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iTunes CDRW Compatibilty Tips and Reports:
First Posted: 1/10/2001
Last Updated: 1/11/2001, 8:50 AM

Note: Check the FAQ's CDROM/CDR section for modified support files/plugins for some CDRW or Combo drives that do not have native Apple itunes/discburner support. (For tips/guide to editing support files - see the prev. Tips page.)

[Update - for iTunes 1.1 feedback (which adds support for over 20 3rd party CDRW drives, see our later iTunes 1.1 Feedback and iTunes 1.1/Disc Burn Tips ]

Although officially only the OEM CDRW drives are supported, some readers have already sent reports and tips on using iTunes with older macs and non-Apple OEM CDRW drives. (If you've tried iTunes on an older mac or retail CDRW drive let me know and note this in the comments of your Drive Compatibilty Database Entry.) If you're curious if a drive is compatible with your Mac, Search the Drive Compatibilty Database. Some recent reports note iTunes/Disc Burn compatibility info.

Disc Burn Tips: See also this reader's step-by-step guide to Disc Burn compatibility and getting 3rd party drives to work.

Reader Feedback on iTunes: (Most recent reports are listed first)

" Thanks for providing the info to cobble together Disk Burn for older machines. (!!) I have a PowerBook Pismo with a QueFire 12x10x32x FireWire burner. Following the instructions on your website, I was able to get iTunes to burn a disc (with some extra steps) but not the drag&drop Finder integration... the Finder did nothing when I inserted a blank CDR.

I realize that the instructions on your website are for internal drives. I added the FW extension using the installer for that demo product (and it moved the Toast FW extension out into an "obsolete" folder) and that was the extra step that allowed iTunes to burn. Now I just need to figure out how to get the Finder integration working.

Regarding iTunes disc burning, even though Steve J. poked fun at Toast, Toast is better! With iTunes, it decompresses MP3s before starting the burn, Toast does it on-the-fly. Toast also does disc-at-once, iTunes didn't. Yes, iTunes burning is multi-tasking, but I'm pretty sure the next version of Toast will be as well... with these newer drives that have "burn proof" features.
-Roland G. "

" Hi Mike,
Following the instruction you posted this evening [Wednesday-Mike], I was able to get Disk Burn to (partially) work with an old Yamaha 2X2X6X SCSI burner (not mentioned in the short list given in the instructions.

Burning from iTunes works well, though Toast does the job just as well. Just to try to throw a wrench into the works, I ran Netscape and Outlook Express while burning. Plus, I burned from an old Maxtor ATA drive connected to a TurboMax card in a (non-Pro) PowerTower with a CarrierZIF card. How's that for "unsupported"? :-) Everything still worked even with other apps running.

The one drawback is that I can't get the integrated burning from the Finder to work. The blank CD goes into the drive... then nothing.
Anyway, thanks for posting the info!
Ken Skidmore "

" Hi Mike,
I carefully followed all the instructions, but no way to get my external SCSI Yamaha 8432 CDR to work, nor with iTunes, nor with CD-Burner

My conf:
Gigabit G4 400/192MB RAM
Adapetc 2906 SCSI card
Yamaha 8x4x32x SCSI cd writer
MacOS 9.1 US version

Good work!
Emanuele "

" I have a BW G3 upgraded to Powerlogix G4 500mhz running OS 9.1 I downloaded iTunes set up a playlist and hit the burn button. It worked FLAWLESSLY in the background while I read your page on the net. The burn was done in about 6 minutes for a full 74minute CD. TOO COOL! I have a Sony CRX160E-A1 installed (Internal).
Keep up the great work!
Truman Whiting "

" I have a Que 12X CDRW Firewire drive and so far I have tried all the hacks and have been unable to burn with iTunes. Just thought you would like to know. Maybe someone will be able to figure it out.
David "

" Hi Mike,
I tried using iTunes burn capabilities with my ATA combo CD-RW/DVD drive to no avail. I simply get the "drive not found" message. I didnt really have high hopes or anything, but it would be nice if someone came up with a hack to make it recognize it. Ill keep an eye on the site for it.
-Matt Simmons "

" No luck getting Panasonic/Matsushita CW-7502 to work. I have an 8600/250 with XLR8 G3 416, OS 9.1, 576MB RAM. Didn't work with Disc Burn either. I followed the instructions by Eugene Kim. No luck.
Kevin Baucom "

" I have a Rev. 1 B&W G3 350 overclocked to 400 running OS 9.0.4. Each time I run ITunes, it crashes my system, forcing me to restart.
Daniel Tam "

" Mike, this was a no go for me. I followed the instructions exactly and changed the type/creator of the Yamaha file (for my Yamaha CRW8424S) as well as the Plextor file but was unable to burn as show in the Jobs Keynote. The finder special menu does now have the Burn CD option but its greyed out (assuming that's what the new 9.1.1 finder adds). I have the external CDRW running off from an Adaptec 2906 SCSI card in a B&W G3 400 running OS 9.1, and I'm guessing it might be an issue of the drive being recognized through the SCSI card. Itunes lists no compatible drives in the preferences menu. I hope someone can get this to work as it is a very cool piece of software.
-Zack "

" I saw the page about using the CD Master Preview files to add support for other CDRW drives to iTunes and the Disk Burner software. I have tried several things, but I can not get it to work with a APS-branded Yamaha 8432 SCSI drive (via Adaptec 2930U PowerDomain card).

