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iTunes 7 Feedback, Compatibility Notes, Tips
Reports last Updated: 3/21/2007 (more 7.1.1 feedback)
Last iTunes Update: 7.1.1 (3/16/2007)

This page has reader feedback, compatibility notes and tips on iTunes 7.x. (There's a separate page of Reader feedback on iTunes store Movie downloads.)
BTW - Matthew called saying he could not use the iTunes 7 backup menu item with his external (Firewire) DVD burner rather than the internal drive. I asked if he had selected the external drive in the iTunes burning prefs, but he said it didn't appear there (although ASP listed it). On a hunch I suggested he insert a blank DVD disc in the FW burner. The drive then appeared as an option in the burning prefs. (Just a FYI in case anyone else sees this after the update.)

A list of iTunes and iPod related Apple Knowledge Base (Troubleshooting/Info) Docs are at the bottom of this page.

iTunes 7.1.1 Update released (3/16/2007) Available via Software update and download pages for Mac and windows.

" iTunes 7.1.1 addresses a stability issue and minor compatibility problems in iTunes 7.1"

Reader Reports on iTunes 7.x: (later reports first)
If you've seen a pro or con from iTunes 7.x, let me know. Please include version numbers of any 3rd party plugins used. (Also check the website of any 3rd party addons to see if there's an update to address any compatibility issues. Thanks!)

iPod Shuffle Track Order Problems (updated w/notes/fixes) (Updated) - Apparently isn't uncommon but a shuffle owner wrote about a fix he's used:

" Mike, I have had this same problem with my 1st generation shuffle. It appeared before iTunes 7.1.1. It's not an issue for me, but I recently reset the shuffle using the latest/new Apple program, (I assume the iPod Reset Utility 1.0 for Mac released on 3/15-Mike) and then loaded some books. The sequence of tracks was maintained.
Regards, Don K. "

(Earlier reader mails on this)

"iPod Shuffle Gen 1 and iTunes 7.1.1
I updated iTunes to 7.1.1 on my 12" Powerbook G4 and now my iPod Shuffle will not maintain the track order. I re-organize them and they look fine, but when I eject and remove the shuffle from my USB port, they have reset to some random order, (the same order every time). Am I the only one with this problem?
Thanks, Shawn"

I don't own a shuffle personally but I asked him if there was any 'random' play setting enabled (although not clear if he was seeing truly random order from the "they have reset to some random order, (the same order every time)" comment). Within minutes of posting this a reader sent a note about something to check:

" The very first thing to check with a Shuffle is if he accidentally pushed the on off switch all the way on (to the bottom position).
That will hard code the Shuffle to randomize playback no matter what order the playlist is in.
(After I mentioned to Joe that I wasn't sure the order was really 'random', he later wrote)
Reading Shawn's posting more carefully I see what he is asking about is behavior I have always had with my first gen Shuffle. For me this behavior didn't start with the latest update. My Shuffle will always play back the most recently created track first and will play them back in newest to oldest order no matter how I try to order the playlist. The confusing thing is the iTunes window for my Shuffle does not show the creation date (although the podcast directory in iTunes does).
The window for the Shuffle device in iTunes shows the date I put the tracks onto the shuffle (the modification date), which has zero to do with the order in which the Shuffle plays them back (I am NOT "shuffling" by playback).
If you use a Shuffle mostly for sampling random music tracks from your library you never worry about this issue, but if like me (and likely Shawn) you use a Shuffle as mostly a podcast client this becomes a real annoyance.

I wrote Shawn to ask he check the switch setting and he replied:

" No, that's not it. I actually fixed it last night after writing you the email. First I discovered that the tracks weren't actually random, they were sorted by "release date". No matter what I did, when I removed it from my USB port, it defaulted back to that sort order.

A quick Google search revealed this article
Unfortunately, the fix is to wipe your iTunes Library and start over. Fortunately, I sync my Shuffle with my Powerbook, which does not have my whole iTunes library on it, so the damage was negligible. However, it makes me think twice about ever syncing an iPod with my primary iTunes library!
Thanks, Shawn "

I think I'd have tried the iPod Reset Utility first to see if it solved the problem as it did for someone else.

