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Apple (thin) Alum Keyboard Owner Feedback/Tips
Reports last Updated: 9/26/2007
Latest Firmware: v1.0 Update (4/8/2008)
Latest Software: v1.2 Update (9/19/2007)

This page is a catch-all for reader reports on the new (Aug. 2007) Apple Aluminum (thin) keyboard.

Apple posts Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0 (4/8/2008)

"About Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0
This firmware update addresses an issue with the aluminum Apple Keyboard and the aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard where a key may repeat unexpectedly while typing.
The update also addresses other issues.
Mac OS X 10.5.2 is required before installing this update.
The update package will install an updater application into the Applications/Utilities folder and will launch it automatically.
Connect your aluminum Apple Keyboard before following the instructions in the updater application to complete the update process.
If you are installing from a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, your computer's power cord must be connected and plugged into a working power source...

I welcome feedback on this update.

(Alum) Keyboard Software 1.2 Update (9/11/2007)

"About Keyboard Software Update 1.2
Install this software to take advantage of your aluminum Apple Keyboard's special features.
Requirements: OS X 10.4.10 or later"

If you see any benefits to this update let me know the details.

Reader Reports: (latest first)
If you own one of the Alum Keyboards, let me know what you think of it. (Some readers asked if users had tried remapping keys for use with apps and games.)
(Note: Prior to Keyboard Software 1.2 at least, You need to open the System Preferences, "Expose & Dashboard" prefs and set the F3/F4 key mappings before those keys will work on the new keyboard. If those keys still don't work (rare), see the other tips noted below.) BTW: There's an updated kbase doc now on Apple Keyboard (2007): New key placement and functionality

Insufficient Power on USB Ports (G5 tower use): (Update - I do not see this warning with the AL keyboard used with a Alum (mid-2007) iMac.) Just a FYI like some other readers had seen earlier, despite Apple's notes on the AL keyboard's USB port's power, with my 2003 G5 Tower setup I cannot use my USB Multi-format Flash memory cardreader (a Kodak silver model bought at Walmart 5yrs or so ago) connected to the AL keyboard's USB ports. (I'm using the AL keyboard with a 2003 G5 Tower, connected to the front USB port and with a Logitec dual-laser USB mouse also connected to the keyboard.) Connecting my USB cardreader results in a warning dialog popup on "insufficient power for the device" (even with NO memory card inserted in the reader and NO other USB devices connected to the G5 other than the Keyboard/Mouse at the time). And of course Ditto for trying to use my 1st Gen iPod Nano (flash memory based) on the keyboard ports. The cardreader (and iPods) of course work fine when attached directly to the G5 tower. I'm going get a powered USB hub to try as I'm tired of having to disconnect USB devices to the rear ports on my G5 tower.(The 2 rear USB 2.0 ports are used for an EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner and iPod USB cable.) Although others may have better luck, I still get the same low power warning even with the EyeTV Hybrid disconnected and with only the AL Keyboard connected to the G5s USB ports. (All run OK simultaneously when directly connected to the G5 so it's not a total USB bus power limit.)

(added 9/26/2007)
"I bought the wired keyboard a couple of weeks ago and just love it. I first tried it out at an Apple store where it felt very good ergonomically.

Using Quicksilver I have programmed a number of keys using triggers, such as the following:

  • control-escape to shut down (I'm left handed)
  • F5 to open Mail
  • F6 to open Safari
  • F13-15 to type email address, Visa account number and a password
  • Control-space y to open Yahoo (I activate QS using control-space)

I have not tried to program F16-19

As for complaints, I find the F key lettering to be too small to read (70 year old eyes). In fact, I would prefer higher contrast for all the lettering, though gray looks elegant. F1 and F2 are wasted on brightness control. USB ports would be more accessible if located on either side of the power cord instead of recessed at the ends of the keyboard. Have to pick up the keyboard and turn it over to connect to these ports. I use them often and temporarily for camera and mike attachment.
-Bob "

(added 9/26/2007)
"The new keyboard and software now uses laptop like "fn" key which essentially treats Function keys as two rows of function keys in one instead of two. One thing to consider when evaluating the new Apple keyboard and keyboard software.

