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2nd Opinion on Snap Servers - Better Performance Noted:
Last Updated: 1/19/2001, 3:12 PM
Rick Pepper replied to the Appleshare vs Snap Server 1000 test report from a VAR in yesterday's news with comments about pricing differences and better performance with the higher end Snap Server Models as well as their ease of setup and ability to handle heavy loads better.

" Mike, the only problem with this comparison is that it compares over $3,000 worth of Apple hardware, to a sub - $1,000 Snap! server. I have 2 of the 120GB 4100's which run around $2,800 (each), and they show far better times than the 1000 model does. It just doesn't seem like an Apples to Apples (no pun intended) comparison. In terms of the number of spindles, yes, but not dollar-for-dollar.

Helios shows write rates over 3500k and reads over 7000k to my 4100's via 100MB through a LYNKSYS 10/100 hub from my G3/500 upgraded Wallstreet 2 using the MacSense 10/100 NIC, running OS8.6. Plus, it comes formatted as RAID 5, not just RAID 1.

For pure file serving and basic HTML, the Snap! earns its' keep. Let me just say that there are ways to have not only redundant data, but redundant hardware, for up to 180GB RAID 5, in 2 rack spaces for less than a comparable Compaq box running LINUX. And, a server that is simpler to setup and administrate - for small workgroups or intermittent traffic.

Granted, the UNIX implementation Quantum uses does not give you all the features of a full install of LINUX, but I believe they have struck the balance between performance/robustness/security and ease of setup. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know where I would find the 25th hour in my day to get up to speed enough to be effective with setting up and administrating a LINUX server. The Snap! servers only took a couple hours of my time to understand and configure. Yes, you get what you pay for - even in terms of time invested, but my point is that the Snap! 4100's go far enough in value to not have to excuse their simplicity.

Our tests also showed that the Snap! servers stay alive under very heavy loads.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Rick Pepper
Senior Pre-Press Analyst"

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