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Reader Feedback on OS X Java 1.4.1 Update 1
Posted: Sept. 9th, 2003
Updated: Nov. 13th, 2003 (for Panther Update/Install issues)

Panther Java 1.4.1 Update/Tips on Incorrect Installs: (from the Nov. 13th, 2003 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page)

Last night (Nov. 12th, 2003) I mentioned the Java 1.4.1 update for Panther that appeared in Software update on the PB G4/800 but not on the Dual G5 here (both had 10.3.1 and all other updates). I included a download link which I used to install it on the Dual G5 (no errors reported) - but after a reader post on incorrect Java Installs with Panther, including a link to this previous Apple Tech Note on Incorrect Java Installs w/Panther - I used the Terminal's "java -version" (don't enter quotes) command on both the PB G4 and G5 systems after the update. The G5 was ok - but the Powerbook G4 (even after the update applied via Software Updates) showed a hotspot error.

Following the tips in the Apple Tech note, I deleted the version.plist file in the Java frameworks resources directory and applied the download version of the Java 1.4.1 update for Panther. After a restart I checked again and all was ok.
Some readers reported on problems that I didn't see with the update or downloading it (corrupted download/checksum failure), at least one (PB G4/500 owner) reported a severe problem (failure to boot after the update).

Reader Reports on Panther Java 1.4.1 Update: (most recent first)

" Mike, I downloaded the java 1.4.1 update for Panther as indicated on your site http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/java.html. It was not available via software update on my machine (b/w g3/550, 10.3.1).
It crashed near the end of the install process, and claimed that nothing was changed. I submitted the crash report to apple as requested in the crash report window.
jeff "

" FYI, the latest Java update did appear in my Dual G5 Software update tonight, and I'm also running 10.3.1. I had also did the "manual" fix of the Java mis-install on the upgrade install (removing the Java.frameworks and rerunning the java.pkg from the Panther Disc 1).
John T. "

He's referring to the Apple Tech note linked above on incorrect Java installs for Panther.

This is one of the worst reports so far:

" I had 10.3.1 installed. I d/led the update via the link on the main page. My Ti 500 is now DEAD. DEAD! It will not boot. It will start to boot then freeze. Then it comes up a screen that says the computer needs to be powered down and restarted. Nooooooooooo. I just put some stuff on my HD that has not been backed up.
Oh great. I can't even seem to boot off my panther CD now. THANK YOU APPLE.
Oh great part 2. I can't even boot off my firewire CDRW drive. THANK YOU AGAIN. "

I wonder if booting to Open Firmware (Command+Option+O+F) and resetting the NVRAM would help (at least to allow booting from CD).

" The update seems to have produced some "strange" behavior. (Windows disappearing, scrolling sticking with visual artifacts, Finder beachballing...)
Cleaning my caches, repairing permissions and updating prebindings seems to have "fixed" it.
That was Wierd...Wild, Wacky Stuff.
Milhouse "

" What a mess. I decided to manually install it on the G4 that couldn't find it. It installed properly and there is no "hotspot" error message in Terminal.
The iBook that had found it, though, was improperly updated and Terminal issued a "hotspot ....blah blah blah" message when "java -version" was entered. I took out the version.plist file and reran it manually to force a complete, forced reinstall and all is OK now.

How to do it and check for proper install:
"The following document addresses a known problem with Java on some Mac OS X v10.3 (Panther) systems. It is targeted at developers who are affected and need to restore their systems to a usable state, and is not meant to be an end-user document. A fix from Apple suitable for end-users is pending."

It is a little old but valid.
Theo "

OS X 10.2.x related Info/Feedback follow
Several readers sent feedback on the Java 1.4.1 Update 1 released yesterday (9/8/2003) via Software Updates. (The original 1.4.1 Java update was released on March 10th.) Although a few readers noted improvement/fixs of some kind, some also noted specific problems (sometimes browser specific - often with Safari).

Reader Reports: (most recent first)

(added 9/9/2003)
" I've noticed one fix following the Java update. The scroll bars for text boxes in ESPN's NFL Gametracker application would not be aligned with the text; while the bar would visually appear to be in the proper place, the controls for the arrows and the scroll box would actually be a couple of dozen pixels higher up, making it very difficult to scroll. That's now fixed.

Unfortunately, ESPN's Major League Baseball game tracking application now crashes Safari, though before it crashes, it appears that the text renders better.
- geoff "

(added 9/9/2003)
" Mike,
The new update creates problems for me using Safari when I visit Yahoo games. When I select a gameroom for Yahoo Chess, the text turns into boxes with X's in them making it unreadable.
Works fine in Netscape though. I'm using OS 10.2.6 with Safari 1.0 and a gig of Ram on my 550Mhz Sawtooth
Lee M. "

(added 9/9/2003)
" this java update created more problems, than it solves, I use intellij for java programming and now all the fonts are so messed i cant read anything anymore. I would suggest not installing this update at least if you want to be able to use intelij. I haven't try'd any other applications yet so I can't comment on those.
Any suggestions for a fix would be morwe than welcome.
Fokke J. "

Yesterday's news post on the Java Update included a link to the original Apple Kbase doc for Java 1.4.1 but not sure if they updated the download link (i.e. if it still links to a 1.4.1 original release version) - and also linked to a past (1.4.1 original release) news item on Reader Tips on Uninstalling Java 1.4.1 Update (reverting back to 1.3.x).

(added 9/9/2003)
" We have a test installation running of a Sony webcam, with user controlled Pan, Tilt & Zoom(PTZ).
Before this latest Java 1.4.1 update, it wasn't possible to gain camera control via Safari, - now you can! (allthough the mac support is still very sketchy). It's pretty cool on a WinTel box though.

I think the difference with the 1.4.1 "update 1" lies in the way it handles Java Cookies.

(added 9/9/2003)
" The new Java update provides slightly better support for the Java-based Novell GroupWise web access service I use at work. While still not great (Mozilla is much more compatible than Safari), it's a step in the right direction.
Cadaver "

(added 9/9/2003)
" After installing the Java update, I noticed that the applets my school district uses for grades now work in Safari. Almost all teachers use Making the Grade on Windows, which (IIRC) can produce zip files, containing HTML files with a report for each student, and java applets. The applets allow the student to enter their ID number, and it redirects them to their HTML file, which has a seemingly random alphanumeric name.

These applets haven't worked since 10.1.5. It's great to see that, even with Panther around the corner, Apple still supports and is improving Jaguar.
-Brendan S."

If anyone finds that the new release solves a past Java bug (or creates a new problem), let me know. (Test with more than one browser to see if the problem is browser specific.)

Previous News Items/Tips on Java 1.4.1 Update (original release)

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