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OS X 10.5 Leopard Feedback, Tips, Troubleshooting Docs and Issues
Reports/Tips/Docs Updated: 9/15/2008 (10.5.5 released)

This page is a catch-all for feedback on (retail) OS X 10.5/Leopard on PPC and Intel-based Macs (as well as CPU Upgraded macs). The bottom of the page also has links to Apple docs on OS X 10.5 (install/pre-install notes/tips, guides, bootcamp, sync issues, etc.)

Feedback on OS X 10.5 Leopard (retail): (later reports first)
If you've installed retail 10.5 Leopard, let me know of any issues you see (with install, apps/utils/games compatibility, etc. - include version numbers of any software you see a problem with and details on your Mac model and install type.) Thanks! (NOTE - see the main www.xlr8yourmac.com news page for more frequent updates/posts related to Leopard.)

Security Update 2008-007: See Oct. 9th, 2008 news page for download links and details.

OS X 10.5.5 released: (9/15/2008) For details on changes/improvements (by topic) see About the Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update and details About the security content of Mac OS X v10.5.5. Below are links to download pages (as usual I'm going to update after a restart using the Combo updater):

They also have a download page with WebObjects Update 5.4.3 for Mac OS X 10.5.
I applied the Combo updater on an AL iMac and have not seen any issues so far - some early mails on 10.5.5 have been postive including a reader saying 256-color mode problems with games like Fallout 2 and Diablo II are now fixed (see page here on Graphics issues with earlier 10.5.x versions.)

OS X 10.5.4 Update Released: (June 30th, 2008) Here's the info from the SU window (see below for download pages):

"The 10.5.4 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1994. (has list of changes by category)
For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222 (now update to include a link to a doc About the security content of Security Update 2008-004 and Mac OS X 10.5.4)"

The doc on specific 10.5.4 changes doesn't list any graphics card driver/GL fixes. (I had hoped it would have some fixes for graphics driver/GL bugs in 10.5.3. A reader said 10.5.4 didn't fix the problems with 256 color games like Diablo/Starcraft - they still won't run on his Nvidia based Macs.)
If you find 10.5.4 fixes or breaks anything with your specific mac/installed software, let me know the details.
Download updater versions are now available at these pages:

OS X 10.5.3 Notes/Feedback:

OS X 10.5.3 Fixes Adaptec SCSI card connected hard drive read-only issue:
Readers with Adaptec 2930, 29160, 39160 and even a SlimSCSI PCMCIA 1480 card owner reported OS X 10.5.3 update fixes the (previously reported here many times) problem with Adaptec card connected SCSI hard drives being read-only. The May 30th news page had a report and links to past posts on the subject (w/driver downloads).

Yamaha (USB) DP-U50 user notes 10.5.3 update fixed previous issue w/Leopard - see notes in May 28th news page.

Apple releases OS X 10.5.3 update (from May 28th news page) Apple OS X 10.5.3 update appeared in Software Update. (I use the download/Combo updater personally.) Here's the info from the Software Update window (AL iMac w/10.5.2 here):

"Mac OS X Update 10.4.3 (420MB)
The 10.5.3 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1141 ("About the Mac OS X 10.5.3 Update" with itemized list of changes/fixes.)
For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222."
(They now have a doc there with details About the security content of Security Update 2008-003 (for Tiger) and OS X 10.5.3)

If you apply 10.5.3 and see any pros or cons (including any issues with 3rd party software or hw addons) let me know the details. Thanks.
Here's download versions of the 10.5.3 Combo and Delta updaters:

They've also posted several new kbase docs related to these updates - see the listings in the May 28th news page Apple Support Doc updates listing.

Leopard on CPU Upgraded Macs: (5/9/2008) Now that Leopard has been out about 6 months I asked readers with CPU Upgraded older Macs to report their experiences and how happy they were with Leopard. 18 readers replied within the first 24hrs of the request, most postitive - see Feedback on CPU Upgraded Macs with OS X Leopard.

Adaptec SCSI Driver Install Tip: Tip for those that have seen this problem in the past. (Some mentioned the script error in the past - other's didn't. Perhaps those that didn't also installed it while booted from a non-Leopard drive.)

"By trying to install the adaptec SCSI-Card driver for the 29160N using in Leopard 10.5.1 ALL available drivers (1.0 to 1.3BETA) didn't install due too "pre-install-Script"-errors.
(he later wrote)
Regarding script-errors when installing driver for PowerDomain 29160 in OS 10.5.
For those experiencing script-errors during the install procedure (I had the problem with either the 1.3Beta version and the 1.2 stable-version),- I found a workaround that turned out well for my case. By using a different OS (OS10.4 in my case,- located on a second harddisk) as active starting drive I chose the 10.5 partition when asked by the installer on which the driver should be installed. ---> No script error and a working SCSI-card with working SCSI-harddrive and Scanner!
(I asked he confirm the SCSI drives could be written to as in the past only one OS X Leopard/Adaptec SCSI card/HD user said his drives were R/W. All other Adaptec card/SCSI Hard drive users said theirs mounted, but were read-only. Scanners however typically worked.-Mike)
unfortunately,- the drive is read-only as you suggested. Didn't test that yesterday.
kind regards, Joerg B.

If anyone knows a fix for the HD read only issue let me know. (I originally wondered if this was due to ownership/permissions on the SCSI drive - i.e. Get Info on the Mounted SCSI HD icon and check sharing/permissions info on it. There's also a checkbox to "Ignore Ownership on this volume" - but it seems that info is grayed out/can't be changed and not a factor).
Here's a few previous links to past news page posts on Adaptec SCSI cards w/OS X Leopard:

OS X 10.5.2 and Leopard Graphics Update 1.0: (released Feb 11th) - see OS X 10.5.2 feedback page for notes on issues some have seen, improvements (WoW performance, eSATA Expresscards) etc.

As an FYI - Apple also posted a WebObjects Update 5.4.1 for Mac OS X 10.5.

Reminder: Notes/Troubleshooting Tips for 10.5.1 Update: See original notes/tips below.

Leopard Related Apple Updates: (from Jan 15th, 2008 and MWSF Expo)

  • QuickTime 7.4 for Leopard
  • FYI - About the Security content of QuickTime 7.4
  • Apple also released iTunes 7.6 (w/rental support), iMovie 7.1.1 and Front Row 2.1.2 and announced MacBook Air, Time Capsule (802.11n base/TM backup drive), AppleTV update/price cuts, 1.1.3 update for iPhone/iPod Touch, iTunes movie rentals
  • AppleScript: Calling the File Transfer Element in OS X 10.5
  • OS X 10.5: Network locations migrated from OS X 10.4 do not retain WINS configuration settings
  • OS X 10.5: Web Sharing - Relocated Home directory leads to "Forbidden 403" website message
  • OS X 10.5: "Error code -35" when accessing your iDisk
  • SoftRAID 3.6.6 released (w/fixes for Leopard) (Jan 14th)

    Dec 22nd 2007 -Jan 4th, 2008 Leopard Related items:

  • Scanners with OS X Leopard page updated
  • HP AIO Photosmart C7180 (w/Wireless/Bluetooth/Ethernet/USB) Tests w/OS X 10.5.1
  • Time Machine 'Back Up Now' and Other Tips/Notes
  • HierarchicalDock (for Leopard) v1.2 released
  • Aperture 1.5.6 Update may not succeed on Leopard (Apple)
  • OnyX 1.9 (non-beta release) for Leopard
  • Chax 2.1.1b1 (Enhancements for iChat)
  • TimeMachineScheduler 2.0
  • UT2k4 Mod Installer 7.2 (adds Leopard compat.)
  • Apple doc with OpenGL Features support by Graphics card/GPU model/OS X Version
  • LeopardAssist 1.1 (tool to install 10.5 on unsupported Macs)
  • Perian's Type Installer 2.4.2 (said to now work w/Leopard and Tiger)

  • Dec 19th-21st Leopard Related Items:

  • Apple posts version 1.1 of Security Update 2007-009 for Leopard/Tiger
  • About Security Update 2007-009 v1.1
  • Mac OS X 10.5: Developer preview of Java SE 6 for Leopard available from the Apple Developer Connection
  • Mac OS X 10.5: Unable to manually establish dial-up connection via AirPort base station
  • Front Row: Cannot stream audio to AirPort Express Base Stations in OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • AppleScript, OS X 10.5: Remote Apple Events setting not preserved after upgrading
  • Sorting Spotlight search results in Mac OS X 10.5
  • Leopard Cache Cleaner 4.0.3
  • Mac OS X: Why your Mac might not sleep or stay in sleep mode
  • Mac OS X 10.5: Mail message attachment(s) are not saved
  • Back to My Mac: Supported router devices (Mac OS X 10.5)
  • Mac OS X Server 10.5: Unable to join Windows clients to PDC after upgrading

  • Dec. 17th, 18th Leopard Related Items:

  • MacBook/MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1 for Keyboard Response Problems
  • Follow-up from PowerMac G5 owner w/iMic noise in Leopard
  • ControllerMate 4.3.3 (fixes for Applescript and 10.5 users)
  • Security Update 2007-009 for Leopard and Tiger (w/force prebinding notes)
  • Mac Mini (Intel) Benchmarks in Leopard
  • Noise in recordings using iMic in Leopard (not everyone)
  • Tips for Font Cache problems/Finder Not Fully Loading
  • Guitar Hero III and Leopard Firewall
  • Current Status of Leopard compat. SuperDuper! Update progress

  • Dec. 13th-14th Leopard Related Items: (For other items/software upates see Dec.13th and Dec 14th archive pages)

  • Some Leopard users reporting DVD Player errors (includes notes/tips)
  • Mac OS X 10.5: Finder may not fully "load" (Apple)
  • Mac OS X 10.5: sudo command requires a non-blank admin password (duh...)
  • Back to My Mac: Supported router devices (Mac OS X 10.5) (Apple)
  • Quicktime 7.3.1 Update (security fixes) for OS X Leopard, Tiger and Panther
  • GarageBand 4.1.1 Update released
  • Epson Scanners w/OS X Leopard reports page updated
  • Issues with Missing Sync with OS X Leopard
  • SimpleAuthority 2.1.1 - The Simple Certification Authority

  • Dec. 11th/12th Leopard Related items:

  • Canon Scanners w/OS X Leopard (notes on support, alternative (Twain SANE) drivers)
  • Adaptec 29160 working in Leopard (w/scanner) using v1.20 drivers
  • OS X 10.5: Print preview may not reflect some Layout choices (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Spotlight indexing does not complete (Apple)
  • .Mac: Aliases to synced iDisk do not work as expected after upgrading to OS X 10.5 (Apple)
  • .Mac, OS X 10.5: About automatically syncing changes with .Mac (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Terminal command changes in Leopard (Apple)
  • Prosoft Data Backup 3.0.4 (with "Full Leopard Support")
  • Running prev. version/deleted apps from Time Machine volume (updated)
  • OpaqueMenuBar for Leopard

  • Dec 10th Leopard Related items:

  • OS X 10.5: Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions reports issues with SUID files (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Troubleshooting printing issues (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Web Sharing - "Forbidden 403" message appears instead of website content (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Using Time Machine and troubleshooting Time Machine issues (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Finder may restart when trying to change file permissions (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Setting up Mail, troubleshooting Mail issues (Apple)
  • Aperture: Applescript to access Aperture library generates an error under Leopard (Apple)
  • OS X Server version 10.5: To optimize performance on heavily-loaded webservers, disable mem_cache_module (Apple)

    Dec 7th Leopard Related items:

  • ATI Displays and OS X Leopard (revisited)
  • Mac Drive Upgrades/Compatibility Database Updated
  • Final Cut Express 3.5 and earlier not supported on OS X 10.5 (Apple)
  • Misc and Game Software updates

    Dec 6th Leopard Related items:

  • G5 Owner notes on FirmTek Seritek 2SE2-2 RAID 0 Leopard Install
  • OS X 10.5: Finder may restart when trying to change file permissions (Apple)
  • Aperture sometimes quits unexpectedly after upgrade to OS X 10.5 Leopard (Apple)
  • Compressor/Apple Qmaster v2.3 and earlier and v3.0 not supported on OS X 10.5 Leopard (Apple)
  • .Mac Sync, OS X 10.5: Calendar syncing issues (Apple)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 3.1.1 (says 10.5 compat.)

