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12/26/00 Tuesday's News: Story DetailReturn to News Page
Reader Report of Sennheiser T80 Wireless Headphones:
Last Updated: 12/26/2000, 12:04 PM
Bill Hennan sent a detailed report on the T80 wireless headphones he received for Christmas.
" Yesterday Santa delivered Sennheiser T80 wireless headphones to my house.

I put them to work on my G4 (after a initial, mandatory 48hr battery charge). Recharge time is shorter. Claimed listening time is four hours per charge. The T-80 comes with a second battery that charges in the base. The first battery can charge in the headphones while on the supplied stand, which is also the transmitter.

While the T80s aren't up to the sound quality of the upper end, hard wired Sennheiser headphones, I really can't fault them. They are lightweight and seem to adjust to a wide range of head sizes. Perfect for listening to MP3 tunes on my virtual G4 jukebox while my family is sleeping. I really like being able to listen to my favorite SoundJam or Audion mp3 playlists while wandering around the house, or working in front of the computer. The wireless thing is a good thing. Just ask any Airport wireless network user.

Fast head turns in the outer most reaches of my house do lead to a little static or signal loss. The transmitter/headphone stand is in the basement in dedicated computer room connected to my G4. I doubt this is an optimal placement. Ground floor or second floor placement would probably extend listening range of these headphones. One other warning, having computer "system sounds, or Microsoft 2001 Office launch sounds come up in the middle of a B.B. King concert can be a bit of a surprise! But that is only going to happen if you or someone else is using the host computer. This of course would not be a problem if your using your stereo system or other dedicated music device as a music source.

I'm looking forward to listening the MacOSRadio, and MacShowlive streaming broadcasts without being tied to the G4, or the Airport networked Powerbook. In the end I think the freedom of movement factor outweighs the less than audiophile quality of the headphones. Then again if your an audio purist your probably not going to be doing any serious listening via a computer and mp3 files. Don't get me wrong. I'd like to be an audio purist. I just can't afford it ;)

The headphones run on 925 Mhz and so far I've had not problems with the other wireless devices in the house. My Airport network, and Siemens cordless phones system don't seem to be effected by the T80s.

There are less expensive, Sennheiser wireless headphones in this series. One of them, the RS-60 has SRS surround sound. That may be a better choice for gamers, or DVD movie watchers.

Santa also dropped off a pair of RS-40's for the kids. I've found that of the three radio frequency channels provided two worked best. So the three users are going to have work it out amongst themselves. The chances of my pre-teen, and teenage daughters, foregoing the pleasures of blasting music over loudspeakers are slim. So in the end I'll probably have at least one clear channel most of the time ;)

Enjoy the Holidays!
Bill Hennan"

If you received an interesting Mac related Xmas gift and would like to share your experience with it, send a report.

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