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Bring in the Noise
Mac Audio Column
by Thad Brown
Where's My NAMM Reporter?

OK, folks, which one of your cyber weenies is holding out on me? Last Week I asked for somebody to cover NAMM for this wonderful web site. I even offered a free T-Shirt and a record by yours truly sometime soon. Not the best prizes in the world, I'll admit, but better than nothing. Not even a nibble, so how about this. I'll even warn everyone I know who will be there that my reporter is very much cut from the Hunter S. Thompson cloth, and unless they enjoy the thought of a wildebeast on a coke bender in Cali, they better be nice.

Still not enough? How about this, rumors have it that it's going to be a very exciting show. Cool USB devices, big companies weighting in with big software updates, little companies coming in with new cool things. Somebody, please, get in touch with me.

What To Expect at Namm

A few companies are pre-releasing some info. Steinberg will be releasing a new version of the VST and ASIO specs, supposedly with some very nice new features. Bias will be showing Peak 2.0 (announced during the Bush administration, but hey, it looks like it rocks), and Emagic, Opcode, and Mark of the Unicorn will all be announcing USB MIDI devices of some sort or another. Emagic also has some pretty nice looking screenshots of their DSP Factory integration on their website, so that may be a biggie as well. Actually, those of you considering that card should really check out that website, Emagic has set the stanard for TDM implementation, so they would likely do a very nice job with the horsepower on that board.

Something I DON'T think you will see right away is a shipping USB or Firewire devices. Looks like that stuff is a few months off, though I could be wrong of course. But NAMM always has a few surprises, and I'll cover them as best I can.

Koblo Goes Psycho! Prosoniq Stays Bionic!

Special mention on the new release front goes to two of my fave rave companies, familiar to all who read these columns regularly. And no, they don't pay me, I just use their stuff all of the time.

Koblo done writ theyselves an object oriented audio programming language, and they ain't afraid to use it, friends. Two new devices have shown up on their web page in the last few weeks, and they both look fantastic. The Stella sampler and the Gamma drum machine are software based devices that have all of the Koblo signatures, great sounds, a huge mod matrix, full MIDI implementation, and those fantastic filters. These folks are for real, so get on the bandwagon early and get a seat so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Prosoniq has announced completion or near completion of SonicWORX 2.0, which explains why they hadn't updated their web site in a while--too busy crunching code. It offers a mouth watering array of improvements on an already hearty meal of audio geekdom. VST and ASIO support, modular real time modules, new and improved time stretching, and all kinds of other stuff that I didn't read because I was starting to shake from anticipation.

It's FAQ-Tastic!

That's it for now, news is thin because I'm trying to finish a song by this weekend, and do a review, and I have this new FAQ for "Bring in the Noise" that Mike has just posted. Any ideas to improve the audio section will be taken into consideration, but for now look at the FAQ, and go find a good new band nobody has heard of [check out SpaceScape, - posted last week in the news-Mike].

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