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Data Rescue from Prosoft
Posted: 9/12/2003
Last Updated: 4/2/2007 for more reader reports

This page has reader feedback on Prosoft's Data Rescue. I have not used this software personally but welcome reports from anyone that has.

Reader Feedback on Data Rescue: (most recent first)

(added Apr. 2, 2007)
" My first attempt at a soft osx mirrored RAID ended in dismal failure when one of the drives lost power. Afterwards nothing could find either device or the virtual RAID drive. I thought I was well prepared with Disk Utility, Disk Warrior, etc., and every freebee recovery program I could find, but none could find the drive. Well actually Disk Utility could see them but wouldnÕt touch them claiming unfixable errors. Then a search of the apple discussions found the suggestion to try the Data Rescue demo for free and if it could see my files I could pay up and get the full version. Well it was the only program that could find my disks, and then sure enough it found my file system. I paid up, got an immediate serial number, and recovered everything. Who knew?
-Mike J."

I'd also suggest having a current backup (like a clone to an external drive, or at least a backup of your important files) - as sometimes drives fail in ways that you can't use utilties like this to recover files.

(added Nov. 7th, 2003)
" Mike, I bought a copy of Data Rescue several years back. I had a number of 230 MB MO (Magneto-Optical) disks (remember those?) that got mangled by an intermittent power supply problem in the drive. Then they got even further mangled when I tried to recover them by mounting them with drive mounting software that wasn't compatible with the drive. After the drive was repaired I found these disks were seriously hosed. They wouldn't mount or be recognized by Norton, Disk Warrior, or Disk First Aid.
Data Rescue found and recovered nearly 100% of all the files. It seemed miraculous. This is something you hopefully won't need very often, but if you've lost valuable data, this amazing app could be the answer to your prayers.
Tony "

(added Nov. 6th, 2003)
" 1 gig of ram (max) Yikes G-4 w/a buncha firewire 400 drives and three internal ones, ONE of which (internal, not firewire) went 'south' (after installing Panther) and NOTHING would bring it back, 'cept for Prosoft DataRescue X which I used under the last developer build of Panther without a hitch...
Got 60 gigs of data back fine and dandy. Simple to use, and does just what it says it does with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Their support was lightning quick and very much appreciated (I asked about Panther support, they said everything "should" work, but they were not privy to a copy at the time I asked them).
Dave "

(added Nov. 5th, 2003)
" Hi Mike
I had a terrific experience using Data Recue. About two years ago my wife's hard drive went south and nothing I tried could resurrect it. Norton-TechTool-DiskWarrior all threw up their virtual hands. None of them could even see the drive. I went searching the web and found Data Rescue and bought it right away. It was able to retrieve about 99% of the files and I was saved from what would have been a rather disastrous loss. It was a miracle in my mind and I hope I never have to use it again.
(he later wrote this disk was running (OS 9)"

(added Sept. 15th, 2003)
" I bought a copy of Data rescue 10.2.3 after my 60 GB LaCie Pocketdrive crashed for no apparent reason. The drive itself seemed to be intact but the B-tree records were wiped off. Data Rescue did a full scan of my Hard Drive and located about every file but when selecting the files the application would quit without notice. I gave it another try on another machine (an imac, the first machine was a PowerBook 1GHz) which did the job but every file (with one welcome exception I should note) came out damaged. I did some testing and found out that this bug apparently was already in the earlier versions of the shareware version of Data Rescue (which was later acquired by ProSoft, rebranded and stuffed with extra features) 30.b which ran under OS 9.
The application would freeze upon clicking the Recover button. I sent ProSoft extensive reports with logfiles but all I was told was to wait for the new version which would be released in 2 weeks. After 3 months they finally released version 10.3 but no word on my issue. I also haven't received any email from them that would indicate my bug was adressed. Of course I already sent in the drive for a warranty replacement so I can't test 10.3. I don't have the time to keep my pocketdrive unused in a closet for over 3 months. A waste of money and a bad experience, hope I'll never have to use it again!
Sander van Loosbroek, The Netherlands "

I've not used this software personally - but so far this is the only bad report I've had on it (see previous reader experiences below).

(added Sept. 15th, 2003)
" I agree with the others re Data Rescue. In thorough scan mode it'll find & recover files no other utility can find. great software.
F. Kuechmann "

(added Sept. 15th, 2003)
" Hi, just wanted to let you know that DR has saved a few drives for me over the years.
Usually, it's pretty straightforward, but in one instance, I had trouble determining the correct block size. Until I figured out the correct number, the results were poor.

