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Bluetooth Firmware Update Feedback and Tips
Firmware Updated: 11/23/2004 (v1.2 firmware for 10.3.x)
Firmware updater for 10.4.3 released 1/2/2006
Reports last updated: 12/6/2004 (7AM ET)

Note: On Jan 2nd, 2006 Apple released a Bluetooth firmware update 1.2 for OS 10.4.3 Here's the info from the 1.2 Update for 10.4.3:

" Bluetooth Firmware Update for Mac OS X 10.4.3
About This Update
The Bluetooth Firmware Update 1.2 improves Bluetooth performance and reliability issues....
The Bluetooth Firmware Updater supports D-Link USB Adapters and Apple internal Bluetooth modules on the following CPUs:
iMac G4 (Gooseneck)
12" Titanium PowerBook
15" Titanium PowerBook
iMac G5
Mac Mini "

I think this may just be a 10.4.3 compatible version of the previous updater as I tried it with a 10.4.3 system (G5 2003) here with a D-Link (Apple compatible) USB adapter (turned on) that had already been updated to 1.2 firmware in Nov 2004 - the updater said it was not needed on this computer.

(previous article from late 2004 follows)

I don't personally own any Bluetooth devices to test, but this page includes reader reports/tips on the Apple bluetooth firmware updates. As of Nov. 2004 the latest is v1.2. (See below for links to download pages for v1.2, 1.1 and 1.0.2 firmware.)
I welcome other reader reports on the Bluetooth firmware update (please include your mac model, OS version, Bluetooth module info, etc. in reports.)

Apple Bluetooth Firmware Update 1.2 (11/23/2004)
The v1.2 update appears in Software Update. (If you have a D-Link DBT-120 USB Adapter revision B2 or later, it may not appear in software update but can be downloaded at apple's Bluetooth Firmware update 1.2 page.) Here's the info from the SU panel:

" The Apple Bluetooth Module Firmware Update 1.2 improves Bluetooth performance and reliability.

When this Update package is downloaded, it will install the software updater (listed below) for the Apple Bluetooth Module in the Applications/Utilities folder. Double click the installer and follow the on screen directions.
Bluetooth Firmware Updater "

(Update - If you're running OS X 10.4.x, see the Jan 2nd 2006 Bluetooth firmware update 1.2 for OS 10.4.3.) I ran the updater (from Nov. 2004 for 10.3.x) on a Powerbook G4's internal bluetooth module and it completed successfully, but I'd don't own any bluetooth devices to test with. If any readers find this update fixes or breaks anything, let me know the details. Thanks.

NOTE: As mentioned in the Apple kbase doc on the 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0.2 Bluetooth firmware updates - once updated your DLink adapter will no longer work with Windows.

Updating Dlink DBT-120 USB Adapter: As with the previous bluetooth 1.1 Firmware update, the 1.2 firmware did not appear in Software Update with a DBT-120 plugged in and turned On. So I used the v1.2 download updater successfully. The firmware update did show up on a PB G4 with internal bluetooth.

Reader Reports/Tips: (most recent first)
I welcome other reader reports on the Bluetooth firmware update (please include your mac model, OS version, Bluetooth module info, etc. in reports.)

BT Mouse Improvements w/1.2 firmware:

(added 12/6/2004)
"I reported earlier that zapping the PRAM helped me get the BT 1.2 update to install. Now I can say that it was well worth the trouble. I have an Apple BT keyboard and two BT mice that I use with my 17" PB G4 (OS X 10.3.6). The keyboard has always worked fine, but I've had a lot of trouble with the mice, which tend to go flakey, lose the connection or act as if their batteries are dead (when I've just replaced them). With the update, my BT-500 mouse has become quite reliable. It also wakes from sleep right away (before that was much more of a problem). My MacMice BT Mouse also seems to have lost its erratic tendencies. So the generally unhelpful description of this upgrade ("improves Bluetooth performance and reliability") actually seems to be accurate."
-Steve A."

(added 12/6/2004)
" "

(added 12/6/2004)
" "

(added 12/6/2004)
" "

(added 12/6/2004)
" "

(added 12/6/2004)
" "

(added 12/6/2004)
" "

Motorola RazrV3 phone problems:

(added 11/29/2004 from 11/27 mail)
"No longer able to connect to Motorola RazrV3 phone. Running 10.3.6 with all latest updates. How can I revert to 1.1? All 1.1 links actually end up pointing at the 1.2 download.
-Loren S.
(I asked if bluetooth was still appearing as an interface (some saw it disappear, and the previous tip on zapping the pram helped several readers with that problem.)-Mike)
Initially I did have the bluetooth menu grey out on me, as others did. I rebooted and it came back. I'm typing on an Apple bluetooth keyboard with no problem. It's that phone, which is very new, that has a problem. It's odd that it's able to see the phone and bond with it, but not transfer files. It's also odd that the 1.1 package is nowhere to be found. I imagine Apple would say it's Motorola's problem, and Motorola would blame Apple, but if you have any suggestions on how I could get this resolved I would appreciate it."