(added 3/19/2007)
"Mike, Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, and it may have been available in older versions of iTunes, but I just noticed when I updated to 7.1.1 I saw that I could stream iTunes music to multiple Airport Express' and also have the stream playing through my computer. The best part? Everything is synced up perfectly.

multiple speakers

I am assuming this is all leading to multiple integration with the Apple TV unit, but it is a nice feature anyway, as it makes multi-floor music easy. Thanks for all your work on the site, i'm a long time follower.
With regards, Sandor F. "

I don't own an airport express but thought they had added that feature in previous versions. I double checked (searching apple support site) and found a reference to using multiple AE's with iTunes 6.0.2 and later in the Airtunes section of the AirPort Express frequently asked questions (FAQ). Airtunes Question 10 says "With iTunes 6.0.2 or later, you can send an AirTunes stream to multiple remote AirPort Express units, provided that each AirPort Express has the latest AirPort firmware (available here). The maximum number of remote AirPort Express units is three to six in typical conditions..." Question 11 is "Can iTunes send different AirTunes streams to different AirPort Express stations? Answer: No. iTunes only sends the same stream to multiple AirPort Express units."

(earlier reports below were from iTunes 7.0.x users, before 7.1.1 was released)

(added 12/20/2006)
" I have been having great difficulty importing AAC files into itunes 7.02. I cannot drag and drop or use the import command in the file menu. I have reinstalled itunes twice now and still same thing happens. Files were originally created in AudioHijackPro. Apple tech support is clueless..they have had me reinstall system 10.4.8...still same problem. I try to drop 4 or 5 filles into iTunes and it makes two copies of the first one...sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't import at all. Very frustrating.
-Dave S. "

Anyone else see this? I don't have audio HJ pro but did you encode them using 2.7.1? (released Nov. 28th) - it noted Improved AAC recording. Did you write rogueamoeba support to ask them if they know Of any issues with AHP aac files and iTunes 7.02? Is itunes trying to convert imported files to another format? (itunes prefs setting) Just curious as I don't normally import aac files (i convert from audio CDs, or MP3s) Also just as a FYI - what startup items do you have under your login? any 3rd party mods/haxies, addons for iTunes, etc.?

(from 11/24/2006 mail - updated 12/20/2006)
"I, and a lot of other people, are having a lot of problems with iTunes 7.02. There seems to be a problem with playing cd's after burning tracks. (G5 dual 2.3GHz, 10.4.8)
The Cd's will play in some cars and stereos, but not in others. There is quite a bit of feedback regarding this problem in the Apple discussion forums. Request to Apple have been useless.

I've gone through a couple of dozen blanks cd's, only to find that nothing helps.

I've tried many brands of cd's, music cd's, you name it. I've tried many different speeds. Slow speeds make the situation worse. Burning at 16x or faster is the only way I can make it play.

I "repaired the disk permissions" which helped only to a degree. I manages to burn some songs, but players will not play the first track.

iTunes 6 was a much better platform. I have burned cd's with no problem until the 7/ 7.02 update. Now I read that it may may be my Superdrive (HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4165B) is about to give out. It's just over a year old. I've also been told that it may need a firmware update. There is no such animal out there.

I found a work around but...
I also have a PC that has two cd bays. One for playing and on for burning. I'll put in the errant cd and a blank and burn the tracks to it. It plays everywhere.
Same with putting the errant cd in my Powerbook, downloading the tracks to iTunes 6, put in a blank and burn it it also then plays everywhere.
My conclusion is that there must be some problem with 7.02. I know there are a lot of other unhappy folks out there. Got any suggestions?
(You already tried the first thing I'd have thought of (different brand of media, different speeds, etc.) - do you have another burning app (toast or other) to try burning an audio CD using the same system/drive (to see if it's only an itunes issue) or have access to another drive to burn to on that system to see if the same problem is present regardless of drive.-Mike)
I finally gave up and put in a new superdrive.
It works great, but I never did solve the old drive problem. I tried burning audio cd disks with Toast to no avail. (that ruled out iTunes as a sole source of the problem)
I would put the errant audio disk into another pc and and copy it onto another disk and it would then be playable.
Go figure. My superdrive was just over a year old.
Strange though that I have read about many many other people that have "suddenly" had the same problem.
-Ron "

