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Reader Reports on Java 1.4.2 Updates
Posted: 2/3/2004
Reports Updated: 1/12/2005
(more Java 1.4.2 update 2 feedback)

This page has reader feedback on Java 1.4.2 updates (and older reports include initial Safari 1.2 comments).

Java 1.4.2 Update 2: (9/23/2004) Appears in SU today in 10.3.5 (didn't show in SU under 10.2.8). Here's the info from the Software Update panel:

" Java 1.4.2 Update 2 provides improved behavior for applets in Safari and increased stability for desktop Java applications. Java 1.4.2 Update 2 also includes all the improvements from Java 1.4.2 Update 1.

The system will be updated to Java 1.4.2 Update 2. If the system currently has Java 1.4.1, it will be removed. Any previous Java 1.4.2 installation will be completely replaced.
For more details on this update, please visit: http://www.apple.com/java/ "

A reader that was using the beta of this awhile back mentioned improved performance so I'm going to update the PB G4 as a test bed. If you see this update fix or break anything, let me know the details. Thanks. (see below for reader reports on the update.)

Other related links:

If anyone finds this update fixes or breaks anything, let me know the details. I'm updating the PB G4 here as a test guinea pig but I don't visit a lot of sites that depend on java. (Some readers originally mentioned problems with some java based investment or banking sites for instance

Reader Reports on these Updates: (most recent first)
(If any other readers find these updates fix or break anything - let me know. Thanks.)

Java Update 1.4.2 Update 2:
Although most of the initial feedback was very positive, some noted they had some site specific problems. (I haven't had any so far)

(added 1/12/2005)
"I realize you have some reader reports about people having trouble with Java applets in Safari. The symptom is the app doesn't appear, and a cup of java with an exclamation mark is in its place.

Your site as well as many others claim that simply reinstalling Java 1.4.2 Update 2 will solve the problem. (I nor any other reports here noted that as you can see below. I and most didn't have any problems but some did, however none commented on reinstalling the update. Reinstalling things like Combo OS X udpates is a common tip though for other issues.-Mike) Well it didn't for me. I also tried repairing permissions and completely removing Safari and reinstalling it.

In the end I had to manually remove all the Java plug in files for Safari under root\Library\Internet Plug-Ins\ and THEN run the Java 1.4.2 Update 2 installer. Unfortunately I didn't figure out this relatively easy solution until after I had completely deleted Safari and all my bookmarks and spent a lot of time reinstalling Java and Safari.
Hope this helps someone else.
Aric "

(added 9/28/2004)
"Hi Mike,
I have no problems with Fleet Homelink using Safari after the update -- granted, I don't use all the Homelink features, but I can log on and get my account info. This is on two different machines (1GHz TiBook, G4/450DP desktop), both had clean installs of 10.3 with subsequent Software Updates.
Have Bud and Daniel tried the Empty Cache or Reset Safari commands?

I don't know if they tried that but hopefully they will and report back.

(added 9/28/2004)
" Mike,
I think the Java 1.4.2 update hurt RTCW, everything else is great, banking etc.
Problem- Unable to connect to the master server after updating. G4 400 agp (dont laugh) osX 10.35 1.5g ram o/c radeon original (thanks Thomas-309.46MHz + 191.08MHz ;-)
After re-installing RTCW twice in different locations it still didn't work. (I asked if he had the last RTCW update installed, but i assume so as that was long ago).
Manually typing in IP's at the command line connect fine.
Thanks for your great site.

(added 9/27/2004)
"Just wanted to report that I can't log into my online bank account either (I use TCF Bank, OS 10.3.5). The update seems fine otherwise but this is really inconvenient.
Daniel F."

Another reader mentioned a banking site problem, although a later report from a user of the same bank noted no problems.

(added 9/24/2004)
"Mike -- Since this update, Safari no longer works with my banking website, Fleet Bank Homelink. I get error messages when attempting to log on to Homelink. When I talked with Fleet's website technicians, they tried resetting their end after each failed attempt to log on, but I was still unable to log on using Safari. I even used Safari's debug menu to select MSIE (both Mac and Windows) as the user agent, to no avail. Imagine my surprise when I quit Safari and tried MS Internet Explorer -- I could log on to Homelink several times without problems.
I'd like to know if anyone else has had a banking website problem. Take care and great job on this site!
(he later wrote)
(running) OS 10.3.5 with all updates via Software Update. "

If anyone has a suggestion for either of these let me know.

(added 9/24/2004)
" Up until the moment I applied the update, I was able to successfully use Chicken of the VNC as a VNC viewer to remotely access a mac G5 on my home network. Once I applied the update, I could still access the computer, but now anything I type appears twice on the remote computer, For instance, if I type ABC it will appear as AABBCC on the remote computer.
This never happened before, and I don't know what to do about it.
Gerry "

If anyone has a suggestion or tip for Gerry, let me know.

