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Safari 3.0 Public Beta User Feedback
Reports last Updated: June 27, 2007
Last Beta Update: 7/31/2007 (v3.0.3)

Update: Safari 3.1 release (3/18/2008) - this page was originally for the beta - for notes on the released (non-beta) version see Safari 3.1 feedback page.

This page was a catch-all for reader feedback on Apple Safari 3 Public Beta - including notes on any compatibility issues seen. (Bottom of page has links to Apple support docs on Safari 3.0 Beta for Windows.)

Reader Replies: (later reports first)
If you've tried Safari 3.0 beta, let me know what you think of it and any issues you've seen.
Note: if you see an issue with a 3rd party addon, include its version number in case it's updated later. Also try the reset tip listed below Thanks.

Safari 3 Beta 3.0.3 Update: (July 31st) The Safari 3 beta download page has a new 3.0.3 update. Mac version mentions 'latest security updates', Windows version lists improved stability and security updates. More details are in Apple's doc About the security content of Safari 3 Beta Update 3.0.3.

(added 6/27/2007)
"I've been using the 3.02 beta for a couple of days, and just had a strange problem. I clicked on a John Hopkins University link, and the whole safari window vanished, but the url was in the downloads window. Any subsequent address click from the bookmarks bar caused the url to be saved to the downloads folder rather than opening a window.
Also, Google mail still isn't right. 2 out of 5 emails won't send. If I save the draft, then send, it works.
Restarting Safari didn't help: a reboot did.

(added 6/27/2007)
"I had a strange problem that seemed to come after installing the Safari 3 beta - the Junk filter in Mail got very aggressive, marking most of the email subscriptions I receive as junk - email from the New York Times and Yodlee were ending up in the Junk box. That problem seems to have gone away with either the installation of the latest version of Safari 3 (3.0.2 beta) or 10.4.10. I installed both at the same time.
-John "

Safari 3.0.2 Beta Update for Mac/Windows (6/22/2007) Apple's Safari 3.0 Beta download page has v3.0.2 available now that notes it includes the latest security updates, improved stability and improved WebKit support for Mail, iChat and Dashboard. (Windows version also lists Fixes for text display, non-English systems, and start-up times.) They've also posted docs About the Safari Beta 3.0.2 for Mac OS X and About the Safari Beta 3.0.2 for Windows.

(Reports below were before this update was released.)

Reset Tip for 3rd party Addons: (FYI to those with problems related to 3rd party addons)

"If you've got a problem with an addon for Safari after updating to the 3.0 Beta, try the reset option under the Safari Menu in v3.0. With the new version you can selectively reset and this solved a problem I had with Flash working with the 3.0 beta.
It may not help with everything but worth a try! Good luck!
-Eddie "

If this fixes a problem with a Safari addon for you, let me know. Thanks.

(added 6/22/2007)
"after upgrading to OS X 10.4.10, Safari 3 Beta quits. I've trying to uninstall it and reintall, but nothing.
I'm running on a MacBook Core 2 Duo 2GHz with 1GB of RAM.
Kind regards, Alessio "

(added 6/20/2007)
"I like Safari 3.0, especially the new Find. However, I'm having two problems which may make me go back.

1) I'm on a poor dial-up connection; the only thing available where I'm living. In Safari 1.0, I'd get HTTP timeouts, which would leave broken images on a page (google image search is a good testing grounds for this). Safari 2.0 fixed this. Pages still took a long time to load over the dial-up, but Safari wouldn't give up until it was loaded. Safari 3.0 is back to the behavior of Safari 1.0.

2) Larger Quicktime downloads don't work. The Apple Quicktime Troubleshooting page works fine, but Apple Trailers do not. This may be due to (1) above, but the end result is that I'm left with the control bar, but no video or sound.

BTW: Safari has crashed a few times on me when I deleted the downloads directory that it was set to. Otherwise, there has been no stability issues. I also noticed much fewer beach-balls, although they still occur.
-John K. "

(added 6/20/2007)
"Have tried it a bit, compared to Firefox. Powerbook G4.
Speed claims not evident.
The new find feature is pretty good
Unstable while using the new find feature
Still no tab navigation using keyboard? (next, previous) If you provide keyboard options for keyboard use when opening, then this seems logical inclusion.
-ashan "

(added 6/20/2007)
"I have basically uninstalled Safari 3.0 beta on my Powerbook G4 as it just does not work. I do have it installed on my Intel Macs, imac, and Powerbook and MacPro, but I cannot print any documents that open in preview or in Acrobat as it crashes. Any others experience this? Thanks, Scott "

(added 6/19/2007)
"i have tested Safari 3 Beta on my German Windows XP computer and after some tweaks it runs fine (no crashes).
First of all i need to copy all Language related files (en., English.) and rename they to de. and German.
Lastly i download the latest NightlyBuild (actually: r23553) from webkit.org.

All in all Apples Safari Beta has a bad taste with its strong problems on not english systems but with the tweaks it works fine.
Bye, Sascha "

(added 6/19/2007)
"On the Mac:
Breaks Cisco VPN. That caused me to uninstall it at home from my Core Duo iMac, though I still have it installed at work on my dual G5 PowerMac. I haven't had time to try and figure out what's breaking, but it prevents me from getting a tcp connection to my VPN server at work.