First Feedback on iTunes 7.0.2 Although I didn't see any problems with iTunes 7.0.1 (on a 10.3.9 PB G4 here), a couple readers that had wrote that the 7.0.2 update seems to have helped:

(added 11/1/2006)
"Saw the note on the front page and downloaded right away. So far no crashing!!! 7.0 and 7.0.1 crashed within minutes of opening. Now to test connecting my iPod (which was locking up my MBP completely as soon as it was connected).
Took 'em long enough to release it, I couldn't believe how bad 7.0.1 was, I tried everything, plenty of similar reports over at the Apple forums too. Quality control at Apple must be slipping or something.

Pod works fine now too! Now to find something else to complain about, oh yeah 10.4.8 dropping my wireless signal every 10 minutes...
-Matt F."

(added 11/1/2006)
"I was having the exact same problem with my ipod and I tunes 7 lock whole computer (G4 Sawtooth). This update fixed the problem, no more lock ups...

BTW: As I mentioned above in the 7.0.2 update notes, I and another reader (in USA) noticed after the update the iTunes store no longer listed movies. This was due to the iTunes store Country setting being changed (mine was set to France IIRC, but that can vary). (BTW - a reader said he saw the same problem (but country was set to Swiss) even though he hadn't updated to v7.0.2.) I changed it back to United States (menu at bottom of ITunes store page/window) and then the movie listings appear. Matthew said Repair Permissions showed a correction on the iTunes app/frameworks/internet utilities bundle but I didn't see that here. (If you do run RP from Disk Utility and are running Tiger, you might as well verify the disk also.)

Note: reports below are before iTunes 7.0.2 was released

" After installing iTunes 7.0 on my system, my CD import speed dropped from 12x-14x to 4x on average. The 7.0.1 update imports at the expected 12x-13x. That must explain how the update addressed issues with CD importing as noted in Software Update.
(Just for the record I asked for his mac model/optical drive used)
That's with a gigabit G4 dual 1 GHz and a Yamaha CRW-F1 over firewire. It's running 10.4.6 still due to Powerlogix's inability to to date to make the L3 cache work with 10.4.7.
-Randy S.

Note: A CPU Director update compatible with OS X 10.4.8/10.4.7 is now available at www.powerlogix.com/products/cpudirector/. (OS X 10.4.8 is out now.) Randy must have one of the (not common) Dual 1GHz (745x CPU based) that didn't enable the L3 cache w/o software. (I reviewed a PL Dual 1GHz several years ago - it required no software to enable the L3 cache in my Digital audio mac, most AGP slot Mac CPU upgrades don't.)

" I just found something that may be helpful to your readers:
I was getting the now infamous 'do not disconnect' message when connecting my ipod with 7.01. (I think that's normal for any iTunes version. I've always seen that in the past when connecting an ipod, even iPod screen shows the message.-Mike) If you can click the X on "Updating iPod" before it starts the update (you gotta be quick) it will allow you start iTunes. From here you can check "manually manage music" and use your iPod in manual mode. It seems to work fine this way. It's not really a fix but at least you can connect your iPod without iTunes crashing.

Knock on wood I've not had any iPod problems with the updates (although as I mentioned some time back - I had the 'unknown error' when updating the iPod with the v1.2 software for it, although after quitting itunes/unmounting the iPod (from the finder) the firmware update proceeded and completed fine. (Same error seen during the 1.2 iPod update on a (original) iPod video and (original) iPod Nano. Both updated ok however.)
However I updated my library (on the Mac's HD) first, before connecting an iPod. Some in the past had problems with corrupted iPods or libraries. (See older reports below.)

