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Reader reports on Airport 4.1 Update/Base Firmware Updates
Last Updated: 12/20/2004 (base firmware updates)
Reader reports updated 12/23/2004

Updates to Base Firmware: (from the 12/20/2004 news page) Matt sent a note that Apple has posted firmware updates for both the Airport Extreme and Express bases. Both note similar changes including a fix for some printer problems noted by readers here with the previous updates. (See past reports/tips below and on the Airport Express feedback/tips page.)

    About the AirPort Extreme Firmware Update 5.5.1

  • Hard reset behavior is improved. With this firmware version pressing and holding the reset button for more than 5 seconds will cause the LED to flash rapidly. This visual feedback lets you know you've held the button long enough to trigger a hard reset
  • Resolves a potential problem with PPPoE configurations when updating from 5.4 or earlier
  • Improved reliability of WDS networks when using WPA security. If you had a WDS network secured by WDS and then removed any of the WDS nodes, this could cause a memory leak resulting in the need to reboot your WDS network nodes
  • Resolved an issue with inbound passive FTP to a port-mapped computer on the network
  • Resolved an issue with certain printers which were no longer recognized by the base station after the 5.5 firmware update was installed. With the 5.5.1 firmware these printers are again recognized by the base station.

For feedback on the 6.1.1 Airport Express firmware update, see the Airport Express feedback/tips page.

I welcome feedback from readers that apply these updates (especially those that had to revert to older firmware previously). Thanks!

This page has reader reports on the 4.1 Airport update and included Airport Extreme and Airport Express Firmware updates. (For Express specific feedback/tips - see the Airport Express feedback/tips page.) Here's a repeat of the info posted in the 11/15 news page:

Airport 4.1 Update (w/base firmware updates)
After appearing in software update in 10.3.6, I checked Apple's Airport/Expess page and it now shows links to both Airport 4.1 for OS X and Airport 4.1 for Windows update download pages which have more info on the changes. (Note WPA support w/WDS networks and I'm sure Airport Express users will welcome the remote support.)

" AirPort 4.1 for Mac OS X (12.4MB)
The AirPort 4.1 for Mac OS X 10.3 software supports all models of Apple AirPort base stations including the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express models.
What's new in AirPort 4.1:
  • Supports Keyspan Express Remote for use with AirTunes (AirPort Express only)
  • Support for WPA security on WDS networks
  • Ability to rename a USB printer connected to a base station
    System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later."
  • After installing the update and rebooting the Airport setup assistance launches as there's also firmware updates included (v5.5 for Airport Extreme bases and v6.1 for Airport Express bases.) I manually ran Airport Admin to apply the update.

    Reader Reports (most recent first)
    (I welcome other feedback or tips on the Airport 4.1.)

    Feedback on Airport Extreme 5.5.1 Firmware Update:

    (added 12/23/2004 from 12/22 mail)
    "Hi Mike!
    Updated our AEBS (Extreme base) to the new firmware without a hitch. AEBS is running off our Moto cable modem (SB5100 and Adelphia) and hosting three systems, two over wireless and one via ethernet.

    None of the three systems are experiencing problems or issues, and signal strength appears to be unchanged--I wandered around the house with a TiBook, and MacStumbler shows the same signal strength in various places as previous.

    I share an old USB Epson 740i plugged into a iMac DVSE 400 connected wirelessly, and no problems to report. I haven't tried sharing the printer direct from the AEBS and likely won't, since they're on opposite ends of the room.
    I think that's it. Thanks, again and again, for the great site and all the help over the years!
    Happy holidays to you and yours, best of the season, Bob M. "

    (added 12/23/2004 from 12/20 mail)
    "Onward! Once again I have gambled on a firmware update on the first day, and it went fine!
    Bob F "

    I also updated my Airport Extreme base to 5.5.1 and no problems seen so far.