See, with older apple keyboards, you could control hardware functions with F-keys without use of fn key, yet games or other apps that use F keys for app functions could still use them too without altering keyboard configuration or using fn key combinations. Example being Diablo 2's use of F-keys to select different skill shortcuts. While on new apple keyboard software is that the F keys must do their special function, but will not function as a regular F key in ANY app unless you hold fn key to use F keys in apps. (there is some checkbox for Fn key in the prefs IIRC, but I've not had much time to mess with this keyboard personally.-Mike) This can be a bit annoying. Only work around is this:

The only drawback is now the functions like volume and all that you must use the fn key combination. This is more annoyance then good taste as with old apple keyboard I could do all the hardware functions automatically, the system just automatically mapped function keys to system functions like volume, brightness etc unless the current app actually requested use of keys, then the app would retain function of keys instead of the system. Like a game running in full screen mode.

I thought it was a worth noting this drawback. It is something I do think merits a little improvement from Apple's part to ensure a less annoying user experience. Thank Diablo 2 for bringing issue to my attention.
-Adam W. "

Adam also updated his earlier report (below) saying he's still seeing sluggish Mighty Mouse response even with the keyboard directly connected to the Mac.

(added 9/25/2007)
"Just got my new Apple Aluminum USB Keyboard to replace an aging and sticky white Apple Pro...It is beautiful, and Software Update went immediately to download the latest software for it...

Upon installation, all seemed fine, except, that later when I went for my trusty (Application Switcher Menu) ASM 2.1.8 (still PPC on my G5 Quad)...the Dock submenus displayed the usual "Unable to display Dock menu:..." as it has after most recent Tiger updates...
(Have you tried ASM v2.1.9? )
Yes, I had 2.1.9 installed when the problem first surfaced. Realizing that 2.1.9 was an update for Universal compatibilty, I uninstalled and went back to 2.1.8...My G5 Quad doesn't need 2.1.9. (I wasn't sure that was the only chg in 2.1.9-Mike) I've emailed (author) Frank Vercruesse to let him know.

Another funny thing is that it stopped being able to create a capital U...after installing the latest, very nice iStat Menus 1.10...The Caps Lock would deliver a capitol but the shift key did not respond...leaving the cursor flashing and the 'alert sound' beeping for every keystroke...Logged into a clean user, and within the same TextEdit document, it began to work, after installing ASM 2.1.8...Still no Dock Submenus, but I now have my U back...No iStat Menus on this user...so I haven't returned to my main account, yet to see if if works there...At first, as I went thought the alphabet, it typed every lower case and Upper case letter, except the U...then I installed ASM, and the U returned with the shift key...Strange!

I am getting used to the laptop like feel of this keyboard, it is wonderful...In my clean user account the extended number pad works both the Dashboard Calculator and Calculator...In my main admin user it doesn't type any numbers....maybe I'll try switching prefs between users, I can't find user prefs for the keyboard...so maybe it will work now when I switch back...If it doesn't work I will believe it is the iStat Menus (elegant) that are causing the problem with the Keyboard.
-John F."

(added 9/25/2007)
"I bought the new keyboard, and as a long-sufferer of RSI problems, any keyboard with a short/shallow throw and NO mechanical "tactile feedback" is much better than anything else.

Add to that the fact that it's nearly horizontal and that makes it all the better. Short of going to a A-frame-type keyboard, it's easily the best keyboard i've ever used (and I've been typing on computers alone since 1978).
-Jeff "

(added 9/19/2007)
"I like my keyboard well enough (the wired one -- the wireless one I also got is going back, it's too small and hard to use), but we absolutely need a hack that lets us turn F16, 17, 18 and 19 into what they should have been in the first place, Sound down, Sound up, Mute and Eject. Can anyone give advice about how to go about this? I am hoping programmers working on Double Command will take this up and add this functionality. I also had some scripts that used the Help key, and would love to get the Fn key (which I will never use -- this isn't a laptop!) to play that role again for me...
(Is the key location that big a deal? The keys where they are on the AL keyboard are fine with me personally.-Mike)
Yes, the alt + F10 is a lot harder to use than right above the keypad. For example, when the keyboard speakers are way too loud, it's important to be able to quickly hit the mute key. Holding two keys for this, ugh, what was Apple thinking.
So really it looks like what we need is someone who knows a lot about that to wade in and figure out the codes for the proper keys. It is totally beyond me though since I'm not a programer.
-Peter P."

