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Reader Reports on Logitech Control Center Updates
Posted: March 9th, 2004
Last Updated: March 22th, 2004 (more 1.21 update reports)

Two readers (thanks Pete and Julian) sent word that Logitech has posted a Control Panel 1.21 update (they pulled the v1.20 Control Center update last week - many readers reported problems with v1.20 here - see below.) Note that the posting date (as before) isn't correct on the pages where you can download the 1.21 CC software.

As I've said before - I do not use this software (even though I use Logitech Mice), but I welcome any feedback on v1.21 from anyone that tries it. (Include OS version, controller/usb devices used, etc. in reports. thanks.)

Reader Reports: (most recent first)

V1.21 Feedback:

Tip for Tracking Speed Increase

(added 3/22/2004)
"I am not sure what McClung is talking about when he says "tracking speed problem." (previous report below) If he means the tracking speed of the mouse, then he missed a key setting of the LCC preference pane.
You can increase the tracking speed by 1x, 2x,and 4x. by right-clicking on the Mouse image in Logitech Control Center preference pane and you can then set the speed multiplier. This will multiply the tracking speed that is set in Keyboard & Mouse preference pane.
Hope this helps!
Cheers, Rick B. alias cougar "

" Mike, After the 1.20 update fiasco, I went back to 1.11 (I'm using an MX700). The problem I had with 1.20 was that my mouse speed decreased after installing it. (one of the common complaints) The slow down would occur after I installed, and would adjust the speed from the "Keyboard & Mouse" settings in System Prefs. Basically the tracking was different with 1.20 than with 1.11, so I quickly uninstalled, and reinstalled 1.11.
So today I downloaded and installed 1.21 hoping this tracking speed problem would be gone, but alas, it's still here (I go into my System Prefs. and adjust the mouse speed under "Keyboard & Mouse" and the speed gets slower.) Each time I have deleted prefs. Etc. to possibly solve it but it does not work.

So after all this, I am now proud to say I am a USBOverdrive user, and I feel in control of my mouse again...
- J. McClung "

Not sure why they can't address that common complaint on tracking speed/acceleration. (Assuming they've been getting complaints on it from users.)

" I went ahead and installed LCC 1.2.1, first using the uninstaller to remove the old version and rebooting. It installed and restarted fine.

I checked the system log, and the excessive notations made by the pulled version (1.20) are gone (no logging done).

The scrolling for the mouse seems to work properly in this version, although the accelerated scrolling isn't all that impressive (but it does work).

In addition, the keyboard mapping also works correctly.
So far, so good -- looks like they may have gotten it right this time.
I'm using OS 10.3.3 on a Sawtooth AGP upgraded to 1.25 Ghz using an OWC card, with Logitech's cordless RF keyboard and optical mouse -- the Logitech RF receiver is plugged into a no-name USB 2.0 PCI card.
Julian "

The first report (updated twice - last update noted 10.3.3 helped):

" Hi Mike Logitech have posted new LCC 1.2.1 updates. It seems (to) work.
(he later wrote)
... I just found out after the installation, If you do not have any logitech force feedback device, go to system/library/extension trash the LogitechForceFeedback.kext. everything is working fine and no need to keep on reinstalling the LCC.
(I asked for more info on the problem (forcefeedback/reinstall comments). I also asked if he used the uninstaller to remove the older version before installing 1.21.)
I have use the uninstaller to remove all 1.11 file and reinstall everything. The first few times after restart, I didn't see the error message that the LogeitechUSBHIDevices.kext did not install properly comes out.
However after 5 times restart, error message comes out again. I go through the system/library/extension panel and aware a LogitechForceFeedback.kext was there. Since I don't have that device I trash it and hope that can improve the situation. It doesn't help at all.
Now I still have to reinstall and restart the system before I can use it properly. Anyway once it have reinstalled and after system restart everything is working fine. I can use the F12 to eject and close the CD/DVD ROM and all pre-assign function key working properly.
Regards, Pete
(final update - added 3/23/2004)
After I do the 10.3.3 update with Most recent Java update, everything working perfectly. I don't have to reinstall the driver again to get it active after every shut down/restart. "

NOTE: reports below were on v1.20 which was later pulled and replaced with v1.21)

(added 3/12/2004)
"Hi Mike, Logitech, pulled the 1.2 Control Centre and back to 1.11. May be they aware the problem and now work on it.
Regards, Pete"

After the problems reported by users (below), I'm not surprised.

This is the 2nd reader that noted the 1.20 release is generating a lot of log entries (makes me wonder if they left in debug/logging code)

" I have an email in to Logitech's tech support, but haven't gotten a response yet.

Since installing CC 1.20 I have had what I consider to be excessive output to system.log.

I have not tried to modify any settings. Everything on my cordless keyboard and mouse (including mouse scroll wheel and 'multimedia' keys on the keyborad) seems to be functioning normally.
In general it looks like:

Mar 10 12:10:15 localhost kernel: keyboard activity : 0x54
Mar 10 12:10:15 localhost kernel: mouse activity : 40
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost last message repeated 19 times
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: bool 
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: mouse activity : 40
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: void 
com_Logitech_HIDevice::click(long unsigned int, bool, const 
AbsoluteTime &)
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: bool 
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: mouse activity : 40
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: void 
com_Logitech_HIDevice::click(long unsigned int, bool, const 
AbsoluteTime &)
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: bool 
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: Key down : 0x2C
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: keyboard activity : 0x54
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: bool 
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: Key up : 0x2C
Mar 10 12:10:16 localhost kernel: keyboard activity : 0x54

I am no expert, but it looks more like debugging than error messages to me.
-Erik "

" The Logitech 1.2 driver also continuously spews diagnostic/debugging data to the system log. Every mouse move, every key press, etc. I reverted back to 1.1.1. (I don't use accelerated scroll wheel settings, so I haven't noticed that).
Bill S. "

" I am using 10.3.2 on my G4 400. Using Internet Navigator Keyboard and scrolled wheel mouse.