  • Dec 5th Leopard Related items:

  • Canon Scanners with OS X Leopard (w/Tips and Alternative Drivers)
  • HierarchicalDock 1.1 for Leopard (freeware)
  • SideTrack 1.6b3 (Beta - claims to be 10.5 compatible now)
  • OS X 10.5: Unable to restart or shut down when using Fast User Switching (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Sherlock is not supported (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Configuring a Lexmark printer driver (Apple)

    Dec 4th Leopard Related items:

  • More on (officially unsupported) Scanners in Leopard, 'TWAIN SANE' drivers
  • Reader notes return of ACL found/not expected messages
  • OS X 10.5: Troubleshooting installation, startup, and login issues (Apple)
  • .Mac Sync: "Calendars could not be synced due to inconsistent data" in OS X 10.5
  • Logic or GarageBand may quit unexpectedly when starting with OS X 10.5 Leopard if Melodyne is installed (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: .Mac Sync menu icon spins constantly (Apple)
  • Mac OS X 10.5: Fonts list (Apple)
  • OS X Server v10.5: Software Update settings not preserved when upgrading (Apple)

    Dec 3rd Leopard Related items:

  • Leopard Drivers/Apps updates for (some) USB Canon Scanners/AIOs
  • Tips for Apache/personal web sharing problems after Leopard Update
  • RocketRaid 1740/PPCMac owner still having problems with Leopard
  • OS X 10.5: .Mac Sync menu icon spins constantly (Apple)

    Nov 21st-30th Leopard Related Items from front page:

  • Transparent Dock Tweaks in Leopard
  • OS X 10.5: When to use Time Machine or .Mac Backup to back up data (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Included printer drivers (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: HP LaserJet 1200 prints "error" message at end of each print job (Apple)
  • G5 owner report on Leopard Problems with Shared Drives
  • FYI for anyone with Soundsticks/Leopard problems using PCI USB 2.0 card
  • At least one Adaptec 39160 owner is using SCSI Hard Drives in Leopard
  • Get Info/Spotlight edit turns drive Invisible in Leopard
  • TechTool Pro 4.6.1 (claims 'full 10.5 compatibility')
  • OS X Server v10.5: Diskless NetBoot clients stop responding during startup (Apple)
  • Final Cut Pro 4: Not supported on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (Apple)
  • Logic Pro/Express 8 seems to stop responding (hang) while "Searching for Audio Unit plug-ins" when starting up (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Time Machine stops backing up to external disk (Apple)
  • OS X Server 10.4.9,10.4.10: Mac OS 9 client cannot copy some files via AFP (Apple)
  • Back to My Mac: Supported router devices (Mac OS X 10.5) (Apple)
  • NetworkLocation 2.2 (for Leopard)
  • Updated OS X (incl. 10.5) drivers for Edimax/RAlink 802.11n Adapters (USB, PCI, PCcard)
  • OS X 10.4 or later: Finder may stop responding on logout with mounted network volumes (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5, iSync doesn't respond or can't be opened (Apple)
  • OS X Server v10.5.1: Virtual mail users require additional short name to become active (Apple)
  • Leopard and new Mac apps bumming me out (blog)
  • HP releases (some) full featured Photosmart drivers for OS X Leopard
  • Cocktail 4.0.1 Leopard Edition (fixes for bugs/perf. issues in v4.0)
  • TiVoTool 0.7 (Leopard compatible)

  • Nov 20th Leopard Related Items:

  • Problems with 5.3.1 SeriTek card updates
  • More OS X Leopard installs on PCI controller card Drives
  • Firmtek updates for SeriTek 1V4, 1VE4, 1V2E2, 1SE2, 1S2, 1SM2 cards
  • Follow-up on Acard 6280M IDE Card (updated firmware solved Leopard problems)
  • Mac Drive Upgrades/Compatibility Database Updated (19 added, most from 10.5 users)

  • Nov 19th Leopard Related Items:

  • External Drives with OS X 10.5.1 (updated w/3 user's solutions)
  • More Feedback on Adaptec SCSI Cards in Leopard (SCSI Hard Drive problems)
  • More Notes/Tips on WoW with Leopard
  • Request for feedback on Leopard Installs via PCI IDE (PATA) and SATA cards

  • Summary of initial 10.5.1 problems/troubleshooting/tips: (Nov. 16th, 2007)
    I mentioned last night (when 10.5.1 was released) in the xlr8yourmac.com front page news that my G5 Tower has no problems (so far) with the 10.5.1 update. (I did a fresh reboot and used the OS X 10.5.1 Update download.) But (no surprise) I've had a lot of mails from readers that saw the multiple SUID warnings in repair permissions after the update. As I mentioned last night, repeatedly running Repair Permissions cleared up that for some, although a few have said it didn't. The other tip mentioned last night was a reminder to try a reinstall from the download updater - that solved the problem for several readers. (And some noted no longer seeing even the harmless "ARDAgent" warning - which I mentioned before is not a cause of concern per Apple, but it's interesting some still see that, others not.)
    95% of initial mails on 10.5.1 were regarding the -multiple- (not just ARDAgent) SUID warnings and many didn't mention trying repeated repairs or a reinstall of 10.5.1 updater from the download. (Getting more mails today that helped.) However as with every OS X update, some have had odd problems that nothing seems to fix.

    BTW: In the (Application) Firewall, if you have selected the 2nd option (to "Allow only essential services"), remember that severely limits open ports and affects some functions/features - for example you won't be able to Sync AppleTV (port blocked). See the (updated) Apple doc on OS X 10.5 Leopard: About the Application Firewall. Adding iTunes to the apps list in the 3rd option works of course. When 10.5.0 was first released World of Warcraft users that added the app there had validation problems with Blizzard's online check and had to reinstall WoW. (The above Apple firewall doc has related info on this in the last paragraphs on the page.)

    Force rebuild of prebindings: If you're having odd problems/errors, or sluggish performance - check the system logs for "com.apple.launchd... Throttling respawn" messages. A tip is to try a force rebinding using the terminal - i.e.
    "sudo update_prebinding -force -root /" (w/o quotes of course) then reboot.

    External Drives - got a mail from a reader that ran leopard from an external (USB) drive that said he could not boot from it after the 10.5.1 update. He said other ext. drive owners had reported problems w/10.5.1 in Apple forums (no links sent unfortunately). But of course few problems are ever 100% common - a Quicksilver owner said he's running 10.5.1 on his Firewire drive OK, although Leopard's Disk Utility reported "Volume header needs minor repair" errors on the drive as well as his Tiger drive (and attempts to repair in 10.5's DU show "Filesystem verify or repair failed") - but fsck and other utils reported no problems with them. And as a FYI, Matt wrote that per Alsoft, Disk Warrior 4 run from the boot CD is still ok to use, but personally I'm avoiding any 3rd party utilities 'fixing' anything that's not broken at this point.

    Another reader had a problem with the Setup assistant repeatedly showing up - I sent him a link to this apple doc OS X 10.5: Setup Assistant appears after every restart (included in yesterday's long list of updated Apple TS docs) - he replied the tip in that doc helped.

    The About the Mac OS X 10.5.1 Update lists many improvements/fixes by topic - but I didn't see any mention of a fix for what some of us PPC 10.5 users have experienced - major performance hits when shared volumes are mounted/used. (This was reported here the day 10.5 arrived on Oct. 26th and I saw this personally while copying a file from my G5 to a friend's iDisk public folder last week.) I'm going to test for this tonight now that I have 10.5.1 installed, but if any other PPC mac owners have already, let me know.

    Nov 16th Leopard Related items:

  • ATI Cards/30in Cinema Display problems in Leopard
  • 10.5.1 notes from G5 owner w/30in Display and Nvidia 6800 card
  • More feedback on Silicon Image chip-based cards/drivers and Leopard
  • First feedback on (Alum) iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0
  • Updated Apple Support/Troubleshooting Docs

  • OS X 10.5.1 update is out (client and server) Available via SU and as a download:

    "OS X 10.5.1 Update
    What's New in this Version
    The 10.5.1 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

    For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:
    About the Mac OS X 10.5.1 Update

    For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website:
    (here's the specific doc About the security content of the Mac OS X 10.5.1 Update (client and server)-Mike) "

    I've updated the G5 tower here using the Download updater (after a fresh reboot) and all seems well so far, but I welcome reader feedback on the 10.5.1 update. (Include details on mac system, any pros/cons you see etc. thanks!)
    Note: Many Initial mails on 10.5.1 were from a users seeing many SUID warnings in Disk Utility Repair Permissions - repeatedly running repair helped in some cases, but for some only a reinstall of the updater from the download helped. (An old OS X update tip - but it won't fix every problem of course. And I'd suggest a fresh boot and not using the mac for anything else during the entire update process.)

    There's also a OS X Server 10.5.1 Update and About the OS X Server 10.5.1 Update doc.

    Nov. 15 Listing of updated Apple 10.5 Support/Troubleshooting Docs: (some revised for the Nth time - many more on apps in the main site news page listing)

    Nov. 14 Leopard related items

  • Apple posts a ton of Apps updates (Pro Apps updates and iPhoto 7.1.1)
  • More feedback on reinstalling Adaptec SCSI card OS X Drivers in Leopard
  • Mac Pro owner notes SIIG Cyberserial PCIe card supported in Leopard

  • Nov. 13 Leopard related items/Updated Apple Leopard Docs (many apple docs revised for Nth time)

  • Beta Update to WaterRoof GUI for OS X's IPFW (Firewall)
  • Silicon Image chip-based SATA card problems in Leopard (Updated)
  • OS X 10.5: Unable to start up after installing Apogee audio drivers (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: AirPort may not work after installing Login and Keychain Update 1.0 (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Only installation option may be Erase and Install (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Installer destination window does not show drives (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Unable to log in to account after an upgrade install (Apple)
  • Troubleshooting Mac OS X installation from CD or DVD (Apple)
  • Mac OS X Server v10.5: MySQL libraries available for download (Apple)
  • EarthDesk 4.1 w/natural maps and Leopard compatibility
  • Updating and restoring iPhone and iPod touch software (Apple)
  • iPhone: After installing update, iPhone shows "Activating iPhone" (Apple)
  • VMware Fusion Version 1.1, Build 62573 Release notes (10.5 compat. and more)
  • MakeiPhoneRingtone 1.3 - (free utility to Convert AAC audio files into iPhone ringtones - V1.3 updated for iTunes 7.5/iPhone OS 1.1.2 support. See footnote on length limits)

    Nov. 12th Leopard related items/Updated Apple Leopard Docs:

  • Firmtek notes on sleep issues with SeriTek 1SE2 and 1V4 cards in Leopard
  • Another USB 2.0 PCI card/Leopard report (Belkin F5U220)
  • How to get files from a previous home directory after Archive and Install (Apple)
  • Tips for Problems running multiple Firmtek SATA cards (not just 10.5)

    Nov 9th Leopard related items/Updated Apple Leopard Docs:

  • Firmtek card Driver/Firmware Updates (for 2SM2, 2SE2, and 2SE4)
  • More comments on Leopard's Application Firewall (and GUI for 10.5 ipfw)
  • FYI for Adaptec SCSI card/Leopard users - 2906 user said driver reinstall worked
    (includes links to Adaptec's OS X drivers page for 2906, 2930, 29160/N, 39160)
  • OS X 10.5: Troubleshooting installation, startup, and login issues
    (Apple doc w/listing of most common issues with links to specific docs w/tips for each)
  • Error message when opening a Keynote presentation in Leopard (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Unable to quit running application or restart; "The application cannot be launched, -600" alert (Apple) (update your version of Intego ContentBarrier)
  • Little Snitch 2.0 (10.5 compat.)

    Nov 8th Leopard related items/Updated Apple Leopard Docs:

  • I've seen the Leopard/PPC Performance hit from Mounted Shared Volumes
  • Another report on Leopard Install attempts over existing RAID Volume
  • MDD owner notes on Sweet Multiport not working in 10.5
  • Report on Adaptec AUA5100 USB 2.0 PCI card in Leopard
  • OS X 10.5: Finder may not fully "load"
  • OS X 10.5: Only installation option may be Erase and Install
    (Check parition type and if present remove TTpro 'eDrive'. See Micromat's removal info. )
  • OS X 10.5: Unable to start up after installing Apogee audio drivers
  • iDisk: iDisk Syncing takes up more hard drive space than expected in OS X 10.5
  • OS X 10.5: Administrator user changes to standard
  • OS X 10.5: Unable to log in to account after an upgrade install
  • OS X 10.5: "Blue screen" appears after installing Leopard and restarting
  • OS X 10.5: Time Machine backups are not visible
  • OS X 10.5, iMac (Mid 2007): Stuck in a "loop" at the login window after upgrading to Leopard
  • OS X Server 10.5: Remote installation does not suceed if server does not meet hardware requirements
  • OS X Server version 10.5: Migrating MySQL Data when upgrading from OS X 10.3 or 10.4
  • OS X 10.5 Leopard does not include support for iPhoto 2

    Nov 7th News page Leopard related items/Updated Apple Leopard Docs:

  • Fix for AL iMac owner locked in Leopard Login Loop (despite instl. 1.2.1 Tiger update prev.)
  • Another PCI USB 2.0 card/Leopard report (Trendnet card problems)
  • Time Machine may still use original backup location after changing backup destination (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Unable to log in to account after an upgrade install (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Can't log in to account that has no password (Apple)
  • OS X 10.5: Administrator user changes to standard (Apple)
  • Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5: VoiceOver manuals available in Braille (Apple)

    Apple Doc Explaining Leopard's Application Firewall (11/6/2007) Apple's posted a doc with information on the 3 modes of operation (Allow all incoming connections, Block all incoming connections and Set access for specific services and applications) - see OS X 10.5: About the Application Firewall.
    The info on the latter mode may explain why WoW users reported validation problems after adding it there. There's also been some concerns over Leopard's Firewall in web articles last week such as these articles at Computerworld and Heise-security.co.uk.