I have one of these but it's not on my work system so I've not played with it much (not even updated to v1.2 software yet). I did a search here and found an older page (June 2005) on Remapping F14/F15 Function Keys in OS X Tiger that might be of interest. The July 30th news and some links to utils (including Double Command, and macro utils like Keyboard Maestro and Quickeys)

Feedback on Keyboard Software Update v1.2: (later reports first)

(added 9/19/2007 - updated 9/26/2007)
"Just got my new Apple Aluminum keyboard today and installed the software update and right away I noticed the USB mighty mouse performance has been very sluggish plugged into keyboard hub. I've noticed jerky cursor movement and unwillingness to scroll on occasion. This is while plugged into a PCI USB 2.0 port. (USB polling? tried a powered hub? But personally I'd just use a direct Mac USB connect for slow devices like a Keyboard/Mouse-Mike) I'm going to retest again later using Built in USB 1.1 port.
I unhooked it from USB 2.0 card and into USB 1.1 built in USB and all the problems with the sluggish mouse movement went away. I don't know if it's a bug in the version 1.2 software not liking a 3rd party USB controller, or a bug in using 2.0 vs 1.1 port. But clearly worth noting this behavior as it may help others who are having trouble still with version 1.2 Apple Keyboard Software.
(he later wrote)
Even using apples built in USB i am still noticing a very sluggish performance mouse issue when mighty mouse is plugged into the new keyboard hub. unfortunately the mouse isn't long enough cord to reach the computer itself to do more testing that way. but never had any problems with mighty mouse and original USB apple keyboard. I'd say there is a software or hardware problem with the new apple keyboard.

I use a direct connection for keyboard/mice and save the USB 2.0 card ports for higher speed devices. (Although Firewire is a better/faster interface for things like drives) but if anyone else sees this let me know.

(added 9/13/2007)
Hi Mike, Update has restored the functionality of my Expose and Dashboard keys. Makes me wonder why this wasn't the original release!
-Chris D. "

(added 9/13/2007)
Hi Mike, Just got one of the new keyboards and had to do the Pacifist install at first. (an earlier tip/fix below. I didn't need to do this on my G5 tower w/10.4.10 however, even before the v1.2 software update was released.-Mike) Like with older Pro keyboards if you pressed Option + the Volume keys the Sound Preference Pane would open. Similarly if you press the Expose or Dashboard key, the Expose Preference Pane will open.
-Derek "

(added 9/12/2007)
"Hi Mike, I had a lot of troubles with new aluminium keyboard, if you can remember. (See his original Aug. 17th report)
With Keyboard Update v1.2 software, everything works like a charm, except brightness display because I've a CRT screen.
All new keys work, Expose' key works too.
I'm happy now with this keyboard.
regards, Eugenio "

(added 9/12/2007)
"Hi Mike, Finally, the Apple Keyboard Software Update 1.2 corrected the foreign language bug.
Now the Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences tab is working as it should. With my french mapped keyboard under OS X in french (Canada) it was unable to open. Now this nightmare is over!
Cheers, Nicolas L. "

(added 9/12/2007)
"The update fixed a bug I had where the keyboard didn't work as advertised after the install completed. Even following the installation instructions exactly, the Dashboard and Expose' buttons didn't work, and I didn't intend to manually remap them.

After the update, the keys worked as labeled without any remapping required or taking away the existing maps for expose' and the dashboard.
(I asked if he was running an non-US/North America OS X install, he later wrote)
Yes - I'm using the Australian locale from the install. I avoided doing it manually (changing prefs key mapping) because I knew it would take out the regular F9 mapping for Expose, which I knew I'd continue to use on other systems that didn't have the aluminium keyboard attached. I.E. the keyboard purchase was more about the advantages I saw as a touch typist than for the multimedia and "special" keys.
Cheers, Preston"

When I first received my Alum keyboard, I knew from earlier reports that the F3/F4 keys wouldn't work until I set their key mapping in the "Expose & Dashboard" system prefs. (-Some- users however apparently still had problems with those keys working even after doing that and resorted to other tricks/tips mentioned earlier below.) I guess Apple now maps those keys as part of the software install which is nice, although it only took about 30 seconds to do manually.

