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Geethree Sweet Multiport kit User Reports
Last Updated: 11/8/2007

(NOTE: comments originally from 2005)
A reader that mentioned the Sweet Multiport kit price had dropped to $29.95 recently wrote back to ask if any Multiport kit users had any problems with their onboard Firewire or USB ports failing. He mentioned an Apple forums thread titled "GeeThree Sweet Multiport causes FireWire to fail". (Apple forum thread link removed in 2007 as thread was no logner there.)
As mentioned in the Feb 2004 Geethree (mfr) comments on the Multiport kit, the Multiport kit's PCI card is basically a USB and FireWire hub that uses the built-in FW/USB ports on the Mac. Over the last year a couple of readers using the Multiport have written and didn't mention any problems but if you've been using a Multiport kit for some time let me know if you've seen any problems. Thanks.

Reader Reports: (most recent first)

MDD owner notes on Sweet Multiport not working in OS X 10.5/Leopard (anyone else have it work in OS X 10.5?)

(added 11/8/2007)
"I've been using a Sweet Multiport for years in a G4 MDD. With 10.5 upgrade, though, it stopped working. No matter what slot I put it in, it's no longer recognized by the system. Ah well, it was a great item while it lasted. (By the way, other USB and Firewire PCI cards are being recognized in the same PCI slot where I've tried the Sweet).
-Pat S."

(added 8/26/2005)
"I added a Sweet Multiport to a Digital Audio with 1.33GHz G4 Mercury Extreme upgrade about a year and a half ago. The installation took all of 10 minutes or so, and its worked flawlessly ever since.
I don't use the front media card readers much anymore, but for the first year or so I used it with a CompactFlash card in an older Nikon digital camera that only had a serial port.
I use the front USB ports frequently with my Treo, and the FireWire ports for a DV camcorder and a backup hard drive.
I've never had any problems, and since I have the G4 under my desk I really like not having to crawl around to get to the rear ports.
I've been very happy with the Multiport.
-Barry "

(added 8/26/2005)
"Hi Mike, I've been using a Sweet Multiport on my Digital Audio for about 6 months without a hitch, it works flawlessly, the only grumble I have is that the supplied jumper cables that run from the PCI card to the G4's on board USB & FW ports tend to catch on the PCI carrier on the G4 case, if the PCI card is not seated just 100% percent perfect then the cable conectors can get pushed/back out of the PCI card's sockets over time and stuff then stops working.
Digital Audio G4 768mb ram, Giga Designs Dual 1.2 O/C to 1.4, Firmtek SATA PCI and 320gb Raid 0, Radeon 9800 Pro and Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2, Alchemy DVR TV/Video Card, Pioneer 106 DVD writer
Regards, Mick B. "

(added 8/25/2005)
"I installed a Sweet Multiport on a G4 Quicksilver in Dec 2004 and am running OS 10.4.2. It has functioned perfectly, no problems with FW/ USB nor the reader. The USB connection isn't used too often but the FW connections are swapped to different external items daily.
Bill C. "

(added 8/25/2005)
" I bought the multiport from Geethree and I do see problems with it. Sometimes firewire drives will mount and sometimes they don't. also they never mention that it is essentially a USB hub and a Firewire hub since it uses one of each.
thanks, Ruben M. "

The president of Geethree mentioned that in his comments here on the kit back in early 2004.

(added 8/25/2005)
" I bought a Multiport about a year ago and installed it in my digital audio with OWC 1.4GHz accelerator. Things worked great except I hated losing ports on the back of the G4. This summer, the firewire ports quit working on my machine. I spent about 2 weeks trying to figure if it was something I could fix myself or if the firewire controller on the motherboard had gone out. Ultimately, I decided that it was the controller and that I couldn't install a PCI firewire card to solve the situation. (I asked why he couldn't install a PCI FW card-Mike)
I ended up replacing the G4 with a used G5 Dual 2. I love the G5 but the G4 was fine for the stuff I was doing except for the lack of firewire.
So now I know what caused the problem. Very interesting.
Mark M. "

I really can't say if the multiport hub card was a factor (I've had some onboard FW ports fail in the past - PB G4/400 Ti model and a G4 Cube, caused by using bus powered devices with those older designs I suspect (some other users also had this problem - see past info in the FAQ's Firewire section.) Knock on wood I never had a problem with the onboard FW ports in a Digital Audio, later Powerbooks or even a Pismo PB G3 (used daily with a bus powered FW hard drive).

(added 8/25/2005)
" I bought a sweet multiport a while ago for a 733 Digital Audio Mac. I ended up returning it the next day because at first it worked fine (this was probably under 10.3) but then it's ports would fail at random and then that Mac would lock up even freezing the cursor. Removing the card eliminated the freezing problem. After troubleshooting it with them there was no solution and I didn't feel the benefits of getting a working one were worth the hassle if the next one failed to work as well.
I ended up getting a FW hub, used the additional USB ports on my monitor and bought a stand-alone card reader.
-thegman "

(added 8/25/2005)
" I've had a GeeThree Sweet Multiport kit in my Dual 1GHz Quicksilver for many months now without any problems related to the Multiport. The only downside to the multiport is that it does not add a new USB or Firewire bus, but instead you must run a cable from its PCI card to an open USB/Firewire port on your machine and thus it works as just a hub while taking up a PCI slot and a USB and Firewire port. Quicksilver users also don't get full use of the media card reader, some of it is blocked, as noted by GeeThree.
-Marten "

If you've been using a Multiport kit for some time let me know if you've seen any problems. Thanks.

(from 8/22/2005)
"I'm not sure when this occurred, but the Sweet Multiport, once $99, then $49.xx, has now dropped to $29.95. Upon seeing this I quickly ordered one for my Quicksilver 2002; it has always bothered me seeing the second drive bay (ZIP drive bay) completely empty, and having a firewire port on the front is very handy.

For those unaware, the Sweet Multiport adds a USB port, two firewire ports, and various memory card readers to the front of G3 and G4 PowerMacs (the Quicksilver only has a compact flash reader however).

The installation took fifteen or twenty minutes and was fairly straight forward. The only annoyance involved my GeForce 4 Ti 4600, a full sized card, that ends up crimping the Sweet Multiport's interconnect ribbon when closing the case.

For $30 you can't really beat it. Well-packaged and everything fit together neatly; looks better in person than on the Gee Three web site even.
-Haroon "

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