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iTunes 1.1 and Disc Burn Tips:
Last Updated: 12/6/2001

Note: Check the FAQ's CDROM/CDR section for modified support files/plugins for some CDRW or Combo drives that do not have native Apple itunes/discburner support. (For tips/guide to editing support files - see the prev. Tips page.)

(Older info follows)

Authoring Support 1.1.5 Update (OS ): If the update does not show up in OS 9's Software Updates (control panel), you can download it at http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=120069.
(from the readme file)

    " Changes in Version 1.1.5
    Version 1.1.5 fixes some issues for ISO burns using iTunes and DiscBurner.

    New CD-R Drives Supported
    CD-R drive manufacturers often use several different mechanisms in the same CD-R product. The following drive models and mechanisms are the only new combinations tested by Apple. This list may change; for the latest information, check the Apple CD-R Compatibility Web site.

    Drive Name / Mechanism
    Sony CRX-1650L-A2 - CRX-1611
    Sony Digital Relay - CRX-1611
    Sony Spressa Professional 10x4x32x - CRX145E

    For a complete list of supported drives see www.apple.com/itunes/compatibility/.

Other drives may also work however. A reader email noted a Lite-On 24x drive appears to be supported, even though it's not in the list. (However I suggest a test burn to make sure the drive is supported.) The Apple CD/DVD extension version was not updated. (Note: For those that have modified support files for iTunes - make a backup copy of them before applying this update in case they are overwritten. If the update does not include support for your drive you can then copy the modified file back over.)

1.1.3 Authoring Support Update (OS 9) On 10/4/2001 Apple released this update that lists the following drives as being added to the supported list:

    Changes in Version 1.1.3
    Files with long names are now better supported.

    Third-party applications that support SDAP (Shared Device Access Protocol), such as Dantz Retrospect, can now use Apple internal rewritable drives. (there was a recent Retrospect driver update to add support for some Apple internal CDRW drives-Mike)

    New CD-R Drives Supported
    Drive Name Mechanism Firmware Version
    BusLink RW-1640 LiteOn LTR-16101B TSOL
    BUSlink RW1232 FM LiteOn LTR-12101B LS3D
    CD CyClone CDRevo FireWire 24x10x40 Sanyo CRD-BP1500P 6.34
    EZQuest BOA 24x10x40x FireWire CD-RW Sanyo CRD-BP1500P 6.34
    Freecom Traveler 4X4X20X CR-RW Ricoh RW8040 1.15
    Freecom Portable 8X4X32X CD-RW Philips CDD4801 2.0
    LaCie 24x10x40x SE2100 FireWire/USB CD-RW Sanyo CRD-BP1500 1.44
    Logitec LCW-R2010DBFU Yamaha CRW2200E 1.0D
    Que! Fire 16x10x40x Sanyo CRD-BP1500P 6.34
    Que! Fire 24x10x40x Plextor PX-2410A 1.00
    RATOC FR-CW84 FireWire CD-RW MKE CDRRW07 1.0
    Yamaha CRW2200IX-VK Yamaha CRW2200 1.0D
    Yamaha CRW2200FXZ Yamaha CRW2200 1.0D

If your IDE or Firewire CDRW drive is still not supported, check to see if there is a modified support file listed in the CDROM/CDR section of our FAQ.

Mods for Que 24x Firewire CDRW and IDE Plextor 24/10/40 CDRW Drives: (from the 11/7/2001 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page)
Several owners of recent Que 24x Firewire CDRW drives have noted no iTunes support (due to the fact some drives had Plextor 24x mechanisms instead of the Sanyo 24x drive Que sells as their IDE model.) One of today's Drive Database entries notes the mods to support files (similar to previous mod files/info noted here in the last year) that enabled support for the drive. (Since it's modifying the Plextor support file - IDE Plextor 24/10/40 drives should also work.)