Note: Reports below were -before- Keyboard Software Update 1.2 was released

"My Aluminum keyboard came in yesterday and I installed it right away (Mac Pro 2 x 3 GHz Xeon, Mac OS X 10.4.10, 5 GB RAM). I did not see anything amiss even before installing the update, but I went ahead and installed it. Everything seems to be working much the same as before although it was a drastic change from my Matias TactilePro keyboard.

Just like the others, the Dashboard and Expose buttons were not working, but it did not matter to me since I had those functions remapped to other functions keys via the Keyboard Shortcuts in System Preferences. (Do you mean the Expose/Dashboard Prefs had different keys mapped? - that is the first place to check.) I did have to check the option to make the dedicated keys work with the Fn key pressed, leaving the functions keys to work normally.

The main problem I found was that none of the startup key combinations work (cmd-S, cmd-V, option, shift [Safe Boot], etc.) To do this, I still have to connect an older keyboard before startup and press the combination keys on it. Not a major issue, but I expected for Apple to have addressed this issue before putting the product out in the market. I do have the keyboard connected to the USB port on one of my 30" Cinema displays so, when I get the time, I will try it connected directly to the back of the Mac Pro. I will have to use the extension USB cable for it to reach that far.
Tony A.
TLC Graphics"

"I bought an Al Keyboard yesterday (a french mapped keys: I'm in Quebec/Montreal) and first it worked fine right out the box with my PowerBook G4 (12" - 1.5GHz). I was surprised that there were no Installation CD at all in the box (it was new, plastic wrapped box, so nobody had open it before). (apparently none do) I then tried to update the software with Software Update but no update was available, so I downloaded it directly from Apple's Support page. The update went OK, since I cannot notice a supreme difference. Then I went to Preference System's Keyboard pan and notice that I don't have access to the Keyboard Shortcut's tab anymore. Is it normal? I cannot do any reassignment. However, every keys is working as expected and I can toggle to the standard function keys and change the modifier keys, but thats it.
-Nicolas L.

Follow-ups from some readers that had problems with Dashboard/Expose key function. (NOTE: as mentioned before, if you have this problem first check the "Expose & Dashboard" specific Prefs for keyboard mapping (i.e. set the F3/F4 keys there). Not a fix for everyone but this is the first thing to do with the new keyboard as the existing Dashboard/Expose prefs don't have those keys mapped.)

"Mike, I can confirm the hint posted about using to Pacifist to update the Dock.app bundle from the 10.4.10 Combo Update then from the Apple Keyboard Software 1.1 package works to restore function to the Expose and Dashboard keys on the new aluminum keyboards. As was posted earlier, I also skipped the part about using the original install discs (mainly because I couldn't find mine).
I now have functional function keys:)
-Cadaver "

An earlier report on a slightly modified version of the pacifist fix/guide (below):

Mike, Yes, I did previously check Dashboard & Expose Prefs and tried various iterations with no change.

I just completed the reinstall procedure with Pacifist that you referenced (see below), with one difference. On a hunch I skipped the first step of replacing Dock.app with the original install disc. I simply re-updated Dock.app with the appropriate 10.4.10 combo update and again with the keyboard software 1.1 mpackage. Force quite Dock.app via Activity Monitor, and now the two dedicated keys work as they should.
Thanks for the tip and thanks again for maintaining one of the best troubleshooting and upgrading sites out there for us Mac users.
-Allen "

"Mike, Picked up an AL keyboard (and a white buttoned mighty mouse) at the Apple store, plugged in, did the software update and have had no issues at all. (Dual 2.5GHz G5 tower, 3.5GB RAM, couple of hard drives, OS X 10.4.10.)

Remapped one key (F5 to Firefox "back") and it works without a hitch. Expose and Dashboard keys work as well. Really nothing to report i guess!

It's actually quite nice, the low profile looks odd but doesn't take getting used to at all... finally replaced the original white/clear keyboard because it was getting sticky and was gradually filling up with "surprises" that found their way into the clear tray. I'm quite pleased with it!
-Kim "

"Hey Mike, I love the new keyboard. I wasn't going to buy it, but for my typing style (hitting the keys hard), it feels much better and as a result I am typing a bit faster. It is easier on the wrists too. This is of course after only a couple hours of use... ask me in a month and I'll know better. But so far, so good. Definitely not for everyone though, as some will never get used to the shortness of the keyboard. It really only sits a little ways off the desk. The USB ports are kind of recessed into the keyboard, which makes the mouse look cool plugged in (as you can't see the plug), but also makes some memory sticks not fit.

