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Accelerate Your Mac! News Archive for: 11/28/2001 Wednesday's NewsReturn to Accelerate Your Mac!

Top stories Nov. 28th, 2001:

PowerLogix G3/350 CPU Card $119.99, G3/400 $149.99:
Site sponsor OWC wrote with another CPU upgrade sale today:

" We have the PowerForce G3/350MHz with 512K Cache in stock for $119.99 And The PowerForce G3/400MHz with 1024K Cache in stock for $149.99 . We are the only US company with this product and they are the best prices for upgrades of these speeds. Units are new, with 2yr PowerLogix warranty.
(Click here for more info on these items.)

These are for Apple Power Macintosh 7300,7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600. Power Computing PowerBase, PowerWave, PowerCurve, PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro, PowerTower, PowerTower Pro. UMAX/SuperMac S900, J700. DayStar Millenium and Genesis.
Best Regards,
Larry O'Connor
Other World Computing, Inc."

There have been some reports on the Rate Your CPU Upgrade database from PL G3/350 owners saying the chip was a 400mhz rated one. (It's also a 10x ratio chip many said and some of the speeds noted were hard to believe.)

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More Sources of Mac Music Notation Software:
(In reply to the earlier news item on OS X/OS 9 Music notation software)

" Couldn't keep this to myself after reading about this one the page today. The best music notation app I've ever used-in terms of intuitiveness, features, stability, and price-is Melody Assistant.
This app costs only $15 to register, is updated regularly (updates are FREE), and has unparalleled tech support. I've NEVER seen a shareware program this good. You have to see it to believe it.
Will Cicola"

I checked their site and they list an OS 8.6-OS 9.1 as well as an OS X version.

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Reader Special: XLR8 CarrierZIF Card + G3/500 ZIF Bundle:
" Hi Mike-
Got an exclusive special for the readers starting today. XLR8 ZIF Carrier Card W/ OWC Mercury G3/500 ZIF bundled for $299.99.
It's on the XLR8YourMac specials page.
Other World Computing"
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Rogue Spear 1.02 Update, Radeon Notes:
Versiontracker notes the update here. Changes/fixes listed as:

  • Fixed problem with Ruined City multiplayer map.
  • Fixed problem when using random maps in multiplayer.
  • Added "Use Packed Pixels" option to RS Utility. It's possible that while using an ATI Radeon card that some text in the game will be truncated. Turning off this option should fix that problem, but at the cost of significantly increasing the amount of memory used by the game.
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Age of Empires II 1.01 Update/Listing of Fixes:
The readme notes the following fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with the unit text in the scenario editor being white on a white background.
  • Fixed the colored fog effects, e.g. red flashing buildings.
  • Fixed several bugs in the pathfinding logic. Units should now move in a more expected direction.
  • Fixed a crash when loading saved games that contained a wonder.
  • Increased width of instruction panel text and reduced the font size to accommodate German.
  • Fixed a bug for users with a disk named Data. It conflicted with the game's Data folder.
  • Added a check for CarbonLib 1.4. If the CarbonLib installer is present on your CD, it will be installed. Otherwise, you will be required to acquire and install CarbonLib from Apple.
  • Multiplayer and Out of Sync save file names were too long for the Mac file system.
  • Fixed problem where you could enter save file names longer than acceptable on the Mac.
  • Increased preferred memory partition size to 120MB.
  • The in-game cursor was disappearing after certain dialogs were displayed (the hot keys dialog, for example).

See Boldgames support page for a download link (or click hereto download it now.)
That page also has FAQ and Troubleshooting tips.

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Music Notation Apps for OS X (and OS 9):
" Mike,
These are the first major notation apps I know of written for OSX!!!
A few years ago (around 1995) Passpost sold these programs to the company GVox, where they kind of languished. Many musicians and music teachers like myself use these programs to score music. I had a lot of problems with MusicTime v2 under OS9. Then I got a card in the mail yesterday about these upgrades being introduced, with DOWNLOADABLE DEMOS available at their website ( (The downloads can later be activated if you purchase the "key," costing only 29.99 for MusicTime Deluxe)

This is very good news for music people! I found MusicTime to be much more intuitive than other apps like Nightingale, which I could never figure out... The website said that Titanic and Planet of the Apes were scored using Encore.
Haven't seen this info at any OSX site yet!
Thanks for a great site,
Bill Miro"

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Review of Return To Castle Wolfenstein (single player and multiplayer)
Although the Mac version is not in stores yet (hopefully soon it will be GM), for those curious about the full version, Gamespot has a review that includes comments on the single player and multiplayer modes.
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CDRW/CD/DVD/Hard Drive Compatibility Database Updates - 5,600 Total Reports!
The Drive Compatibility searchable database had 20 new reports added this morning. The database includes reports on Combo DVD-CDRW, CDROMs, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, CDRW, Hard Drives and Removables (tape drive, ORB, ZIP, MO drives, etc.) in all interface types (IDE, IDE RAID cards, Firewire, SCSI, adapters). Current total 5,620 reports. [Entries after Midnight are added the following newsday morning.]
(Note - ** Please include your CD/CDRW drive speed in the entry **. And Please do not post questions in the database, use email for that and check the database and articles here for answers/tips/guides first. Incomplete entries, those with no comments, etc. are deleted.)