(9/27/2006 - v7.0.1)
" ... iTunes 7.0 was okay on my PowerBook G4 550. iTunes 7.0.1 has some display issues for me, to say the least. When cycling through the view options in the upper right for covers, the iTunes window kind of half redraws, leaving me with a mess. I can minimize the iTunes window to the dock and bring it back to visually clear it up, but the scroll bar sliders (all- for both songs and playlists) are "frozen" although if I use psychic powers (i.e. click around until I catch the "invisible" one) I can slide it. The arrow keys still work, but I am encountering a serious display issue with redraws and updates. The music seems to playback just fine though, but controlling it is now more difficult than it was this morning under 7.0.
I'm using 10.4.7 and all updates are applied. I repaired permissions and rebooted but the problem remained.
Cheers, Marty "

I didn't see a problem in 7.0.1 with the (very limited) album covers I have (I didn't select the option to download missing covers however). But anything to do with the iTunes store lately is very very sluggish on the PB G4 (1.3GHz/10.3.9) here lately, but not sure if that's due to the net connection or the iTunes server load. Matthew replied to Marty's post saying he'd not seen this problem:

" no display problems like Marty, but I have a 1GHz iBook (w/1GB ram), not a speed demon to be sure, and a huge amount of album covers, for what it's worth.
However, note the following on iTunes 7 page for additional video especially..
    Additional Video Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
  • 1 GHz G4 processor or better
  • QuickTime 7.1.3 or later
  • 16MB video RAM


Granted Marty's PB G4/550 doesn't meet the "video requirements" but the Album cover art is not video (basically a Jpeg image) and he said he didn't see the problem with iTunes 7.0.0.

Note: Reports below after from before the iTunes 7.0.1 update was released.

(added 9/15/2006)
Hi Mike, I've had the same problem with my 5th gen ipod (30 video). Updated itunes to 7, qt to 7.1.3. Attached my ipod, went into the update mode and froze with the do not connect message. Followed the 5 'blessed' (and useless steps on Apple site). Called apple support (the ipod is still under the one year warranty). First call produced this result. Yes I've personally seen this on my ipod but it will cost you $69 to have us troubleshoot. Promised to email some solutions from the Apple site (nothing so far ). (But I got an email on "how did we do". Second call same $69 solution, or for $39 you can send in your ipod (since it is past the 180 day sub warrantee period).
Asked to escalate the call. Got a Shawn from Sacramento call centre. Yes he had the power to waive any fees but he wasn't going to - so there!)

I'm sure this is a known apple problem but it appears Apple intends to make some money off this great new product. By the way, one of those 5 Apple ipod commandments about if it doesn't appear in iTunes or desktop requires one to restore the ipod, which can only be down in iTunes (after it recognizes the connected ipod ....DuHH!
A frustrated loyal Apple user (since 1984!!)
-Terry G."

I didn't have any real problems with a 30GB iPod Video although as I mentioned in the Sept. 13th news page, I did see the 'unknown error' message when doing a download/update to iPod v1.2 software that had me worried for second. But quitting out of iTunes and unmounting the iPod resulted in it starting and completing the iPod update OK.

(added 9/15/2006)
"I updated to iTunes 7 the night after its release. My 4GB iPod Mini was in its dock connected via the USB2 cable. iTunes installed fine. The only third party addition to iTunes that I use is Synergy (v3.0). I am running OS 10.4.7 on a PowerMac dual-G5 2.0 GHz. My iPod is set to automatically sync calendar and address book info but manual update of music files. When I launched iTunes 7 it began to scan my library and update my iPod. (personally I'd have updated the lib first and after that was completed, then connect the iPod later-Mike) It was late when I began the update and at this point I went to sleep. When I woke up the iPod was stuck in the same place of having its files updated. It was obviously frozen and although it said "Do Not Disconnect" I did so anyway. Bad idea. I restarted the iPod and got the sad iPod symbol.

I have tried everything to fix it. I tried to restore to factory settings. I tried to reformat using Disk Utility. It will not mount. I can force it into disk mode, but when the mac tries to communicate with it via iTunes, the iPod restarts. If I can get Disk Utility to see it, then any reformat fails with an IO error. There is now a definite clicking from the iPod hard drive that did not exist before. Any idea how to fix this?
-Steve P "

I don't know of any fix for this (some others saw the same thing). Apple has some iPod troubleshooting kbase docs at their website and maybe apple's forums (or a support person there) has some suggestions as I know there's some threads there on problems.

(added 9/15/2006)
"Mike, I haven't had any issues so far with the iTunes 7 update, but I've seen a couple reports of a hanging finder and iPod. Just thought that I'd suggest that the same symptoms are usually present with a dying iPod hard drive or battery. A dying hard drive can be disastrous, but the battery issue can be remedied with around $20.