I have had no problems with it on my Mac Pro except that the keyboard 1.1 update necessary to run the thing wiped out my HeleveticaNeue font, which is used in iPhoto. It was easy to find with Spotlight and reinstall, however. (Others have reported the same on Apple's forums.)

My keyboard settings didn't change; I just toggled one setting in the system preferences to make it so the special functions like volume, etc. must be triggered with the Fn key so I got my normal Function Key shortcuts back. That's all for now.
-Paul A. "

Expose/Dashboard Key Fix/Tip: (FYI for those with the problem if nothing else helps - but first check your Dashboard and Expose Prefs)

(8/22/2007 - updated 4PM.)
"Hey mike, just dropping you a line to let you know that I fixed the dashboard and expose keys on my keyboard. The problem is apparently that Dock.app isn't getting updated properly. I fixed it using my original install disks, 10.4.10 combo updater, keyboard update and Pacifist.

(Updated info from later mail)
Quick addendum.
The procedure I recommended (below) will remove any localizations that people have for the dock, so there's a new optional step between 1 and 2.

(step) 1.1 On your original installation disk, open
/System/Installation/Packages/*language*.pkg with Pacifist. Locate
/System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app. Click install and select update when asked. Repeat this for all languages that you need.
This will make sure that you have any localizations you need for the Dock.

(original procedure follows)
1. Insert Install disk for 10.4.x and open
/System/Installation/Packages/Essentials.pkg/ with Pacifist.
2. Within Pacifist, navigate to /System/Library/Core Services. Click on Dock.app and click install. When it's uncompressed, it will ask if you would like to update or replace. Click replace.
3. When that's finished, open the 10.4.10 combo update package with pacifist and navigate to the dock.app again. Click install, and this time when it asks, make sure to click update.. not replace.
4. When that's finished, open the keyboard software 1.1 mpackage, click the arrow to reveal the contents of AppleKeyboardSoftware_Cmn.pkg, navigate to dock.app one more time, click install and then update once again. Not replace.

Once this procedure is finished, you can force quick dock.app and the keys should work.
-Joe M."

A later report above from a reader used a similar procedure with some changes.

"Mike, Installed a new aluminum keyboard with the 1.1 keyboard update on a PowerMac 1.8DP running 10.4.10. The dedicated dashboard and expose keys do not work no matter what settings I use in system preferences. (Did you check Dashboard and Expose Prefs? If nothing helps see the post above on a reader that had a similar problem and how he fixed it using Pacifist.) I can remap to other function keys, however, and actually set Expose and Dashboard to F3/F4. That however requires the extra fn key press, so I use F keys on the right of the keyboard. (Note: with my AL keyboard, just setting the "Expose & Dashboard" prefs to use F3/F4 worked - *but* I did not select (check) the keyboard option to have the F keys set to standard settings which requires using the fn key for special functions-Mike) Spent about an hour with Apple support and was escalated to a tech who spoke to a keyboard engineer. They are puzzled and said this was the first instance they heard of nonfunctioning dedicated keys.
I reinstalled the keyboard update with no change in behavior. Waiting to hear back from Apple tech support tomorrow.
-Allen "

"Tried a keyboard on my Powerbook G4 1.5 12" and my G5 Quad. All the buttons worked perfectly on the Powerbook but I had the same Dashboard/Expose issue on the G5 Quad.
-James Y."

Also sent James a note on a reader's fix.

(8/22/2007 - follow-up from earlier report)
"Hello again, Its a fantastic keyboard and I can't see how Apple is making big profits at $50.

Anyway, The F keys don't work in Call of Duty UO. I have not tried any other games. An old game like DeusEx would be hard without F Keys.
-Ben "

Hi Mike, Typing on my new al keyboard. Dual G5 rev.B, 10.4.10. It all works ... expose, iTunes & DVD player media keys. Brightness, no, but I don't have an Apple LCD.

Before attaching the keyboard I verified that the old keyboard had full functionality in the control panel; it did. I attached the new al keyboard. All the basic functions worked, but not the special keys. Then I did software update. Keyboard software v.1.1 appeared, and I did the download; restart required. It all works. The control panel is fully operational.