Que Firewire 24x in Dual G4 (OS X)
" QPS Que!Fire 24x10x40 with Plextor mech on a G4 500 DP. Drive works like a charm -- effortless, fast, beautiful burns and no coasters yet. Drive supports buffer underrun, but most do now.

Authoring Support had to be hacked. Here's the details:

For OS 9, use ResEdit with Forker to modify the data fork of:
/System Folder/Extensions/Authoring Support Files/PlextorCDR
[To download Forker, click here-Mike]

For OS X, I used HexEdit
(http://hexedit.sourceforge.net/) to modify:

In either case, look for "PX-W1210A" and change to "PX-W2410A" (unless you have a 12x Plextor mech attached, in which case pick another entry).
[The original reader comments had a typo ("PW-W2410A") - only the numbers change so you only need to change the "12" to "24" in the ID string.-Mike]

Save the file... and you're done. As always, work off a backup, then copy the file to the location listed above. For OS X, use Terminal and sudo cp or su to root then copy.

Everything works beautifully at full 24x burns: In OS 9.2.1 -- Toast 5.0.2, Disc Burner, and iTunes 1 & 2. In OS X 10.1 -- Toast Preview 2, Disc Burner, iTunes 1 & 2. I'm using the Hypermedia 24x discs I got free with my order from Outpost.

(NOTE: for OS 9, I disabled the Disc Burner FireWire and USB authoring extensions in favor of the Toast extensions.)
Steve H "

Toshiba R1102 Combo Drive Update: My Toshiba R1102 Combo drive in my Dual G4/500 works with OS 9.2.1 and OS X 10.1 (iTunes and Discburner, etc.) without needing any mods. See my 9/27/2001 OS X 10.1 DVD/CDRW Features article for more info.

Support File Mods for IDE Que 24/10/40, Lite-On 16/10/40 and Sony 16/10/40: See the CDROM and CDR section of the FAQ for download links to modified support files for these drives.

Authoring Support Update: (From the 5/7/2001 www.xlr8yourmac.com front page news)
James Denton wrote that Apple has posted a page with the Authoring Support 1.1 as a standalone updater. However when I click on the "download" link, it just goes to the ITunes page. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. James later sent a direct download link to the file. (The Authoring Support 1.1 update was previously available only via Software Updates control panel.) One common report from readers is this update improves support for Teac based CDRW drives.

Disc Burner 1.01 Update: on 2/27/2001 Apple released Disc Burner v1.01.

Toast 5.01 Update Notes: (from the 4/18/2001 main news page)
A reader noted in the 4/17/2001 news that the Toast 5.01 update (3.6MB download) includes support files that are iTunes/DiscBurner compatible and that his HP drive that was unsupported in iTunes/Discburner now works. Another reader with a SCSI Yamaha 8424S drive also noted it worked after the Toast 5.01 update. My copy of Toast 5 (upgrade) arrives in a few days, but if any readers that have Toast 5.01 can comment if it adds iTunes/DiscBurner support for the Combo DVD/CDRW drives from Samsung and Toshiba, please let me know. (Reports of other previously unsupported drives working are also welcome.)
Note: Although unconfirmed, there are rumors that the next update to iTunes will not be Toast 5 compatible.

iTunes/Disc Burner Mod File for Plextor 16/10/40 IDE CDRWs: Several readers with Plextor IDE 16/10/40x CDRW drives that tried the modified support file noted in the 3/13/2001 news said it worked. Thanks again to Theo for providing it.

iTunes/Disc Burner Mod File for Teac 12/10/32 Drive: A reader's entry in the Drive Compatibility Database noted he'd found a modified support file that added support in iTunes/Disc Burner for the Teac 12/10/32x mechanism equipped Madlogix Firewire drive. (Also works with Que 12/10/32 Firewire CDRWs that use the Teac drive). He noted the file was available here (direct download link). Todd later wrote that he only burned at 8x rates but I asked if he had tested using the "max" rate setting. (He noted using 8x as it was the fastest speed under "max" but didn't say if he had tried the "max" setting, which might be 12x ). There were other issues with some Teac based Que 12/10/32 drives noted in the database here, which were reportedly solved by later firmware updates (which are PC updaters unfortunately).