After the software update, restart the system, it said the LCCUSBHIdevice.kex in system/libirary/extension was not installed properly.

I use the uninstall and reinstall it a few time same thing happen and sometime it could not find any device to configure.
Now I could not go back to old version. The only way is keep reinstall the software after restart or shutdown.
Pete "

" Nothing new to add just support to confirm the previous comments. Loss of accelerated scrolling although switching to normal scrolling appears to work as fast as with the previous version
paulB "

" Mike, I have just tried Version 1.2 and works well. I can now define all of my keyboard user function keys. I have a wireless keyboard and Cordless MouseMan Optical. I have a G-4 400 MHz upgrade to 800 MHz with 1.5 GB of RAM Mac OS X.3.2.
If you have any other questions let me know...
Michael O. "

" Accelerated scroll also disables scroll completely on my MX 700 mouse. Shift scroll (for left/right scrolling) still works.

The scroll wheel on my keyboard (Cordless keyboard) is very slow going up, but has normal speed going down. If I set it to ordinary scroll at the fastest setting, scrolling up moves about half a line per tick, but scrolling down moves about 2 lines per tick.

I have a question for your readers:
Does anybody know how to disable the software for the mouse only. I still want it to control my keyboard. I think that the behavious of the scroll wheel is much better using Apple mouse driver. I know I loose the extra buttons, but my main use of this mouse is the accuracy of movement.
Yours Sincerely
S¿ren T.
IT-consultant, M.Sc.Eng. "

I don't use this software and not sure this is possible, but if anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

" I also downloaded the new Logitech control center. The main thing I notice is that my mouse tracks much slower now even when set at the fastest setting in the mouse portion of system settings. Contrary to others, my scroll wheel is working fine.
Larry M.
(he later wrote)
I emailed you earlier concerning my mouse (MX700) and only reported a slowdown in mouse tracking. Well, now I have much worse. My mouse stopped working after I logged out and I can't get it to work again. I am using my Mac Pro Mouse at the moment which is not nearly as good but at least it does work.
I tried connecting again and again. I also found that when you uninstall it there are still two files left in preferences.. I deleted them and restarted still no mouse (it was frozen in place). I'm using 10.3.2 with a G4 (new FW800 model) 1 Ghz, 1.5 mb RAM. "

" Just installed. Same as everyone else. No accelerated scroll at all. I hope this gets a fix soon.
David H. "

" I've downloaded it and installed it, and like others note that accelerated scroll disables scrolling completely. Deleting the preference files and restarting did not change things.
As with the version it replaces, LCC 1.2 doesn't always work right in assigning F keys either. In particular, If you choose eject CD from the drop-down list for a particular F key and exit the preference pane, nothing happens. The way to get F12 to behave properly (open/close the CD tray) is to choose keystroke from the drop-down menu and then hit F12 and exit the preference pane.
Still no way to assign keys or mouse buttons different actions in different programs -- unlike Microsoft's mouse and keyboard controls. Maybe someday...
Julian W "

" I had some problems with mine as well. I have a cordless mouseman optical, iMac 17" and 10.3.2. I've had this mouse for well over a year now. Same thing with the wheel scroll. It worked fine in the previous version. I had to switch from accelerated scroll to normal scrolling and it worked again, accelerated is just non-existent now. Plus my over all mouse tracking slowed way down and I had to increase it the mouse pref pane in the system prefs. This is definitely the last logitech item I'll be owning for awhile. I still don't know why the thumb button can't seem to be customized for gaming. Hope this helps.
Leandro "

" Mike, when I updated the LCC software to 1.2 (on G5 single 1.8 with the wireless keyboard/mouse combo) it disabled the f12 as eject. This was easy enough to fix via the preference pane, but it was unexpected. I apologize to all who may have experienced my colorful language while I was trying to figure this out.
Rich "

" I just installed it with my wheel mouse, and it isn't as good as the last version. Accelerated scroll doesn't work at all, and even the fastest setting on standard scroll is too slow now compared to before the update. I regret installing this update. I'm on 10.3.2.
Mike K.
(he later wrote)
I used their uninstaller app, then reinstalled the software, and scroll speed is back to normal. But accelerated scroll doesn't work with my wheel mouse optical (maybe because the control center only identifies it as a wheel mouse?). Not sure if I ever used it before, but I'm pretty sure that I did use that feature in the past.
BTW - logitech says they posted this update last year in the summer. i bought my mouse long before that and never updated the software, so it was still new to me. "

The readme file linked at their download page is dated june 2002/version 1.0, so it's not been updated for the new 1.20 version - which is recently posted as VT/MU had listed 1.1.1 in the past. The grayed out text under the linked page shows a posted date of 5/7/2003 but that is not accurate, as OS X 10.3 was not even released then and the 1.20 update page notes 10.3.2 support.
Downloading the update here and checking the readme file in the download shows v1.2/copyright 2002-2004. And more importantly, the Logitech installer pkg file in the 1.20 download is dated March 2nd, 2004.

If anyone else tries v1.20, let me know.

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