    Combo DVD+ CDRW Drive Reports:
  • IDE Toshiba SD-R1102 8x8x32x+ 8x DVD in G4/AGP (OS X)

    DVD-ROM Drive Reports
  • Sony DDU1621 (16x DVD) in G4 no AGP (yikes) (OS 9.2)

    IDE CDRW Drive Reports
  • Lite-On LTR-16102B (16x/10x/40x) in B&W G3 (OS X)
  • Lite-On (24x/10x/40x) in Beige G3 (OS X)
  • Sony CRX-1611 16x/10x/40x CDRW in B&W G3 (OS X)

    SCSI CDRW Drive Reports
  • Sanyo CRD-BP3 (12x10x32x) in 85/8600 (OS 9.1)

    Firewire CDRW Drive Reports
  • Hi-Val 16x10x40x (BTC 1610 drive) in FW case used w/PB G4 (OS 9.2)
    (listed under "other brands")
  • Lacie 24x/10x/40x (SE2100) used w/used w/B&W G3 (OS X)
  • Lite-On LTR-16102B (16x/10x/40x) used w/iBook (OS 9.2)
  • Que QPS SW-208B 8x4x32 used w/Dual G4 (OS X)
    (noted OS X 10.1.1 update solved problems)
  • Que 121032A (12x10x32, Plextor v1.08) used w/B&W G3 (OS X server)
  • Teac W524E 24x used w/Beige G3 (OS 9.2)

    USB CDRW Drive Reports:
  • Memorex BBQ 200 16x10x40 [Box noted 4x4x6x] used w/iMac slot loading (OS 9.2)
    (Memorex listed under "other brands")

    CDROM Drive Reports
  • IDE EPO brand 52x in Beige G3 (OS 9.2)
    (listed under "other brands")
  • SCSI Teac CD-532S (32x) in PowerCenter Pro (OS 8.6)

    IDE Hard Drive Reports
  • IBM 60GXP 60GB in G4/AGP (OS X)
  • IBM 60GXP 40GB in Umax [no model noted] w/IDE PCI Card (OS 9.1)
  • Maxtor D740X-6L ATA 133 60GB in Umax w/IDE PCI Card (OS 9.1)
    (noted Acard ATA/100 card firmware update solved problems)
  • Maxtor DS40X-4K (5400 rpm) in Beige G3 (OS X)
  • Quantum Fireball Plus AS 40GB in B&W G3 w/IDE PCI Card (OS 9.1)

You can find full owner reports by searching the database by drive/brand/interface/mac models (the latest reports are shown first in searches).
For guides to installing CD/CDRW/DVD drives or Hard drives in many mac models, see the IDE Articles page. The Firewire articles page also has guides on case kits, installing drives, etc.
If you've added a IDE, SCSI, Firewire or USB hard drive, CDRW, tape drive, etc. make sure you add a report to the database. [If you post an updated entry - make sure you use the same name, etc. as you did before so I can find your past entry. Thanks.]

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CPU Upgrades Owner Reports Database Updated:
The Rate Your CPU Upgrade database has been updated with 6 new report this morning. (total to date: 6,447). [Entries after midnight are posted the next newsday morning.]

  • Other World Computing 500 in Beige G3 (rated 10)
    (didn't note if G3 or G4 CPU type)
  • Other World Computing G4/500 in B&W G3 (rated 7)
  • Powerlogix G3/375 in 7300/100 (rated 9)
  • XLR8 CarrierZIF w/G3 400 (OWC bundle) in 7300/132 (rated 10)
  • XLR8 G4/500 in G4 no AGP (Yikes) (rated 10)
  • Beige G3/233 OC report

(Warning - Overclocking may not be reliable and could lead to hardware failure or corrupted data.) You can find the full reports by searching the database selecting the indicated Mac model and upgrade card brand/type. If you've upgraded the CPU on your Mac, please post an entry in the database. Search the database for entries from most every upgradable Mac model *before* you buy. (Searchable by mac model/upgrade brand). For detailed reviews with performance tests and install tips, see the CPU Upgrades page.)

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News pages from 1, 2 and 3 years ago:
(Sometimes these old pages are a bit embarrassing - and in many cases the offsite links may not work and comments there were accurate only on the date posted regarding upgrade availability, etc.)

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Software Updates, Apple TILs and Other Net News Links

    Gaming News:
  • See news items above for updates to Age of Empires II and Rogue Spear

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