On Windows:
This could for some be considered more of a feature than a bug, but I cannot connect with Safari 3 beta to a secure server with a questionable cert. Since most of the connections I make are to internal servers which are in testing and have questionable certs that is a problem. All other browsers simply warn my about the cert (IE 7 is pretty strong about the warning) but allow me to connect anyway; Safari does not.
-Larry "

(added 6/19/2007)
"Thanks for the info. I installed Safari 3 beta, again. Ran the Reset Safari option, with all the buttons selected (reset everything). Unfortunately, "On Tour" Widget (v1.0 and v1.31) is still broken. I also moved my iTunes Music folder back to the default location. Now "On Tour" v1.31 works correctly with Safari 2.0.4 installed (but it is still broken by Safari 3 beta).

I can report that the other 7 Widgets I keep open work fine with Safari 3 beta installed. (I try not to use too many at once, because open Widgets use up RAM.)

I wish Apple would implement a better solution for opening installed Widgets. I have 179 widgets installed. Which means I have to toggle thru 12 screens to find one. Why can't I hit a letter on the keyboard, to jump to a location on the list? Or make sub-folders? (Nudge-nudge, hint-hint. In case any programmers at Apple read this forum.) Sorry for getting off the topic.
-Jason K. "

(added 6/19/2007)
"Safari v3.0 running on a Mac Mini (1.83 Ghz, 2GB of RAM), works for the most part. It is not as stable as the previous version, as I have had it crash at least twice a day (that's why it's a beta).

I cannot get it or Firefox to utilize Real Player when accessing Amazon.com's website for music samples to albums. Amazon denotes that I do not have the plug-in installed. Although I believe I do.

Frames now work better. Being a private pilot I surf to AOPA.org website at least once a day. The previous version of Safari would not allow me to use the frames and submenus within the website. The frames either did not work or were unusable. All the frame pages on this website seem to work fine. MSN and MSNBC front pages load correctly, although the fading effect of the graphics does not and Flash 9 does not work so no video will work. (Did you try the Reset Tip mentioned here last week? That fixed issues with flash for instance for others.-Mike)

Color is better then it is on Firefox. Banking pages seem to work fine as I can get into all my accounts. Last version was not supported by the airlines websites, specially Delta Airlines, so you could not make travel reservations with it. I have not yet tried making airline reservations with version 3.0 - yet. Finally, the mainstay of any computer these days is how well it can surf the web, and retrieve information. Since the browser is the engine for doing this, a worthless browser will make hard if not impossible for people to want to switch to the Mac platform. Its just got to work.
-Rick C. "

(added 6/19/2007)
"There is an alert message that I really loathe... "are you sure you want to close this window, you have (multiple) tabs open". This alert needs to go away.
Thank-you, T. Anderson "

Check the preferences (Tabs), as there's an option to disable that warning.

(added 6/19/2007)
"Installed Safari 3.0 on G4 MD but it would not launch, crashed every time. Use the uninstall to restore Safari 2.0 and forget about 3.0.
-Peter "

Miglia TV Beta Update to address Safari 3.0 Beta problem Several readers had reported problems here with their Miglia TV products (Evolution TV, Alchemy TV/DVR) after installing the Safari 3.0 Beta. A reader sent a note today that Miglia has a beta update to address that:

"I have an EvolutionTV and had installed the new MigliaTV software when it was first released. It worked fine. Then I installed the Safari 3.0 beta and had the same problems as your other readers (i.e. app launches than crashes, but audio remains with grey TV window and spinning beachball).

I emailed Miglia tech support (support@miglia.com), and just today I received an email with a link for a beta update to the MigliaTV software. The readme and installer info were the same as the release available on the website, but the 'About...' box reveals this to be "MigliaTV 1.1.1 (2673)". It works fine with Safari 3.0 beta installed.

Running on a 20" iMac Core Duo 2Ghz.
Regards, Christopher "

NOTE: The beta update was not at Miglia's site for download but Chris said writing to tech support got a link to it. (Some readers missed his comments on that and expected it at the Miglia site downloads.) Eventually I suspect they'll post a non-beta update there but in the meantime the only way to get it is to write their tech support apparently.

(added 6/18/2007)
"Safari 3.0 beta (Bookmarks)
I am very pleased with the new Safari 3 on both the Mac and the wife's Dell Latitude running XP Pro. My primary computer is this Mac G4 1GHz AGP using OSX 10.4 and Safari is my browser of choice. Yes, I have others installed but use Safari most of the time.

I moved my Mac Safari bookmarks to the PC by using the Safari/File/Export Bookmarks menu item and saved the Safari Bookmarks.html file to a thumb drive. I then used the Import Bookmarks on the PC Safari and it worked great.

This Mac to PC Export/Import thing may be a command of the obvious but it really worked nice.
-RK "

(added 6/18/2007)
"Just a quick one. The parental controls do make safari 3 (beta) crash, after the "parental controlled" safari session is restarted. Only way to get parental controls to work again was to uninstall safari3 and start to use safari2 again. I reported this to apple. Thanks for great site!
-Ville "

(added 6/18/2007)
"I can't send mail in gmail at all - after 24hr trying to send a message, I gave up and used Firefox.
G4 Mini (10.4.9) Annoyed by a beta removing Safari 2 without warning. Not a good way to do things.
-Donald M. "

(added 6/18/2007)
"I also had the issue that AlchemyTV DVR did not work. (See later post above about a 1.1.1 beta from Miglia to fix this. 2 other readers on 6/13 reported the update caused problems with their Evolution TV and Alchemy TV) It attempted to load, displayed a black window, crash reporter appeared, although the application still needed a force quit afterward. I let the crash report go to Apple. i did a restart and the same thing happened again.

