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Feedback on iDVD2 'No SuperDrive' Patch:
Published: 12/4/2001
Last Updated: 12/5/2001 (for iDVD 2.05 update)

iDVD 2.05 Update: A day after this article was posted Apple released a 2.05 update to iDVD2, so I doubt any of the patches below work with 2.05. Owners of iDVD 2 for OS X can use Software Updates to get the 2.05 update, or download it from this Apple page. According to Apple v2.05 has the following changes:

    " Includes enhancements to the burning process, corrects a situation where some files would mistakenly be identified as iDVD 2 documents and more. "

One of Barney's OS X software related links last night (Dec. 3rd) included this iDVD2 No Superdrive patch page which is in French. (The download includes 3 iDVD2 patches, but no readme file, etc.) Mike Sprecher sent a better translation of the page that posted in last night's news.

    " How to use iDVD2 without an internal Apple SuperDrive :
    I am unaware how many different version of iDVD2 are circulating, but I have already listed 3 versions. This is why I have provided three different patches to cover at least these 3 versions of iDVD2.
    A quick reminder on how to apply one of those patches to iDVD2:
    - download the patch file
    - Make a copy of the iDVD.app package and open it within MacOS 9.
    - Move the file "iDVD" to the desktop. The file can be found in Contents/MacOS
    - Doubleclick the patch application and patch that iDVD App.
    - Once applied, you'll find the file patched and the original file renamed to "iDVDOld"
    - Move the file "iDVD" back into the folder "Contents/MacOS"
    - close the (MacOS X) Package again and reboot into MacOS X to try it out "

Several readers sent comments on using these patches. (It does not allow external burners to be used.) The reports including two from iBook owners.

" Mike, Patches did not work with my version of iDVD2.

But a few notes from others who have been successful:
- only allows you to run the program on a G4 Tower or G4 PowerBook
[see below for iBook owner comments, esp. the 2nd iBook user comments.-Mike]

- you can edit and save your project, but will not be able to burn on an external drive

- so you still need to go over to an internal drive in order to burn

There is no technical reason why iDVD2 should not be able to work with an external drive; it is purely a marketing decision by Apple.
(name withheld by request) "

" I am using a Powerbook G4 and an external Superdrive. I applied the patch an iDVD2 launched. Nice! However it does not allow to write the drive. It renders nicely in the background, but as soon as you hit œburn” nothing happens.
frank "

" I have been trying the iDVD2 patches and they do allow me to launch iDVD2 on my iBook 2001 (most people are saying iDVD2 req G4). I can then import media, author, etc. Unfortunately though - thats as far as it gets. It was my intention to save the project as a disk image and burn it with Toast to the miniDVD format which plays back on my home DVD player. Unfortunately when I hit the burn button - a screen appears briefly then it returns to the main screen without doing anything. I have not given up yet though. In perusing the resources I can see that within the burn dialog there is an option to "Save to image" - I just haven't been able to get that dialog to appear yet.
- thx
C.P. "

" Aloha Mike, I installed idvd2 on my ibook 500 and applied the patch. It works. IDVD actually starts up. I had tried this previously to the patch, and it stated I did not have the resources to run the program on the ibook. One problem is that the motion background and motion buttons do not work. Unfortunately, I do not have an external burner to test out to see if it would export, only my internal on my 733. When you click the burn button, it starts like it is going to burn, then just returns to the dvd project. I can run the preview and it works fine.
he later wrote

After some more playing around, I got the background and button motions movies to work. They run pretty jagged on the iBook. If this works on Firewire DVD-R drives, this would be an added advantage for owners of the TiBook as iDVD has not worked on them previously. On the road DVD authoring.
Mauian "

" Visit the iDVD forum to hear the cries of disappointed users trying iDVD2 with external DVD burners, or unsupported G4s, such as PowerBooks. The use of this patch is being discussed on the following Apple Discussion Forum:

Some users have apparently made the patch work, although it seems to need a program called Resourcerer (shareware, $250). I have not been able to run the patch from the French site. It always quits with a "Resouce Fork Error".
John "

Not sure why he's getting the error and others above didn't note that.

A reader commented about iDVD2 running without an internal Superdrive (or any patches) on his dual G4:

" I haven't tried any patches, but I installed iDVD2 on a Dual G4 500 with no Superdrive and the installer never even asked me if I had one. I just ordered the upgrade CD from Apple and installed it, it was that simple. It works flawlessly, albeit, I can't burn any DVD's, but I can do anything else.
Steve "

I welcome other comments on these patches - epecially If anyone knows of a mod to get external FW DVD-R drives working in iDVD - please let me know .

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