    Leopard related Nov 6th news posts:

  • OS X 10.5 and RAlink 802.11n Adapter Drivers (working)
  • Leopard install over previous OS X RAID Volumes (Some could, some couldn't)
  • Another PCI USB 2.0 card/Leopard report
  • New/Updated Apple 10.5 related Troubleshooting Docs: (from 11/6/2007 xlr8yourmac.com news page)

    New/Updated Apple 10.5 related Troubleshooting Docs: (from 11/5/2007 xlr8yourmac.com news page, which has others also)

    Leopard related Nov. 5th news page items: (to save space here)

  • CPU Upgrades and Leopard Installer Fixes Revisited (GD ratio change fix, Sonnet firmware patch)
  • More Reports/Tips on EyeTV 2.5.1 Update
  • Report on Adaptec USB 2.0 PCI card and Leopard (won't sleep)

  • Article on (Potential) Data Loss Bug (still) in Leopard's Finder (11/5/2007) A reader sent a link to an article titled Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard - here's a clip from the article intro, but see the page for more details:

    "Leopard's Finder has a glaring bug in its directory-moving code, leading to horrendous data loss if a destination volume disappears while a move operation is in action..."

    BTW - Another reader replied a Finder Move bug has been in previous OS X versions as far back as Panther. (He's updated the article now to mention that.) I wouldn't have noticed this as I don't typically do Moves, I'd always do a Copy first (then check it) and then remove the original source. But there's no excusing it, this clearly should be fixed (already). However the mails I got on this (from those that glanced at it and then quickly fired off mails with only the title text literally "Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard") were sort of like screaming "Skydiving with only 1 Parachute will Kill You!" and then whispering "if the parachute doesn't open". But even those that can't stand any negative posts have to admit that software QA isn't what it should be (for awhile now), and not just on Leopard. Many blame the iPhone effort taking priority and resources away from other things. Granted with literally an infinite number of configurations/hardware/software, etc. out there it's impossible to make anything perfect, but when releases have problems even on bone stock (software and hardware) current mac models are repeatedly released (and in some cases pulled) for problems with the same company's apps or OS, then you can understand why some question the current software QA process. And this certainly isn't limited to Apple...

    Quicktime 7.3 and iTunes 7.5 Updates (11/5/2007) Apple's released Quicktime 7.3 for Leopard (as well as Tiger and Panther)

    " QuickTime 7.3 addresses critical security issues and delivers:
    - Support for iTunes 7.5
    - Updated support for creating iPhone-compatible web content
    - Updated JavaScript support in the QuickTime Web Plug-in
    - Numerous bug fixes
    This release is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users."

    For details on the security fixes, see About the security content of QuickTime 7.3.

    There's also an iTunes 7.5 Update ("features the ability to activate iPhone wherever service is offered and support for Phase, a new interactive music game designed exclusively for iPod nano (third generation), iPod classic, and iPod (fifth generation). This release also includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.")
    If you find anything fixed or broken with this update, let me know the details. Thanks. (BTW - not noticed any problems with these updates on my G5/Leopard so far, but only lightly used iTunes 7.5, EyeTV 2.5.1 and browsing. However an M-Audio USB Transit owner said the QT 7.3 update seems to have broken it on both his PPC and Intel-Mac leopard machines. Anyone else have a Transit and see that?)

    Nov 4th, 2007 Leopard Items: (to save space here, links to Sunday's post (some very long) on 10.5 problems, tips, etc.)

  • Suggestions for a Better Leopard Installation
  • DoubleCommand (v1.6.3) addon Causing Shutdown/Startup Problems in Leopard
  • Resetting Password/Home Directory ACLs/Permissions from 10.5 DVD
  • Another thread on Leopard Ownership/Permissions Problems
  • More Info on Leopard ACL/Permissions Issues (Don't Wipe ACL Data, what to do if you did)

  • About "ACL Found but not expected" messages in Repair Permissions: (reply to a reader's post that Mac Pilot's "Wipe ACL data" option "fixed" his problem of SuperDuper! refusing to clone his leopard drive due to ACL issues)

    " Hello Mike, I saw the post about the so-called "ACL issue" (Access Control Lists) in Leopard. I have to say that the suggested procedure is not a fix but exactly the opposite. It will remove a security feature Apple has setup in Leopard. (See Mac Pilot's reply to this in the Sunday Nov. 4th news)

    The message "ACL found, but not expected" does *not* indicate an error. It just says that additional security settings have been established for the central Applications and Library folders after the first install phase of the operating system was completed. Those settings are intended by Apple and they make sure that users accessing the system volume via the file sharing feature of Leopard cannot intentionally or unintentionally remove components from those folders. When you remove those ACLs, you are destroying this security feature.

    An additional problem is that "Repair permissions" currently cannot re-establish those settings after they have been removed. So you end up with an installation that has broken permission settings which can only be repaired manually.

    (I wrote Marcel to ask if he could explain "repair manually" - after repeated Repairs in Disk Utility I no longer see the "ACL Missing" errors that appeared after Mac Pilot's ACL wipe. Are you saying that Apple's own permissions repair/check can't be believed? (it complained on missing ACLs after the wipe - but repeated repair runs now shows no ACL errors)-Mike)
    Hello Mike, thanks for your follow-up.
    This all depends on how the ACLs have been removed. It is possible

      a) to disable all ACLs,
      b) to remove all ACEs from all ACLs, or
      c) to remove all ACLs.

    Although this all basically results in the same (unintended) ACL settings, the Repair Permission utility appears to behave differently depending on how ACLs have been manipulated. In case (c), Disk Utility can indeed successfully restore the previous ACL settings for Apple's files in case they have been wiped. I need more time to analyze what will happen with the Repair feature if the ACLs are no longer available.
    Best regards,
    Marcel Bresink
    http://www.bresink.de/ "

    (BTW - he also commented on the "ARDAgent has been modified" typical message in RP - saying it's not an issue. I've added his comments on that as a separate item below, as I wanted to keep this already long post focused on ACLs.) Several readers with 10.5 have said that SuperDuper! failed to clone their leopard drive with it citing ACL issues (and then also saw the ACL messages in Disk Utility RP) - a reader said the ACL wipe fixed that problem - he made a bootable clone and booted from it. I forwarded Marcel's comments to Josh, the Author of Mac Pilot. (Who has now updated Mac Pilot to v2.3.8 with a note in the feature dialog about not using the ACL wipe on directories outside your home folder.)
    Earlier posts follow - and personally I'd not suggest doing this after what I've seen on my PPC Mac... (I made the mistake I guess of trusting the developer of the utility and that a couple users had done this before me - Apple's permissions check shows no ACL problems now but I'm not sure what to believe anymore.)
    For those that have already ran Mac Pilot's ACL wipe and see "Missing ACL" errors in Disk Utility (like I did) - try repeatedly running Repair Permissions from Disk utility - that cleared the 'missing ACL' errors I had after Mac Pilot's Wipe ACL, but from Marcel's comments I'm not sure that means anything - however Apple's permissions check complaints are gone after repeated repairs. You'd think you could trust Apple's own utility check - but at this point I don't know who to believe.
    BTW - After seeing no more ACL messages in DU I then booted from the 10.5 DVD and ran Disk Utility Repair Permissions (from the DVD's Utilities menu on the boot DVD) - it also shows no ACL errors anymore, just the usual message on ARDAgent that I've had since day one in 10.5. (I sent a note on that to a reader that also did the ACL wipe and he said repeated repairs cleared the ACL Missing error messages also.)

    About the (common) "ARDAgent has been modified and will not be repaired" DU Message: (11/4/2007)

    "...The message (from repair permissions in 10.5 Disk Utility)
    "Warning: SUID file System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/ARDAgent has been modified and will not be repaired".
    also does *not* indicate an actual error. It will appear after the system was upgraded with Apple's "Remote Desktop Client 3.2.1" package. The message just states that the RP feature will not touch this file (although it is very critical for system security, and no matter if the current permission settings for this file are correct or not), because it has detected that the file has been upgraded after the OS was installed. Unless some hacker changed the permission settings of this file after the 3.2.1 upgrade, the permissions will be correct, however, and no repair is needed.

    The message suggests that the Repair Permission feature has not updated its database of correct permission settings when the RDC 3.2.1 package was installed. (it's installed even for those that never bought/installed Apple Remote Desktop) The RDC update is delivered as package in Panther format because it must be backward-compatible with 10.3.9, so it could be that either - there is a bug in the 10.5.0 Repair Permission feature which only learns permission settings from Leopard packages, but not from pre-Leopard packages, or - there is an authoring bug in the RDC package which causes the package not to be handled as a valid upgrade component of the OS according to Leopard's security policy.
    But once more: the message does not indicate a permission error or an error in the RDC software. It just shows that Apple has problems delivering software which must be compatible with the Repair Permission feature of Leopard.
    Best regards,
    Marcel Bresink

    Note: On Nov. 6th, Apple posted a kbase doc titled OS X 10.5: Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions reports a permissions issue with ARDAgent that also says it's "not a cause for concern".

    Apple Posts iMac Software Update 1.3 for Leopard:

    " iMac Software Update 1.3 (Leopard)
    This update provides important issue fixes and is recommended for the aluminum 20-inch and 24-inch iMac models with 2.0, 2.4, or 2.8 GHz processors.
    Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5, iMac (Mid 2007)

    For further information on this Update, please visit this website:
    http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n306851 (About doc with same info above)"

    They also posted a version for OS X Tiger (10.4.x) Users "iMac Software Update 1.2 (Tiger)" (Pulled as of Nov. 5th BTW - see Nov 2nd and Nov. 5th news pages for feedback on it before it was yanked) and a Mid-2007 MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2 for Tiger.

    Leopard Related Posts from Nov. 1st news: (To save space here links to these posts are listed)

  • RocketRAID 222x Card Drivers that work w/PPC Macs and Leopard
  • ATI Displays utility and OS X Leopard (updated w/v4.5.9 info)
  • Time Machine and Shared Mac Naming (avoid spaces)
  • FileMaker Pro 9.0v2 and FileMaker Advanced 9.0v2 Updates

  • Apple Docs on OS X 10.5 and New MacBooks (late 2007 models) (11/1/2007) New Macbooks with faster CPUs, SR, Different (but still limited) onboard graphics, etc. - see main news page for info/links. (Also a new 2.6GHz option added for MacBook Pros.)

    The Sections at the bottom of the page here on Apple 10.5 related docs (install, syncing, bootcamp, etc.) have also been updated.

    Leopard Related Posts from Oct. 31st news: (To save space here links to these posts are listed)

  • Updated RocketRaid 222x card series v1.10 driver for Leopard (Problems)
  • Blizzard WoW Forum post on Game Validation problems after 10.5 Firewall config
  • EyeTV 2.5.1 Update (improves Leopard Support/Features)
  • Repair Permissions/ACL errors in 10.5 (see above for tip)
  • iSub (even PPC Mac) Problems in Leopard
  • Tip for anyone with Display/Sleep problems in 10.5 with ATI Radeon cards
  • Tips for those that had 10.5 DVD refuse to install on CPU Upgraded Macs
  • I'm hundreds of mails behind on leopard and more coming in every minute 24/7. Apologies to those that wrote and didn't get a reply yet.

    Apple docs/tips on 10.5 Keychain and Sync Issues, more Admin/Keychain tips (from 10/29/2007 news page)

    Apple Doc w/important info for Aperture users running Time Machine (10/30/2007) Apple has posted a doc with info on Time Machine exclude settings for Aperture users to avoid potential corruption of the Aperture database. When I first posted this the doc was titled "Aperture: Avoid doing Time Machine backups or restores during Aperture sessions" but within an hour or so it was renamed to

    "Aperture: Set Time Machine to exclude Aperture library from automatic backups

    Issue or symptom
    Running Time Machine backup or restore operations while Aperture is running may lead to inconsistencies in the Aperture database.

    If you use Time Machine with Leopard, be sure to set Time Machine to exclude the Aperture Library from automatic backups. To do so:

    1. Open Time Machine.
    2. Click the Options button.
    3. Click the "+" button in the Do not back up window.
    4. Use the resulting file browser to navigate to the location of your Aperture Library. The default location is ~/Pictures/Aperture Library (where "~" represents your home folder).
    5. Click the Exclude button.
    6. Click the Done button.

    Note that this means that your Aperture Library will not be backed up by Time Machine. Be sure to manually back up your Aperture Library."

    This tip may also apply to other apps that have open databases or large active files (like swap files/VM files) when running.

    Final Cut Pro 6 Master Templates don't display in OS X 10.5 (10/30/2007)

    "Final Cut Pro 6: Master Templates do not display in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

    On computers running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Master Templates (templates created in Motion) do not display in Final Cut Pro 6. If you open a Master Template in Final Cut Pro, it may appear in the Viewer and the Canvas as blank or black on a computer with Leopard.

    Products affected

  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • Final Cut Pro 6

    Solution (none currently)
    This document will be updated as more information becomes available."

  • ControllerMate Update for Leopard: ControllerMate 4.3.2 adds OS X 10.5 compatibility and more.

    Settings Tip for AOL Mail users in Leopard: (10/30/2007) Some readers have reported this problem - see tip in Apple's doc on OS X 10.5, Mail: Unable to delete messages in AOL-based mail account

    Sidestep the Spinning Beach Ball in Leopard

    "Side step the spinning ball ??
    Was finally getting Time Machine to work and of course the excessive HD I/O started giving the spinning beach ball (cursor).
    No problem, with Spaces turned on, I moved to a different space and presto, no spinning beach ball - no delay in response - operate as normal while hearing HD work merrily away in other space.
    Now that is an improvement.

    Tips for Airport card not recognized after 10.5 Keychain/Login Update (10/30/2007) Although I didn't see this problem on my G5 tower, 2 readers did. Apple's posted a kbase doc OS X 10.5: AirPort may not work after installing Login and Keychain Update 1.0 with this tip:

    " Issue or symptom
    After installing the Login and Keychain Update 1.0, the computer's AirPort card may not work in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

    Start up in Safe Mode by holding the Shift key during startup.

