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Layoff at Creative Hits Home...
Comments from Mac Guy Laid Off:

A Creative employee that posted regularly here noted he was laid off recently. Any cuts in pro-Mac people there hurt as we're still waiting for updates to the SoundBlaster Live for Mac drivers. With the release of the next-generation Audigy sound card for PCs, I wonder about the future of Mac drivers for the SoundBlaster Live card as I know the PC products are a higher priority due to more sales. Hopefully the comments on a price cut to $99.xx list on the Mac SBlive card can boost sales and perhaps help the cause.

[Note to webmasters: Do not copy quotes here in whole or in part.]

"I was just let go in another round of lay offs from Creative yesterday after 4 years of employment and advocating the Mac platform passionately.

There's a lot I could say and may say later about comittment. Right now, I'm hoping the efforts of others will succeed and I don't feel comfortable saying too much. I don't want them to face any more of an uphill battle than they have already.

Someday I hope to let you all know who to write to that have been the biggest obstacles to Mac development. They deserve an earful IMO.

There are passionate people in there that believe strongly in making great products for our platform. They're working every day to find ways to squeeze blood from a stone. There are also people who are fighting those efforts every step of the way.

The NOMAD support for Mac has been outstanding, and *shouldn't be forgotten*. But there's at least one person who thinks including Mac drivers for a USB webcam is "a waste of real estate on the CD" (even if the drivers are produced free of charge) It's insanely frustrating, to be sure.

The only thing that will keep your sanity if you're dealing with one of the few issues remaining to be worked on, will be having the patience of a saint. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that things are moving at a snail's pace in some areas. Not much we can do about it though.

From the start, I advocated a dedicated group of people devoted strictly to Mac development. That never happened, so things are disjointed, and I think that's one of the reasons we're still waiting for an update for the SB Live! Mac.

If you could find 10,000 more people to buy the card tomorrow, I'm guessing everything would change. I don't see that happening. It is only $99 now though :-)

he later wrote in reply to a comment that the mac SBlive was a dead end product
I wouldn't say dead. More like wounded and limping.

Let's not forget that these things can change very quickly if someone were to infuse some life into it. There are also people working very hard to do just that. It's still on shelves, still does a fantastic job for the vast majority of its users, and is still selling so it isn't safe to say it's a dead end. Heck, MacWorld just gave it a 3 and a half mouse rating out of four. They even missed half the great features it has including EAX, Deus Ex, and SoundFonts (I don't know how they missed all that). "

I hesitated buying the SBlive for Mac at $149, but if I find it at a retail store at $99 I'll pick one up. For gamers and consumers that want more than 2 channel sound and more EAX support in games, consider picking up a SBlive card. I know there are no OS X drivers currently and it's not perfect, but maybe if sales take a spike they'll realize there is a market out there for the Mac.

Regardless of the reasons why, if the SBlive for Mac dies on the vine, the likelyhood of any consumer/gaming 3d audio card for the mac is probably nil. If I were Apple, I'd also assist to help Creative get OS X drivers done - which would be a plus for Apple as well as Creative and end users.

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