Then I used the uninstaller right away and AlchemyTV DVR worked again. Since then I have had two kernel panics hopefully unrelated. Is there any way to know when and if Apple addresses the TV card conflict?
-MR "

(added 6/18/2007)
"Safari 3.0 Beta has killed VLC on both my MacBook Pro and my PowerMac G5 I am not able to play DVDs or DVD images on Harddrive. I reinstalled the latest version of VLC and still no good.
Rolling back Safari using the uninstall recovered VLC operation.
(There's was an Update to VLC (0.8.6c) released on Sunday (6/17/2007) to fix some security issues (and more).)
The version of VLC installed was 0.8.6b
I have just tried it with 0.8.6c and still the same problem
VLC reports
vcd: search for kIOCDMediaClass came up empty
vcd: failed to get the TOC
vcd: no movie tracks found
access_file: file /dev/rdisk2 is empty, aborting
cdda: search for kIOCDMediaClass came up empty
cdda: failed to get the TOC
cdda: no audio tracks found
main: no suitable access module for `dvdnav:///dev/rdisk2'

Interestingly when I first put a DVD in my laptop after installing Safari 3 it launched the Apple DVD player which surprised me as I had previously selected VLC as my default player. Now this may have been a result of poor memory on my part but it was something that surprised me as I have a mixed zone DVD collection and consequently use VLC to get around that...

I will flag a bug at VLC but I haven't seen any other reports of this issue yet.
Regards, Paul "

(added 6/18/2007)
"Running on HP 510 PC Notebook XP Pro with 512MB memory
I have been running iTunes 7.2 before installing Safari without any issues
Once Safari was loaded. iTunes locks up as it is using 99% of CPU resources and freezes up the notebook.
I removed Safari and iTunes runs well.
-Ben L. "

(added 6/18/2007)
"Won't run. Says that the side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Bah.
(what computer/OS?)
I am running a pc with Vista Ultimate
-Anthony "

(added 6/15/2007)
"Nice speed improvements and I guess the movable tabs will prove cool but on my 12" PB G4 867MHz I cannot close all open safari windows and still have the app running. If I want to close the last remaining window (other multiple windows close fine) I have to quit. Not a prob but I hope it gets fixed soon. luckily, I don't get the idiot screens mentioned by David l on quit... thank heavens.
thanks again for this fantastic resource.
-Simon "

(added 6/15/2007)
"You said to write to you if there were any issues found with the new Safari browser. I have found a major one. It seems the browser does not work with WindowBlinds (Version?) installed. None of the menus will show up or work.
-Chris "

(added 6/15/2007)
"Found that Safari 3.01 (updated w/security fixes) for Windows will not connect to secure servers when using Firepass VPN. Says page cannot be loaded as it cannot establish a secure connection. Both IE and Firefox work fine. Works fine without VPN. Have installed debugging menu for Windows and tried all user agents with no luck. Other than that it works well.

Minor annoyance for Mac users, I keep wanting to click buttons on left of window like on the Mac. Old habits are hard to break.
Regards, Kevin M. "

(added 6/15/2007)
"The widget "On Tour" (version?) opens as a solid black area. Broken, I guess. I ran the Safari 3 Uninstaller, and it reinstalls version 2. That is nice. The "On Tour" widget works correctly again. I usually avoid beta versions. The improvements in Safari 3 seemed minor. But, at least it still uses the metal interface for now. (I liked metal, going to miss it in Leopard. The new interface in iTunes and Mail looks like cardboard to me.)
(I asked what version of "On Tour" he's using)
Here is a complicated answer to a simple question:
The latest version of "On Tour" is version 1.31. But, I am still using version 1.0. While version 1.31 does work, it seems to return fewer results when searching for new tour dates. Perhaps because I keep my iTunes Music folder on a secondary internal hard drive. (Just a guess.) Both versions are completely broken by Safari 3. Likewise, both versions return to their functionality by restoring Safari 2. (As I mentioned earlier, they display as a solid black box after installing Safari 3.)

I have a dumb question: It seems a lot of Dashboard Widgets are being broken by the new version of Safari. I'm not a programmer, so I am confused by this. What does a web browser have to do with Dashboard Widgets? Do they run on the same engine, or something? (They're java based but it is odd to see some non-browser addons affected by the beta)

I should also mention that my old Radeon 8500 graphics card activates Quartz-Extreme, but not Core-Image. In case this is some kind of display issue.
-Jason "

Did you try the Safari (selective) reset?

(added 6/15/2007)
"Ahh found the problem of the close jelly or command w not working - seems it was the simbl plugin taboo that was the culprit.
-Michael R. "

(added 6/15/2007)
"Safari 3 Beta on windows does not support Arabic good :(
-Mohamed M. "

(added 6/14/2007)
"Transparent Dock (version?) will not work after Safari 3.0 install. Clear dock will work.
Speed differences are negligible on sites I visit regularly. I see no real improvement. I regularly use Opera.
Regards, Fred "

Safari 3.0.1 Beta for Windows (FYI to Bootcamp/PC users) Cnet has a story titled Apple updates Safari with version 3.0.1 for Windows (beta), the update addresses 3 security flaws and is available at http://www.apple.com/safari/download/.