    Once the computer has started in Safe Mode, simply restart again (without holding any keys)."

    Bob replied the above tip solved the problem for him. A G5 owner that had the problem (airport card not recognized after Keychain/login update) sent this tip earlier (But see my comments below it )

    "I found this, and it solved it;
    "Can you guys having problems check if the AppleAirPort2.kext (Airport Extreme/802.11g card extension, AppleAirPort.kext is the Airport 802.11b card extension used in 10.4 and also 10.3, and 10.2.-Mike) is still present in your /System/Library/Extensions folder? It is an older Tiger-only (and earlier) AirPort driver that is no longer used on Leopard. You can simply delete it, or move it aside by changing the extension to something besides .kext. See if that fixes your problem."

    FYI - I checked my G5 Tower which didn't have this problem - and the AppleAirport2.kext is still there - I checked Apple system profiler's software/extensions (loaded) and AppleAirport2 wasn't shown as loaded - there's an AppleAirPortBrcm4311 extension loaded. (Broadcom 10.5 driver for the card) Not sure why deleting an unused extension would matter but maybe just another reboot would have also helped. (Cache issue, etc.)

    More reports on (PPC Mac) RocketRaid card problems in OS X 10.5 (10/30/2007) Yesterday's news had a post from a G5 owner on problems with his RocketRaid 2320 card, although a Mac Pro owner said his RocketRaid 2314 (w/driver 2.2) was working fine. After getting mails from other PPC owners on problems with various RocketRAID card models in 10.5 (including some that were OK in the Intel-based Mac Pro), I wonder if this is a PPC-mac only/driver issue?

    "Just thought I'd let you know I've had the same exact issue you reported on xlr8yourmac.com. I have a 4x500gb RAID5 array running off of a RocketRAID 1740 card. The array worked just fine using Tiger Server on my dual G4 powermac, but after performing a clean install of Leopard Server, the array won't mount. Like the post on the site, I can access the array through the web based GUI, but can't mount it. I installed the driver from Highpoint's site (supposedly 10.5 compatible) on the fresh install, and that didn't work. Uninstalling/reinstalling didn't help either.
    If you hear anything I'd appreciate an update. I've left HPT an email and voice mail on this topic, and I'll pass on what I hear from them as well.
    Thanks, Steve"

    If anyone spots a driver update or other tip to solve the PPC Mac/10.5 problem, let me know and I'll post it.

    " Just saw the posts on the Leopard/Rocketraid card issues.
    I am using a 2314 card with a PowerPC G5 Quad. I too am having problems - array is recognised in Highpoint's web browser, but not by the desktop or in disk utility. Not sure if Highpoint's new Leopard driver is only working for Intel machines (A Mac Pro owner w/2314 said it was OK in 10.5) - but I am seeing problems being posted on the web. If anyone finds a solution, please post!
    Thanks, Barney H. "

    Another G5 owner reporting problems with RocketRAID cards (2220 and 2224) in Leopard:

    "RocketRAID 2220 and 2224; same problem as earlier reported for both cards. Dual 1.25GHz G4 tower; 2GB RAM; Mac OS X Server 10.4. RAID5 array works fine with Tiger. Clean install of Leopard Server with new RocketRAID 1.10 driver, etc.. Logical drives don't mount; array OK in webUI.
    Reboot on external clone of Tiger server system HD and drives mount fine. I need the data on the logical drives on the array; glad I didn't rebuild only to find they still wouldn't mount. Not sure where to go from here. Am cc:ing this note to RocketRAID support.
    -Chris L."

    And another on the 2224 card:

    " I have the rocketRAID 2224 in my G5 2.7 dual tower. I upgraded to 10.5. When I rebooted, it doesn't mount. Downloaded the new driver for the RAID 2224, rebooted and still not show.

    It shows on the GUI browser that the two seagate 750 drive shows as 1.5 TB. Did it by erasing the two drives and created a new array. Reboot it and still won't mount. Went back to 10.4 tiger and it shows the two 750 hard drive as one big ass 1.5 TB. I'm not the only one with this issue.
    -"aphex twin" "

    Workaround if you don't like Leopard Transparent Menu

    "If you hate the "transparent" menu bar in Leopard, like I do, here's a simple fix that doesn't involve any haxies. It works best on LCDs where you tend to always use the native resolution of the panel, and if you tend not to change your desktop picture.
    Take a screen shot of the desktop and open it in your favourite photo editing software. Then open up the desktop picture itself as well. Scale the desktop picture to the resolution of your display. Select and then erase the portion at the top of the desktop picture, using the screen shot as a guide so you delete exactly the area taken up by the menu bar. You can leave the background here white, or any other shade depending on what colour of menu bar you prefer.
    Save a copy of the desktop picture. When you change your desktop to this edited image, the menu bar will show the white underneath, and appear nice and clean.

    I haven't fooled around yet with replacing the blank white with a gradient similar to Tiger, but this should be fairly easily possible, and will give you the appearance of the older Tiger menubar without any system modification.
    PS: Apple is going to fix the cracks in my palm rest (Mac Book) under warranty. Phew! "

    Article on Leopard's Firewall/Security (10/29/2007) I preferred the Firewall setup in previous OS X versions to Leopard's (which BTW is set to wide open after an install) - a reader mail today includes a link to an article with more details and some concerns:

    "Hello Mike, today www.heise.de had some information about security holes in the OSX Leopard firewall: http://www.heise-security.co.uk/articles/98120
    The article informs about following issues:
    - The Heise Security lab discovered several security holes and possible bugs related to the built-in Leopard firewall.
    - As with OS X Tiger, you have activate the built-in firewall first. But unlike the Tiger firewall not everything is blocked if you turn it on.
    - If you choose "block all incoming connections", the port for the time server is automatically activated/opened, also if you are directly connected to the Internet (without NAT or other Firewall). Netbios NameServer is active an reachable from within the LAN.
    - If you choose a more flexible setting EVERY service the user has started is reachable form the outside.
    - Apple uses outdated versions of open-source components in its system (for example: ntpd).
    - Windows XP had similar issues before Service Pack 2, M$ changed this only after thousands of user had problems with Lovsan/Blaster and Sasser worms.
    Best regards, Christian V."

    G5 owner notes on Revolution 5.1 PCI Audio Card working w/Leopard I had another Leopard/G5/Revolution 5.1 card owner say it wasn't working but asked him if he'd installed the last beta driver for it. This reader said it's working in 10.5:

    "Hi Mike, I've got a Dual G5 2.5 Ghz, with 3gb of ram and other stuff. 2 Years ago, I bought and installed M-Audio Revolution 5.1, which worked quite well on 10.3 and 10.4 (even if I had the crackilng troubles.. but it's not so bad)

    I was afraid that on 10.5 my sound card would not have worked, as on m-audio site there is no mention about Leopard drivers or drivers newer than 10.4.4. Then I wrote an email to m-audio support, asking for that. This morning I got this response:

      "At present there is no support for this product for Mac OS 10.5 however please keep checking our www.m-audio.com website for updates on this situation..."

    it's not a good news.. but I discovered that.. 10.4 (beta) drivers works on 10.5!!! i've installed the beta version of the driver and the sound card is working right now :)
    So Revolution 5.1 works on Leopard with Tiger's driver ;)
    (I asked what driver version he's using)
    The beta version of the driver i've installed is 1.1.1 beta (the name of the file i've downloaded is: Revo51_OSX_1.1.1_Beta.dmg).
    Obviously, I had to choose the Revolution 5.1 as output device in system preference, like i've done in 10.4.
    (I asked if the audio noise is still there in 10.5)
    oh yes... there is still the noise issue :(
    Best Regards, Eugenio"

    Highpoint RocketRAID 2320 problems (PPC Mac) with Leopard: I don't own this card but posting as a FYI (trying to work through a ton of 10.5 mails - impossible to keep up.) - other cards may also be affected. (Note: Is this a PPC mac driver issue? I've had PPC mac owners write on problems with the same model card an Intel-based Mac (Mac Pro) user said worked in 10.5.)

    "G5 Quad 2.5Ghz, 4GB memory, Highpoint RocketRAID 2320 Card
    Issue: Leopard does not recognize Highpoint RocketRAID 2320 card.

    According to Highpoint's website (http://hptmac.com) there is reference to Mac driver v1.10 and support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. I upgraded to this version of driver and browser service under 10.4.x. I then proceeded to perform an 'Upgrade'. Upon reboot, none of the drives attached to the RocketRAID mounted. However, access to the browser service did verify that the array's were still intact.

    I rebooted off of an external firewire drive ( backup w/ 10.4.x ), deleted the arrays, rebuilt the arrays and then proceeded to start anew and perform a clean 'install' on my boot disk, then install the 1.10 version of the driver upon reboot. After another reboot, the drives attached to the RocketRAID still did not mount.

    As I need a working machine, I removed the HDs and RocketRAID card and am now running RAID free. Unfortunately I did not look at any system level logs to analysis the problem.

    Your site does not report any other issues with HighPoint and 10.5, so I'm not sure if this is an isolated issue. If not hope this helps!

    If anyone else has seen the same thing (or not) with this or any other model card let me know the details. Thanks.
    Update - a Mac Pro owner wrote he's using a RocketRaid 2314 OK in Leopard:

    " I use the RocketRaid 2314 with the new driver version 2.2 without any problem on a Intel MacPro (4 cores, PCI-Express). I have 2 RAID 5 arrays on Port Multiplier mode, each with 5 HD (300 GB disks I had). Both arrays work as well as they did under Tiger. Let me know if you need more info.
    -William V."

    A G5 owner wrote that unlike William, his 2314 card is not working in 10.5 with his PPC Mac. (Update - see later reports above from other PPC Mac owners using RocketRaid cards.)

    Notes on Spotlight indexing for those with Leopard and Tiger Boot Drives

    "Just wanted to pass along warning to as many people as possible about an annoyance I've discovered when attempting to multiboot a system with Leopard and Tiger.
    I have a Mac Pro tower and decided that I was not quite ready to entrust it to Leopard, so I installed a fresh copy of Tiger onto a blank hard drive, used its Migration Assistant to copy my settings and files to the new drive (because of warnings I've heard from others about glitches with the Leopard Migration Assistant), and then installed Leopard on top of it.

    Switching between my 10.4.10 boot drive and my 10.5 boot drive appears to result in a full re-indexing of all drives by Spotlight. (sigh). (I have the same setup - a 10.4.10 and 10.5 drives - I set Spotlight prefs to not index my Tiger drive (and in tiger set it to not index the leopard volume) - I also do that for my FW drives that I use for sneakernet tasks. Did you set spotlight prefs in each OS to exclude the other?-Mike)
    Yeah, shortly after I noticed what it was doing. It's the only workaround I could think of for now. I have two internal drives that are just data, no OS, and it's a pain to not have them indexed for both, but oh well.

    It might have been nice if they changed the indexes to have one section for Leopard use and another for legacy support even if it used a little more disk space, but I doubt Apple will consider it worth an update to "old" OS's to implement that.
    (name withheld by request)"

    Getting Time Machine to work with NAS Drives (10/28/2007) Just a FYI on some forum threads related to getting Time Machine to work with NAS drives. The first is a post in the Infrant Forums and later efforts based on that in this Apple forum thread.

    Intech's ATA high capacity driver broken in Leopard (10/29/2007) As a FYI to anyone using Intech's SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Support Driver for "big drive" support with older macs that do not have native 48bit addressing with the onboard IDE interface, a reader said the driver is broken in 10.5/Leopard.

    Apple doc on Blue Screen after Leopard install (issue w/3rd party addons/haxies) (10/29/2007) Apple posted a kbase doc yesterday on Mac OS X 10.5: "Blue screen" appears after installing Leopard and restarting, related to problems with some 3rd party addons/haxies (some readers reported this problem (and removal tips) here previously with addons like Unsanity's APE (application enhancer, used by their haxies).

    Recap on Adaptec SCSI Cards not working in Leopard (10/29/2007) I've had several readers say their Adaptec SCSI PCI cards were not supported in Leopard. (I don't think Adaptec has updated any public drivers for OS X for many years - although some cards still worked previously). Apple shipped some models in Macs over the years, although I think ATTO's cards were a better choice for some time now. So far here's a list of models that readers have reported problems with in 10.5. (If anyone has found otherwise let me know, or has another card to add to the list.)

    • 2906
    • 2930
    • 29160
    • 39160

    If these are broken in 10.5, I suspect others are also and some models were never supported officially in any version of OS X. (I have a flashed 39160 and OEM 3950 but they're not used in any Macs with Leopard). Some card models (29160/29160N/39160) also needed NVRAM tweaks to work/boot in Quicksilver and MDD towers - past notes/tips on that are in the FAQ's SCSI PCI Controller card section.)
    BTW - an Initio Miles U2W card owner replied it's still working:

    " Just to let you know that an (Initio) MilesU2W SCSI card works fine with Leopard in my G5 DP 2.3. (Used with an old flatbed scanner.)
    cheers, William "

    Stereo BlueTooth Headset support in Leopard

    " Mike, Have had a Motorola S9 BlueTooth HeadSet (Stereo) waiting for Leopard as it NOW supports stereo BT Head Sets! Rocks! Tiger did not support them. Just an FYI...
    -William R. "

    Apple posts Login & Keychain Update 1.0 for Leopard (10/27/2007) Apple has released an update for the OS X 10.5 bug (see below) - Login & Keychain Update 1.0. Here's the info from the "About" doc:

    " About the Login & Keychain Update 1.0
    The Login & Keychain Update 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is recommended for all Leopard installations. It addresses issues you may encounter when:
  • Logging in with an account originally created in Mac OS X 10.1 or earlier that has a password of 8 or more characters.
  • Connecting to some 802.11b/g wireless networks.
  • Changing the password of a FileVault-protected account."
  • Note: Apple also has a doc with tips for OS X 10.5: Keychain cannot be found message after upgrade install. (I was bitten by this one.)