    (NOTE: info below was from before the Airport Extreme 5.5.1 and Airport Express 6.1.1 firmware updates released on 12/20/2004)

    More on Printer Problem Fixes/Tips and Reverting firmware:

    (added 12/8/2004 from 12/7 email)
    "Thanks to your site and Dr. Michael Beck for helping me get my wife's Brother printer 1240 rolling with Airport Express. Fortunately, Apple has made the firmware version 6.0 available at its website
    (Note - That page was not online on Nov. 19th when some past reflash tips were posted here, but noted in the Nov. 22nd update notes below, they finally posted the 6.0 firmware, perhaps due to so many support calls/requests for it.-Mike)

    Uploading version 6 to the Airport Express and using Dr. Beck's solution for finding the printer by using the following steps actually worked--but only after I had reinstalled firmware version 6.0 AND followed Dr. Beck's steps.
    Version 6.0 permitted Rendevous to find the printer; but the drivers it found continued to stop the printer in mid-stream. Version 6.0 and Dr. Beck's steps let the printer roll.

    1. Open the "Printer Setup Utility".
    2. Delete the existing Brother printer from the list.
    3. Select Add Printer....
    4. Select "IP Printing" from the connect type drop down list.
    5. In "Printer Type" please select "Socket/HP Jet Direct".
    6. Enter the IP address of your Airport Station and select the Brother Printer Model from the Printer Model drop down list.
    7. Type "LP" lowercase in the que name field.

    Thanks again.
    -Jerry T. "

    (added 12/8/2004 from 12/7 email) I have a very similar problem to that described in "Freezing during Update", so I would revise the "(not common)",
    (I didn't see the problem personally updating my AE base to 5.5, nor did most, so that is why I don't consider it a common issue. Common to me means it's something most have seen.-Mike)
    however I don't have a fix yet. My system is a 15" PowerBook OS 10.3.6 Airport 4.1, and Airport Extreme Base Station that I also downloaded v5.5 firmware. I'm getting a similar problem with the wireless network not working and the base station not showing up in the airport admin utility, although it shows up in the Airport status menu.
    -Philip M."

    He was going to try reflashing back to v5.4 firmware and report back.

    (added 12/8/2004, from 11/21 mail) "I have the pudding-bowl shaped iMac, and an old titanium PB, and an extreme base station. Never had problems of any kind until this weekend.
    On my powerbook the receipts say I updated to 10.3.6 and quicktime 6.5.2 on Nov 5, and presumably the airport 4.1 at that time too: but I did it at work, out of range of the base station. It was fine.

    Two nights ago I initiated update on the iMac and software update's request. The update failed, somehow, and reported that the OS and QT updates had to be done again, and then rebooted. On reboot the Airport Setup Assistant started, which is surprising, and sent some firmware to the base station, at which point I lost contact with it from both machines.
    I could see the network but I couldn't connect to it, every time I tried, I got "there was an error connecting". From both machines.

    I hooked up the laptop to the net using ethernet and did some reading, then I downloaded the Airport 4.1 update and reapplied it, no help. But then I connected the base station to the laptop by a wire (i.e. LAN to EN) and then I could see, and more important manage, the base station. I reuploaded the firmware, and reentered all the config. information (cleared out by previous resettings of the base station trying to get it to work). Then I wnet wireless, and lo! the network was accessible again to the laptop.

    But exactly the same sequence of operations on the iMac doesn't work. I reapplied the Airport 4.1 update. I plugged the base station into the iMac via ehternet. I managed the base station from the iMac, updating its firmware (again!) and its config information, and then I went wireless on the imac. I could still see the base station and connect to it wireless from the laptop at that point, but I still could not and cannot connect to it from the imac.

    I have noticed a difference, in the extensions table (System Profiler / Software / Extensions) there is AppleAirPort and AppleAIrPort2. On the laptop, AppleAirPort is 'loaded' and AppleAirPort2 is not: but on the iMac, it's the other way around. But I am out of my depth here: I have no idea if this difference is the problem, how it arose, nor how to put it right.

    I'm waiting to see if Apple releases a quick patch and/or if any of the many victims, out there on the net, invents a solution.
    -Andrew M."