(added 6/14/2007)
"iWeb does not work with Safari 3.0 beta. After I loaded it and tried to use iWeb it would open but get the beach ball after 10 seconds and hang. I had to force quit to get out of it as it had quit responding. Uninstalled the beta and iWeb worked correctly. I'll try 3.0 again when this problem is resolved.
-Glenn "

I don't own iWeb but has anyone else seen this?

(added 6/14/2007)
"Safari 3.0 beta is pretty slick and fast. I do have an issue. Seems Yahoo Mail beta is not supported by Safari 3.0 beta. That is a bummer as I really like using Yahoo Mail beta to quickly check my email.
A suggestion: It would be nice to have a sort feature for bookmarks.
Overall I like it but still hanging on to FireFox.
-William R. "

(added 6/14/2007)
"Until a few minutes ago I was planning to write a simple E-Mail stating that Safari 3.0 has been great for me. Then I read some other posters' comments and realized I have the same issues.

Like another poster mentioned, AlchemyTV DVR does not work. (Update - see info on MigliaTV 1.1.1 beta above) It attempts to load, displays a black window, and then crash reporter appears, although the application still needs to be force quit afterward. I rarely use my Alchemy card anymore, but thanks to the individual who altered me to this.

Also, I had no luck installing Safari in a Windows XP VPC virtual machine on my 2002 Quicksilver (upgraded to 1.4ghz).

However, I'm willing to let some of the issues mentioned on the feedback page slide. I regularly visit pages such as Digg that would beachball when loading a page with many comments on it; that doesn't happen anymore. I also haven't experienced many crashes so far. The speed increase is a tradeoff I'm wiling to endure until the bugs are worked out.
-Haroon "

(added 6/14/2007)
"Ran Safari 3 all day for a couple days now with zero problems on my MacBook Pro (2.16MH Core Duo 2). After reading all the below reports I was expecting something to crop up. I can't say I noticed a speed increase over Safari 2. New features are a bit underwhelming. However I love the built-in spell checker and resizable text-box feature for forums and web forms.
-Peter "

(added 6/14/2007)
"Well, it stuffs up my traditional Chinese input.
However, this only happens in two applications, as far as I can tell.
Apple mail (in the message window only), and in MSN messenger.
Selecting the input to Chinese Traditional (apparently Simplified Chinese works fine), when you type in the romanization for the chinese character a selection menu comes up. When you scroll through the selections with your keyboard arrow key, you can only select every odd numbered character. It keeps skipping the even numbered characters.
-Jeremy "

(added 6/14/2007)
"PearLyrics widget down, but the overall speed and enhancements make it a worthy upgrade so far.
-Leonardo "

(added 6/14/2007)
"They must have hired a few Windows programmers.
Now when I quit Safari, i get an annoying message "Are you sure you want to quit Safari?" or some such. And, this will cancel a shutdown. I can't find a preference to suppress this behavior.
(Is there anything like a download still in progress?)
No, there isn't anything like a download in progress. It is just plain more windows behavior...
(Note: Brian sent a note that Dave likely has two tabs open in a window which causes this "are you sure" message. Firefox also does that if you try to close a window that has two tabs open in it. He also wrote that in Safari 3 prefs, there is an option in "Tabs" to turn off the warning.-Mike)

One of the things I have always liked about my Mac is that when I turned it off, or quit a program it just did as it was told, instead of being insulted I wanted to go do something else. But, no more.
-Dave L. "

I sent Dave a note to verify having 2 (or more) tabs open in a window is causing this.

(added 6/14/2007)
"The Windows version doesn't like bold text. It simply doesn't display bold text at all.
P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM, GeForce FX5200
-Lukas "

(added 6/13/2007)
"Mac Version,
I have MigliaTV 1.1, the software that runs Miglia's EvolutionTV external TV box, and after installing the Beta Safari I no longer get any video and the see the spinning beach ball and error message. I have sent reports to Miglia and Apple.
-Fred B"

Another earlier report (below) also mentioned after the install he had problems with his Alchemy TV (freezes at startup). (Update - see post on 1.1.1 beta above to address this.)

(added 6/13/2007)
"I tried out the 3.0 beta, and it worked great. But it broke my Alchemy TV DVR (It freezes at startup). Uninstalling it fixed the problem.

Specs: Power Mac G5, 10.4.9, 3GB RAM
-Kyle "

(Update: See later post on Miglia TV 1.1.1 beta above.)

(added 6/13/2007)
"like Scott H, I can't open a link from a click, have to rt. click to open a url on my intel mini.
Another peculiarity on this intel mini (10.4.9) is I often have to make 2 attempts to send Googlemail (gmail in US I suppose) as the first just stalls, and sometimes "sending" (in a red box) is rendered improperly and or replicated. -John "

Scott later wrote with a note about fixing his (required refresh) problems.