    Keychain, Administration or Privilege Issues after Upgrading to Leopard: (Update Apple has a Doc with an easy fix for the not admin user bug - see OS X 10.5: Administrator user changes to standard (an issue that bit some readers - reset password from OS X 10.5 installer DVD) - and also see Login & Keychain Update 1.0 for Leopard.)
    (earlier post follows)
    For those that have seen keychain/priviliges/password or permissions problems (and even for those that haven't noticed it yet) - CHECK system prefs/accounts to see if your login shows as Administrator. Some users have not noticed this yet (thinking all was ok) but if you DON'T have administrator priviliges, Apple is reportedly working on a fix/update ASAP. (My question is if they release an update without admin priviliges will you be able to even install it from within Leopard.) Matthew called today around 2PM to ask I post a warning on this as he -thought- he was ok until he had problems with insufficient priviliges on some systems tasks. He said Apple is working on a fix to hopefully be released today (or as soon as possible). Here's a mail from Matthew who at first didn't notice the problem:

    " Keychain-Administration or Privilege Issues after Upgrading to Leopard:

    If after installing Leopard as an upgrade or archive and install you experience any issues with not getting mail, can't run Disk Utility, can't login as administrator, can't print or anything that entering existing User name and/or passwords requires, you are not alone and Apple is working on it now.

    The fastest method of determining if you have been bitten by this, open System Preferences, click on Accounts and verify that you are the Administrator as opposed to Standard, and that the checkbox asking if you want this user to be an Administrator is checked. If you are Standard, and the box is unchecked and/or greyed out, you have a situation most likely, whether you know it or not, yet.
    Further verification can be done in the Accounts window by clicking the lock to make changes, entering your name and password and being denied access.

    Apple says the best thing to do right now is not to try too much voodoo and wait until later today for a solution, hopefully. I was told to close the lid and walk away until Apple calls me back.

    The good news as I write this on my old reliable Pismo, is that I have a bootable Carbon Copy Cloned 10.4.10 complete back up on an OWC external FW disc. Thanks Mr. Bombich! I just hope I don't have to use it.
    Matthew "

    This is why I've mentioned several times to have a bootable/clone of your previous install before updating. Several readers have been bitten by this, although not all have seen the problem. (I'm not sure at this point if clean installs are immune.) I'm still waiting for CCC 3.0.1 to finish a clone of my 10.4.10 drive to install Leopard but this is going to be the first thing I check.

    Review from 8-Core Mac Pro user:

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "The Mac:
    MacPro 3.0Ghz 8-core, 5GB RAM, X1900XT, 500GB RAID 0 (2x250GB), twin Superdrives with two 23" Apple LCD's connected, Alu keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse.

    3:20pm - Clicked on 'Install' to start the installation on a formatted 500GB RAID 0 (2x250GB). No other languages installed and only the Epson drivers.
    3:35pm - Installation completed with no errors or concerns. Intro movie is a nice change.
    3:40pm - Initial setup complete. Ready to go!

    Apps Installed:
    Office 2004 + All updates - All OK.
    Toast 8 + Updates - All OK.
    CS3 Design Premium - All OK.
    aMSN - All OK.
    Azureus 3 - All OK.
    Final Cut Studio 5.1 - ll OK.
    Flip4Mac (latest) - All OK.
    iLife 08 + Updates - All OK.
    Limewire Pro - All OK.
    Parallels 3 - All OK.*
    Reason 4 - All OK.
    ARD 3 - All OK after manually downloading and installing the 3.2 update. Problem if 3.2.1 client is installed prior to ARD Admin app only.
    Speed Download 4 - All OK.
    Stuffit Deluxe 12 - All OK.

    Problem Software:
    Filemaker Pro 9
    Installs no problem at all but crashed on launch. This is a known issue but there is a temporary solution which does work. The problem appears to be related to Region settings. See here fore details http://www.filemaker.com/support/leopard.html. Should only affect non-USA users.

    Simple business admin software that runs in a Filemaker Runtime. Also affected by the Filemaker Region issue and is resolved in the same way.

    VPN Tracker 4
    Crashes on launch. Equinux are working on a beta of Version 5. (I posted a link to this the other day w/call for beta testers.-Mike) This will be a paid upgrade unless bought recently http://equinux.com/us/products/vpntracker/beta/v5l.html. I'm less than happy about this as it is a simple app that serves only one purpose. I am unlikely to upgrade as IPSecuritas does exactly the same job form me, works fine in 10.5 and is FREE http://www.lobotomo.com/products/IPSecuritas/.

    .Mac Sync completed with no problems. 600+MB Mail folder upgraded in a few seconds, also with no issues. Both accounts, IMAP and POP, are working well. Looking forward to the integration between Mail and iCal etc. 70GB iTunes and 600MB iPhoto libraries copied over and upgraded with no issues. Over 200GB of data copied over in total with no problems anywhere.

    I have a 3rd HD installed that has XP Pro installed. This was done directly from an XP installer CD, without the help of Bootcamp partitioning etc. Parallels picked this up no problem and runs exactly as it did prior to 10.5. Very pleased with this. Performance is lightning fast, as it was before.

    The entire process has been very smooth. Apart from the Filemaker and VPN Tracker issues I have little to complain about. The only quirk I have experienced is that I seem unable to eject Disc Images or Optical Media while Disk Utility is doing something or data is being copied from another drive (I think both of these tasks use something common). Once the copy has completed, and Disk Utility is idle, I can eject images and optical media.
    Noticed that my second Superdrive, self installed DVR-112D, is now listed as an 'Apple Shipping Drive'. The performance of my MacPro has always been impressive and a clean install of any version of OS X always made the system feel more snappy. However, with 10.5, the improvement is very noticeable.

    Boot from cold lands you on your desktop and ready to go in only 34 seconds. Restarting from a blank desktop is completed within 60 seconds. It seems like certain applications open before you have finished clicking on their icons. Safari, for example, launches within 1 second. Mail is the same. My MacPro (8-core) was always the Bugatti Veyron. 10.5 has added a supercharger to the 4 existing turbos. Vista? pffffff!!!!! :-D
    Best Regards, Kevan G.
    Fix My Mac

    I gotta get one of these someday...

    Problems with Unsanity's APE and iScroll2: (now you know why I never install haxies... Don't forget addons like when you're getting ready to update your drive with a major OS upgrade.)

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "Mike, Just a word of warning to all of those installing Leopard. If you have APE (Application Manager) or iScroll2 installed, you MUST remove these before you install or you will end up with your Mac stuck with a Blue Screen of Death™ at startup which is discussed in this long thread at Apple's support board:

    I had this issue while installing Leopard on my wife's 12" 1.33 GHz PowerBook G4, and had to put the computer into target disk mode to delete the pertinent files on it using another computer. The files that I removed were:

    /Library/Preference Panes/Application Enhancer.prefpane
    /Library/Frameworks/Application Enhancer.framework
    /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Application Enhancer.bundle


    You can also delete these in single-user mode using the command line if needed. Several users on the above posted thread listed these instructions:

    1. Reboot into single-user mode (hold Cmd-S while booting machine)
    2. Follow the directions OSX gives you when you get to the prompt 
    (just type the two commands it tells you to):
    		/sbin/fsck -fy /
    		/sbin/mount -uw /
    3. Remove the following files:
    		rm -rf /Library/Preference Panes/Application Enhancer.prefpane
    		rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Application Enhancer.framework
    		rm -rf /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Application Enhancer.bundle
    		rm -rf /Library/Preferences/com.unsanity.ape.plist
    		rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/iScroll2.kext
    		rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/iScroll2.prefPane
    		rm -rf /Library/Preferences/name.razzfazz.driver.iScroll2.plist
    		rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/iScroll2
    		rm -rf /Library/Receipts/iScroll2.pkg
    4. Exit, to continue booting normally

    The other alternative was to install Leopard using the Archive and Upgrade option, but this is an easier fix. Thanks for the great work over the years on your site-- it is an invaluable resource for all of us lucky Mac users!
    Cheers, James"

    Removing SideTrack

    (added 10/27/2007)
    For the gentleman who experienced issues with his keyboard not functioning (due to Sidekick)... (earlier report yesterday) Core Duo MacBook Pro (updated for notes on Sidetrack issue disabling keyboard), here's the solution (I also posted this in the Apple Support Forum):

    I also was using SideTrack... I just deleted sidetrack completely and now keyboard works... Here's the trick -- make sure you╩completely╩remove the following directories then perform a restart. Good luck!


    Cheers,Shawn "

    Dual 1GHz owner notes on Alchemy DVR 2.5.1 Problems (updated)

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "Erase and install last night on a Quicksilver 2002 Dual 1 Gig Powermac G4, Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600, everything went great.
    So far i haven't tried much software, but MenuMeters works great, and my seritek SATA card and the connected drives are functioning like normal. (the hard drives are not recognized as Sata, only ATA. I do not recall if they were recognized as SATA under 10.4.)

    So far my only trouble is a Miglia AlchemyTV DVR (v2.5.1 he later said), when I try and load the software, my machine kernel panics.
    - Warren K."

    I don't own one of these personally, (I'm using an EyeTV Hybrid TV tuner/EyeTV 2.5.x OK in Leopard on my G5 tower) but Warren later wrote that Miglia is working on an update:

    " Subject: Alchemy DVR fix being developed for 10.5
    Hi Mike, See below for the response I got from Miglia tech support. I'm glad they are working on a fix as the current version Alchemy DVR 2.5.1 crashes the machine under 10.5.

    From: "Miglia Technical Support" (support@miglia.com)
    Date: November 1, 2007 7:48:20 PM EDT
    Subject: Ticket xxxx, TV Product Support Form

    Hello, AlchemyTV DVR is currently not compatible with Mac OS X 10.5, but we are working on a fix. No precise date for the release of a patch has been communicated by the development team, but we expect this to be available towards the end of November.
    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us."

    iPhoto Files Pixilated? (Anyone else notice this?)

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "My install went well, but all the photos in my iPhoto files seem to have lost resolution and are heavily pixelated in full screen after the upgrade. I have a 1.83 Mini with 2 GB of Ram with a 20" Viewsonic monitor. All Apple photos in the desktop image files and a few photos not in the iPhoto folder seem fine.

    What version of iPhoto? (do you have iLife 08 installed with all the latest upates?) To see if the files are still ok (I'd think so) - can you view them in another Application? (find an example (search by filename if need be) then Open it with another viewing or editing app to see if they look fine.

    P-Touch Driver MIA: (FYI - here's an apple doc on OS X 10.5: Included printer drivers)

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "Old Printer Drivers are all removed.
    I have a Brother P-Touch label printer, and can no longer use it.
    Any suggestion how to get a driver going for it gratefully received!
    (Any downloads at Brother's site? (updated? a longshot I suspect.))
    No. They are slow: e.g. they still haven't updated their editor for the labeller to Intel. (But have done Vista drivers)

    (But I'm not sure older drivers would work in 10.5)
    No, they dont. I tried reinstalling. No go.

    (Was the p-touch driver a 3rd party download/addon or was it part of the OS X tiger install?)
    3rd Party

    (I was leery that old drivers would work but before I knew he had tried reinstalling them (and in case they were on the Tiger Install disc) I mentioned Pacifist 2.5 updated for 10.5 compat. is often used to install files from pkg files, installers that have checks, etc.-Mike) Pacifist wont help as they way drivers work seems to be quite different under leopard.
    There IS a Linux driver out there.
    I wonder if some clever person could use it to provide support under CUPS on Leopard?
    Best wishes, Ralph"

    If anyone finds a way to use the P-Touch w/10.5, send a note.

    MDD Dual 1.25GHz

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "Hi Mike, Another happy Leopard user. I have 3 Macs and they are all PowerPC-based. I installed Leopard on my (Mirror Drive Door) DP 1.25Ghz PowerMac G4 (FW800) and took about 30 mins. The first impression was great and seems to be faster than Mac OS X 10.4.10, could be due to a clean install.

    My PowerMac G4 has an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (Mac+PC edition) video card. I need to goto ATI website for the ATI Displays 4.5.7 software. Second, Apple didn't enable the so-called 'right-click' on the Mighty Mouse by default. I also noticed that my aftermarket DVD burner (SONY DVD RW DW-Q120A) was listed as "Burn Support: Yes (Generic Drive Support)". (Glad they reworded that from Tiger's "Burn Support: Yes (Unsupported)" - many people focused on the "unsupported" and not the Yes.-Mike)

    I have no compliants at all, especially as my dual G4 is also 5 years old. H.264 movie (720x400 pixels) playback is very well and it utilizes ~110 % of CPU. Under Mac OS X 10.4.10, I never seen it passed 90%. I will install Leopard on my 12-inch iBook G4 (mid-2005) and original 2Ghz PowerMac G5 over the weekend.
    Regards, Kenneth "

    I asked Ken about the DVD Player as Apple's Leopard requirements notes "DVD Player requires a 1.6GHz processor or faster for improved de-interlacing." (I didn't notice that originally.)