    More on Reflashing Older Base Station Firmware (for those w/o access to a mac that hasn't been updated to Airport 4.1)
    First the simplier method (but first try deleting/redetecting/adding the printer again to see if that solves the problem - it has for some):

    (added 11/19/2004, from 11/17 mail) "Mike:
    I, too, lost my USB printer (Brother HL-1440) when I upgraded to Airport 4.1, which includes the Airport Extreme Firmware v5.5 update. There is a simple fix. Go to versiontracker.com and download firmware v5.4 (also available on Apple's website). (to save a lot of time here's the Apple AirPort Extreme Firmware 5.4: Information and Download page. *Update* As of Nov. 22nd, Apple has now posted a page with Airport Express v6.0 Firmware. this was not online earlier.-Mike)
    Once downloaded and mounted to desktop, click upload in Airport Admin Utility and upload FW v5.4. This will revert the FW back to v5.4.
    My basestation now recognizes my printer and the wireless USB printing functionality has been restored. Every time you launch Airport Admin Utility, it will ask if you want to upgrade FW to v5.5 - simply decline to update and things will work.
    Jason "

    Now the much more complicated method (again if you have access to a mac not updated to airport 4.1, use that mac's airport admin to reflash the older firmware if nothing else helps. Also as of Nov. 22nd, apple has posted v6.0 of the Airport Express base firmware, which was not online when the info below was originally posted.)

    (added 11/19/2004)
    " Here is little manual how to downgrade Airport Express firmware 6.1:
    (for those w/o access to a mac that hasn't been updated to Airport 4.1 - if you do just use that system's older airport admin utility to reflash the base back to v6.0. For Airport Express owners, I could not find an apple page with v6.0 firmware so try the other methods if deleting/readding the printer does not help with printer problems.
    *Update* As of Nov. 22nd, Apple has now posted a page with Airport Express v6.0 Firmware.)

    1. You have to see invisible files (I use Cocktail) (to set finder to show invisible files)
    2. You need Pacifist (http://www.charlessoft.com/)
    3. You need Airport Express software 4.0 (CD)
    4. In Pacifist open AirportSW.pkg from AirportCD Airport/Packages (invisible folder)
    5. In Pacifist find file
    6. Copy file APBinary4.dat from Pacifist to Desktop (or some other place in your hard drive)
    7. Rename file APBinary4.dat to APBinary4.bin
    8. Open Airport Admin Utility.
    9. Open your Base station Configure window
    10. Click Upload
    11. Select file APBinary4.bin to upload
    12. After base station reboot You should have firmware 6.0 and printer works again

    - Juha H."

    Freezing during Update: (not common)

    (added 11/19/2004)
    "My update didn't go as smoothly as for everyone else. I now have two Macs completely locked out from the internet because of the update. Here's what happened: Downloaded update through Software Update, re-booted, followed the step-by-step instructions to upgrade an existing base station. The setup program froze at "reading configuration" (or something similar. I re-started the computer and tried to access the base station from directly from Airport Admin, no go. I unplugged and re-plugged both Airport and ADSL modem, nothing new. The strange thing is that while doing all this, the signal in the Airport Status menu shows full strength (obviously not while unplugged) and in the menu under signal strength, the name of the base comes up and is selected, but the base doesn't show in Airport admin!?
    (are the network/airport settings in system prefs still the same as they were before?)
    Ok, so I try wifeys iBook, no problem accessing the internet. Stupidly, I decide to see if I can complete the update from her computer, again: Software Update, Download, Re-start, Setup program, freeze, and now that computer is also "locked out". Tried a "soft re-set", same thing.
    This is an Aiport Extreme Base
    17" PowerBook
    iBook 800
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Sincerely, Fredrik "

    If he has access to another mac that can connect to the net, I asked if he had tried applying the update from the standalone download installer linked at the top of this page (instead of using SU). I'd first boot from an OS X CD (or use Firewire target disk mode from another mac), use disk utility to check the boot drive (and perhaps repair permissions also while I was at it), then install the update from the download version (copied to this mac - use FW target disk mode if necessary) and try setting up airport again.
    If anyone has a better suggestion for Fred, send it in.

