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Reader Report: OWC Firewire Case Tests
OWC/Oxford 911 vs ClubMac Case

Published: 4/20/2001

Update: I've posted a detailed series of performance tests of the OWC Elite/Oxford 911 bridge case tested with a G4/500 DP, a PB G4/400, a PB G3/500 and a 9600/350 with firewire PCI card. Included are comparisons to my older Clubmac case (using the same 60GB IDE drive) and my VST portable 12GB drive.

A reader sent results of ATTO Tool's benchmark tests between his older Firewire hard drive case and the OWC Oxford 911 Firewire/IDE bridge based case noted in the recent news. [Note: He originally noted a MacAlly case, but later wrote that it was a ClubMac case, similar to the one I bought last early last year I assume.]

" Mike,
i purchased one of these new OWC firewire cases as soon as i saw it was available on your site and used your link then did some basic benchmarking below is the results with graphics enclosed.

( from april 18th 2001 xlr8yourmac.com new page)
$139 Firewire Hard Drive Case Kits with Oxford 911 Bridge: Sponsor OWC sent a note they are now offering a Firewire hard drive case kit (less drive) with the fast Oxford 911 IDE/Firewire bridge board for $139. (Prices may change over time - the case kit may be significantly less now. -Mike)
Drive used: a IBM Deskstar 40GV IDE 5400 RPM Max transfer speed is 32 MB/s and this new firewire bridge achieves most of this performance on reads (see below and graphics).

Old Firewire chip [ClubMac] case
Peak read 13.93 MB/s
Peak write 14.21 MB/s

New Oxford 911 chipset OWC case
Peak read 30.95 MB/s
Peak write 21.69 MB/s

More than double the speed in peak and sustained reads - excellent

approximately 50 % better speed on peak and sustained writes - better

when you consider many firewire to IDE cases are running about $140 the OWC case is the by far better value. Of course for CDRW and such drives the older cases are just fine as they dont read/write near these speeds yet.

I wonder how a 7200 RPM disk would do with this bridge on writes?
Frank Farwell
All tests done on a G4 400 AGP 320 MB RAM using one of its two firewire ports no other firewire devices connected. "

ClubMac case performance
OWC case results

I'm getting one of these shipped on Monday with a OEM IBM 75GXP 60GB drive from OWC for testing here and comparisons to my original Clubmac case. I'll post the results of tests in detail later next week after it arrives.
OWC also offers many different Firewire drive cases, with or without drives already installed. Check their site firewire drive pages for the latest models and pricing.

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For previous Firewire reviews and install guides, see the Firewire articles page. (Includes full reviews/build guides of the Elite case and reviews of the first ADS Pyro, Macally and Clubmac cases, as well as portable Firewire drive tests, case kit builds and Firewire controller cards.)

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