    MDD G4 Tower w/SCSI PCI Cards:

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "Installed on MDD Dual 1.2GHz G4, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9000 Pro
    Did not/Does not recognize *any* of my (PCI) Parallel SCSI cards, an Adaptec 2930, and an Adaptec 29160 (mac versions).
    Did not recognize M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192 either. (didn't expect it to really but it doesn't even come up and indicate 'unknown' card in slot X). Still Tinkering...
    (he later wrote)
    Clean install (erase and install) previously 10.3.x, all devices working.
    Did pick up a 'generic' USB 2.0 card GC-USB20N (NEC chipset)
    Won't pick up Adaptec 29160-MAC in any slot (rA F0B8 V1.0)
    Won't pick up Adaptec AHA2930CU-Mac (BIOS EEC8 V4.2 E1753)
    (going to make it hard to pull a DLT for a DVD without an SCSI interface of some type...)
    Definitely didn't pick up the Delta Audiophile 192

    Drivers installed, latest drivers for just for kicks, restart the mac, internal audio didn't start, control panel for the delta card couldn't find any installed card. (it's not a 10.5 specific driver so this may get fixed but I would expect the system profiler to indicate 'unknown' card in Slot X).
    -Airoch "

    DVD Player Requirements: I noticed the DVD Player has some steep requirements now - Apple's Leopard requirements notes "DVD Player requires a 1.6GHz processor or faster for improved de-interlacing." (Granted many later Macs meet this requirement but just a reminder to those that don't - does the player run at all on a lower speed (than min.) machine? (is it installed on them?)

    iBook G4/900MHz, 1.5GHz G4 PowerBook:

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "I love Leopard - mostly
    Where do I start?
    Running on a 900MHz G4 iBook, and a G4 1.5GHz AL Powerbook (w/motion sensor)

    Straight update for installation.
    Took Spotlight forever, until I realized I needed to exclude my external drives. (Spotlight in Tiger also would index external drives if not excluded using the privacy option in Spotlight prefs. I never cared for Spotlight in tiger - disabled it.-Mike) Spotlight seems totally ineffective to me. My searches don't seem to be anything I ask for, and the setup is plain bad. I amy get used to it. I think I have to figure out what it wants. Not intuitive, yet.

    iChat Effects require Intel. iChat works great when sharing desktops, even dual monitor setups. There is a limitation though. The iBook grays out the option. Might require a video cam. I love the ability to include all chats in a single window, including second accounts, and multi-chats.

    Stacks as a fan only works with Dock on the bottom, as does the "shelf" effect.

    Sharing is better in every way, including the ability to share the screen. (FYI - see previous notes on Performance issues w/AFP that has been mentioned by some PPC Leopard users) That in itself is a reason to get Leopard. There is even a screen sharing feature built into the Finder window, once a shared computer is mounted. Dual monitors is also supported here, as with iChat, but this makes the windows quite small. I saw no way to get just one window to show at a time.

    They may have ruined the Dock. I loved making my own stacks, which used to allow subfolders to open, and the icon to display any image. Not any more. No sub-folders, and only blue icons. Also, there is now need for the "fan", IMO. I like the Grid a lot. No need for the shelf thing either. Still no way to place the Dock in the middle, when using dual monitors.

    Mail has some great new features, but I really hope these stationaries catch on, and the coding moves on to even Windows apps. (For personal mails maybge, but as a receiver of a ton of email, I much prefer simple text messages rather than an inbox full messages with images/backgrounds - for informational email, it's just fluff and bloat IMHO. But the new features in Mail are nice.-Mike) Love the new progress bar. Beats the heck out of that spinning gizmo. Much more visual.

    The repartitioning done in Disk Utility seems to only make the partition smaller. Not one larger and one smaller. I was not able to drag between the partition windows, the same way as one does when they first set up a new drive. Now, devices such as optical drives show up even if no disk is inserted in them. I like that.

    I think it is a faster machine once started. The startup itself is slower. Sometimes this picks up with each restart.

    The new transparent Menu Bar is ugly, and confusing, as is the removal of the/my BLUE Apple Menu. I would pay to get that back to blue, but I pick nits.

    Not certain about iCal yet. Alarms are set by double clicking the event. I have not added "files" or "attendees" (must be an email address) yet. Seems like a logical step.

    It did kill my scanner software (what scanner/software version?, but a reinstall fixed that.
    Later, SCB"

    KeyChain/Admin Problems: (see bug note above)

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "All iChat buddies lost, Keychain wiped out
    Not a big problem, just a small hassle (I have them backed up on various other computers).
    40 Minutes and pretty smooth so far, all applications working well.
    (I asked for more info on things like addons, what type of 10.5 install, mac model, etc.)
    No 3rd party stuff (haxies, etc).
    Update install,
    MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz, 17in, 4GB RAM
    An update, I found the keychain contents rename (renamed?) in the keychain folder and did the following:
    open the ~/username/library/keychains/ and you will see the old (lost) keychain there,
    copy it out to the desktop,
    create a new empty keychain of whatever name from within the keychain application,
    delete the new keychain created from the finder and rename the old one to the same name.
    then you can copy over the contents (password, etc) to the active "login" keychain from within the keychain application.
    I still can't figure out the buddies problem within iChat
    (To see if he was affected by the 10.5 admin/priviliges bug - I asked he check his system prefs/accts/login to see if he was listed as having administrator priviliges-Mike) Nope...
    -Jim "

    Jim later wrote his login used isn't setup for Admin... (I spend 10 hours a day getting one piece of the puzzle at a time... which is why I have no personal life.) Note: See above for notes on a login/keychain bug and Update from Apple (10/27/2007) - and check your system prefs/Accts to see that you are shown as Administrator.

    Zino Reader 2.2 Problems:

    (added 10/27/2007)
    "Zino Reader 2.2 isn't working after upgrading to Leopard. When trying to read any downloaded magazines, I get the error: "You are not authorized to view this publication"
    Cheers, Grant "

    G5 Dual 1.8GHz:

    "Hi Mike, I installed on a G5 PPC 1.8 DP this afternoon. The install went very smoothly, actually it was more like an upgrade. All my applications, passwords, favorites, preferences transferred over from 10.4.10 without a hitch. I've given all my applications a try. So far I've found very few problems:

    1. Disk Utility cannot repair permissions, it starts but just hangs there until I stop it. This is the biggest issue I've found with Leopard.

    2. Adobe Reader could not complete its 8.1.1 update, so I guess there are compatibility issues.

    3. Xupport and CandyBar (what versions?) no longer work, but I expected that. A new version of CandyBar is promised, and I guess Xupport is now being marketed as MacTuneUp.

    Performance seems very good, as good as 10.4.10 even with the new features. One welcome improvement is that the built-in speakers on my monitor, which sounded terrible before, now sound great. There must be some new drivers built into Leopard that weren't in 10.4.10.
    -David C."

    Updated firmware file for Broadcom 4321 802.11n card

    " new firmware build under 10.5 - 9a581 for the broadcom 4321 802.11n card on my MacBook Pro 2.0GHz CD (march 06)
    (I think he previously did the 802.11n card swap/upgrade.-Mike)
      AirPort Card Information:
      Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x87)
      Wireless Card Locale: Worldwide
      Wireless Card Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
    -regards, frederic "

    I assume as mentioned in pages here on the previous Airport Extreme 2007-00x updates (some had firmware updates included) - the firmware update is a file loaded at boot, not flashed in the card.

    Alsoft notes on DiskWarrior 4.0 and Leopard: Alsoft has updated their DiskWarrior Support page with some notes on DW4.0 aand 10.5/Leopard compatibility. Here's a short clip but see the page for more info.

    " Support News (10/26/2007)
    DiskWarrior 4.0 will successfully rebuild a disk that has Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installed or a disk that has been attached to a computer running Leopard.

    However, some operating system functionality has changed within Leopard itself. As such, there are some compatibility issues when running an installed copy of DiskWarrior 4.0 while started up from Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Alsoft currently recommends that you do not run DiskWarrior 4.0 while the computer is started from Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

    Instead, to run DiskWarrior, you should start up the computer from either:

    1) A DiskWarrior 4.0 CD.

    2) Any disk that starts up in 10.4.x and then run DiskWarrior 4.0.

    An updated version of DiskWarrior that has complete Leopard compatibility will be released soon as a free download for existing owners of DiskWarrior 4.0."

    Matthew said he had used DW 4.0 (booted from the DW 4 CD) on his MacBook/10.5 drive.

    Heavily Upgraded Sawtooth Problems: Although some readers with 7448 and 7447A CPU upgrades had no problems installing 10.5 (see earlier reports below) - some did. Here's

    " I am going to list the specs of my Mac before I get into the issue.
    - Uni-7 Sawtooth G4 with a NewerTech MAXPower Dual 1.7GHz 7448
    - 1.0GB of RAM (2x512MB)
    - Radeon 9700 128MB (PC Flashed)
    - 120GB, 80GB, 160GB hard drive (127GB of course)

    (Still running stock Pwr Supply? Or beefier ATX replacement? Original sawtooth PS was a 204W or so IIRC, with a dual 1.7, 9700, multiple drives, etc. I'd like to have more than the stock PS in there.-Mike)
    With all of that running in my Sawtooth G4, the install DVD always gives me a kernel panic somewhere during boot. I have seen it three times during the grey screen with the Apple and the spinning wheel and once just after the screen turns blue before the installation wizard and the menu bar appear.

    If I swap the processor out and put in a single 1.4GHz 7455 FasterMac processor, the installer always gets to the blue screen just before the menu loads but then kernel panics just before or just after the installation wizard loads.

    I noticed that at least one of my hard drives was spinning down and then spinning back up 20 seconds or so later sometime during the grey screen with the Apple and the spinning boot icon. Turned off the Sawtooth G4, unplugged one hard drive, and tried to boot. I did this until all three hard drives were unplugged. Each time there is a kernel panic somewhere during the boot process.

    I know all of my hardware is solid as I have been running 10.3.9 and 10.4.9/10.4.10 on it for months with zero issues. I have a feeling the PC flashed Radeon 9700 is causing me issues. (is it newly installed or was it used for months with no issues?) I will not have another video card to test until I get to work on Monday.

    I have tested all of the beta versions on various Macs at work and I had no issues. None of them had upgraded video cards...just upgraded processors, RAM, and hard drives. I will let you know what happens when I try an Apple supplied video card.
    Sincerely, Chris "

    I sent Chris a few questions/suggestions.

    Problems with Softraid 3.6.4 (Updated - I'd sent Mark James of SoftRAID a copy of the reader mail on this issue and he cc'd me on this later reply)

    " Re: SoftRAID and Leopard compatibility
    SoftRAID version 3.6.4 is mostly compatible with Leopard, but we intend to release 3.6.6 ASAP which will address the few remaining issues.

    SoftRAID 3.6.6 will be released after we have time to perform a complete suite of tests against Leopard, and make any necessary changes. We anticipate being able to release SoftRAID 3.6.6 in the next few weeks.

    Re: 3.6.5 vs. 3.6.4
    The Leopard DVD includes the SoftRAID 3.6.5 driver. If you launch the SoftRAID application on a Leopard (10.5) system, you will get a message that, "The driver version is newer than your application.". This is not a problem, and users can just decline to install the 3.6.4 driver.

    RE: installing Leopard onto a pre-existing SoftRAID volume
    We have learned that the shipping 10.5 DVD may not install onto all SoftRAID volumes. Something seems to have changed from the last seed of Leopard to what Apple is shipping, and we need to investigate this further. We will post news on our web site, probably on Monday, about this issue.
    Mark James
    SoftRAID, LLC "

    The earler report from a reader follows:

    " Possible SoftRAID 3.6.4 conflict
    Having received my mail order of Leopard this afternoon, I booted to the Leopard (10.5) install disk with the goal of installing it on my PPC G5 Dual 2Ghz with a mirrored SoftRAID boot volume. But the 10.5 installer reported my SoftRAID mirrored volume "could not boot this Macintosh". Clearly not true as I can boot into 10.4. x just fine. I had read previously (www.softraid.com/news.html) that SoftRAID 3.6.4 claimed (or referenced) 10.5 compatibility so I went back to the site and confirmed. The article isn't 100% clear (and several months old) so something striked me as awry.

    But it GETS WORSE. After deciding to install 10.5 on my external Firewire disk instead, I later ran the 10.5 (Apple) Disk Utility just to take a look at the devices list/interface. I DID NOT attempt to make ANY changes. Upon booting back to 10.4 on my SoftRAID volume, SoftRAID reported that my mirror was now out of sync and proceeded to rebuild it. There is NO WAY this is a coincidence and I have never had these disks fall out of sync before.

    On top of that, the SoftRAID application reported that the SoftRAID driver on my mirror volume was now "newer than the version that comes with this application" (again, 3.6.4) and asked if I wanted to "downgrade".

    The only conclusion I can draw here is that Apple is using a newer version/variant of SoftRAID's driver (having worked closing with SoftRAID's engineers as their article suggests) which is conflicting with the 3.6.4 driver.