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/17 mail)
    "Last night I updated my TiPB 400 to Airport 4.1. Upon restart the airport admin software launched and wanted to update my base station. Well I have a linksys router and a buffalo G54 PC-Card. The software located my wireless network and then the pane went blank. I lost all wireless connections after that. I tried to power cycle the card but it would not come back up.
    I repaired permissions which found many errors in usr/bin/installer directory. I restarted and still could not connect. I reset the router and that didn't work. I switched to a non-admin account to see if that would work and I got a kernel panic (the one with writing on the display not the one that has the power icon. Apparently that's the debug mode. Reading the text I saw that the appleairport software was the culprit (duh). After that restart I was on with no problems so far.
    -Chris C. "

    B&W G3 owner:

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/16 mail)
    "I had MAJOR problems updating my system. I started out the upgrade process on my B&W G3. I ran Software Update and rebooted the machine. After I logged back in, the Airport setup window had launched automatically. Since this machine doesn't have an airport card, it asked me to quit. I opened up the Airport Admin app and it asked to update my firmware. I agreed. Once the firmware was upgraded, I couldn't access the base station from any of my computers, it wouldn't show up in the Airport Admin app. I did a soft reset (pressed the reset button) but that didn't fix anything. I did a power cycle, but again nothing changed.

    I finally did a hard reset, but still nothing could access the base station. I tried my PowerMac G5 (no airport card) and my PowerBook 12" (with airport extreme). Well, to make a long story short, after about 2hrs of hard resets, configuration changes and swearing, I finally got it to work. I'm not sure why, but the PowerBook wouldn't connect to the base station after 3 or 4 hard resets, but finally it worked. I reconfigured the base station and things seem to be working fine now. I seem to remember I had a similar problem with the last update too...
    Best regards, Fred U.
    (he later wrote)
    I've got the Extreme Base Station
    Actually, the B&W doesn't have wireless at all, only my 12" PB uses AE. The B&W was connected via the ethernet port. "

    More Printer feedback and a Tip: (so far only a few reported printer problems, but try disconnecting/reconnecting the printer if you see problems. If you still have printing problems, try deleting the printer and adding it again.)

    (added 11/19/2004)
    "Airport extreme, Deskjet 5550.
    Same problem as Michael and Johannes...(earlier reports below)
    Same solution as Michael, deconnection/re-connection was not enough (I did several tries :-)
    Now, everything is ok
    -Mfx "

    He means deleting the printer/adding it again solved the problem. (Has for several readers since the first note below)

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/17 mail)
    "Hi, Mike!
    After installing the Airport 4.1 on my PowerBook and the 6.1 Airport Express Firmware update on my AP Express, I also got the "unable to establish connection with the printer" error. I got around this by deleting the listed printer in the Printer Setup Utility then adding the printer again. I did not have to disconnect then reconnect the printer to the APExpress. My printer is an HP DeskJet 935C.
    Thanks for keeping up a great site. I always go to xlr8yourmac.com second (after Apple.com) whenever I have a Mac question to be answered.
    Arthur "

    (added 11/19/2004, from 11/17 mail)
    "No problem updating the software and subsequent firmware update on my Airport Express so far. It does seem to provide slightly better reception to my PB 17". I connect my G4 PowerMac mirrored 867 dual and the PB simultaneously on Comcast high speed Internet and print wirelessly from both of them to a single Epson C80 printer.