Why these are showing up after installing iTunes 7 I can't say for sure, unless the thrashing of the drive during the gapless playback info gathering phase could be an issue. I currently have a 3rd gen iPod that won't hold over 6GB (out of 20) due to a similar hard drive issue. These issues aren't specific to iTunes 7, but rather just the lifespan of the drive.
long story short, it may just be a coinkidink :)
-Brent R. "

I doubt it was a bad hard drive in the iPod (more likely some software related issue, interruption of a process/transfer/update, etc.) There's always (usually uncommon) problems seen with most any OS X update and you're 10x more likely to hear about problems than from those without any. (But granted that's little consolation to those that had problems.)

(added 9/15/2006)
"No problems at all!
Gapless playback works great, sound quality appears to be just fine. Everything is pretty working as advertised for me.
Note that I did NOT install the QuickTime 7.1.3 update. (Apple says required for iTunes store movies, although I think Matthew said he played one from an iTunes 6 system)
PowerBook G4 12" (1.33 GHz), 768MB RAM, OS X 10.4.7
I haven't tried to download anything from the store (I'm cheap that way).
Let me know if you need/want any additional info.
-Steve "

(added 9/14/2006)
"Installed iTunes 7 and QT 7 (7.1.3 update). Restart.
iPod connected via FireWire. OS 10.4.7
Gapless analysis stopped halfway through and crashed iTunes.
(I asked Eric if he had any 3rd party plugins installed and he said no.-Mike)
Gapless analysis completes ok.
iTunes attempts to update iPod. Hangs. Beachball. iPod is stuck with "Do not disconnect" message. iPod not visible on desktop. Finder hangs.
iPod is still stuck with "Do not disconnect" message.
Followed all FAQ steps and 5 "R"s. Reset the iPod (not restore, Reset)
iPod has been erased!
iTunes downloads updater and performs Restore successfully.
iTunes attempts to load music onto iPod. Gets as far as the 25th song and crashes. Screen says "updating iPod song 26 of 1208". Stays like that for 20 minutes. Force quit. Restart. Disconnect.
iPod is stuck with "Do not disconnect" message.
Attempt to update iPod with music. Gets as far as song 87. Crashes.
iPod reset. All data lost.
Restore again.
Set iPod updating method from auto to manual. Will attempt loading tonight.
Hope the warranty is still good. I'm not optimistic.
- Eric G."

An iPod Photo owner also reported problems (below). Knock on wood I didn't see this with my iPod (5G) but I didn't connect it until after iTunes 7.0 updated the library on the HD (if that matters). I did see an error initially when trying to update the iPod to v1.2 software but after quitting iTunes the iPod updated successfully. (See notes in the Sept. 13th news page item on iPod 1.2 Software Update Error/Tips, Apple iPod Game Troubleshooting/FAQ Docs.)

DVD Playback problems after Updates: (Not seen here, but see tips/suggestions below)

(added 9/14/2006)
" I updated to iTunes 7 and QuickTime 7.1.3 yesterday, and now I can't play DVDs on my 2003 Dual 2 GHz G5. I have both an internal Pioneer DVR-110 (listed as "Apple Shipped/Supported") and an external Firewire Matsushita DVD-Ram SW-9573S (listed "Vendor Supported" after a Patchburn profile was installed). The Pioneer is "Region Free" (used the region free 1.4.1 firmware to "crossgrade" from a DVR-110D) and the Matsushita is set to Region 1.

After trying numerous times with various Region 1 and Region 2 discs -- and also a region free disc -- I always get a "Supported Media Not Available" text across the top of DVD Player's black window. When opening the Video-TS folder directly, I get a "There was a problem opening the media. The media type is not supported." error message. Twice DVD Player itself crashed, and once and only once I got an error message that said something like "Could not verify copy protection system".

