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G4 Cube Owner Reports on 4.1.9 Firmware Update:
Last Updated: 9/27/2001
Since I've had some mixed reports from Cube owners on the 4.1.9 Firmware update noted released on 9/25/2001, I've decided to list Cube owner comments separately. I don't know why some reported problems, others nothing unusual and others reported OS X speed improvements in some areas.

(Note: On the night of 9/26, I updated my G4/450 Cube's firmware with no apparent problems seen so far.)

(most recent reader comments first)

I have had some positive experiences with the Cube update. The USB Pro Speakers that came with the Cube would always seem to cut out every so often (sometimes even less than 5 minutes). I would have to unplug and replug the speakers back in to get the sound back (speakers were plugged directly into the Cube). So far, after about 3 hours, the speakers haven't cut out yet. G4 Cube, 450 Mhz, 64MB RAM, 9.1 (on one partition--haven't tried out my 9.2.1/OS X partition yet).
--Tim "

Updated the Firmware to 4.19 on a Cube G4/450 MHZ with 512 MB RAM running OS 9.2 NOT 9.2.1. I had numerous problems with my iSticks and iSub prior to the update. I have seen these problems resolved after the update. Prior problems included random lockups while my iSticks and iSub were plugged into my 17" Flat Panel. I had to plug them directly into my Cube's #2 USB Port to have stability.
No memory problems encountered with update.
William Rivas "

" I downloaded the up-date for my Cube last night. It installed with out a problem. I've not seen any bad side effects. I have how ever seen a speed improvement across the board.

some examples: (in icon bounces)
App. old start up new start up
iTunes 16 bounces 10/7 bounces*
IE 14 bounces 10 bounces
*iTunes first run after start up / reopening iTunes after closing it

The Genie Function is much smoother on my machine now, but the "suck in" effect is now sporadic (slow to minimize, very quick on restore). The system over all feels more responsive. I've noticed similar speed gains under 9.2.1. The window resizing is still quite choppy. System boot appears to be a little faster but I can't be sure because I didn't think to time it before the firmware update.
JP Taylor "

" Hi, I installed mac os X 10.1 and the new firmware; suddenly my g4 cube gets the disk icon when I startup, and it does not find anything... no system to boot up. So i Have to restart, hold alt key and choose the other partition, so i can use startup disk to tell him to start again from the correct partition and this time works. It does this every other time I startup my cube. I hope this is not a 10.1 bug, but I sospect it is, since the failure seems closer to osx.1 than to the new firmware. anybody else had this experience? Giulio"

" Hi Mike, I just updated firmware on my G4 Cube to 4.1.9 (US Mac OS 9.1, ROM version 7.5.1). The only effect I've noticed this far is that Apple System Profiler (version 2.5.7) now correctly lists my RAM modules as 1 PC100-222S and 2 PC133-CL3. Before the update all RAM was listed as PC100-222S.
Tomas "

I welcome other Cube owner comments on the 4.1.9 firmware update. (It's available via OS 9's Software Updates Control Panel)

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