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SMC FanControl 1.2.2
smcFanControl 1.2.2 is out. (Macbook/Macbook Pro fan control utility for cooler running.) The Macupdate page lists these changes:
" Version 1.2.2 adds support for the new 13,3" MBP with Core 2 Duo CPU and a dutch and korean localization."
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Mac Pro user feedback on Sonnet E4P SATA Card Update
" I finally got the Sonnet E4P SATA adaptor to work on my Mac Pro (+2Gb RAM).
This version, installed first, then install the PCI Express SATA card into last (top) slot for x4 bandwidth. Connected my Fusion 400 (2 terabytes of storage) and powered/rebooted.

Just a FYI, they had previous versions but I never received notification and just checked back on Monday when my new PCI Express card showed up. (I replaced my G5 with a 2Ghz Pro and didn't have access to the RAID for last month).
Old Mac OS X RAID mounted and data is intact. Now to do some tests...
-Ed S. "

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Price Cuts on TransIntl Mac Pro Memory
Site sponsor Transintl sent word they've reduced prices on their Mac Pro (large heatsink) FB-Dimms to $398 per pair of 1GB dimms. (4GB Kits either 2x2GB or 4x1GB are $798) on the site specials page. (For Photos/info of the dimms see the Mac Pro products page, although prices are a bit higher there than on the specials page.)
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2nd Gen iPod Shuffle Doesn't fully Charge?
(Updated with reader notes on his 2nd gen Shuffle - see below)

" 2G iPod shuffle does not fully charge
Connecting iPod shuffle to the Dock connector, it does not fully charge.
(Babelfish english translation of Japanese page)

(If you see a translation error message, try again. I checked the link this morning (OK) but later it reported a translation error. Tried again and it was ok.)
A reader replied to this post:

" Just to let you know that when charging my shuffle on the dock the yellow led is blinking until the full charge I suppose (as indicated in the documentation).
Then according to the mini manual the led is supposed to turn green when the charge is completed but instead the led remains yellow and just stops bllnking !
But when turning on the shuffle the led briefly flash green as advertised... So now if I want to know if the Ipod is fully charged I suppose I have to let it run until it goes short ? Hope it can help.
(He later wrote)
Finally I was wrong:
the Shuffle is bundled with a small manual and 3 'quick cards' here in France : one in French and the two others in Italian and Spanish (no English ?)
(he sent an image scan of the French Quick Card, not posted here)
What does it means (translate from French)
if the orange (not yellow) light is on , don't disconnect the IPod Shuffle from the computer.

On the quick card, you can read:
Charging the battery
The light indicates if the battery is charging or is charged
Orange: Charging
Green:Fully charged.

So there is no problem for me: my Shuffle was not fully charged after 5 hours (I will try longer) and I misunderstood the signification of the fixed orange light. (appears red on the quick card).
Here is the online info (in English) from Apple:
iPod shuffle (Second Generation): Understanding status light behavior

Otherwise the Shuffle is incredible, it works as advertised and is beautiful! The earbuds are not good at all, I use a basic Koss in-ear instead and the sound is very good.
PS: The manual is unreadable: Apple has used what I would call a subliminal fluorescent green color for the font!!! maybe they don't want us to scan it :-)
-Robert "

Here's a copy of a reader's post on the subject from Friday's news:

" Hi Mike, Apple has a support document about this problem:
iPod shuffle (Second Generation): LED behavior after charging
I tested two new iPod shuffle(s) myself - at least their LED turned green just fine :)
regards, Leo"

Friday's news had a note from another reader on an Apple doc titled iPod shuffle (Second Generation): LED behavior after charging. He said two 2nd Gen iPod shuffles completely charged OK (i.e. green LED).

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Firefox and ThunderBird (Security related updates)
I missed this yesterday but Mozilla released Firefox and Thunderbird (email client) update to address security issues.
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Mac Drive Compatibility Database Updated
The Drive Compatibility Database had 2 new reports added this morning. Current total - 15,938 reports. (searching by drive type/brand, mac model etc. listed below will show the full reports, most recent first) iApps burn support mentioned in reports unless otherwise noted.

    DVD+R/RW + DVD-R/RW Drives:
  • Firewire (cased) LG GSA-H10N used w/G5 Tower (OS X 10.4.8) (also DVD-RAM compatible)

    Hard Drives:
  • IDE Hitachi 5K100 80GB in iBook G4 (OS X 10.3.9)

You can find full owner reports (latest shown first) by searching the database by drive/brand/interface/mac models (the latest reports are shown first in searches). The database includes reports on DVD +/-R, CDRWs, Combo DVD-CDRW, DVD-ROM, Hard Drives and Removables (tape drive, ORB, ZIP, MO drives, NAS, CF/Smartmedia readers, etc.) in all interface types (IDE, IDE RAID cards, SATA, Firewire, SCSI, USB, adapters).
If you've added a IDE, SATA, Firewire, USB, or SCSI, hard drive, Optical drive/burner, NAS, tape drive, etc., send me the details (drive info/mac model/OS used, etc.) for adding to the database.

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Other Net News
(Updated 4:30PM eastern)

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Recent Reviews and Articles:
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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