BackupToolkit (v3.0.2 for X) is churning away in the background backing up and compressing my data to a DVD. So far, so good. The speed is nice and the interface is reasonably clean even though the execution and features are not up to the Retrospect standard; but at least there is a viable backup solution for X users.

The user interface does not take advantage of the dynamic capability of dock icons, instead choosing to put a small button/progress meter just below the clock in the right top corner of the screen when the app is in the background. This progress meter disappears when the app is the frontmost application. This really seems kludgy and a duplication of the dock and its capabilities. Perhaps they rushed out with a functional product knowing that X users were looking for some viable backup alternative in the absence of Retrospect?

I have not had the opportunity to try any other features other than the initial backup, but when I get this completed I will try to do restores on data and determine if it maintains the user access settings etc, that seems to be the sore spot for the other X backup applications.

In addition, it's nice to start seeing the power of X and multiprocessing/multithreading. I have been running the backup, surfing the web, writing emails, and downloading and watching the new Star Wars trailer, all without a skip or a hitch. There are times that the processor meter pegs both CPUs, but even then there is no loss in usability in any of the programs.

The system I am currently running is a DP800, 1.5GB, 100GB WD Special Edition, 60GB WD, GeForce3, Cinema Display. Running X 10.1.1 5M28.
Derek "

I asked Derek if he downloaded v3.02, since a reader wrote that his download last night was version 2.2. (See earlier news item below).

" The download worked correctly for me. According to my receipt, I purchased/downloaded it at 2:46 cdt.

Further Experiences:
Well, it certainly helps to automate backups, but it is nowhere near the functionality that Retrospect has. Its greatest flaw, in my opinion, is that it has no capability to automate backup to multiple removable media volumes. For example, Retrospect allows you to specify a "set" of cd-roms to back up to, and when one cd-rom is full, it simply ejects the full one and requests a new blank piece of media. Once inserted, Retrospect continue on it's merry way.

Backup Toolkit is far more rudimentary in its handling of this kind of situation. In an incremental backup situation (in which a complete backup is made and subsequent backups only do changed files), Backup Toolkit really only allows you to specify that you would like it to partition the results of a backup via a chunk of space, i.e. 600 for cd-roms, 4000 for dvd roms, etc. However, this will only create folders and backup the files to a folder of that size on another hard drive. It is your task to then take each of those folders and utilize Apples built in cdrom burner or Toast to burn each of those different pieces of media. Additionally, it is your task to then create an alias of that pice of media and place it in a special aliases folder within the Backup Toolkit folder in order for the software to automatically ask you to insert those volumes upon a later restore. This is definitely not an eloquent solution and certainly will not work for an automated environment (especially servers.)

I'm not sure how valuable this software will be to me long term. In my mind it is simply a stopgap solution until Retrospect is ready to go for X.
Derek "

For more info on Backup Toolkit v3, see this FWB page.

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Westlake Comments on Next Update to OS X Unreal Tournament:
(from a post in the forums)

" Found this info on usenet,, dated 11/14/01:

On UT X news, I fixed one of the its stability problems (especially on GeForce cards, maybe on Radeon's too) yesterday, and its running much better on my machine now. There is still some weird problem with the ini files getting corrupt, and with the initial loading process just hanging every once in a while. Once I can fix those I'll release Preview 2, which ought to work better for a lot of people.
Mark Adams
President, Westlake Interactive "

I'll post a note when the update appears at Westlake's downloads page. Westlake previously posted a OS X UT troubleshooting page, but the only thing I found that helped was locking the INI file in the current OS X release.

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Direct Download Link to Smaller Limeware 1.8B Update:
I don't use Limeware personally, but for those that do:

"Hi Mike,
Folks who already have MRJ 2.2.5 installed can download the new 4.5MB LimeWire 1.8B update from:
That's compared to over 11MB for the version including MRJ.
Bob F"
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iTunes 2.02 Available Now:
Ed Araquel wrote that iTunes v2.0.2 for both OS X and OS 9 are available from Apple today at
    "iTunes 2.0.2 adds support for French and German languages, and also improves display of ID3 tags for two-bytelanguages, i.e. Japanese, Korean and Chinese. "
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Matshita Expansion Bay DVD/CDRW Drive OS X iTunes Support File Mod:
" Regarding the Matsushita CD/CDRW/DVD drive articles
(posted some months back here)

I just bought one, swapped it into my old LG casing, and it works great. It was originally set to region two but after switching it to region one, I could watch my DVDs as well as played some audio CDs and burned a CDRW. It worked great.