    And while I've lost no data, I am hoping this warning is helpful to other SoftRAID users... think twice about installing 10.5 until we hear more from SoftRAID LLC)
    -Brian B. "

    I sent a copy of the above to Mark James of SoftRAID - here's his original reply (later mail from him above):

    "I am aware of this. So far, all I know is something seems to have changed from the last seed of Leopard to what Apple is shipping, as the beta versions of Leopard were installing fine onto SoftRAID volumes.

    We will investigate this as soon as we get a final release of Leopard. At the moment, I have no other information, except several messages from users with this complaint. Hopefully, this is something that will be easily resolved with SoftRAID 3.6.6, which we intend to release in a couple weeks.
    Mark James
    SoftRAID, LLC"

    iBook G4, G5 Tower, Mac Pro

    " Mike, Received my Leopard family pack and have upgraded a Mac Pro and an iBook G4 1.33 GHz without any problems. However, I did have some trouble installing Leopard to the internal RAID on a dual 2 GHz G5 with stock a Radeon 9600. I believe that booting from a RAID is not a supported configuration but it has always worked with previous versions of Mac OS X and worked on the Mac Pro with Leopard. (A reader noed problems with his SoftRAID drive also-Mike) Trying an upgrade install I got a message indicating that the installer cannot prepare the disk and that the disk may need to be prepared by Disk Utility. This was attempting to install to an Apple Disk Utility RAID 2.0 HFS+ Journaled. I was able to install Leopard onto and then boot from an external cloned firewire drive. Once I had that done, I deleted and recreated the RAID and used the latest Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the Leopard install from the firewire back to the internal RAID. After a reboot onto the internal RAID, Leopard is running fine on the G5.

    My initial performance impressions:

    Mac Pro (Quad 2.66, 5 GB RAM, Radeon X1900): I am very impressed so far with Leopard on the Mac Pro. Safari, Mail and the Finder are noticeably faster in Leopard. I mean really, really fast! And I thought it was very fast before the upgrade, so this surprised me. I have not yet had time for extensive testing of much else but so far so good! No noticeable slowdown during the initial Spotlight indexing.

    G5 (original Dual 2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, stock Radeon 9600): I specifically went into the finder on the G5 and fiddled with Cover Flow and such to try to reproduce the issues encountered by Marcus (jumpy mouse, etc). (NOTE: This was due to AFP/shared macs connected (bug?) - see later post on AFP/PPC Macs performance below-Mike) While Cover Flow does not work as fast as on the Mac Pro (it takes a little bit longer to load the previews) I cannot reproduce the problems described by Marcus. And this was with Spotlight still indexing the drive in the background. Maybe an Nvidia issue for Marcus? (No - see his later comments/reply to the tip below-Mike)

    iBook G4 (1.33 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, some mobile Radeon): During the initial Spotlight indexing of the drive, performance of everything on the iBook was poor. Once Spotlight indexing was finished, the performance of Leopard on the iBook is very good, much better than Tiger I would say in testing the Finder, Safari, etc. Although features such as Cover Flow take much more time to display the previews, the scrolling and other navigation is very quick. I am surprised at how well Leopard is working on the iBook which I believe is at the lower end of the Leopard spectrum. The Finder and Safari performance improvements alone make this feel like a faster Mac.

    Between the three machines, the performance of Cover Flow varies substantially creating and displaying the preview images. However, the performance scrolling across a folder with a bunch of mixed files is very similar. On the Mac Pro, the creation of the preview images is barely noticeable whereas on the iBook you can watch as each preview appears one by one. Once the preview images are created (and even while they are being created), scrolling is very quick on all three computers. Quick Look is very, very fast on all three computers... near instantaneous.

    Also, I can confirm that Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 does not launch under Leopard on any of the machines, PPC or Intel. I have opened and briefly tested all of the Adobe CS3 web bundle apps on the Mac Pro only and they appear to be working fine. If there are Adobe CS3/Leopard compatibility issues, they do not appear to be show stoppers, at least on the Mac Pro. I don't have CS3 installed on the other machines to test.

    Despite the installation problem on the G5, I'm very happy with Leopard so far. The performance is better than I thought it would be given the additional features and eye candy. I'm going to set up Time Machine on the Mac Pro next.

    (he later wrote)
    Forgot to add in my last message...

    On all three computers:
    Microsoft Word 11.3.8 and Excel 11.3.7 work fine in Leopard (with the most recent versions). I don't use Entourage or PowerPoint so can't say for those.

    On the Mac Pro:
    Parallels Desktop using a virtual machine works beautifully with Spaces. You can switch to another space and launch Parallels using the full screen mode and just about instantly switch between the Mac and Windows.

    VMWare Fusion using my Boot Camp partition works fine, however the Unity feature appears to be disabled. I have not yet installed the recently released update for Fusion yet and that may fix the Unity issue. (update noted in the news here - see VMWare Fusion 1.1 Release Candidate Build 61385-Mike)

    Command & Conquer 3 is also looking great on Leopard.
    Thanks, Andy "

    AL iMac 2.4GHz:

    " Hi Mike, Installed 10.5 on my AL iMac 2.4 about 4 hours ago, and have been running different apps to see if every thing is working ok. The only problem so far is my old copy of Photoshop Elements 2.0 is broke, I get a program error at launch and it crashes, tried reinstalling it with no luck. I doubt if Adobe supports 2.0 anymore, so suppose I'll have to upgrade to the latest version. Every thing else appears to be working great.

    Apple must have upgraded the ATI video drivers as I played 5 of 6 games of UT2004 with no video lockups, the video quality is much improved, I haven't run any test but it just looks better, UT is also much smoother which would indicate a higher frame rate. Will advise if I run into any problems. Have a good one.
    (I assume he had seen the system freezes some other AL iMac owners had reported in Tiger)
    Yep had several crashes, even after I installed smc Fan Control, have kicked all of the settings on UT 2004 to max and I'm still unable to get a video lockup with standard fan settings, sure hope it stays that way.
    -T. Carley "

    Keychain Problems:

    "PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5GHz, 4.5GB RAM. I installed Leopard on a separate partition and then had the install transfer my login settings from my 10.4.10 partition, Everything seemed fine until I tried installing an update that showed up. The system requested my password and then refused to accept it. I checked Apple's web site and sure enough others are also having the a similar problem. Here's the link to the apple forums thread.
    -Jack M."

    Not everyone had this problem, but another reader here said he had to re-enter passwords/reset keychain.

    Unsanity Shapeshifter Broken (BTW - please include versions used when reporting problems with addons, as by the time some read this there may be an update to address the issue. Thanks. Also see a later report above about having to remove APE (Application Enhancer, reqd for many "Haxies". I've personally avoiding installing this sort of thing in the past due to the potential for problems with updates later.)

    Hi Mike. Got mine at about 10 this morning and been playing with it ever since. First thing I tried to install was Shapeshifter (version?) - which failed. Unsanity are aware of it though and working on a fix. One thing that killed me was the inability to have a window open with no sidebar, (unlike Tiger) and the fact that the new folder icons are REALLY, REALLY ugly and bland. Everything is very snappy though and things just seem clearer. Mine was an Erase and install.

    Apple Remote Desktop:

    "Hi Mike, I will send you a more detailed report over the weekend. However, I received my Leopard DVD from TNT today around midday (UK Time). The only issue I would like to report just now relates to Apple Remote Desktop. Initially, the Apple Software Update server was offline. It appeared to become active around 5:30pm (UK Time). Along with the iLife 08 updates was the ARD 3.2.1 client update. I installed them all. I have since tried to install ARD Admin software and it hung on launch with a message that the installed client software was newer than the Admin software I was installing. The fix for this is to download manually, and install, the ARD Admin update prior to launching and configuring ARD. This will only affect people who have run software update and downloaded the 3.2.1 client update.
    I will report over the weekend on my Leopard experience so far.
    Best Regards,
    Kevan G.
    Fix My Mac

    Core Duo MacBook Pro (updated for notes on Sidetrack issue disabling keyboard)

    " After upgrading to Leopard on My CD MacBook Pro, the built-in keyboard stopped working. About 45 minutes with Apple support didn't turn up a solution. We did find that the internal kbd works when booted from the install DVD (external kbds function normally when booted to the HD). We tried to boot into safe mode but couldn't get past the spinning gear and apple.

    Apple recommends performing an archive and install (I did an upgrade initially). If that doesn't fix things, they suggested going to my nearest Apple store.

    The tech reported that they are receiving lots of calls for Leopard related issues today. I certainly don't relish standing around a crowded Apple strore waiting for a genius this weekend.

    I'm currently using TimeMachine to back up my data prior to doing the Archive and install. I'll post back with results later.

    (He later wrote)
    It looks like it was caused by Sidetrack. (what version are you using?-Mike) The developer's page notes it is not compatible with Leopard and the built in keyboard won't work without either uninstalling it or performing an Archive & Install.
    Some things are still a bit wonky however. Some of the dock folder icons have taken on the appearance of specific application images and one folder looks like a disk image. Also, some of the help functions don't access the Internet. Overall, it's a very nice upgrade.
    (he later replied with his Sidetrack version used)
    I was using 1.5. He put out 1.5.1 (an update that purposely refuses to install on Leopard, just to avoid this issue for Leopard users) He says he's working on a fix.
    thanks, Louis "

    See the later report above on removing sidetrack.

    10.5 running on 400MHz G4 Sawtooth:

    " Leopard runs just about as fast as Tiger on my Sawtooth.
    I tricked Leopard into working on my G4 400Mhz Sawtooth by installing to a firewire drive on a PowerBook and switching back to the Sawtooth when the installer asked to reboot. (After Leopard rebooted the Powerbook, but before OS X booted, I unplugged the external case and plugged it into the sawtooth. Then set it to boot from there.)
    Went through the setup, everything. Runs just about as fast as Tiger.
    However I have the GeForce 4 Ti and 1.5GB of ram, but the new screensaver runs at about 1fps.
    To make things a bit speedier, I used the Restore feature from Disk Utility to move it to an IDE drive. Still works great. :-)

    I'm currently backing up my Powerbook to the G4, so I'll get back to you on Finder's cover flow.
    -Michael B "

    Notes/Tip for PPC Mac performance in Leopard A reply to an earlier post on 10.5 performance issues from a G5 tower owner:

    " Retail 10.5 is a lot faster than the betas btw. You were right about the debug (code) slowing it down a lot on ppc machine... (regarding our previous conversation on the beta-Mike)
    I too can confirm the bug with endless bouncing apps and jerky operation of system. I tracked this issue to AFP and not coverflow or graphics. This seems to happen on ppc machine if you are still connected to another mac over AFP. Unmount any network connections when not in use avoids this issue for me.
    Also on same issue I have found software update will appear to hang if connected to a network as well using admin account. As soon as you disconnect from any AFP connections software update immediately regains responsiveness and shows usual administrative password request. I suspect a bug in AFS somehow caused the pw request to be supressed until AFS was complete.
    Just things to look into for that user experiencing issues. 10.5 makes integration with other macs and network volumes so seamless you may not even notice you're connected. Pay attention to volumes with eject buttons in the finder side bar.

    (I asked Adam for details on his PPC Mac (as I think he has a 7448 CPU Upgraded G4 Tower IIRC).-Mike)
    My ppc mac is an (originally) 733MHz Digital Audio Tower with Newertech 7448 2GHz single processor upgrade. Sonnet branded sata card with two western digital 10k rpm raptor drives. Ati 9800 pro rohs card. And some walmart no name brand usb2.0 card. Performance is fantastic. I think the ati 9800 helps a lot since it supports core image that probably makes a big diff with coverflow and all those features lagging other ppc users.
    BTW with the sata card STILL no detection of hard drives what so ever in system profiler. Oh well. :)
    (Check for the drives under "ATA")
    -Adam "

    I sent a copy of Adam's tip to the G5 tower owner that reported some performance issues earlier today (in first 10.5 feedback below) - he replied that was a factor.

    " Success! It is indeed caused by losing a AFP service connection.
    I have been sharing files with my MacBook, so it's when am closing its lid that my G5 loses the connection and thus it's mind.

    Within 30 seconds of losing the connection, I start getting beachballs, slow system performance, and an entirely broken coverflow (the 3'd stuff works but just black boxes instead of pictures).
    Good work
    - Marcus "

    Thanks to Adam for the tip.

    10.5 on CPU Upgraded G4 Sawtooth Tower:

    "Hi Folks! I'm estatic! Everything went of without a hitch! I'm running a Sonnet 1.8ghz (7447A) in an old 400mhz Sawtooth tower. Below is my experience.

    Mac Specs:
    Sawtooth G4 (original 400mhz)
    Upgraded to Sonnet 1.8ghz Processor
    2 gigs of Ram
    Radeon 9200 AGP Video Card (flashed?)
    Dell 22" Wide Flat Panel-Using DVI Connector
    USB/Firewire PCI Card
    Sonnet 2 Port SATA Card
    120 Gig IDE Drive 10.3.9
    320 Gig SATA Drive
    320 Gig SATA Drive
    400 Gig SATA Drive

    Install Progress:
    Disconnected all usb/firewire devices except original keyboard & mouse. Left ethernet wire connected. Installing Leopard on one of the NEW 320 gig SATA drives. (Clean Install)

    Boot from Leopard DVD 9:40 A.M. Everything fine so far.
    Installer checking DVD for consistency. 10:08 Completed
    Installer beginning installation
    10:11 A.M. Time remaining about 1 hour and 11 minutes
    10:20 A.M. Time remaining about 45 minutes (faster progress)
    10:30 A.M. Time remaining about 24 minutes (still faster progress)
    10:37 A.M. Time remaining about 10 minutes (still faster progress)
    10:51 A.M. Time remaining about 1 minute (very slow now)
    10:58 A.M. Still stuck on time remaining about 1 minute
    Total Elapsed Time 1 hour 21 minutes
    Entered Setup Information
    Finished and desktop up at 11:08 A.M.
    No 3rd party apps installed at this time as I want to run it a while.