    I did notice that the Epson drivers for both the 900 and the C80 Epsons no longer support the printer utility to clean out the jets or the color adjustment from the computers. I now have to do this manually from the printers themselves. I guess Epson will update their drivers to make them fully functional at some point. This may be an Apple issue on inkjet printers, however, rather than the print drivers themselves.
    (When connected to my AE base, my epson r300 isn't 'seen' by the Epson utilities, in fact i think the same is true of my Canon i900D IIRC and I suspect many others. I think their software just does not look at other than a local USB port for the printer.-Mike)

    I wonder if anyone else noticed this new limitation for either one of these printers.
    -Ted G. "

    (added 11/19/2004, from 11/17 mail)
    "All seems fine so far with a (the?) printer exception. I have a Cannon i950 on the APE base station's USB port. After the 5.5 update the document I had been working on would hang the printer while printing the last line on the last printed (first in my case) page. Other docs printd ok while this one continued to cause a hang. Uploading the 5.4 (firmware) update fixed the problem and now the doc prints as before.
    -jrg "

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/18 mail)
    "For what it's worth, I just lost my Brother HL-1240 printer as well as a result of the Airport update. Unfortunately I have already upgrading my base station utility software, so I am not sure how to upload older drivers. I was thrilled to see the printer appear last time, even though it was not officially supported. I would be very disappointed if I lost it for good.
    Ted "

    I asked if he tried deleting the printer/adding it again to see if that solved the problem. (It has for some.) If not try the tips here on reflashing the base.

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/17 mail)
    "Hi Mike,
    I also lost access to my Brother printer after installing the update. Unplugging and reconnecting the printer did not work. When I uploaded an older software version, printing functionality was restored.
    cheers, Daniel "

    I assume he meant reflashing the base with the previous firmware (see note below on that) - but before doing that anyone should also try the earlier tip - deleting the printer and adding it again. (I also asked what base he was using - airport extreme or airport express.)

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/17 mail)
    "I have a Dual 2ghz G5 and I downloaded and installed the update as well. Went through the setup utility and at the end the utility froze, I had to reboot my computer, then When I opened the Airport utility it updated the firmware. After the firmware update my computer was no long able to connect to to my AP Extreme.

    I rebooted a few times with no luck. I had to press the reset button on my AE and reconfigure from scratch.

    I have an Epson CX6400 and was able to print successfully.

    One thing I noticed with the new AE utility, it no longer has a summary page that lets me know if my printer is configured properly or not. In the past sometimes AE would forget I had a printer installed and would have to restart my AE. Or if I unplug the printer from the AE and plug it directly into the computer for scanning, then re=plug back into the AE. The AE would not see the printer unless I restarted the AE.

    This time, I plugged it in, it saw it and printed with no problem, not sure if I will still have the above mentioned problem in the future or not.
    Jeff "

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/17 mail)
    "Thank You! Dr. Beck and xlr8yourmac.com. His fix for the brother printer problems solved my problem. My Brother 1440 would no longer work after the airport 4.1 upgrade. Reverting to the old setup worked.
    Lance R. "

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/17 mail)
    "After the update my HP 5850 Deskjet printer, attached to Airport Extreme Base via USB, works fine. I don't use the printer's wireless capability due to hassles with that every time Apple updates Airport software.
    Cheers, Bob F. "

    (added 11/19/2004 from 11/16 mail)
    I've got an airport extreme base station that I updated today. I ran into the printing problem mentioned on your page when trying to print to an HP Photosmart 7600. Using the Printer Setup utility to delete and recreate the printer solved the problem for me.
    Best Regards, Derek "

    So far everyone that mentioned a printing problem that tried deleting/readding the printer said it helped.

    (added 11/16/2004)
    "Hi Mike,
    just printed a few pages with my R300 with no issue.
    As for my setup, my ADSL modem is connected to my AP Extreme. The R300 is on this base, as well as a Gigabit switch. I use an AP Express as a WDS relay and another AP Express as a WDS client station. No issues at all with the current firmware. Using AirPort monitoring tools, power and noise to signal ratio do not appear to have evolved between any of those.
    -Philippe A. "

    (added 11/16/2004)
    "Hi Mike,
    I also experienced printing problems with the 6.1 Airport Express firmware. In my case it solved itself by removing the printer and then letting "Rendevouz" find it again. (even with os X updates, a common tip for usb device problems is to disconnect and then reconnect the printer or usb device.-Mike) I have an HP deskjet 5655.
    Great site. Keep up the good work.
    Regards, Michael "

    To clarify, he removed the printer (deleted it) and then added/redetected it to restore printing. (not just disconnecting/reconnecting the printer.)