(added 6/13/2007)
"Installed it on my G4 dual 1 gig Power Mac running 10.4.9. Application crashed on first launch and would not launch at all thereafter. Not wanting to waste my time, I just uninstalled it and went back to Safari 2.0.4. My god, it should at least launch on a G4!!
-Perry Y. "

(added 6/13/2007)
"I wrote in earlier about the problem with having to refresh my Safari windows on the Mac to have them display the website. I cleared out the ~/Library/InputManagers folder, and now everything is working perfectly. WMV based video windows no longer crash, and HTTP authentication is working, as well.

I'm embarrassed I didn't catch it before writing earlier, but I still wanted to share.
Regards, Scott H. "

(added 6/13/2007)
"Loving Safari 3.0, dragging the tabs and being able to pull them down to make them new windows is great! Using it works lovely on the sites i was viewing, the text on the sites looks cleaner and thinner, making text look bespoke.

However, after installing it i've had regular crashes on MSN messenger (6.02)- chat windows not closing after trying to close them, having long delays trying to change user pictures and the program is unable to quit.

I've also noticed my dock doesn't de-magnify the last launched program after clicking it. I havent had Hide issues, and also haven't tried with other programs.
Removing Safari 3.0 and the above problems vanish.
I'm using a first gen MacBook Pro 2.16ghz core duo w/2GB ram
-droo "

(added 6/13/2007)
"I can't say a thing about Safari beta. The installer quits without installing anything on my iMac G5 PPC.
-Stephen W. "

(added 6/13/2007)
"I have installed Safari 3beta on to my iMac at home, so far it runs great, but like a few of the other users who have mailed you, I have a problem with a few of my widgets, the My Yahoo! 1.0 widget does not function after I install Safari 3beta. I have the problem same problem with a earlier poster's gmail widget; the widget also stopped working after I installed Safari 3beta.
I really do not have any major complaints other than two of my widgets not working.
-Chris "

(added 6/13/2007)
"Installed for 24 hours - approximately 6 hrs use, and no major issues.
If you have not upgraded to flip4mac and still use the microsoft windows media player plugin (it did still work though unsupported) it now will cause safari to quit (though WMP stays alive and plays the movie). No issues after installing flip4mac.
MDD G4 1.2Ghz, 1.5GB Ram, 10.4.9
-TR "

(added 6/13/2007)
"Installed under Parallels; Macbook Pro 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, OS 10.4.9
Runs great! no problems at all...
Thanks, Mike "

(added 6/12/2007)
"Installed on both my P4 2.8GHz at work, and my Quad 2.66 Xeon at home.

Windows version:
Crazy fast, especially on larger and js heavy pages (like digg.com comment pages).
Crashed on video windows (like CNN.com popup) until I reinstalled the wmv plugin for FF (the one listed on the Safari plugins page).
Middle-clicking a folder in the bookmarks bar doesn't open the folder in tabs, like on the Mac version.
Resizing the window makes for an ugly, slow window redraw.
Can't load sites with HTTP authentication (IIS or Apache), as they just hang on the load (no app crash, though).

Mac version:
Again, crazy fast.
Nasty nasty problem: most sites do not load on the first attempt. Any link I click, form I submit, bookmark I open, whatever, it all comes up to a blank page until I refresh. That's right, I have to click refresh, or hit command-r, in order for a page to display. If anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening, or what I could do about it, that would be fantastic. Crashes opening video windows (like CNN).
(Update - he later wrote) "I cleared out the ~/Library/InputManagers folder, and now everything is working perfectly. WMV based video windows no longer crash, and HTTP authentication is working, as well.

I love the new search, and the tab manipulation is fantastic, but unless I can resolve the issues I'm having with the Mac version (crashing and having to refresh after every click), I'll be reverting to 2.0 until a new version is released.
Regards, Scott H. "

(added 6/12/2007)
" On my MacBook Pro (core duo), Safari 3.0 behaves very nicely. I have only notice a few problems:

When loading multiple tabs of Flickr, twelve to be exact, Safari 3.0 gets tired of waiting for all the images and subs a broken image link instead of eventually loading all of them (I've only tested this with dial-up; I'll try it on DSL tomorrow). FireFox still works fine for this job. In fact, FireFox has the nice touch of loading all the images in one tab before moving on to the next, which is really nice when using dial-up (though I'd rather use Safari with the DSL, as the keyboard shortcut for switching tabs doesn't work for me in FireFox).

After the installation of Safari 3.0, my gmail widget stopped working. I've found another, not so good, gmail widget, but I'd rather use the old one, which is Google's own. I would have thought Google or Apple would have caught that.

I LOVE the way "find" now works. What a vast improvement!
take care, Rich "

(added 6/12/2007)
" 2 portions for this review.

First portion.
Installed Safari Public Beta 3 on a 1.5 GHz Toshiba laptop. Install went fine, but had to uninstall flash 9 in order to get it to work. Adobe has a uninstall for flash 9 on their site. Followed the steps, rebooted the PC. Then reinstalled flash 9 and rebooted the PC again. After that, flash videos were now viewable within the browser. Quicktime videos seem to load faster in Safari too. Maybe it's something with the coding that made it work better. When you go to eBay, it does ask to upgrade the browser, I just clicked ignore. Drag and drop tabs work without a problem, same with moving the tabs around. Hiding the browser was untested on this machine.