(added 9/24/2004)
" ... add me to the list of happy campers with this update. No bugs and much better performance for me, especially in Safari. Have a great weekend!
Joe "

(added 9/24/2004)
"I've updated and tested it using Azureus, a Java BitTorrent client. Still works just as flawlessly before, but the app is way more responsive. Bringing up complicated reports that combine charts and text now load very quickly where they used to load line by line very slowly. Recommended update!

(added 9/24/2004)
" Mike, I can report that the "Go To My PC" service NOW WORKS in Safari after the Java update! This service is a VNC like application that utilizes a Java applet to connect via a gotomypc.com to a remote PC, and before today I could not connect via Safari.
I'm a happy camper as this service helps me work from home.
Clay "

(added 9/23/2004)
" Mike,
Tested every java webpage I frequent (about 20, two of which are encrypted), and it all works as before.
Only difference: Limewire is WAY faster. On a dual MDD G4, some operations that took 10 seconds now take 3 or 4. If you use limewire, get this update! I would have done benchmarks, but the results would be a mess given that it is a network-dependent app.
-Keith "

If you see this update fix or break anything, let me know the details. Thanks.

(Note: reports below are from the prev. Java 1.4.2 Update 1)

(added 8/12/2004)
"Lost my bank again !!
Had full access with 1.4.1 in Camino now I have to revert to MS again. Interestingly, Explorer (5.2) say's Java has been disabled yet I am still able to access the bank site. No Safari access at all but then there never was.
Glenn "

I asked what bank site he was using (there's also an earlier note below about the Apple Java 1.4.2 update 1 not being compatible with Java EmbeddingPlugin used by Mozilla, Firefox and Camino).

(added 8/12/2004)
"Fantastic! Now I can get Ameritrade Streamer (live streaming stock quotes) as long as I have the "Block Pop-Up Windows" unchecked in Safari. Had to use Mozilla before. Also, Weather Channel.com Doppler Radar weather maps in motion now work.
Andy "

(added 8/11/2004)
"After the update, JavaRisk (javarisk.sourceforge.net) no longer crashes!
Ed "

(added 8/11/2004)
"I just installed the Java 1.4.2 update and I am now able to receive the "Real Time Streaming Quotes" from e-Trade.

Before the update, all I would get was a blank window with a Java symbol in the upper left hand.

I am using 10.3.5 on a G4 MDD 1.42 Mhz.
I had just updated from 10.2.8 to 10.3.5, but I didn't try the quotes until after I updated Java.
Nick "

(added 8/11/2004)
"Dear Mike, Java 1.4.2 Update 1 is wonderful for the first time since Java 1.4 was released (about a year ago), Safari and explorer now work with island.com web quotes correctly.
Apparently, this update fixes motion in java where anything that updates quotes or displays changing weather maps now works correctly instead of continually overwriting data on top of itself without refreshing.
Michael "

(added 8/11/2004)
"Safari and Groupwise fixed:
1 - Previously, Safari would slow to a crawl and sometimes crash when I used the mouse rollover/links at the local Harley shop (http://www.notoshd.com/) and a few other sites.
It's the reason I switched to Mozilla at home and at work. This new Java update fixes the problem and Safari works great!

2 - We use Novell Groupwise email program at work. The Mac version is a Java app and was excruciatingly slow and unstable until this update. Now it's as stable as the Windows versions. It's still not as fast as the Windows versions but it's quite a bit faster than before once you're logged in. Log in times are still on the slow side. Not a big deal though since I log in 1st thing.

I haven't had any problems with other sites including on-line banking with this update. For me at least, this new Java update has been a major improvement. I hope Apple irons out those remaining Java problems soon (fingers crossed).
Thanx for a great Mac resource site.......joe
PS Work system is a 1.25Ghz 15" AlBook with 1.25GB RAM.
Home system is a dual 1.42Ghz MDD Tower with 1GB RAM, OEM Radeon 9700, 2 120GB ATA/100 and 1 400GB Hitachi SATA drives. "

Java EmbeddingPlugin Problem:

(added 8/11/2004)
"Mike, As previously known, the Java EmbeddingPlug http://javaplugin.sourceforge.net/ doesn't work with this Apple Java release. Not good news for those of us who use Mozilla, Firefox and Camino.