Disc Burn Backups and Modification Dates: A reader noted that he liked Disc Burner, but that files on burned CDs show a modification date of the day of the burn, which is not desired for file backups.

" Mike,
I don't think I have read any other reports, but my brother and I both have this problem. When using Disc Burner on 2 separate, but similar systems (B&W 350 rev b with Sony 12x8x32 CDRW), Any files burned receive a Modification date of the burn date. Not good when you catalog your disc and need to go back and search the most recent files. Anyone else having this problems. The only other feature I would like for Disc Burner to have is the ability to burn multiple copies of the same image. We back up 2 CDs at once for off site storage. I guess all in all Disc Burner was not meant as a replacement for toast. I do like it for quick burns, though.
Mark Neal "

Info on Resedit Mods to iTunes Drive Support File: (from the 3/8/2001 www.xlr8yourmac.com daily news page)

" Hi Mike ,
Concerning iTunes and CD-burners I think i have found the way to make any burners "unsupported" --> "supported" which DOES NOT Mean that they will burn correctly , however iTunes will report them supported : all you have to do is open the "xxxxCDR" file in the authoring support files Folder in the extensions folder with ResEdit and Open the Data fork (You need Forker for Resedit to do that). Then go to the bottom of the data fork code and look at the ASCII code ( right column) , there you will notice the name of the burners supported . For example , i have a yamaha 4260 cdr which is reported unsupported by iTunes , but the yamaha 4416 IS supported ,
so i change the 4416 number in the ASCII part of the datafork to 4260 save the changes and ... it WORKS! iTunes now reports the burner supported , however i tried to burn a cd , it burned well , but the cd will not play in my cd player .... but i think it may work for others burners ...
excuse my english , i'm french !!
see ya
Riviera from France"

If this works to add support for your drive let me know.

A reader wrote with some tips on using Disc Burn with iTunes 1.1 with 3rd party drives. (See below for iTunes 1.1 feedback)

" This might have been mentioned already, but I'm pretty sure I read an earlier post of how to this from this site when iTunes 1.0 was released. That didn't work for me but it gave me enough to go on to make it now work with iTunes 1.1.

Now that Apple has released iTunes 1.1, some of us may have better luck getting our CD Burners to fully work to burn data CDs as well.

If you load up iTunes 1.1 and you are able to burn from it then chances are you can force your Mac to burn data CDs with the Disc Burner install.

You will have to get yourself a copy of TomeViewer since the installer still is adamant about not allowing installation on non-Apple internal CD-RW Macs.

Get the Disc Burner install [direct download link]

But now all you need to do is go into the Installer Tome of the Disc Burner image and Expand the following:

Disc Burner
Disc Burner Extension
Finder 9.1.1

Put the Disc Burner app in your Utilities folder. The Disc Burner Extension in your Extensions folder. And swap out your old 9.1 Finder with 9.1.1 to give you the Burn CD option in the Special menu.

Restart. And you should be able to go. This worked for me on my Que! FireWire CD Burner. Again, be sure to install iTunes 1.1 first and make sure your burner works in iTunes first.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

(Reader comment on Disc Burner/iTunes and CD formatted sizes)

" Note that I also posted in Forums. Using extracted Finder 9.1.1. Upgrade to iTunes allows use of Disk Burner 1.0. Have done some basic burns.

One note: if I insert CDR and let Disk Burn load on its own, it shows 580MB available on my 700MB CDR. Repeated after restarting and turning drive on/off. However, if I launch Disk Burn and THEN insert CDR, it recognizes full available capacity.
(Firewire Sony CRX145E/XI, B&W G3) "

Related Links:

I welcome reports or tips on iTunes compatibility with 3rd party drives - enter a report on CDRW drives in our Drive Compatibility Database. (Use comments field for iTunes compat. comments.)

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