Second portion.
Installed Safari Public Beta 3 on a 800MHz Quicksilver 2002, it overwrote the original Safari in my applications folder. Loaded it up and it took over all the abilities that the original Safari loaded. No problems so far. When you go to ebay, it does ask to upgrade the browser, I just clicked ignore. Drag and drop tabs work without a problem, same with moving the tabs around. Command + H works to hide the browser as does right clicking "hide" on the Safari icon in the dock.
-JJ Arthurs "

(added 6/12/2007)
" there is a problem with the PDF plug-in.
You cannot scroll down with a PDF in Safari.
save the PDF and open it with Acrobat and there is no problem.
Tried this with a local newspaper and with a manual from Apples website
=Alan= "

(added 6/12/2007)
" pith helmet (version?) is broken in b3
PithHelmet-2.6.7 at home on a 24inch imac with the latest version of 10.4
cheers, pawsart "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Safari 3 worked for me for about five minutes. Then it quit in the middle of scrolling, and has refused to come back since. I've trashed all my preferences, etc., even going so far as to Zap Safari and reinstall from scratch -- no dice.
I guess that's why it's a beta.
-J "

(added 6/12/2007)
" I have a couple of friends who have confirmed this bug with the beta.
There are inconsistencies with the form widgets, the drop down menu (select) and submit widgets vary between aqua (native Mac) and standard (like Firefox).

It's an odd bug as they are not random, something makes some appear as non-aqua widgets always.
-Neil "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Here is my first look:

- Some wma videos now work with flip4mac in Safari.

- Some sites now really work, especially Orkut and others that use javascript for actions.

- CSS ads block makes the site appear blank. SafariStand doesn't crash Safari 3, but css site alteration makes the pages appears blank too, so I needed to remove it.

- Mail and others apps works with no diference.

I'm using iBook G4, OSX 10.4.9, 1.12GB Ram
-Lefebvre "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Maybe I am missing something? I am now using the beta, and I do not see any problems, in my experience, and usage. The ability to move tabs around might be important, but is certainly not earth shaking, and I have gotten along without that for years (uncheck "select tabs and windows as they are created"). and I am very accustomed to clicking all the links I want, as I go, then going over each new tab. As for being able to pull a tab "off" to create a new window, a right click is faster, and just as effective.

To me, the reason I even bothered was the insinuation that it was faster. I don't think so. As has always been the case, with every Mac browser I ever used, we lag behind Windows browsers in rendering pages.
Later, SCB "

(added 6/12/2007)
" I've tried it on 2 machines and batting 1 for 2.
First machine is a G5 dual 2 GZ w/ 3 GB RAM running Safari in Virtual PC 7.0.2 w/all stats at max possible running XP SP2 (up to date) this is a work config so has little added to it. MS Office isnt even installed. Netscape 9 worked fine when I installed it afterwards.
Program installs (bare program only: did not use the bonjour adds ins or software update) and crashes when run. error report identifes the OS as Win NT 5.1 build 2600, system properties identify the 'pc' as a 686 cpu at 534 mz w/512 MB RAM which is within requirements. It may be that its not possible yet (ever?) to run it in VPC or it may need tweaking. Don't know. Will retry as further betas come out. I won't install the addins until the program works by itself in VPC.

System 2 is a 3 GZ P4 with almost the same config as the VPC used above. First time ran it crashed everytime. Now roday it is running. Go figure. Since they are almost the same config software-wise I'm taking it as the above is a VPC issue and may or may not be resolved by future safari revisions.
-W "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Spell check doesn't work like before. It will replace the miss- spelled word but doesn't move on to the next or acknowledge that the correction has been made.
It does seem to load pages faster tho.
-MJK "

(added 6/12/2007)
" I have not been able to even get safari running as it quits on start up. Had a heck of a time getting the Safari uninstaller back in order to uninstall Safari 3.
Not for me yet. I did send a report to Apple of the crashes I was having on startup.
OS X 10.4.9, MacMini G4/1.25GHz, 256MB Ram. Hundreds of applications and plug ins. -Dave M. "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Still no support for Quicken web connect downloads. Camino is a much better browsing experience.
-jph "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Safari on 10.4.9 - No problems
Safari on XP - Huge problems - Installer may have not worked completely. Text doesn't show in the Safari menus, tabs, search bar, etc. May be a font issue, not sure yet. Uninstaller seems to have worked - staying with Firefox for now. Waiting for Safari for Windows 3.0.1.
Michael C.
All Creation Photography, LLC
www.allcreationphotography.com "

(added 6/12/2007)
" On my old B&W G3, only text renders, no graphics at all.
On my intel mini, pages render ok, but it often will not quit.
I'll do more investigating and let you know if I find anything useful.
-john "

(added 6/12/2007)
" I simply get an error when installing it.
"This volume does not meet the requirements for this update"
I have two volumes to choose from, same message for both.
Main volume is a pair of 160GB striped drives w/ over 100GB free Also one external 300GB FW800 drive for back up.
OS 10.4.9 dual 2.5 G5
-Jon L. "

(added 6/12/2007)
"Tried several installs and reinstalls but it still crashes on startup. :(
(Mac OS 10.4.9 - PPC Mac mini 1.5 MHz, 1Gig RAM, 64 MB VRam, 80GB HD)

Checked the crash-logs and report file, seems there was an issue with Safari Plus installed on version 2. Uninstalled Safari Plus, rebooted, reinstalled Safari 3, launches now. (Mac Mini 1.5)