I grabbed and installed the modified iTunes support file for Mac OS 9 [linked in the article] and it also worked dandy. However, I noticed that no one seems to have gotten the drive to work with iTunes and Mac OS X, so I went digging around and finally hit gold!

If you modify:

to refer to the 710 drive, it will work. You can do it the same way as it was done for Mac OS 9 using "BrainHex 1.1", or attached to this email is the modified version which you can just install. (You will most likely need to be root to install it, via "sudo" or similar methods.)

Best, and thanks!
Robert John Churchill"

The attachment was corrupted, but you can probably find Brainhex at Versiontracker. (Some past OS X mod notes here I think used BBedit also.)

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FWB's Backup Toolkit for OS X - Download is Version 2.2, not 3.0?
(Update - see the later news item above where a reader noted his purchase download was v3.02. It also includes comments on using FWB Backup in OS X.)
A reader replied to the post in last night's news on FWB Backup Toolkit 3.0 saying the version he downloaded (after purchase online) was v2.2, not 3.0.:

" Hi Mike,
I read about BackupToolkit and ordered it through digital river from your link. When i finally got the download link it downloaded version 2.2. Did you get version 3.0? I got my serial number but can't get the product. This is frustrating.

I read someone else on versiontracker had the same problem. There is a version of the same software but relabled at http://www.tri- but my serial number won't work. It has a demo version you can try though.

I suggested he call/contact FWB about this.

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Apple OS X 10.1.1 TIL mentions Final Cut Pro Improvements (OS X version coming soon?)
(Note: Eric's email below was from Thursday (11/15), the TIL doc shows a revised date of 11/16 and the Final Cut Pro comments have been removed.)
A reader noted the Apple TIL on OS X 10.1.1 improvements/install tips noted here yesterday mentions Final Cut Pro:

"I notice that in the OS X 10.1.1 TIL, they mention FCP:

--- snip ---
Provides enhanced application stability when a FireWire-based (DV) camera is disconnected in certain situations when Final Cut Pro is open; improves data transfer reliability.
--- snip ---
Either that's a typo and they meant iMovie or FCP on X is nearing!

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More Reports on OS X SCSI CDRW Helper from El Gato:
As you can see from the long list below - the drive database had many new entries with comments on using El Gato's SCSI CDRW Helper. You can search the Drive Compatibility database for these reports by selecting "El Gato" as a driver selection and OS X as the OS version (also selecting SCSI as the interface and optionally a drive brand).
If you own a SCSI CDRW drive and try OS X with the El Gato utility, post a Drive database entry for your SCSI CDRW drive brand and select OS X as the operating system. (Include in the comments if you're running OS X 10.0.x, 10.1 or 10.1.1 and any burn tests you run. Also remember some noted removing iTunes2 and reinstalling helped in some cases.)
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CDRW/CD/DVD/Hard Drive Compatibility Database Updates:
The Drive Compatibility searchable database had 30 new reports added this morning. The database includes reports on Combo DVD-CDRW, CDROMs, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CDRW, Hard Drives and Removables (tape drive, ORB, ZIP, MO drives, etc.) in all interface types (IDE, IDE RAID cards, Firewire, SCSI, adapters). Current total 5,460 reports. Here's a list of the reports added this morning. [Entries after Midnight are added the following newsday morning.]
(Note - Please include your CD/CDRW drive speed in the entry. And Please do not post questions in the database, use email for that. )

    DVD Recorder Drive Reports:
  • Firewire CDCyclone DVDRW used w/G4 AGP/2001 (OS X)
    (noted working with Toast in OS X 10.1, but not after 10.1.1 update)

    Combo DVD/CDRW Drive Reports:
  • IDE Toshiba R1002 (4x4 + 4x DVD) in G4/AGP (OS X server)
    (problems noted)
  • IDE Toshiba SD-R1102 (8x8x32x + 8x DVD) in G4/AGP (OS 9.2)

    IDE CDRW Drive Reports:
  • HP 8200 (4x/4x/24x) in G4/AGP (OS X)
    (no burning support other than w/Toast)
  • Sony CRX 155E (12x 8x 32x) [OEM apple] in Dual G4 (OS 9.2)
  • Sony CRX-1611 16x/10x/40x in B&W G3 (OS X)
    (noted OS X 10.1.1 added support in Itunes2/disburner, etc.)