Also using a USB optical Kensington Expert Mouse and a USB Nostromo n50 speed pad. These are attached to a hub, not the keyboard, but the keyboard hub works fine.

I immediately appreciated the keyboard on the MacBook and this one is even better.
-Bill H. -"

"Hi Mike, I got the new apple keyboard today and it works great! all keys work well. I have not fired up any games yet to see if the F-keys will go wild in the back ground. I'm still using a G5 Tower Dual 2GHz (4 slot).

"Hi, I'm Settimio from Macitynet.it I have bought one of the first Aluminium keyboards and made a review here with a lot of pictures.
just some tips:
- As for the misfunctioning F3 and F4 keys just go to the "Expose & Dashboard" Preferences and setup the correct keys in the control panel options. (I did this with my new Al keyboard and it worked fine, even before installing the Keyboard 1.1 software-Mike)

- As for the personalization of the keyboard there is a problem with the italian translation of the panel... for some reason it doesn't open the personalization window: the trick is to go to "international" system preferences, choose "english" as the first language, log out and log in again... now you can find the personalization menu again... make your changes and logout/login again after choosing "Italian" and you have your new setup available.

I think the software needs a fix for italian or maybe other international bugged translations.
Hope it helps!
-Settimio P. "

Follow-up from the Mac Pro owner that first reported on the keyboard (in 8/13 news) - he didn't mention any problems then but Friday I wrote to confirm he'd not seen the problems some had mentioned on friday (8/17) such as expose/dashboard keys and remapping, etc.

"Mike, my apologies for not having answered, obviously your mail didn't reach me but I've seen on your website that you have asked for further investigation. So... here we go:

Let me note first, that I am running a Mac Pro 3.0 here with OS X 10.4.10.
There is not a single problem so far after applying the keyboard updater 1.1.

What I have noticed: Without the keyboard updater (as opposed to my initial posting) there are a few "special character" keys which are not mapped correctly using the German OS version. After updating, this problem was immediately fixed.

Over here, I can open the pref pane without any trouble, it worked right "out of the box" and I have successfully re-assigned the F14 to F16 keys for Expose. To be honest, I like that even more (over the orginal keyboard) because F14 to F16 are on the very right of the keyboards just above the number keys.
All special keys are working fine.

Not sure why some other users have problems, but I would like to add that my system was freshly built a few months ago - and I am using an Intel based Mac. All the best from Germany
P.S.: In case you have further questions, please let me know. Thanks! "

(NOTE: See his later report on Keyboard Software 1.2 that notes it fixed the problems.)

"Hi Mike, i bought the new (aluminum) apple keyboard from the online store. it shipped in less than 3 days. very fast service, as always. i've got a Powermac dual g5 at 2.5 Ghz, 3 GB of ram, 2 harddisks, m-audio 5.1 and other stuff.
I've plugged the keyboard to my mac and it worked with basic features. i've download via software upgrade the 1.1 keyboard software that was installed troubleless.
But i've got a big problem: as i go to preferences panel -> keyboard , i am not able to change the shortcuts, because the form does not come up.... very strange.
I've tried reinstalling manually the software (32 mb!!!) but with no help. Same problem with other users of the mac, and permissions repairment was useless. i've read that many other people has this problem. any tips??
(Are you running 10.4.10? (required for the keyboard software per apple d/l page). Tried rebooting a few times? clearing caches, disconnect/reconnect keyboard with OS running? Disconnect/remove any 3rd party addons (if nothing else helps))
oh sure.. 10.4.10.. sorry for not having told it before.. with all upgrades installed. i've tried to plug the keyboard to an usb hub or directly to my powermac's usb port, but with no results :(
i hope they will release a 1.2 software soon...