    (added 11/16/2004)
    "Hello Mike
    Like some of your readers, I lost wireless printing after applying the Airport Express firmware update.
    I'm using a HP Deskjet 940c which is officially supported by Airport Express.
    Best regards, Johannes S.
    (I asked if he tried disconnecting/reconnecting the printer.)
    Yes I did. In fact the printer is recognized OK but each attempt to print a document fails with a "unable to establish connection with the printer" alert. "

    The other tip to try for printing problems is to remove the printer (delete it) and then let "Rendevouz" redetect it. (Worked for the reader above.)

    Tip on reverting firmware to older version:
    The reader that sent the original unsupported printer tip (on the Airport Express/AirTunes Owner Reports and Tips page) wrote that the latest update broke printing for this brother printer. He later wrote with a tip on how he reverted the Airport Express firmware back to firmware v6.0:

    (added 11/16/2004)
    " applying the update to my Airport Express has completely broken access to my attached Brother HL-1240 printer. I have been using flawlessly for weeks now with this AE before the update. It seems obvious that the AE does not see the printer as it is not listed in the summary by hitting command-1 when connected with the Admin Utility. It was definitely seen in the summary before the update. (see his earlier report on the Airport Express/AirTunes Owner Reports/Tips page)
    I had it set up using IP Printing with lp as the cache and it was righteous with the current Brother drivers no GimP Print needed. I have reset the AE and tried starting up printer by cycling its power and plugging into the AE and starting up, no go. Also hot plugging, nothing makes the printer show in the summary. Airtunes works fine. Any idea how to revert the firmware?
    (he later wrote)
    I was able to get my Brother HL-1240 back up. Luckily I did all updating etc from my iBook. I went to my Dual 2g and used the Airport Admin (v4.0.1 the last I think) to upload default software. As I had not updated the Airport Admin on this machine it uploaded v6.0. That did it, printer back in the summary for the AE and printing is back again wirelessly from an iBook G4, and a wired Dual 2g and a windows box. The 6.1 version definitely doesn't see the printer. This pinter is not officially supported but it was always able to see it on the USB port, it just took the IP Printer settings and cache name resolved to work but it worked. So I can't be sure if this is a printer problem or a base problem. I have a Canon i960 here but don't know if it supported or not as the official list seems to be missing from the Apple site. This site http://www.efelix.co.uk/tech/1013.html says that it is. If I have time tomorrow maybe I'll reupdate and see what happens. I would think other readers will have comments on their printers before I can get to it though. Thanks again for the rockin site.
    Dr. Michael E. Beck, MD"

    If you don't have access to a mac that was not updated to airport 4.1, then see this reflash guide above.
    I welcome other feedback on this update. If any other owners that used the unsupported printer tip see a problem with the latest update, let me know. Thanks.

    (added 11/16/2004)
    " After installing the 4.1 AirPort update, I could no longer see my Graphite ABS. I did the hard reset and config via the Ethernet cable as suggested in the Apple support docs and elsewhere on Mac forums; but once I went wireless again, my ABS vanished. I even went so far as to completely uninstall NetBarrier in case of a firewall glitch. Still nothing. And the ABS is only two feet away.