Tried it on a AMD/Windows XP machine running an old Barton 2600+ w/512MB ram as well, no issues so far with it on that machine.
Brian J.
Blackstar Productions
http://www.blackstarproductions.net "

(added 6/12/2007)
" The main issue I've found so far was that Safari 3.0 overwrites the existing Safari 2.0.4 app. If you change the name to avoid overwriting it, installation will not proceed. I wanted to be able to "go back" to the non- beta version.
-Ford "

(added 6/12/2007)
" strange problem and I'm not sure what this could be it worked before with safari 2 I'm sure
click here http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/livefreeordiehard/
then select a trailer nothing happens could be an issue with quicktime in Safari 3 beta
just thought i would point this out
-Gavin "

(added 6/12/2007)
" I cannot use Safari 3 beta on my 1.8 G5 and OSX 10.4.9 because it keeps on crashing before the Home page even loads.
-Norman B. "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Hi, just wanted to chime in - on my 1.25ghz 15" Powerbook, Safari 3.0 is considerably faster in rendering and load times over anything I've used previously - Firefox, Safari 2, and even WebKit.
No issues so far but I wouldn't be surprised to run into a few, as it is a beta.

I did have one issue with the Windows version (Athlon 1Ghz, Windows XP) - it crashes on startup every time. On a separate PC (Athlon XP 2600+, Radeon 9250. Windows XP), it ran fine, although rendering was a bit slower than on my Powerbook (!).
I am definitely impressed with the performance on my PB - really breathed new life into it!
-Matt "

(added 6/12/2007)
" Tried Safari 3.0 on a GX/5050/XP Pro, didn't experience the problems mentioned by Milhouse, with your site, as mentioned on my BBS, (bbs.bdaqua.net), nor the PHPBBS2 problems.

Speed seemed no better than Firfox on the PC, yet I'm sure some sites could be found to justify Apple's claims... sorta reminds me of the old PPC vs. Intel speed claims, which at this time seem to be inverted!

Running Safari 3.0 on an eMac/1.42/2GB, it does seem faster, and while it's too early to tell, it does seem to use less CPU... actually 0.0% right now according to Activity Monitor, (never ever observed that before), and way less Real Memory.

While I'm not 100% certain I know what Thomas C. was referring to (earlier post) I tried every link, every one worked!?

(added 6/12/2007)
"Safari 3.0, the good news
My earlier post was all the bad news I figured I'd post some improvements.

Not everything was demonstrated during keynote. Some features are in there you don't even notice. as shown by this console message

Improved Security:
"Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http:// forum.myspace.com/..... (mile long URL trimmed)
Domains must match."

*Safari actually blocked a page script from executing because it was requesting data from another domain than original domain. Although regular advertisements worked fine, so I don't think this is an attempt at apple trying to block advertisements, but to prevent malicious scripts from running code from other domains.

Menu Improvements:
*How many times have you control/right clicked a link because you wanted to open it in a new tab only to accidentally download it instead. Safari 3.0 adds menu dividers to context menus as well as sorts them better to prevent such annoying mistakes.

New Debug Options:
*A sweet element inspector when context clicking on a page to view more details about content of item clicked. *New options in debug menu.

*"Open in tabs" available for all bookmarks folders in bookmarks menu.
*Improved bookmarks manager with actual counts and improved column appearance.
*Import & Export bookmarks

A few other things that can be mentioned as well but that leaves no room for discovery.
-Adam W. "

(added 6/12/2007)
"Anyone else having problems closing windows? the red jelly does nothing nor does command w although command option w will close all windows
Michael R.
R I E D E L Photography "

He later wrote "seems it was the simbl plugin taboo that was the culprit".

(added 6/12/2007)
"Safari 3.0 beta installed fine on my PBP C2D. I do not have the same problems others have reported about not being able to Hide. In Mail, the spell check now does leave artifacts of red under some words after corrections have been made, but I didn't have any problems with Speller needing to be restarted. Safari 3.0 beta seems faster than the previous version, but alas! It broke PithHelmet! If PithHelmet isn't updated in the next few days, I'll go back to an older version of Safari. PithHelmet is the main reason I use Safari.
-Terrell S. "

In case an addon is updated later, please include the version you're using.

(added 6/12/2007)
"I just installed Safari 3 on my Power Mac g5 2@2ghz, w/OSX 10.4.9.
I wanted to let you know that the "Hide" function works on mine. (Nobody but Andy seems to have had problems with Hiding) Both by selecting hide in the dock, and by command-H. Not sure why (Andy) had problems. Just thought I'd let you know.

Oh, and page loading is much quicker on my machine. It seemed slow before, so any increase in speed is quite detectable. It seems to "fly" now, at least for me. :o)
-Sean B. "

(added 6/12/2007)
"I Just installed and am using Safari 3.0 beta and the hide function works just fine on my 10.4.9 PowerBook 12". As soon as a read that it does not work (only ONE person said it didn't - everyone else said they had no problems with hiding) had to try it out.
Thanks for the tips about Chax I have removed it.
-Charles D "

(added 6/11/2007)
" Hi, thought I'd pass on a couple of problems I've encountered with Safari 3.0 Beta:

1. Links updating adjacent frames cause Safari to quit. There may be a number of factors involved in this, including the fact that the page I was viewing was a saved HTML file on my disk.