(Was there a CD in the box with 1.0 software to try?)
no, there was no cd inside package.... and i tried to reboot many times and unplug and replug the keyboard with os running, but no result. now i'm gonna look for 1.0 software (not sure it exists for download) and install it.. after that, i'll run onyx for manteinance.
As you can see in the screen shot attached (none was actually sent-Mike), the shortcut tab is selected, but the form does not show.. Now i'm going to try to reinstall 10.4.10 combo.. let's see what it happens..
(he later wrote)
in the meanwhile i've installed the keyboard on my macbook pro, and i got the same issue, and surfing on italian newsgroup, i've read that other had the same problem.. they say it's an "european" problem...
regards, Eugenio"

" Dual G5 2.0 Rev A. (running 10.4.10) New Al keyboard. I installed the drivers from the Apple website and all of the special functions work except for the Dashboard and Expose keys. Nothing happens when I press either one.
(I asked David to make sure that those functions were not already mapped to other keys. (Expose/Dashboard prefs)-Mike)

Things I have tried:
Edit mappings in System Preferences
Rebuilt permissions
Reinstalled the updater several times
Trashed the HID preferences
Zapped PRAM

Like the new keyboard very much, just can't get those 2 buttons working!
Several folks on the Apple message board are having the same issue and no one seems to have figured it out. It seems that even the same model and OS versions are yielding different results. No pattern as of yet.
-David F. "

" I ordered an Aluminum KeyBoard the day they were announce from the Apple Store and it arrived today. I had already installed Apple Keyboard 1.1 software on my PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz machine. (running 10.4.10) The Expose and Dashboard keys do not work. (Did you go to the system prefs/"Expose & Dashboard" prefs and set F3/F4 key mapping?-Mike) Neither do the brightness keys but I am using a Samsung LCD and not an APPLE LCD. (That's normal - works when used with Apple displays a reader said) There are already multiple discussions on the Apple Support boards with other folks having the same problem Hopefully Apple posts Keyboard software v1.2 soon to resolve the issue.

The Keyboard is a work of art and I like it. I had it delivered to work today and promptly showed it off to my coworkers by plugging it into my Windows XP computer at work. It recognized it as an Apple Keyboard and worked perfectly.
-Dan "

" I have the new Al keyboard. It is beautiful and it feels great. All of the special keys work except for the Expose and Dashboard keys. (Did you go to the system prefs/"Expose & Dashboard" prefs and set F3/F4 key mapping?-Mike)
The brightness keys ONLY work if the USB cable from my Mac Pro to my 30-inch Cinema Display is connected.

ALL of the keys work when I connect the keyboard to an eMac G4, so it's probably a software configuration problem on my Mac Pro. (I also asked him to check if the other macs had existing mappings to other keys for Expose/Dashboard. Just a guess.-Mike)

I have all of the software updates on both computers. I spent a few hours with tech support and tried all of the usual troubleshooting and we pretty much eliminated the possibility of a hardware failure in the keyboard. I am not willing to go through the pain of reinstalling my OS and all of my Applications to solve this problem, though, so I am just going to program those functions to my F16 thru F19 keys and live with the problem.

Strangely enough, I had a similar problem awhile ago where Quicken Automatic Updates was causing some sort of conflict with some modifier keys in a few games like Redline and Pangea Arcade. But that does not seem to be the culprit here.

(I had asked if he checked for pre-existing expose/dashboard key mapping)
It didn't seem to matter what the dashboard and expose keys were mapped to. I tried mapping them to nothing and mapping them to some other key. It seems that these special keys have a keycode all their own and aren't recognized by anything else. -Philip C. "

Some later mails reports (above) noted no problems with Dashboard/Expose keys (Some mentioned checking the Expose/Dashboard prefs -not the keyboard's prefs)

"Hi Mike, just a short note from Germany:
I have received my new aluminum keyboard a few days ago and connected it to the Mac Pro. It worked as expected right out of the box without applying any update. (I suspected basic function (less special keys) would work in any OS/without the apple software for it, but some readers running older macs/older OS's had asked about that-Mike)

Of course I couldn't use the special keys but in case somebody does NOT need them, the keyboard updater does not need to be applied.

(regarding Apple Keyboard Software Update 1.1) As for the updater itself: When I hooked up my keyboard and tried to search for new updates, it did not find anything. However, yesterday evening, it suddenly appeared as online software update. Maybe Apple had some initial trouble with the updater (which would also explain why some people have posted different file sizes at first).

(I asked him if the keyboard came with a CD w/Keyboard software v1.0 on it. -Mike)
As for the German keyboard, I haven't found any CD-ROM inside the package, but since some have reported that a version 1.0 was included I am not sure if that was by mistake or if only the German keyboards didn't include the CD.

For now, I am extremly happy with the new aluminum keyboard, not only because it's very slim but also because I can write much faster now and the keys provide really nice "feedback".
Cheers from southern Germany
-Thomas "

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