    Firewire CDRW Drive Reports:
  • Lite-On 24102B (24x10x40x) in ADS Pyro case used w/B&W G3 (OS X)
  • Que QPS-525 (16/10/40) w/Dual G4 (OS X)
    (problems noted in 10.1/10.1.1, but not 10.0.x)
  • Que SW-208B (no speed listed) used w/B&W G3 (OS X)
    (problems noted, due to FW/IDE bridge per comments)
  • Que 12x10x32 used w/B&W G3 (OS X)
    (noted no itunes/DB support in OS X 10.1.1)

    SCSI CDRW Drive Reports:
  • HP 9200i (8x4x24x) in Beige G3 (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Panasonic CW-7502 (4x CDR) in G4/AGP (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper didn't work)
  • Sony CDU926S (2x CDR) external used w/G4/AGP (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper didn't work)
  • Teac CD-R56S external (6x CDR) used w/PB G3 Wallstreet2 (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Teac CD-R58S (8X CDR) w/G4 no AGP [Yikes/PCI] (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha 2100S (16x10x40x) in Umax S900 (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper didn't work)
  • Yamaha CDRW4416S (4x4x16x) w/B&W G3 (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper worked after removing/reinstalling iTunes 2.01)
  • Yamaha 8824 (8x8x24x) in 8500 (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha CDRW4416S (4x4x16x) w/G4/AGP (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha CDRW4416S (4x4x16x) w/Beige G3 (OS X)
    (El Gato SCSI helper didn't work)
  • Yamaha CDRW4416S (4x4x16x) w/G4/AGP (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha CDRW4416S (4x4x16x) w/iBook 2000 using Firewire to SCSI adapter (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha CDRW4416S (4x4x16x) w/Beige G3 (OS X)
    (El Gato SCSI helper didn't work - 2nd beige G3 owner to report this)
  • Yamaha CRW6416S (6x4x16x) in Beige G3 (OS X)
    (no OS X support, but did not try El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha 8x4x32x used w/PB G3 lombard (OS X)
    (updated report - noted removing/reinstalling iTunes 2 helped after installing El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha 8424s (8x4x24x) external used w/G4 AGP (OS 9.2)
    (problems noted)
  • Yamaha 8824s (8x8x24x) w/Dual G4 (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha 8824s (8x8x24x) w/B&W G3 (OS X)
    (using El Gato SCSI helper)
  • Yamaha 2100S (16x/10x/40x) in B&W G3 (OS 9.1)
    (problems noted regarding burn speeds in Toast 5.02)

    DVD ROM Drive Reports:
  • IDE Lite-On LTD-163 16x/48x in Beige G3 (OS X)
    (includes OS 9 comments also)

    IDE Hard Drive Reports:
  • IBM 60GXP 40GB in B&W G3 (OS X)
    (rev 1 IDE chip, data corruption noted)

You can find full owner reports by searching the database by drive/brand/interface/mac models (the latest reports are shown first in searches).
For guides to installing CD/CDRW/DVD drives or Hard drives in many mac models, see the IDE Articles page. The Firewire articles page also has guides on case kits, installing drives, etc.
If you've added a IDE, SCSI, Firewire or USB hard drive, CDRW, tape drive, etc. make sure you add a report to the database. [If you post an updated entry - make sure you use the same name, etc. as you did before so I can find your past entry. Thanks.]

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CPU Upgrades Owner Reports Database Updated:
The Rate Your CPU Upgrade database has been updated with 8 new reports this morning. (total to date: 6,411). [Entires after midnight are posted the next newsday morning.]

  • Newer Tech G4/400 in PowerTower 225 (rated 10)
  • Other World Computing G4/500 in B&W G3/400 (rated 9)
  • Other World Computing G4/500 in B&W G3/300 (rated 9)
  • Powerlogix BlueChip G3/466 in PowerBook G3 Wallstreet2 (rated 9)
    (updated report with "happy ending" on 3rd bluechip, using w/two OWC 256MB dimms)
  • Powerlogix BlueChip G3/466 in PowerBook G3 Wallstreet 2 (rated 6)
  • Sonnet Dual G4/500 (Duet) in G4/AGP (rated 10)
  • Sonnet G4/500 in B&W G3 (rated 8)
    (Updated - problems with prev. software install were due to using OS 9.2.1, which apparently Sonnet's software is not compatible with.)
  • B&W G3/350 OC report (@400mhz)

(Warning - Overclocking may not be reliable and could lead to hardware failure or corrupted data.) You can find the full reports by searching the database selecting the indicated Mac model and upgrade card brand/type. If you've upgraded the CPU on your Mac, please post an entry in the database. Search the database for entries from most every upgradable Mac model *before* you buy. (Searchable by mac model/upgrade brand). For detailed reviews with performance tests and install tips, see the CPU Upgrades page.)

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News pages from 1, 2 and 3 years ago:
(Sometimes these old pages are a bit embarrassing - and in many cases the offsite links may not work and comments there were accurate only on the date posted regarding upgrade availability, etc.)

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