2. Frames cannot be resized.

3. A link which appears in a frame which is adjacent to a horizontal frame split will not work (this also did not work under Safari 2.0). As an example, take a look at http://www.bible.org/netbible/index.htm and try clicking the link in the left-hand frame adjacent to the split between the two right-hand frames.
Regards, Martin S. "

(added 6/11/2007)
" Flash player 9 & Safari 3 beta
Safari 3 breaks flash player on my QS with dual 1.8GHz CPUs. I run a ATI 9800 with 256 vram and a hitachi 250gig SATA drive, also 1.5 gigs or ram.
If i shut Safari down and relaunch it flash will work for a minute of two but after that it quits. My system is not the latest but it is fairly fast for an older mac. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
-Thomas C. "

I've not installed the beta yet (my main work machine runs 10.3.9.) - if anyone else can confirm this, let me know.

(added 6/11/2007)
" When I logged in to my ebay for the first time it prompted me to upgrade my browser!

(added 6/11/2007)
" Mike, I've had absolutely no problems so far with Safari 3.0. It works fast as advertised. And, "Command-H" hides it for me. (unlike an earlier report from Andy below)
I sure like the drag and drop tabs!

I'm trying it on my Mac Pro Dual 2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon running Mac OS X 10.4.9.
-Hugh "

(added 6/11/2007)
" After installing Safari 3 beta, NetNewsWire 3 cannot type a space into web text field; it pages down instead. Inquisitor 3 plugin seems to work ok with Safari 3 beta.
-Doug "

(added 6/11/2007, updated 6/12)
" Hey Mike,I installed Safari on my CoreDuo iMac. So far, it's running well. I don't know what's wrong with the previous guys Mac Pro, because I can hide Safari 3b no problem. (The first report below said he couldn't but nobody else so far had the problem) I don't have any addons, just the bare browser, so that might have something to do with it.

I'm not noticing much of a speed boost.
The new tab system is pretty cool. I really like being able to rearrange them and drag them out to a new window. The integrated spellchecker is nice. A few small UI bits have been changed, such as the look of buttons and menus on web pages.

One phpbb2 board I hopped onto had borders around all buttons and menus. The drop-down forum selection menu had a very thin border, but buttons have a thick and annoying one. The issue with animated gifs playing slowly for the first loop is still there. Bah. Really screws up YTMND. It'll probably take system-level tweaks to fix that. Hopefully we see improvements in Leopard.

Oh, and to add to that, the new search function is so much better. Now, instead of just highlighting the found word and jumping down the page, it will actually dim the rest of the page and highlight the word in an orange bubble. This is a huge improvement as found text was often impossible to, well, find.
-Noble "

(added 6/11/2007)
" as a side note all the crappy myspace layouts in safari 3.0 now scroll smoothly, also digg stories with 500+ comments now load instantly rather then hanging safari.
-John "

(added 6/11/2007)
" Seems safari 3 has also broken the pearlyrics widget.
Just thought I'd let everyone know!
thanks, Kade B.
MacBook Pro 2.16 3GB Ram "

(added 6/11/2007)
"Safari 3.0 beta warnings
Safari 3.0 issues observed so far:
Goes without saying, but any 3rd party safari add-ins will have to be updated for compatibility before they function properly. Most just crash the new beta.

phpbb2 based boards seem to have odd scroll bars appearing in messages that aren't even needed. A trivial UI glitch but none the less noticed.

Safari 3.0 installs webkit 522.11 into system, where it is available to ALL apps that depend on webkit. Not all apps have been updated to properly handle it yet. Here are some issues I observed in webkit using apps:

"iChat" will hang when receiving new messages if Chax is installed do to the new webkit version. Disabling/removing chax for time being seems to solve problem.

"Yahoo! Messenger" 3.0b1r2 will have scroll-bar problems and snap back to beginning of conversation when new messages are entered, every time. Could not find a work around.

"Colloquy" will also have scroll bar problems when new text is entered into conversation. Although in this case was only observed if scroll-bar wasn't at bottom of conversation when the new text appeared. (Like perhaps you were scrolling back just a little to read something, then new text entered causing it to snap to top instead of snap to bottom.

"Mail" Apple's own mail app will glitch during spellcheck after 3rd or 4th correction resulting in having to close spellcheck and redo it because it will lose focus and stop working correctly.

If any other reports come in for apps acting strangely after installing Safari 3.0 it is probably related to that app using webkit and it hasn't yet been updated for compatibility with newer 522 changes.
-Adam W."

Adam sent a later mail with some good news in 3.0 beta.

(added 6/11/2007)
" Mike, Just an FYI: I installed the new Safari 3.0 beta on my Mac Pro 2.66 Quad. I'm not seeing much of a difference in speed but all of the browsers are very quick on my setup. I ran into one problem right away that is quite an annoyance:

There is no way to hide the Safari 3.0 beta (running on the latest 10.4.9 update). The Command-H, selecting Hide from the Safari menu and right clicking the icon in the dock and choosing hide do not work.
(Note - later reports above said hide worked)

Otherwise, it has been fast and stable so far. Not many visible changes. You can click and drag tabs to re-arrange them... not sure what else has changed. Have a great week!
-Andy "

If you've tried Safari 3.0 beta, let me know what you think of it and any issues you've seen. Thanks.

Apple Support Docs on Safari 3 Beta: (later added items first)

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