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Codeweavers free Crossover Mac/Crossover Games Full Versions (Oct. 28th only)
Codeweavers is offering (Today/Oct 28th Only) free registration keys/full versions of the Crossover Mac/Crossover Games (also linux versions). You have to submit your email address for a registration key and their site was overloaded from the demand this morning but here's the current link - where they note:

"Main Website Temporarily Offline
Due to the high volume of traffic for the Lame Duck Challenge Free Offer, we have temporarily streamlined the CodeWeavers main website. We apologize for any inconvenience...
Use this form (on linked page above) to register for a serial number. Due to load, expect your serial number to be emailed to you in a few days.
Full Version Downloads
For Tuesday, October 28, 2008 only, we are putting up fully unlocked builds.
  • CrossOver Mac Pro
  • CrossOver Games Mac
  • CrossOver Linux Pro
  • CrossOver Games Linux"
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    AppleTV user reports page updated (losing wireless network connection)
    I've updated the page of Apple TV User Reports/Tips/Mods with a reader's notes on problems he's seen. He said the AppleTV 2.2 update seems to have fixed his HDMI related crash (never saw that here) but like me, he's also seeing an AppleTV fail to retain the wireless network connection/fail to reconnect after coming out of standby. (See his report/my comments for details - both of us using Apple Airport bases.)
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    Tip for Seagate 1.5TB owners with stuttering/performance problems
    (Update: Another tip for Seagate 1.5TB drive owners (with SD17/SD19 firmware) was to partition the 1.5TB drive so that no volume was greater than 1TB. (Larry at OWC mentioned that and a reader that had not seen the problem later wrote he had his 1.5TB drive partitioned into 3 volumes (none greater than 1TB).
    Also the Nov. 21st, 2008 news page here has a note on a new firmware update (SD1A) from Seagate - a couple readers that have updated their drives said so far it seems to have solved the problem (they enabled journaling again)
    (original post from Oct. 28th follows)
    Just a FYI for anyone that missed the late updated post yesterday where a reader with the (common) Seagate 1.5TB periodic I/O stoppages (most easily noticed in media playback for instance) noted disabling journaling seems to be a workaround, although I wonder if that's just a band-aid... (I'm really disappointed in Seagate's testing before releasing new drives - not just Mac OS owners are seeing this problem, so are other OS users.) There was a terminal command for disabling journaling without reformatting but I can't remember it now - thankfully a reader sent a FYI on how to disable Journaling in Disk Utility:

    "To disable journaling:
    • open Disk Utility
    • select the volume, not the device
    • press (hold down) the option key
    • click the file menu
    • Disable Journaling will be available (in file menu)

    no need to reformat. Works with 10.4.11 and 10.5.5
    - Bill"

    Although disabling journaling has been reported by several owners of this drive to help with the I/O stoppages, I still wonder if there are other issues that are present and may surface later. If you're running a 1.5TB Seagate SATA drive w/journaled format OK, let me know the details. (If not try the above tips.) Thanks. (added the Mac Pro and G5 tower owner reports on this to the drive database.)
    BTW - I wonder if this would help with the Samsung F1 problems reported by 2006/white iMac owners earlier this year. (Although in those cases, only OS X had the problem - other OS's used on same iMac/same drive were ok a reader said.)

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