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Reader report on Motorola V710 and iSync
Last Updated: 8/12/2004, 1:58 PM ET

(Updated with comments on Motorola bluetooth support (no file xfer/iSync via BT) and sources of scripts for other moto bluetooth phones. Also includes a link to a thread on getting the 710 to work as a bluetooth modem in OS X
Original report from a reader mail.

" just got the Motorola V710 from Verizon. Went on sale in Chicagoland this AM, 8/11. A few tests with me Dual G5 2G rev1 10.3.5:

1. phone will Bluetooth pair with the G5. The options for contact sync is greyed out and only the option for use as a modem is there. You can use as a Bluetooth modem etc as a port and Bluetooth preference pane has the following info
<Handsfree Voice Gateway, Handsfree Voice Gateway, Dial-Up Networking Gateway>.
I was able to enable the port in the Internet Preference and talk to the phone easily but couldn't get a dial out. This is certainly due to not having a modem profile/script. I did try a bluetooth modem profile from the drop down but it was for an external adapter. I'm sure with the right driver this may work. I'll try the one I used for a USB connection with my old Motorola v60 bet it'll work, it worked perfect with Verizon and access is free.

2. iSync 1.5 will not find the Motorola as a Bluetooth device.

3. iSync will recognize it with a USB cable from my v60 and synch the phone book and calendar with iCal and Address book. (Yeah!)

4. iCal has a bluetooth option for dialing a contact (is this new? I confess I use Palm Desktop so never could have noticed this). It talks to the phone but gives the message device does not support this command. So it talks to the phone but no dial or anything, but as I never saw this feature before I'm not sure if it is for synching info and not dialing.

5. With USB cable it will also show in Internet pref as a port.

So for mac compatiblility, iSync works fine with a USB cable not Bluetooth. Bluetooth works to connect as a wireless modem assuming you can find the script. Maybe trying all the supplied scripts in the OS will work, or the old v60? If I have time I'll try. The Motorola Bluetooth headset HS820 works well with the phone. Overall the phone rocks but this Bluetooth issue seems to be kind of stupid for a phone made by a (PowerPC) chip maker. And of course I have to say, the site rocks thanks for all your help!
Thanks, Dr. Michael B., MD "

Within a minute of posting this a reader replied with a reminder to check Apple's iSync compatibility page before buying a bluetooth phone:

" Apple's iSync Device Compatibility page clearly notes that Motorola phones (including the v710) are only supported via the USB cable - not bluetooth.
Bruce L. "

Other reader replies to this post;

" Neither the Motorola v600 (GSM) or v710 (CDMA) phones support bluetooth iSyncing because of Motorola's OBEX implementation (or lack thereof). OBEX (object exchange protocol) is the wireless data transmission standard that Apple employs for wireless syncronization. Unfortunately, the v600 has a botched implementation of OBEX and Motorola admits that it forgot to include OBEX support in the current shipping v710 firmware. (For that matter, Moto also apparently 'forgot' to include Object Push Protocol (OPP) support in the v710, although it says that both of these shortcomings will be addressed in a firmware update within the next 60 days. I'm not holding my breath.)

Moto does have a decent defense, at least in the case of the v600 (and theoretically the v710) because both phones support the SyncML open standard, which the current version iSync does not. The v710, however is crippled, as it cannot transmit files over Bluetooth, so the point is moot at this time.

Relevant statements from Motorola re v710...
Moto availablity announcement citing Bluetooth Syncing.
Moto explanation of OBEX/OPP omission.
Sincerely, Dan S. "

Another reader mentioned a source of moto cellphone scripts (although the above comments on the v710 said it can't transfer files via bluetooth).

" Here is a good page about modem scripts for Moto Cellphones. Although it doesn't have V710 yet, other scripts possibly may work.
Regards, T. "

Another reader mail:

" Mike, I don't have this phone-- at least yet. This forum (below) has lots of info, of course not all Mac centric but certainly some is specifically so. Sounds like although the official release was over the last two days, some folks have had these phones for longer. (Howardforums.com thread)
As usual with these things, sorting through to find the relevant material is time consuming. Thanks as always for your very useful site.
(He later wrote)

This is the thread on using the V710 as a modem
(in reply to the above note on no BT file xfers)
And yes, sounds like no BT iSync, quote for the thread--Wheelman67-- From what I understand, iSync uses the Object Push Profile to sync. Since the V710 has that part of Bluetooth crippled, no BT iSync. "

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