I don't know any working link now for v1.1 firmware (although the 1.0.2 page as of today still downloads a 2003 dated updater, but not sure it would work even using the force flash tip below.)
If any reader has a suggestion, let me know.

Another report on disappearing Bluetooth: (In reply to an earlier post on disappearing bluetooth)

(added 11/29/2004)
"I'm facing the same problem (as Rushabh - disappearing bluetooth) with my Powerbook. Exact same configuration as Rushabh's, exactly the same problem. It's been a year now, and the 1 year warranty's over on my machine. I've asked Applecare about this (in Singapore) numerous times but they have no idea what's wrong. Is it a fault with the Bluetooth module? Would appreciate it VERY much if someone could come up with a solution...
-Josaiah C. "

I asked Josaiah if he had tried zapping the pram (tip posted last week) which Rushabh later wrote solved his problem.

No Problems: (good to get some of these since most only write when there's problems seen.)

(added 11/29/2004)
"I just updated my 17" Powerbook 1.33 GHz with the Bluetooth 1.2 Firmware with no problems. Before I began the upgrade I had my SonyEricsson T68i phone connected via Bluetooth using the Address Book; I did not disconnect it first. After upgrade my phone continues to work via Bluetooth with no problems.

My Microsoft Bluetooth mouse also works with no noticeable improvement (still takes several seconds to reconnect after being idle). My Apple Bluetooth keyboard also works, but takes significantly less time to reconnect after being idle (improvement). My Dell Axim X30 also continues to work via Bluetooth and previously could not be synchronized using iSync and Missing Sync via Bluetooth, but now it synchronizes using Bluetooth with no problems (improvement).
-Charles F "

Another reader noted no problems with the 1.2 update:

(added 11/29/2004 from 11/25 email)
" Hi, Mike!
I've installed the Bluetooth Firmware Update 1.2 on my 1.5 GHz 15" AlPowerBook witht the Apple Bluetooth module. Installation was no problem (I had Bluetooth on), and I have found no problems with my Bluetake BT500 Bluetooth mouse and my Fortuna GPSmart Bluetooth GPS (either before or after the update).
Arthur "

Feedback on Disappearing Bluetooth Tip: Several readers wrote that the tip below (zapping the pram) helped:

(added 11/29/2004)
"I had this problem with my 17" 1.33 GHz PowerBook - Bluetooth updater 1.2 would spin its wheels looking for a device to update, and then cause bluetooth to disappear. Zapping PRAM worked, and the updater ran successfully.
-Stephen A. "

The reader that first reported the disappearing bluetooth problem after the 1.2 update replied back that zapping the pram helped.

(added 11/29/2004)
"Thanks it worked. (zapping the pram)
-Rushabh "

(added 11/29/2004 from 11/25 email)
"I also lost bluetooth after attempting a firmware update using the new 1.2 updater. I am using an aluminum PowerBook (12" 867). The firmware updater warned me that I had a device connected (Apple wireless mouse). So, I disconnected it (without closing the updater application). I then attempted the update, which silently failed, leaving me with a broken bluetooth icon in the menu bar and no module in System Profiler.

The suggestion to zap PRAM/NVRAM worked for me. Bluetooth is back and working fine. Not sure if the firmware update was successful, however. Does anyone know how to check this?
Thanks!-Andy "

I don't know off-hand (apple system profiler doesn't show bluetooth here with my updated internal adapter, but then I have no bluetooth devices to test). If the updater did not complete successfully (mine said it did) then I doubt it applied the update. Not sure if you want to try it again (on but with no bluetooth devices connected)

This reader noted the force a flash update tip (option key) helped:

(added 11/29/2004 from 11/25 email)
"I have the same system as Rushabh (12inch PB G4, 867MHz, 640MB, 10.3.6) and couldn't get the BT firmware to install. The installer would run for several minutes, with the status line cycling between "idle" "searching for module" and "attempting to connect to module" repeatedly. After a few minutes this would stop, and the "quit" and "update" buttons would be available again. Clicking quit gave a warning that the firmware was not updated. This resulted in bluetooth being completely unavailable as if wasn't installed in the machine, apart from System Profiler showing the module as normal. A normal restart brought back bluetooth function, it wasn't necessary to zap the pram or go into open firmware.
I then tried the trick to force the upgrade by holding down option while clicking upgrade. (the past tip here from Oct. 2003 on forcing a firmware update-Mike) This worked perfectly, the upgrade went without a hitch, and everything has been OK since.
Hope this may be of help to someone. Keep up the good work!
- Matthew :o) "