Hopefully, SourceForge will have a revised version soon, to allow the use of Apple's current Java.
-Rod "

(added 8/11/2004)
"The Yahoo Japan auction site countdown timer finally works in Safari after this update. Previously I had to use IE to see the timer.
-tibor "

(added 8/11/2004)
"a tragedy!!!
after java installation Maya 5.0.1 quits all the time i try to run the application during launch!

maya 6.0 have a lot of stability issue AND I have had problems with nvidia video drivers.
Suddenly when working in a scene all the objects where appeared whitish. No way to solve the problem relaunching maya. The problem was solved RELAUNCHING OSX. I guess because the texture into scenes is done by video card the new driver are causing problems.
I ask myself if the folks really use to test application such as maya before releasing an update.
I'm in trouble now!
Thank you
L. Maddalena
(He later wrote)
I just discovered that the Maya 5.0.1 preferences were corrupted. Trashed and Maya 5.0.1 started again.
Still unpleasent result with Maya 6.0 and the graphic card!
(I asked if he means this update caused a problem with maya 6 or if it was a pre-existing issue.)
Sorry about the confusion. I don't use maya 6.0, but due to the problem with maya 5.0.1 I've used it today. When I was using it I experienced the problem with the texturing in the scene, and rebooting Maya didn't solve the situation. I had to reboot OSX to have the scene properly redrawn. Something related to Nvidia 5200fx in my g5 dual 1.8 "

Older reports on Java 1.2 and Safari 1.2 updates from Feb. 2004

(added 2/4/2004)
" Hi Mike, Regarding this update; weather.com causes Safari to quit. There is a java applet window running when you load the main page and that may be the issue. I have been running 10.3.2 fine before this download and weird behavior. I checked the java version in Terminal and that seems OK. Wonder if anyone else has this issue or could try it.
P.S. this only happens when I type in my zip code to get the forecast for my area. Then Safari crashes. "

(added 2/4/2004)
" Re: Safari Update
Did the update, and WOW! I had to laugh at the guy who posted the Sprint sight comment. (report from yesterday/below) I wanted to go Postal every time I had to check my minutes. As he said, 50 times improvement, and what’s that about anyway? In any case, all my browsing is faster, and it seems that more sites are accessible, even https, without using User Agents.
Later, SCB
The Best HO Slot News and Information
http://www.howorld.net "

(added 2/4/2004)
" I noticed that after updating to Safari 1.2 that the contextual menu when you control-click (or right-click) on a link now gives you the option to specify a target destination for your download. Previous versions would default to saving your downloads to the destination set in your preferences and there was no easy way of saving to somewhere else. (this is a welcome addition)
The lack of this functionality was the primary reason why I didn't use previous versions of Safari as my primary browser. I'm glad it has finally been implemented.
Michael "

(added 2/4/2004)
" I installed the java and safari updates to my current 10.3.2 startup disk through software updates. On completing the installation, the installation called for a restart. On restart the OS X boot routine went all the way to the log -in screen message and froze. On starting from an OS X startup cd and using disk utility, my startup partition was unmounted, and it would not mount using disk utility after repeated attempts. I had to restore the drive from my firewire backup using CC cloner to get the drive back. I haven't tried the update again to see if it is a one-time glitch.
(he later wrote) I want to report that after my earlier problem with the Safari/Java update friizing my startup disk, that on a reinstall from the standalone Safari installer from Apple's web site, the update installed OK. I haven't tried the Java update yet, but I will later. "

(added 2/4/2004)
" I just noticed that downloading files with Safari 1.2 displays a progress bar in the icon of the partial file, right on your desktop.
andrea p. "

(added 2/4/2004)
" Safari page loading is much faster. History book marks remain.
Will "

There was one reader post earlier (before the safari update) about the last OS X security update clearing Safari History.

(added 2/4/2004)
" I installed the Security Update, Safari 1.2 and Java 1.4.2, all last night from Software Update on my PowerMac (Sawtooth) and it preserved all of my History. Every site for the last week works just fine. Also installed same on my iBook G4 with no History problem.

Most sites load much faster. I like the new tabbing for all buttons/menus for forms like IE did. I did notice that on the forms I tried, though, when you tab to a list menu of choices, it doesn't recognize it when you start typing in the first letters of one of the choices. If I remember correctly, in menus like lists of states, if I started typing in my state, it would go to it in the list. Maybe that's something that is site-specific. You can tab to the list menu and use the arrow keys to select.

My autofill seems to still work correctly, too. I think I saw some reports from some saying they lost all of their passwords and user IDs that were saved in Safari. So far, so good with mine.
Rich K. "

(Note - Rod later sent a more detailed report on Browser Download speeds including more browser versions and PC tests)

(added 2/3/2004)
" Mike,
Safari 1.2 appears to be about 1MBps faster than the earlier v1.1, which was downloading 64MB test files at 7.6MBps versus the 8.6MBps I observed this morning with Safari 1.2.

Testing is via a 100Mbps Switched Ethernet connection between a 500MHz G3 ASIP 6.3.3 Server and an 800MHz B&W G3 workstation. The server tests at 11.1MBps (88.8Mbps).