Haven't played any DVDs since last week, but they all worked fine then, and the only changes to my system since were the iTunes and QuickTime updates. Any ideas?
Best, Byron E. "

I've only updated a 10.3.9 system here (main work PB G4) and it still plays DVDs fine. I asked if he'd tried the usual voodoo (Repair Permissions, reinstalling, etc.) - see below for his replies (eventually he did an OS reinstall and tried the updates again, all OK).
A MacBook Pro owner replied he say the same thing, but another reboot solved it:

" I had the same problem yesterday on a macbook pro following install of itunes 7/quicktime 7.1.3. A restart of the machine seemed to fix the problem and as yet it has not reoccurred. I have yet to try it on any other machines.
-Paul "

I wrote Byron to ask if he'd rebooted the machine again (the QT 7.1.3 update requires a reboot after the initial update) and asked if he tried my initial suggestions (Repair permissions, reinstall the update, etc.)
A 2nd reply to this post said repairing permissions helped:

" Hi Mike, I've had this problem several times, exactly as he described it, on both my Quad G5 and my previous Dual 2Ghz G5. Although it makes absolutely no sense, repairing permissions has always fixed this problem (sometimes accompanied with a restart). Hopefully it will be as simple for him.

That was one of the suggestions I originally sent him - also mentioned in the original post here on the update downloads. May not help but worth a try (before and after updates). This reader said repeatedly repairing permissions helped.

" I have a G5 2.3 DP and a Macbook with 10.4.7. Both are stock machines expect for more RAM. I'm not a techie/geek.
Both have been updated yesterday to the latest iTunes and QT. I did the reboot and permissions thing. I'm using the DVD, "No Direction Home Bob Dylan" which is commercial. It has two disks. Here is the strange thing. Disk One will not play, get the "Not supported" message. BUT the second disk plays fine on both machines!
I did notice something on the disks but not being a techie I don't know if it means anything. Notice the different symbols on the two disks. (image attachement sent) Again side one is the disk that doesn't play.
(He later wrote)
I rebooted and ran permissions twice more and now the DVDs work!
I did notice on the second permission run there were all kinds of repairs for iTunes on both of my machines. Hope this solves it.
cheers, William "

" I also encountered this problem on a Duel 2 GHz G5 with iTunes 7. However I found a way to resolve it without a restart. I went into iTunes and selected the eject button on the bottom of the window.
This ejected the unplayable DVD and when it was reinserted the Apple DVD player could play it again.
-Jon "

Bryon (the first reader to report this) later replied:

" Thanks for the quick two replies. I've since done as you advised:
1) Repaired permissions (the only repair done was "Permissions corrected on ./Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/Frameworks/InternetUtilities.bundle/Conte nts/MacOS/InternetUtilities").
2) Booted off a 10.3.9 partition on another drive -- DVDs play fine from that so it seems it's not a hardware issue (F.Y.I. I'm running 10.4.7 on my primary boot partition).
3) Reinstalled QuickTime 7.1.3 from a stand-alone download (previously installed via Software Update).
4) Restarted numerous times.
5) Repaired permissions again (nothing repaired this time).
F.Y.I. The DVDs I tried playing were are all commercial discs ("Monsters, Inc." for Region 2 as I live in Denmark, "Northern Exposure Season 3" for Region 1, and the DVD disc from Dylan's "Modern Times" which is marked as region "0"). All played fine in 10.3.9 (and indeed, in 10.4.7 before the QuickTime and iTunes updates).
Guess the only thing left to do is restore from a two-week-old 10.4.7 backup and hope updating QuickTime and iTunes again doesn't do any damage again. That will have to wait til this weekend, though.
(I mentioned the later reports above to Byron (repeated RP attempts, etc.) and suggested he try booting from an OS X tiger CD and RP (and check/repair disk) from that. (And maybe try setting up a new user acct and login as the new user in case some prefs corruption, but this sounds more like a system not user files issue.)-Mike)
1) Repairing permissions multiple times (no extra permissions were repaired).
2) Re-installed iTunes 7.0 also from download, just in case it was the culprit.
3) Removed Xounds, the only haxie I have installed (but it was set to exlude DVD player anyway).
4) Removed third-party QuickTime plug-ins -- the only ones I have are Divx 6.2.2 and Flip4Mac, both of which still work when installed.
5) Got my two-week old 10.4.7 backup from a neighbor (off site storage!) and booted from that -- DVDs play fine.
6) Trashed DVD Player preferences for the second time.
7) Replaced current DVD Player app with one from backup (both version 4.6.5) just in case the app itself got hosed in the update.
6) Dug out the G5's original DVD drive (a Pioneer 107D) which hasn't been "tampered" with, and stuck it in a FireWire case -- still get the "Supported media not available" message.
7) Created a clean "test" user account.