Note on USB Keyboard/Hub w/iMac G5:

(added 11/29/2004 from 11/24 email)
" I sent you a message earlier about the bluetooth 1.2 Firmware update disabling the bluetooth module in my iMac G5. It turns out that was just a coincidence: I made a mistake in diagnosing the problem. The problem is that, when I started all this I plugged in a USB keyboard to use because my bluetooth keyboard had been flaky. That USB keyboard has a USB hub in it, which apparently is a known conflict (http://discussions.info.apple.com/webx?14@180.Lz8ra7qyC9d.1@.689fbd3c ) with bluetooth in iMac G5s. So it was a coincidence, and not related to the firmware update at all.
-Rhett S."

Another iMac G5 owner wrote:

(from a 11/24/2004 email)
"I have seen a suggestion which is to physically disconnect all USB devices from the Mac and restart. Couldn't hurt to try, and it's been suggested on Apple's discussion boards. It worked for me when my Bluetooth module disappeared from a new iMac G5 running 10.3.5 on restart. The problem seemed to be that a powered USB device (in my case, an iSub) caused the Mac to ignore the Bluetooth module.
Regards, Mike"

Reader Tip for disappearing Bluetooth after 1.2 Firmware Update: I've not had this problem personally so I can't say this will help those that have seen it but it's worth a try. (Update - several readers later wrote this did help - see reports above.)

(added 11/24/2004)
"Here's a suggestion for Rushabh - zap the PRAM. (command+option+P+R keys held down at boot until the mac chimes 3 times. resetting NVRAM via OF is also another alternative-Mike)
I had the same thing happen the other night when I was updating the system software while setting up an iMac G5 - the preference pane disappeared and the setup assistant told me that there was no bluetooth installed. Apple told me to zap the PRAM and it did the trick.
Regards, Dave"

(Update - Rushabh later wrote that did solve the problem.) If this helps anyone else that had this problem let me know. thanks.

Another report on no Bluetooth After Update: (2nd report of this - although not common.)

(added 11/24/2004)
"Just downloaded it from Software Update for my G4 PB 1ghz with built in Bluetooth.

When I try to run it, it just says searching for device to update, then preparing to update device, and progress bar doesn't change. Eventually it stops and goes back to idle, giving me the option of Quit or Update again. Quit tells me the update hasn't taken place.

Now Bluetooth us missing in prefs and the icon on my toolbar says 'Bluetooth not available'
Not happy ...
(I asked if he had bluetooth turned On before running the updater and if he's using OS X 10.3.6-Mike)
Yes and yes. Didn't warn me to switch Bluetooth off. (On is the correct setting based on past notes, I updated both an internal module and a D-link USB Module, but always turned bluetooth On first. In the past if it was off the updater may not find the module which is why I asked if bluetooth was On.-Mike)
-Andrew L. "

A reader sent a note (see later post above) to try Zapping the PRAM, which helped he said. If anyone finds that helps (or some other tip), let me know.

(added 11/24/2004)
"Hey Mike,
I have the Macally Bluetooth mouse and it's been working great with my Powerbook 12" 1.33Ghz (1.25GB RAM) post update. I'm not sure that I did anything special, but I did have some initial problems getting the update to complete initially. I wish I could be more helpful, but it appears that this problem may be specific to his mouse or Powerbook.
-Derik "

the macally mouse owner later with an update that he solved the problem (see updated report below).

(added 11/24/2004)
"I updated my 1st generation 17"PB and had no problem doing the update. Afterward I had no problem connecting to my V600 phone or my Palm T3. I don't own a bluetooth mouse or keyboard so i can't help there.
Rob "

(added 11/24/2004)
"Well this isn't a tip but I updated my PB 12" 1.33 with 768MB Ram. My mouse works no problem. I didn't need to set it up or anything. It all just worked after the update. (I asked to verify he had a MacAlly bluetooth mouse - but see the update below from the reader that had the problem - deleting it and re-pairing solved the problem.-Mike)
Yes, sorry I forgot to put that in. I even deleted the pairing and it repaired with no problems. I haven't had any problems with my Sony Ericsson T68i either. Only thing I can think is that something went wrong with the Bluetooth update. Maybe downloading the old version and installing it and the reapplying the update may solve the problem.
-Todd H. "

The earlier report from the MacAlly bluetooth mouse owner has been updated with his notes on solving the problem.