Tests are being conducted to determine what the fastest browsers (both Windows PC and Macs) are used in a large Intranet, to determine which browsers are bottlenecks and which aren't, as well as testing these browsers on Gigabit Ethernet networks. Many browsers are poor performers when involved with fast Intranets, yet few are aware of this or bother to examine it. Fast WiFi and WiMAX is also beginning to show which browsers have enough speed to support these very fast data links.
-Rod "

Rod used a direct/local server connection since download tests via the internet would not be a good (repeatable condition) test due to constantly changing network state/traffic, server load, etc.

(added 2/3/2004)
" I installed safari 1.2 this morning and now the Safari menu's are in a foreign language!! All my other applications are okay. Running 10.3.2 on 800 MHz G4 imac 15" LCD screen
Regards, Ed V. "

(added 2/3/2004)
" Safari fixes - A web site that would not display anything but the top banner now works perfectly.

The speed of everything is also noticeably faster, especially on javascript mouse-overs. Not to be confused with the Java update though, java has no relation to javascript and I have not installed the new java update yet.
Shane "

(added 2/3/2004)
" Safari update broke Flash support
Installing Flash Player 7 again solves the issue...
I know, it's not rocket science, but some people get mad for less....
bye, Teo "

(added 2/3/2004)
" Is it just me, or does the new minimum font size preference selector not work correctly? It seems if you try to type in a number (as opposed to selecting one from the pop-down menu), you cannot type anything beginning with "1" (it probably does not want you to ask for a 1-point font, which is reasonable, but also stops, say, "16" which is unreasonable). "2" seems to be ok (i.e., a 20-point font works fine)...
Thanks, J.B.C. "

(added 2/3/2004)
" I updated Safari to 1.2 and Java to 1.4.2 running 10.3.2 on a G4 500 (AGP) w/1gb RAM. Rebooted, and after all my programs loaded, I tried a webpage and half way loading it, got a hard freeze. Numerous reboots in safe mode, fsck'ing, repairing permissions, etc, and still freezing.

I finally rebooted enough times to be able to use the computer, but most apps would just crash w/out any warning (mail, safari). I installed quicktime 6.5 (d/led w/IE) and since then all has been fine. Maybe I should've had 6.5 before the updates...I also installed Synergy 1.0a3, but I don't think that had anything to do with my troubles.
Hope maybe the quicktime thing helps anyone else...
Seth "

(added 2/3/2004)
" As far as I've noticed a few things have been fixed.
  • Java Games from Pop Cap and others on sites such as Yahoo Games seem to have been fixed for the most part. Before, certain games would either fail to load or would be unresponsive.
  • I think an authentication method was either fixed or added. APC devices have an http interface that displays a dialog box asking for a username/password. Before this update, I would never see it in Safari but it worked fine in Mozilla and Firebird.
  • Overall browsing seems much more responsive and seems to render pages a bit faster but it's still subjective of course.
  • For communities hosted with InfoPop and using thier new Eve software (like Arstechnica), things seem to work a bit better. Before, clicking certain links would perform no function at all.
  • It doesn't pass some of the Javascript, CSS1 ∓ CSS2 tests at Woram.com though.
    Russell "

  • (added 2/3/2004)
    " The newest safari breaks pith helmet, but that seems to happen with every new release. I'll be switching browsers till an update, I can't stand blinking ads.....
    anonymous "

    Update - there's an update to Pith Helmet now to address this.

    (added 2/3/2004)
    " The Safari 1.2 update definitely fixed the SSL issues I was having with my online banking since 10.3.1. Safari definitely gets better by the update. The 10.3.2 update of Safari was definitely quick, and this latest update has even improved it that much more. I assume the combination of Java applets combined with Safari were the problem before, but Apple seems to have gotten all of my crash reports :)
    Scott D "

    (added 2/3/2004)
    " I can say that there is unequivocally a DRAMATIC improvement in performance of the SprintPCS.com customer site. I'm not kidding, at least a 50 fold decrease in the time it takes to log in and go through 2 screens to find your remaining minutes.
    Before this update, checking the site was a painful process. I don't know if it's the Java update, the Safari update, or a combination of the two, and I haven't had a chance to see if everything is still working well in my other sites I visit regularly.
    Michael E. "

    (added 2/3/2004)
    " Java 1.4.2 breaks Acqlite .23
    Doug M. "

    (added 2/3/2004)
    " minimum font size is now selectable in Safari preferences, advanced tab! w00t
    Tim M. "

    (added 2/3/2004)
    " One fix I have been waiting for since Safari 1.0 has arrived. The rollover menus at nokiausa.com finally render correctly with Safari 1.2. Possibly this fix improves similar situations at other sites. I had been diligently reporting this at every release, so it was always my first stop with a new installation...now it works fine!
    Gareth R. "

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