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More Filesharing Performance Tests incl. GigaBit Ethernet:

Last Updated: 1/18/2001, 12:55 PM
Rod Paine of VAR Astec sent an updated report on Filesharing performance with Appleshare vs Quantum's Snap server.
(from Rod's email)

Update to the January 13 report, includes PC MACLAN and 1000Mbps Gigabit tests, along with a comment about Mac OS 9.1 network tests. Posted to the ASTEC BBS.


Connecting via what network speed and network protocol, results in what kind of real world file transfer speeds?

by Rod Paine

January 17, 2001

Network  Protocol           Read   Write   Notes

10Mbps   AppleTalk/7.6       759     593  Quadra 700 50MHz 68040 (historic ref)
10Mbps   ASIP 6.3.2/AT       817     713
10Mbps   Snap! TCP           997     953
10Mbps   ASIP 6.3.2/TCP     1033    1098  Approx. 9Mbps

100Mbps  Snap! AppleTalk    1654    1072  Snap! Server 1000 via AppleTalk
100Mbps  File Share/TCP     1919     980  OS 9.0.4 File Sharing via TCP/IP
100Mbps  File Share/AT      2187    2261  OS 9.0.4 File Sharing via AppleTalk
100Mbps  Snap! TCP          2885    2812  Snap! Server 1000 via TCP/IP
100Mbps  PC MACLAN/AT       2919    1788  PC MACLAN on NT 4.0 (Dell 266/P2)
100Mbps  ASIP 6.3.2/AT      3719    1852  Overly slow write rate (?)
100Mbps  ASIP 6.3.2/TCP     8582    8326  Approx. 70Mbps

1000Mbps OS X Server/TCP   35128   31110  Approx. 274Mbps (data from 3rd
party, not from ASTEC. Units involved G4 450MHz and AsantÈ Gigabit Switch.
Speed is less than 30% of advertised Gigabit speed of 1000Mbps. Few
installations are known to actually reach much above 350Mbps at this point
in the Mac/Gigabit's young history. As a point of reference, we have tested
Windows NT 4.0 Gigabit on a 4-CPU 833MHz Server at 460Mbps)

Mac OS 9.1 Note - The above 10/100Mbps tests were also run using freshly created boot volumes from the Apple OS 9.1 retail CD (M8081LL/A) and no differences in file transfer speeds were noted when compared to the Mac OS 9.0.4 tests, above.

All Read and Write tests (except 1000Mbps Gigabit) run with shared volume mounted on 640MB B&W G3 450 and tested with Helios LanTest 2.5.2, available at:

The ASIP Server is a 768MB B&W G3 450 running OS 9.0.4 and ASIP 6.3.2. Ethernet is via NETGEAR FS308 100Mbps Switch, with a NETGEAR EN104 10Mbps hub for 10Mbps tests. A Beige (Rev.3) 500MHz 384MB G3 was used for 10 and 100Mbps AppleTalk File Sharing tests, using both its built-in 10Mbps Ethernet and a ZYNX 345 10/100Mbps Ethernet NIC using the Apple Enet driver. All Macs are running OS 9.0.4 plus updates.

The "Snap!" is a Quantum Snap! Server 1000, running current firmware.
ASTEC Company, Inc."

2nd Opinion on Snap Servers: On 1/19/2001 Rick Pepper sent his comments defending Snap Servers and noting better performance in models above the low end 1000 model used by Rod.

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