Wireless Mouse wake-from-sleep w/Firmware 1.2:

(added 11/24/2004)
" I updated the firmware on my 1.33 Ghz Powerbook G4. No problems updating. I can finally wake my Powerbook using my wireless mouse. This works great when I have the closed G4 hooked up to my display. I used to have to wake the computer using my wired keyboard and wait for the mouse to be recognized.
Kevin B."

Problems w/MacAlly Bluetooth Mouse after 1.2 Firmware Update (Solved): (this problem was not common based on later feedback from readers but he later reported how he solved it.)

(added 11/24/2004)
"10.3.6, 12 inch powerbook, with built in bluetooth. 1.33ghz cpu, 512 memory from sept 2004.

applied the 1.2 bluetooth update. it still sees my motorola V600 phone but CAN NOT PAIR with MACALLY BLUETOOTH MOUSE.

Everything BUT the MACALLY bluetooth mouse works ok.
so great back to the trackpad. not happy.
(He later wrote)
Deleting the MSI/macally mouse and re-pairing it solved the Problem. I am happy I just tried it, and it worked. "

PB G4/12in Disappearing Bluetooth after 1.2 Update: (updated w/note that zapping the pram solved it.)

(added 11/24/2004)
"Powerbook G4 12" - 867 MHz, 640 MB RAM, running 10.3.6.
I updated to version 1.2 and now my system preferences does not show bluetooth, it has just disappeared. I go to bluetooth setup assistant and it says "No bluetooth hardware (module) found" ! This is really weird, as I did not expect my hardware to disappear even if update did not execute properly.
My system profiler does not show bluetooth module, too.

I do not know if there is any other way to know what happened or if I can revert back to the previous version. Any help will be appreciated.
thanks, Rushabh
(I asked if he tried the reader tip above (zapping the pram) and he wrote)
Thanks it worked.
Rushabh "

Note: Reports below were from v1.1 or 1.0.2 (before 1.2 update was released)

Bluetooth 1.1 Firmware update feedback: (from the April 20th, 2004 news page) Here's the first reader report on the Apple Bluetooth module firmware update 1.1 from a D-Link DBT-120 USB Adapter user:

" I did download this update via software update on my Dual G5 running 10.3.3. I'm using the dlink-120 but i did not have it plugged in while updating.
(He means the SU appeared, of course the USB adapter has to be plugged in to actually update the firmware. As I mentioned yesterday - even with my DBT-120 plugged in and turned On, the firmware update did not show up in software updates on the G5 here. I used the download updater successfully available from the link above. The firmware update did show up on a PB G4 with internal bluetooth.-Mike)

After the update i can now transfer files from my nokia 6600 to my Dual G5 something that before did not work.
The transfer speed from my mac to the nokia is still the same low 7-9k/s while the speed from the nokia to my mac is a nice 25-30k/s.
Petter "

I don't own any Bluetooth devices to test, but after the update I noticed the D-Link adapter's LEDs no longer stay lit constantly, even when off as it did with the 1.0.2 firmware.)
BTW - one reader posted that something went wrong during the flash update of the D-link USB adapter (infinite spinning beachball cursor) which left the module unusable. I didn't see this happen here, but just a FYI. (And I'd quit any other apps running in the background for instance.)

Option Key Tip to force firmware update: (Oct. 17th, 2003) For those that had D-Link adapters that would not update (saying it already had the updated firmware) a reader sent tip from the Apple forums:

" Hi, I sent a comment before about not being able to update the firmware with a D-Link DBT-120 rev. 3. Well someone solved it by holding down option key when opening up the firmware updater and it worked!
Also you should leave your keyboard or mouse on, since when you hold down the option key it will ask for your password, and then it will turn off your devices and then run the firmware updater.

I am still wondering if in fact that this new firmware is the same as the one on the wireless keyboard or mouse disk. I know the versions say otherwise, but Apple could have just relabeled it for the masses.
Anyway, here is the thread --
(link may expire in the future)
- Johnny "