Macresource.com also had some info for SCSI drives that included using the ATA/SCSI extension from CD Master for SCSI drives. That didn't work. Disabling the Apple CD/DVD driver didn't work.

My question: What is the version and the size of the Yamaha CDR file that folks are using. Mine is Build 0131 and 3406 bytes respectively.

My configuration is:
PowerMac G4 DP 500 MHz
APS-branded yamaha 8432 external SCSI drive Firmware 1.0j
Mac OS 9.1
Steve "

If any readers using Yamaha drives can answer Steve's question, let me know.

" Mike,
Tried the iTunes with my Yamaha 8424EZ IDE Internal CDRW on my G4/450 Dual processor. It plays CD's but does not burn. Message indicates "No Software or Burner Found". Tried Toast Driver, iTunes Driver and the OS 9.04 driver. Currently running OS 9.04.
William "

I asked if he tried the Disc Burn tips (liked above)

[1/10/2001 reports]

" Mike,
I had no luck trying to use iTunes with a Sony Spressa Firewire drive (CRX120 E/X) 4x4x12. iTunes said "Burner or Software not found" my system:
Sawtooth G4/400 - 512MB RAM - OS 9.0.4
note: I was using the Toast drivers instead of Sony's
thanks for a great site,
Greg Harris "

" Mike, I did the iTunes hack [see below-Mike], and took the needed 'plugin' from the CD Master demo, and dropped it in the iTunes extension's folder, and now my Plexwriter 8/20 CDR works with iTunes... (I did exactly what the french guy did with his Yamaha) I did not burn a CD yet, but I guess that will work....

Mike Mielko
PS. Had to disable all my Umax (SCSI) extensions... iTunes does not play nice... "

" No go. I then read the Read Me and it says iMac or newer. Too bad, I'm not concerned about the burning part but my brief playing around with it on my Pismo I like it a lot as a player/encoder.

It installed on my 20th Anniversary Mac but it stops in the middle of launching and needs a force quit.
Brett Pearce "

" the QUE 12x10x32x firewire CD-RW isn't detected by iTunes. I suspect it'll be one of the first ones apple posts a driver for, because they feature it in the apple store.

It can read and extract files, if the toast audio reader extension is installed.
--Evan Dorn "

" Hi mike
I tried iTunes yesterday and found an incompatibility with the Keyspan USB remote. when Keyspan DMR is active iTunes freezes on launch. if you disable Keyspan, then start iTunes and then reactivate Keyspan all works well.

Another problem : after accessing the preferences - advanced page in iTunes and closing it everything freezes -
maybe because the program tries to find a cd recorder by default.
cheers thanos "

Not a CDR report, but a PowerWave owner wrote:

" Just a note.
I have a Power Wave with XLR8 mach carrier G3 466/233 (Zif is XLR8) running rock solid at 490MHz for months. 176 MB RAM, 18GB UW LVD IBM drive, 9.04, Rage Orion video. I wanted to play some MP3s before I tried burning anything. I Have the latest toast deluxe loading.

I down loaded iTunes and installed. The program crashes before it completely launches. I get an error message that the program unexpectedly quit due to error 11 I believe.

I'm sure there is an easy answer to this, I will continue to monitor the chats.
Dave Schulman "

" "

" Mike!
...I just burned a CD of a few of my favorites on my office machine using an EXTERNAL FIREWIRE SONY SPRESSA drive. It went off without a hitch! =)
That software is really nice!
Dave "

A PowerCenter Pro owner sends a tip:

" I downloaded and installed iTunes on a Power Center Pro running OS 9.0.4 and a 450mhz G3 (Formac 400mhz OC)

The installer installed the current Apple CD/DVD rom driver which does not work with the Teac CD-rom drive installed by Power Computing.

I am using the modified OS 7.6.1 driver with no problems so I had to remove the iTunes installed Apple driver. Just thought some people way run into this problem on Clones or other machines with non-Apple CD-rom/DVD drives.
Jon Laye "

A Yamaha 2100 CDRW owner wrote:

" Mike,
i found a tips to burn with iTunes and my external (Yamaha) 2100S (16/10/40x):
I took the yamaha cdr plug-in from the demo of CD master and i changed the type to plug and creator to burn. [Note - this requires a file type/creator utility such as Resedit or Filebuddy]

I put it in the Authoring Support Files folder in the extension folder and thats all.

(he later wrote)
you must to have the extension CD Master ATA/SCSI Driver enabled
Sorry for my english I'm french
Best regards
Lionel Coscas "

I welcome other iTunes compatibilty reports (email me with details on your system and CDRW drive) and if you post a Drive Compatibilty Database report note if you tested iTunes in the comments of the entry.

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