Another time, I had mediocre results with the OS X version, so on a whim, I tried the older OS 9 version, which I believe was 3.0 beta. It performed much better, oddly.

I'd also recommend PhotoRescue for SmartMedia cards and the like. They seem to be somewhat flakey, and I've been able to rescue a few cards with PhotoRescue.
Cheers, Angus "

(Sept. 12th, 2003)
"Data rescue is by far the best and the slowest recovery software I have ever used. Long after norton and diskwarrior have quit, data rescue saves the day. On large drives with multiple hundreds of thousands of files I have let it run for 36+ hours. It does find everything though, even files that are damaged. I only use it as a last resort. I can't wait for the new version!
George T."

(Sept. 12th, 2003)
" I would also like to add that Data Rescue truly is an essential utility when all else fails. I had a 128 GB disk suddenly go flaky and like the others mentioned, it would not mount and no other utility even saw the drive. The drive was about 70% full of mostly video, photo, and mp3 files. I am happy to say that I had a 100% success in recovery and it really didn’t take very long at all.
When you start the app, you have a choice of a quick scan or a thorough scan. At first I selected the thorough option but soon realized that it would take quite a while. I exited and tried the quick scan. (thinking that if it didn’t work I would use the thorough option later) Well the quick scan only takes a few minutes, but managed to find all the files. Of course the actually recovery process takes much longer, about an hour or two if I remember correctly, but still a very good job.
The loss of that data would have been devastating, especially all the photos and videos that were irreplaceable.

All I can say is before you give up and toss that crashed hard drive in the rubbish bin, give this app a try and you might be pleasantly surprised. Especially if you are as lazy as me about not backing up your data.
Alan W. "

(Sept. 12th, 2003)
" Hi Mike, you were looking for feedback on Data Rescue from Prosoft.
I work as a troubleshooter (you could call it a service technician) at an Apple Center, and usually come across lots of software related problems. Simple directory damage and catalog tree inconsistencies can be solved with DiskWarrior and Norton Disk Doctor, which were always my first choice. Once, a client of ours brought a full 80 gig hard drive to us, on which he had a complete audio master recording of two concerts, with no backups and about 3 days of work on them. (He was preparing it for TV broadcast). The disk wouldn't mount, DiskWarrior didn't even see it, Norton Volume Recovery could only see around 30 megabytes of data, so it was a no-go situation. Our last hope seemed to be a data recovery firm, which would cost $2000+ and take three days at least.

Then a friend of mine recommended Data Rescue, which he used for a long time, and let me borrow his copy for that day. I installed a spare 80 gig drive along with the bad one into a MDD G4, and let Data Rescue do it's job. The bad one was designated read only, the blank 80 gig as the destination disk for the recovered files. It took more than six hours, but it succeeded and we only lost about 10% of the data, which was corrupted probably due to earlier data damage.

So, it saved a lot of time, money, and we added it to our repair repertoire.
Cheers, Benedek "

(Sept. 12th, 2003)
" my general comments on using previous releases are very positive. the application was originally developed by Sylvain Demongeot of so a respect to him. it fills a gap in any Mac Tech's armoury that is not covered by any other utility. where a disk drive is so badly damaged that even Disk Warrior, nevermind Norton, cant see it; Data Rescue is your last hope. And I have used it successfully to restore data from totally wiped out drives. I dont actually know how it works but even passing it over the damage drive or partition has restored it enough to a point where Disk Warrior has then been able to grab it and do its suff.

what it does is scan the drive at a much lower level than other utilities and provide you with list of folders within folders duplicated many times over in which you can find complete files / applications / folders etc of lost data which then can be copied over to a good drive. you can wing it and recover to other partitions but this is not recommended as it might over write. i have lucked out when necessary.
it may or may not recover delete data. I have had experience both ways and it does state that this is not what it is meant to do. but sometimes it does work.

what i must say is that it takes a very, very, long time to scan a disk especially where there is a damaged sector or a lot of files. think 2 to 8 hours. (yesterday's update PR claimed up to 300% faster than the previous version). sometimes I have had to leave it all night. i would hate to think how long it might take on a OS X drive.

i would say that with this application any competent tech could start to advertise data recover in perhaps 90% of critical situations and certainly be bailed out of many other hard drive failures. i have even managed to use it on a damaged native ATA connected to a PCI card. may be if you contact Sylvain he might explain how it worked.
excellent. a life saver.
john a. "

I welcome other reports on this software (or other brands of data recovery utilities).

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