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5/7/2002 Tuesday's News: Story DetailReturn to News Page

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SoundBlaster Live 1.1 FC Driver Update for OS 9
Published: 5/7/2002
Last Updated: 6/25/2002
(From the 6/24/2002 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page)
(Clip from the SBlives driver page follows)

"English only
This is a new driver update for existing Sound Blaster Live! Macintosh users. This driver supports Macintosh OS 8.6 to OS 9.X only and has been tested on Sound Blaster Live! (Model CT4870 and CT4875).

New features included in this release :

  • Preset Auditioning
  • Preset Editing
  • Import
  • SoundFont Help

Enhanced features includes :

  • Audio Fidelity
  • Power Management
  • Roxio CD Spin Doctor
  • Quicksilver Microphone Recording
  • Playback Volume
  • Large SoundFont Bank Support
  • Multiple Librarian Windows
  • Keyboard Mouse Text
  • External MIDI Preset Change

For a more detailed description, please refer to the README.TXT file included. "

There's still no OS X drivers for the SBlive card however.
Here's a direct download link for the 1.1 drivers.

(Original comments on 1.1 RC (release candidate) follow)

The "Creative One" (Brian) sent an iCard noting there's a Mac Soundblaster live driver update for OS 9 at http://homepage.mac.com/creativemail/Menu13.html.
It's listed as "SB Live! Mac v1.1 Final RC" and isn't an official release at Creative's website, but may help with some of the past issues seen with the 1.0 drivers.
The download is listed as 16.8MB but the download manager in IE 5.1 says 22+MB. There's a linked readme file there also with more info. A copy of the ReadMe File follows:

    Creative Software v1.1 Web Release Notes
    For Sound Blaster Live! Macintosh
    May 2002




    1.1 Preset Auditioning

    This feature allows you to audition presets within a librarian window.

    1.2 Preset Editing

    SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 includes a powerful preset editor. This feature allows you to adjust many of the properties of a preset, giving you unparalleled creative control.

    1.3 Import

    Basic and Advanced Import modes allow you to import audio files (AIF or WAV format) into your own presets.

    1.4 SoundFont Help

    An extensive SoundFont resource has been added to the help system.

    2.1 Audio Fidelity

    Driver v1.1 addresses many sound quality issues such as pops and clicks during playback and recording.

    2.2 Power Management

    Driver v1.1 adds power management support.

    2.3 Roxio CD Spin Doctor

    Driver v1.1 no longer conflicts with this application.

    2.4 Titanium Microphone Recording

    Driver v1.1 addresses many input microphone recording issues for the Titanium Machintosh computers.

    2.5 Playback Volume

    Mixer v1.1 now maintains consistent playback volume.

    2.6 Large SoundFont Bank Support

    SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now supports SoundFont Banks larger than 32MB.

    2.7 Multiple Librarian Windows

    SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now supports large numbers of open librarian windows simultaneously.

    2.8 Keyboard Mouse Text

    SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now properly displays key number and octave information when mousing over the keyboard.

    2.9 External MIDI Preset Change

    SoundFont Bank Manager v1.1 now properly responds to preset changes sent from external MIDI controllers.

    3.1 Audio Input/Output in Cubasis AV

    For proper functioning when working with Cubasis AV, both audio input and output should be set to the same source.

    3.2 Audio Recording

    For proper recording to occur, ensure you have the proper input selected in the Apple Sound Control Panel.

    3.3 Apple Pro Keyboard MUTE The MUTE key on the Apple Pro Keyboard will mute the CD/Wave output. It will NOT mute other audio outputs.

    3.4 QuickTime 5 For best audio performance when using QuickTime 5, enable virtual memory.

    3.5 Recovering from Sleep

    Apple has released a new SYSTEM FIRMWARE that addresses this problem. Please run the Software Update utility to ensure you have the latest firmware for your system installed.

    Sound Blaster(R) is a registered trademark of Creative Technology, Ltd.
    SoundFont(R) is a registered trademark of E-mu Systems, Inc.
    SoundJam(TM) is a registered trademark of SoundStep, Inc.
    Macintosh(TM) is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
    Copyright (c) 2002 Creative Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.
    End of Web Release Notes

If any SBlive users try the drivers - let me know if they fix any issues you previously had. (See the Audio topics page for a comparison review of the SBlive and an older page with SBlive owner comments.)

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