Don't want to repair permissions from a Tiger install disc just in case things have changed over 7 updates, (That shouldn't be a concern as far as I know, as RP is supposed to just check/repair permissions based on your installed packages from apple. Personally I'd try it as a last ditch before a complete reinstall.-Mike), so I guess that just leaves the re-install from backup. I'll let you know if it works both before and after updating QuickTime and iTunes again.
Thanks again for your and your readers' suggestions, though -- they helped focus the steps.
Best, Byron"

Not sure what else to suggest other than a clean reinstall...
Update: Byron later wrote he did a reinstall of the OS from backup, then did the Quicktime 7.1.3/iTunes 7 updates and didn't see the problem this time.

" Just to let you know, a (OS X) re-install from backup and re-installing QuickTime 7.1.3 and iTunes 7 did the trick -- DVDs play again from all player/burners. Am somewhat relieved to know the problem was probably just a "flipped bit" or something in the original software update download -- lucky me : )
Best, Byron "

He had previously tried reinstalling QT, repeatedly RP, etc. with no success. Luckily most that saw the problem said it was fixed by simply repairing permissions. Here's another:

" SONY DVD RW DW-Q28A in G5 dual 2.7 is also experiencing same problem since update. These were however DVD-Rs that I'd burnt that were not a problem before. Frustrating when Apple does things like these! - Simon
PS. My attached Pioneer (which was not turned on during the update) DVR-109 (not the one used to burn the DVD-Rs) however is working just fine in terms of compatibility.
(he later wrote)
Hi Mike, Permissions repair (repaired the Internet Bundle and various iTunes related) followed by a restart solved the problem. I don't see the relation but I'm glad things are working normally again. Thanks for your site!
Regards, Simon "

(Reports below were from 9/13/2006)

OSS3D: (If anyone spots an update, let me know. Please include version numbers of plugins used.)

" itunes 7 doesn't work with oss3d, http://www.subband.com.
they are working on an update...
-Adam "

Track Listing:

" Just curious if anyone else has reported that sorting a list of tracks is broken? In the case where you have defined a CD or list of tracks and entered the information (1 of 12, 2 of 12, 3 of 12, etc.), when you select the Album field in the iTunes library, the tracks are all over the place! Very strange if you are trying to burn a copy of a CD. Dragging a playlist into another application to burn the cd DOES include the correct information and allows me to sort as before.
-John E. "

Not checked that personally (yet).

Cover Art Files:

" iTunes ITC files seem to be JPEG
GraphicConverter can open them up the iTunes 7 album art files. They seem to be JPEG compressed.
-Nick F.
Technical Support Specialist
Elgato Systems LLC "

A reply to the above:

" The ITC format is actually some kind of wrapper or header in front of regular image formats. I investigated .itc files that iTunes created from my MP3's that had existing (embedded) cover artwork. They turned out to be a 492-byte header with a normal PNG image following. Using dd I was able to remove the header and open the PNG file with any normal image app (also preview in Finder). I've had no luck so far pasting the 492-byte header onto other PNGs and introducing them into the Album Artwork folder.
-Bruce W. "

iPod (Photo) 60GB Problems:

"Installing iTunes 7 has killed my 60GB iPod photo. I use it as a mountable disk and sync files at home and at work with Synchronize X! Plus. I had manually added artwork to my iTunes library. After I'd clicked 'agree' to the EULA pane for iTunes, it connected to Apple to collect artwork and the status panel said it was calculating gaps between songs or something and updating my iPod. (I didn't have my iPod connected when it updated the lib.-Mike) Then it hung. And the Finder hung.
Relaunching and restarting sorted the Finder and iTunes but not my iPod. It was recognised by iTunes at first but as corrupted. It no longer mounted in the Finder. I tried restoring original settings in iTunes but this failed. I then tried with my latest version of the iPod Updater utility - also failed. I then tried Disk Utility - failed to repair. Disk Warrior 3.03 - failed. I'm pretty sure the firmware (drive) partition has corrupted. I therefore tried recreating the partition map with pdisk but this did not make it my iPod magically updatable with utility. I believe the new partition map The update Utility recognises it's there, as does Disk Utility. I'm now erasing by writing zeros in Disk Utiltiy. I'll let you know how I get on.