    The only hiccup so far is my adb keyboard that I use via an adapter. It couldn't identify the keyboard and tried to figure it out by having me press the key to the left of the shift key. Well there isn't one to the left of the shift key on the old adb keyboard. I clicked out of the pane. The keys all work but I haven't checked the function keys which may not work.

    Problems reported with some CPU Upgraded Towers: Although a CPU upgraded Sawtooth owner (see above) and upgraded Digital Audio owner (NT 2GHz 7448) had no problems installing 10.5, I've had a mail from a Quicksilver owner with GigaDesigns Dual 1.8GHz upgrade say the 10.5 installer said it could not be installed on his Mac. At first I thought it may be an (noted many years ago here, in FAQ, reviews, etc.) where some CPU upgrade speeds (and types) were misreported by Apple System Profiler (i.e. those that used non-integer bus multiplers). I don't know if later OS X updates addressed this but the Quicksilver owner the dual 1.8GHz upgrade was reported correctly by ASP but 10.5 still will not install. (I asked if the target disk had enough free space (apple notes 9GB min) and for details on his graphics card, although 10.5's requirements don't specifically mention graphics card requirements.) Installing from another (PPC) Mac (i.e. to a FW drive, etc.) and swapping the drive after the install is another option.
    A 2002 QS owner w/GigaDesigns 1.8GHz upgrade wrote he used a workaround for getting an updated drive, but still has some issues:

    (updated 10/27/2007 for notes only 1 CPU of 2 recognized)
    " I loaded leopard on the MacBbook. Works fine. Used the MacBook as host for the FW drive. After being required to reformat the FW drive to GUID, I installed Leopard on it. Connected the FW drive to the G4 and used Super Duper to clone the FW Leopard to an internal HFS+ drive. I tried this because I didn't know any better. (I had written to suggest installing it from a PPC mac to the FW drive, but he got it too late.-Mike) It worked.
    Leopard is now fully functional on my G4. There are features that will work only on the Intel Macs, such as half of the visual effects in iChat, iChat window background changes. There are probably others. Thanks for your interest.

    (he later wrote)
    Recap: After installing Leopard using Super Duper to clone it from the GUID partition on the FW drive to my HFS+ internal drive, I lost half of my dual 1.8 CPU. (Only sees one CPU.)
    See attached, and compare it to the one I sent earlier. (no attachment to email. I had asked if the "About" info showed the correct CPU type and speed - ASP reported correct speed per clip sent previously but I've seen some G4 CPUs incorrectly reported as a "601" IIRC.) I lost a processor somewhere.
    I ran the Giga Design software while in Panther, when I made the upgrade. Tiger recognized the CPU as being dual 1.8. Leopard only sees one.
    I will see if re-running the Giga s/w will help. If not, a call to Giga Design is in order. Regards, Ed W. "

    He later said reinstalling the "Giga Meters" software (a kernel extension for correct ID/speed reporting) worked to restore both CPUs recognized (this was GD's fix for the misreported speeds/types, etc. - an issue noted several years ago here in full CPU Upgrade reviews, the FAQ, etc. - with later G4 CPUs that reused some PLL settings for higher ratios, some were misreported (i.e. if using non-integer higher ratios like 9.5x, 10.5x, 11.5x, etc.). The 7447A also requires a -one time- system firmare patch before installing, but some companies also include a nvram patcher (for OS 9 use IIRC) - usually cache enablers are not needed. I'm surprised an older kernel extension still runs in 10.5. Hopefully Gigadesigns will reply to calls/mails, as since early this year at least several owner reports in the "Rate your CPU Upgrade" database here have said they didn't get replies to mails or voicemails.

    Another GigaDesigns 7447A upgrade/Quicksilver owner wrote he's also had problems:

    "10.5 doesn't seem to want to install on my 1.8Ghz quicksilver.
    The installer tells me that 10.5 can not be installed on this computer. It tells me to read the system requirements. The install disk is the retail model I ordered from Apple.

    It has the following:
    1.8 Ghz CPU - 7447A 1418 (1.4xGHz rated chip/running 1.8GHz) by Gigadesigns
    1.5 Gig Ram
    Geforce 6200 GPU (flashed PC card w/256 ram)

    250GB Hard drive connected to a SIIG Ultra ATA/133 PCI card.

    (Clean install or upgrade over previous OS X version? (does disk util give drive a clean bill of health?)) I was installing over 10.4.10. Checked permissions before I started. (Not just permissions, but a check/verify of the drive data/integrity. Do you have a spare drive to try with the Onboard IDE? (to rule out the PCI IDE card, which is often seen as a "SCSI" device.))
    If necessary, I'll lug both this HD & the one in my G3 to my local MUG and do the install via Target Disk.
    That is how I installed Tiger on my G3."

    Mac Pro (8-Core) (BTW - Apple has a doc about setting Shake4 to use only 4 cores under 10.5 (vs 8 it used under OS X 10.4 Tiger) - see Shake 4: Tip for best performance on Mac Pro (8-core) with OS X 10.5 Leopard)

    (updated)"Having installed Mac OS X Leopard on both my MacPro 8 core (upgraded Tiger 10.4.10) and my 1st generation MacBook Pro (clean Install) I have noticed only 3 things.

    The first is related to the operating system. When I want to move (I mean move and not copy) files over a network shared folder the system tells me that files are being moved (not copied) and at the end, the files aren't deleted in the server at their original location. This worked fine in Tiger. I have tried with Finder and Path Finder and the files are never deleted on a move operation.

    The second issue is related to PathFinder (which is said to be compatible with Leopard). When I move, copy or delete a file to the trash, a new icon appears on the dock boucing for a long time and then they persist around 10 seconds until they disappear. The icons are labeled "Launcher X" where X is a number. (he later wrote with more pathfinder info)
    Regarding the issue with PathFinder, here's the explanation from the developers posted on the 23rd this month:

      "A folder popping up in the Dock while copying/moving/deleting files. Path Finder uses a helper tool called "ctask" to do its copy/move/delete operations - it launches and quits when the operation is complete. Somehow this background tool materialized in a form of a folder which behaves like an application popping up in the Dock when it launches. It doesn't affect the quality of the copy at all - it is just kind of funny to watch. The history of this bug looks as following: fixed itself in build 9A343, reappeared in 9A466, fixed again in 9A527 and reappeared on the last seed. Now Steve's bet that it disappears in the GM, and I'm still kind of nervous that it won't."

    Also other known issues with Path Finder running on Leopard can be found on this page: http://www.cocoatech.com/weblog/archives/2007/10/23/path-finder-48-known-iss
    A new version was released yesterday (4.8.1) but still no fix for this... guess we'll have to wait. Check this page for a list of what's new in this version: http://www.cocoatech.com/news/archives/2007/10/25/.

    The third issue is hardware related. On the two machines sometimes the system doesn't shut down properly. The OS shuts down and then the monitors go to sleep mode but the machine itself is still running. I hear the Hard Drives stopping but the fans still continue. I even let it "cool" for 10 minutes but I had to give up and press the power button until they powered off. This happens once in each three shutdowns as far as I had time to test. (I wonder if the logs would have any useful info. Sometimes 3rd party addons/startup/login items can affect this sort of thing-Mike)
    These issues are clearly OS X related (probably not the PathFinder one) because they behave the same on the two machines. Waiting for 10.5.1 to clear that one.

    On the other hand, everything else is working great. A few expected bugs in third party applications but nothing very annoying. The finder and mail are very fast. Quick View is super fast. Even for movies (where I had to wait for Quick Time) is blazing fast. It even uses Perian as well. Startup and shutdown times are very fast (excluding the times it doesn't power off the machine). The upgrade on the MacPro (from 10.4.10) was fast. I was installed in a two disk RAID without any problems.

    The "Share Screen" option is a great replacement for Remote Desktop on a home environment. The OS seems very stable but I'm still trying to decide if I downgrade it back to Tiger or not. I don't know if the shutdown issue will cause hardware malfunctioning and "moving" files over a network to later delete them is getting on my nerves. Please share if you have a solution for this issues.
    Regards, Fernando "

    If anyone sees this also and finds a culprit or tip, let me know.

    Dual G5 Tower and MacBook Owner:

    (comments updated)
    " Just wanted to send this in - I was one of the lucky early receivers of Leopard in the Mail, and I installed it yesterday on my machine.
    My machine is a Dual Core 2.0 Ghz G5, with 4 gigs of ram, NVIDIA 6800GT, and a clean install on a 10,000 RPM SATA Drive. It ran fine in Tiger.

    However, I must say Leopard feels very buggy on the G5 compared to my MacBook. It seems the main culprit is CoverFlow.

    A lot of the time when using CoverFlow or iLife applications, my system becomes unresponsive and jerky. The system temporarily locks up - causing mouse jerks, delayed actions, etc.

    (I asked if he had install the iLife related updates posted in yesterday's news.-Mike)
    I am using iLife '08, however I didn't know there were some updates released - not in the software update here yet!
    (Yesterday I posted the 'iLife Support 8.1.1' update (for iLife 08 users) - I heard SU in 10.5 was not working earlier today so try downloading the updater from the page I posted.-Mike)
    I just installed that update off the support site and tinkering around.

    Actually, an HP printer driver update just showed up in my SU and it was 45 megs (Although I opted not to include the drivers during the OS install and instead ran the specific HP installer for my printer).

    It seems my iLife applications are running much smoother now with the update, but I could be full of crap. (I asked he report back later after more usage.)

    Last night it got to the point of applications endlessly bouncing in the dock and not opening - causing me to run a sudo reboot in the terminal.

    I don't have any problems on my MacBook. I hope Apple hasn't been putting PPC development on the back-burner and fixes these issues with coming dot releases.

    Also it would be good to note that Flip4Mac and the Microsoft Mouse drivers are both incompatible with Leopard. The Flip4Mac codec still works, but having the preference pane installed pretty much breaks Quicktime. Having the Microsoft Mouse installed pretty much ruins all mouse actions (dragging, clicking, etc).

    Performance in other areas of the system are fantastic - such as Mail, Camino, and Finder. General system usage is a pleasure except for using CoverFlow - maybe it has to do with a buggy PPC Core Animation?
    - Marcus "

    Update - I wrote Marcus about the later post above from a 10.5/PPC user with some tips/notes on performance - see his reply above (it was a factor in his performance issues).
    I wondered about performance especially on earlier/PPC Macs (i.e. usually more flashy features = more overhead/more load on the system). I'll be installing it on a Dual 2GHz G5 Tower (2003 single cores) with ATI X800 card when my copy arrives tomorrow (ordered it and a 1TB HD from OWC - shipping today.)

    MacBook Pro 2.4GHz (Santa Rosa)

    "I just got my copy of Leopard about 2 hours ago and went ahead installing it. I had previously CCCed the entire disk to an external Lacie Quadra, just to be safe. I upgraded (as opposed to archive & install or erase and install) and have so far run across only a few issues. The first boot after installation takes very long, I guess the System is doing a lot of checks and running a few scripts there, just be patient, it will eventually come up fine.

    The passwords of my mail accounts didn't work afterwards and I had to re-enter them and reset my Keychain. Make sure you have your passwords written down somewhere before you install Leopard. (See below for 10.5 related docs on install/pre-install info/tips, sync issues/tips and more.-Mike)

    Photoshop 7.01 doesn't seem to work anymore. I will try reinstalling it later, but at least after the upgrade it tells me "that program is not supported on this architecture" (I'm on a SR MacBook pro 2.4GHz 15"). It ran fine under Tiger (Rosetta) though. Rosetta is still there, I just ran Word and AppleWorks and they're both not Intel compatible. So that can't be the reason. I guess it's just Adobe's way of telling us to upgrade to the latest version:) Again, I'll try a reinstall and let you know the results.(Back in mid-Sept. there was a cnet article that Adobe hadn't fully tested their apps with Leopard at that time - so I wonder about even CS3.-Mike)

    Other than that, I haven't seen any issues so far, the Finder is considerably snappier and currently I'm TimeMachine-ing a new backup to my external drive.
    BTW non-destructive re-partitioning works fine and is a real timesaver!
    (FYI - one of the apple docs I posted earlier today is on OS X 10.5: About resizing disk partitions-Mike)

    Just opened up Quake 3 UB and ran a short botmatch. Performance was flawless, but of course that was to be expected. Will report on more stuff early next week. I'll give you more feedback when I have any. Have a nice weekend,

    If you've installed retail 10.5 Leopard, let me know of any issues you see (with install, apps/utils/games compatibility, etc. - include versions of any software you see a problem with and details on your Mac model and install type.) Thanks!

    Here's links to some (far from all) of Apple's 10.5 related Kbase Docs:

    Apple Docs on Installing, Using OS X 10.5

    Apple Docs on Syncing Issues/Tips with OS X 10.5 Leopard (updated)

    Apple Docs, FAQ on Boot Camp (2.0) and OS X 10.5 -

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