    I had had no problems with the 3.3.x and 3.4.x range of updates. I can't imagine what this changed: the firmware for the Graphite ABS is still listed as 3.4. Were the drivers or the original AirPort card firmware updated or altered? (not checked personally but use Apple system profiler and look at the extensions list for "AppleAirport" extension (the Airport2 extension is Airport Extreme and not loaded with 802.11b card.)-Mike)
    I'd happily revert back to 3.4.x if I could figure out how.
    I'm running 10.3.6 on a G3/500 dual USB iBook with 640MB RAM.
    -- E.J.
    (He later wrote)
    Well, my problem seems to have been one of hardware. I took my Graphite ABS and my AirPort card into Gravis in Mannheim and they gladly accepted both for repair. I went back a few days later and they said both units were at Apple. A few days after that, I picked up two new units, a Graphite ABS and an AirPort card, both apparently refurb. This Graphite ABS seems slightly heavier than my old one.

    Of course, I had secretly been hoping that I'd get AirPort Extreme units by default if the trouble were severe, but my problems are at least solved and AppleCare has by now more than paid for itself. As soon as I installed and booted up, I could "see" and configure everything using AirPort Admin and Setup Asst. for Graphite. Very nice.
    In the end I don't know if the 4.1 update had anything to do with my trouble, but for the rest of your readers, if all else is lost, then there's a chance they might be looking at a dud card or ABS.
    Rgds, E.J."

    I'd first try running repair permissions if the airport extension is not loading - ASP will show that. (The 'related articles' list at the bottom of this page has a link to a past article on reverting to older airport versions.)

    Airport Extreme base user:

    (added 11/16/2004)
    "Howdy Mike,
    Just installed Airport 4.1 and firmware 5.5 (for Airport Extreme base) here without a hitch. My TiBook is still running 10.3.4. (I see no reason to update the System to 3.5 or 3.6 at this point, especially after reading some of the error reports coming out.)
    Cheers, Bob F "

    Airport Express User:

    (added 11/16/2004)
    "I ran the Airport Assistant and it installed a new firmware update on my Airport. Rock solid, appears a bit faster with page downloads... no issues yet.
    I had to launch Airport Admin Utility a second time to upload the new firmware to my Airport Express. You merely need to select the WiFi device for it to alert you that a firmware update is available. You must click OK to actually upload the new firmware.
    Dave H "

    I cancelled out of the setup assistant on first reboot after the update, but after realizing there was a firmware update included I ran airport admin and updated my Airport Extreme base (flashed ok first time, seems ok so far).

    Dlink Base User report on increased Latency:

    (added 11/16/2004)
    "I just installed the 4.1 update on my 1.5ghz Powerbook connected to a dlink 900ap+ wireless access point. I have been playing the recent World of Warcraft open beta and my latency was always ~200ms. After the update, I fired WoW back up and now my latency is in the "red" with latency from 1000ms - 2000ms+, making the game almost unplayable from my favorite spot in the living room.
    Gamers beware. Now I need to work on manually downgrading instead of playing. Thanks for a vastly resourceful site,
    Tim B. "

    I wonder if that was a server side issue (I asked if it's consistent over time and repeated connects.) Wireless typically has more latency but curious if the update alone is responsible for the huge increase. I also asked if he was using WPA or WEP.
    If any other gamers (using a 3rd party or apple base) see a similar problem, let me know.

    Report on Printer Rename Feature:

    (added 11/16/2004)
    Hi Mike,
    the setup assistant enables to bring AP Extreme firmware to 5.5 and AP Express to 6.1. I haven't seen any difference yet.
    (he later wrote)
    I checked the USB printer rename and it works. Though I'm using WDS, I can not use WPA because of a PC, so won't try the other features. The interface for printer sharing has changed slightly.
    -Philippe A.
    (I asked what printer he was using)
    I'm using an Epson Stylus R300.
    Haven't tried printing yet, but the printer was still recognised as usual. I'm still at work but will try when getting home, which will be in a few hours, as I am in France. "

    Airport Express User:

    (added 11/16/2004)
    "Hi Mike,
    Airport Software updated to 4.1 without any problem on my Powerbook and Dual 867mhz. It updated my Airport Express Base Station to firmware 6.1 I have no idea what is supposed to be improved.
    It did run the Airport Setup Assistant on the restart after install.
    -Mike "

    I welcome other feedback or tips on the Airport 4.1 update.

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