" I was just reading a report here on your site about someone who has the D-Link DBT-120 rev. 3 which is the exact one I have and I am also unable to update the firmware, it keeps telling me I already have the latest one. So then I decided to call Apple support and see what they have to say. Well the woman I spoke to told me the latest firmware came with the wireless Keyboard I got, so I don't need to update it.
However, I did check the creation dates of the firmware applications, and noticed that the one on the disk was created on Aug. 16, while the one just released was created on Oct. 10. So how could the one from the disk be the latest one? (they could have changed the installer only without changing the firmware itself perhaps)
Well the Apple tech woman kept telling me that they release the firmware at a later time to the general public, while those who purchased the wireless keyboards and mice already have the latest firmware on the disks. Well the one from the disk is 1.0 and the new one I downloaded is 1.0.2 so something is not right here.
The only thing that seems to be in line is someone saying they have the H/W rev.3 of the D-Link DBT-120 and not being able to use the firmware updater. This is the same one I have. Moreover, when I first got the keyboard, I successfully ran the firmware updater from the disk (v. 1.0) without a hitch. So that means the last firmware version I installed was 1.0, so this would negate what the Apple tech person was telling me on the phone. Anyway I am rambling and just trying to make sense of this, at least my keyboard works!
- Johnny M."

" I have the D-Link DBT-120 and the updater is telling my I have the latest firmware, even though I don't. Wonder why this won't work - hopefully there is a fix soon.
I have rev. 3 ofthe DBT-120 and have already updated with the older (1.0) firmware that came with my apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
BTW - from the first update, I learned that the bluetooth module would have to be inserted directly in to my Cube and not the USB hub, otherwise nothing would happen when I tried to apply the update.
Regards, Geir K "

"i installed it no problems on a 12" g4 867 powerbook running panther 7b85. the bluetooth module is the built in one in the laptop.

" I downloaded the bluetooth update. I have a g5 with internal bluetooth. I ran the update and it told me I don't have any bluetooth modules.
(I asked if bluetooth was on when he ran the updater) It was on. I turned it off to turn it back on, but now I can't turn it back on. Will try a restart but am in the middle of writing a paper
Andrew S.
(I wrote him to suggest running repair permissions - always recommended after any OS X or X apps/driver update.)

After a repair of permissions and a reboot the firmware updated without a hitch. It took about 10 minutes. Of course, I have no bluetooth devices, so I don't know what the update did.
-Andrew I"

" Hi Mike - just tried installing the bluetooth update and I fear it may have actually damaged my bluetooth module!
After I clicked on update it said it could not find a bluetooth module in my machine (even though I have a brand new PowerBook G4) and then the status bar simply said it was still searching for the module. I left it doing this for about 4 hours until I had to force quit it as it was obviously not doing anything.
Now the bluetooth menu says it is not available and the control panel no longer shows up in System Preferences! Have posted to Apple discussions but no replies so far, so don't know if it's an isolated case or a problem with the updater.
(I asked Dan if he had Bluetooth on when the updater ran and what OS version he was using (and what PB G4 model but I assume a new 15 or 17in PB)
The bluetooth was off when I attempted to update so it appears it may be down to this. Hopefully on reboot it will report the bluetooth as being there again! I have a new 15 inch which has a minor latch problem (as seems to be a big problem with the new models?) and one stuck green pixel....The (Bluetooth) client version is 1.3.2

Try rebooting and running Repair Permissions from Disk Utility.

" I downloaded and installed the Bluetooth Firmware Update yesterday. I have a D-Link DBT-120 USB adapter, a Sony Ericsson T616, and Salling Clicker 2.0.1 build 300. I don't have an Apple Wireless mouse or keyboard.

Seems Salling clicker won't connect to my phone anymore since the update. Haven't tried to fix it yet, because I'm already late for work. ;-)
(Note This is not typical apparently as Matthew C. wrote he's using Clicker 2.0.1 ok with an updated firmware USB D-Link USB adapter.-Mike)

Just wanted to let you know. I'll be home at 6:00pm EST to try some fixes if no one else reports some by time I get home.
Thanks,-Dan "

Dan later wrote he tried again and Clicker is working ok now.

" If you've turned off Bluetooth in your Powerbook to increase your battery life, the firmware updater will report that no Bluetooth adapter was found (and for me just seemed to keep endlessly searching with no way to stop it except to force-quit the updater) I'm running 10.2.8.
You need to re-enable Bluetooth by opening System Preferences/Bluetooth panel and select the 'Turn Bluetooth On' button.
Later, David R "

" It is clear to me this morning, especially after this KB article (above), that I'm glad I still have the older D-Link DWB-120M and even after the firmware updater, which the new DBT-120 needs to be inserted to be effective and stops Windows compatibility with that module; does not effect the older BT module and (the older module) still works fine with Windows XP. (older modules are not flashed so it's operation should not be affected)
Matthew C. "

I welcome other reader reports on the Bluetooth firmware update (please include your mac model, OS version, Bluetooth module info, etc. in reports - Apple notes bluetooth 1.3 client is required which is included in 10.2.8)

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