The long and the short of it is I think it would be best to let iTunes 7 update your library first and then when it's done try with your iPod.
Of course, it could all just be a coincidence and my iPod was about to die anyway.
cheers, Leon"

Not sure it's common, but a Windows iTunes user also reported a problem with the iPod connected (see last report below), but now I'm glad I didn't have my iPod connected when it was updating the lib..

Volume Logic Plugin Broken (if anyone spots an update to fix this, let me know. Please include versions of any 3rd party plugins in reports as a FYI since there may be later updates in the future.)

" Hi Mike!... On the posting on "iTunes 7.0 update breaks Volume Logic plugin" (below) I have noticed the same issue. Pretty unfortunate.
I love the Cover Flow feature, so I will wait for the Volume Logic update.
Here is a link of what they say at Plantronics on this issue.
-Dr.MORO "

" iTunes 7.0 update breaks Volume Logic plugin (version number?-Mike)
Just a heads up on the update to iTunes 7 and a compatibility problem.
After updating to the newest version of iTunes, I noticed Volume Logic's plugin wasn't working right. The plugin is installed, and is displayed but it is inoperative.
Also, the show equalizer option doesn't work anymore (related or not?), the equalizer is not displayed at all.
A reinstall of the plugin does not help. I reverted back to iTunes 6.05 and everything is back as it should be. Apple, could you do a little testing before you rush to release the next update? The Volume Logic HP has no information on this issue yet.
-David V. "

Some other readers complained about the equalizer button no longer being on the main window and having no keyboard shortcut (have to use the Menu). After the update it also goes through the lib to "determine gapless playback" information which can take awhile with a large library.

Improved Performance on Eyephedrine Visualizer

" I installed iTunes 7 and QT 7.1.3. From early tests I can say that iTunes is now more responsive and reactive. One example: in iTunes 6.x EYEPHEDRINE 2.30 drops frames when selecting menus or dragging the iTunes window, now all is ok without reinstalling the visualizer.
-Sam "

BTW - Eyephedrine visualizer for iTunes v2.63 is available now.

New Album Artwork:

" It seems that using the "Get Album Artwork" feature in iTunes 7 is hit and miss. After going through my library album by album individually, iTunes would rarely grab the album artwork on the the first try. It took me an average of 4-5 times before I could get the artwork for an album (if I did succeed). It seems that iTunes can get inconsistently picky if certain information is different than what is on the store when trying to retrieve artwork.

More importantly though is that the artwork downloaded is not placed in the music files. A new folder at ~/Music/iTunes/Album Artwork/ is where the image files are placed. However, the images are in files with an .itc extension and I have yet to find anything that can open them up. While this is fine for viewing in iTunes, the album art is not transferred if you move songs from one computer to the next, and from what I hear the art is not transferred to iPods (can't confirm that though since I don't have an iPod that can view images). This change in album art placement also causes the iTunes Artwork screen-saver to not use any art you have downloaded in this new manner.

While I do think the new version of iTunes has some great features, I hope some of these issues are fixed/changed.
-Phil L. "

" It still does not allow video imports of non standard QT videos. I imported a few .mpg's and .mov's, but it won't allow .avi's even though they will play in the QT player. Looks like I will still keep using iView Media Pro for a while.
-Awood "

A Windows iTunes user wrote:

"Unbelieveable... So I left the computer on last night so iTunes can finish determining gapless playback with my iPod connected to the machine. This morning I picked up the iPod and it's blank, all music and all playlists are gone. WTF?... I'm about to leave for work and my iPod is empty
furthermore, the iPod just freaked out I couldn't copy any files to it from iTunes, I had to reset it. Then I was able to copy music to it as usual. Again, this is Windows, iTunes for Windows always had problems.

iTunes and iPod related Apple Knowledge Base (Troubleshooting/Info) Docs:

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