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Special Coverage of the Apple G3 Systems:

As an Apple G3/300 and B&W G3/350 owner and publisher (one man team ;-) of Accelerate Your Mac!, I originally created the G3-ZONE to cover all aspects of getting the most performance, reliability and compatibility from your G3 system. Check the links to the left and the page tabs above for specific topic areas and articles. (NOTE: For later articles see the Systems Page and daily news page at If you would like to contribute a review/tutorial or have comments, please contact me.

Check the main site daily news at for the best in daily tips, troubleshooting/fixes, special offers and more.


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Active CPU Cooling!

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..PowerBook G3
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....RAM Upgrade
....PB G3/250 vs Solo PII


Past News/Updates (see Main news page now, this site area is archived/older news.)

Low-Cost Low-Profile 256MB RAM Dimms for Beige G3 (even Desktop): (Sept. 2001) OWC's site specials page has 256MB 1.15" Low-Profile 256MB SDRAM dimms for Beige G3s (minitowers, desktops and All-in-One models) on sale. Prices and availability of RAM change over time, so check the specials page for the latest pricing. For a guide to installing RAM in the Beige G3, see this G3-ZONE page. As shown on that page since 1998, the Beige G3 can have up to 768MB of RAM with the proper dimms installed.
*Note* See the updated notes on 256MB dimms in Beige G3s - Apple's tech doc claims that a rev 3 motherboard is needed (rev 3 ROM dimm). Apple system profiler will report the ROM version - see this Apple Kbase doc for how to check your ROM version.
Note: After posting this, more than two dozen Beige G3 rev 1/rev A owners noted they were using the OWC 256MB dimms for Beige G3s fine.

Adding a 2nd IDE Drive to B&W G3 rev 2/G4 systems I've posted a Photo Illustrated Guide to adding an IDE slave drive to the rev 2 B&W G3 or G4 systems. [11/5/2000]

Beige G3 ROM Dimm Upgrade Adds Slave Support: (Update: As of late November, OWC sold out of these ROM dimm upgrades. I do not know of any other sources for them.) As noted several times in the last few months on the main news page and is noted in the FAQ, I'd forgotten to note here the fact that rev A/rev 1 Beige G3 owners have reported that upgrading the ROM dimm on the motherboard enabled IDE slave drive support. I've added this comment to the Beige G3 IDE HD Upgrade article as well. (Rev A/rev 1 Beige G3s have an ATI RageII chip on motherboard, RagePro chip denotes rev B or later). For a picture of the ROM dimm, see the linked images on the Troubleshooting page. The FAQ's Apple G3 section has info as well including how to check which revision of the ROM you have (see the 3rd question from the bottom in the FAQ's Apple G3 section).

Formac ProG3/450 Review: I reviewed the Formac ProG3/450 ZIF upgrade in my Beige G3.

Beige G3 Voltage Regulators & CPU Upgrades: Macworld has a story based on info from Newer Technology that Beige G3s with a Royal Technology VRM may not work properly with faster CPU upgrades. Perhaps this is why many Beige G3s had problems with Copper CPUs. I just checked my Beige G3/266 (rev 2 motherboard) and it has the (good) Raytheon module. (You can see the Raytheon chip without removing the VRM module, which can't be fully removed without first removing the AV/Personality card). Failures of the VRM module may also be the real cause of some DOA Beige G3s which have been diagnosed as 'motherboard failures'. The troubleshooting page here has a picture of the VRM.

If Beige G3 owners that had problems with copper 450Mhz G3s could check their VRM manufacturer, please contact me with the brand info. Reportedly most Beige G3s have the Raytheon VRM. Considering the total number of upgraded Beiges, this problem is apparently not common. G4 upgrades might be far more likely to show the problem due to higher current loads. (I have seen some lockups during a long rendering test with a G4/450 upgrade in my Beige G3 (with a Raytheon VRM). I originally suspected a thermal issue, but now I wonder...)

Note: There are currently 633 entries of Beige G3 CPU upgrade owner reports (including overclocking reports) in the Rate Your CPU upgrade database. With Aluminum CPUs at least, most seem OK, even with G3/450 CPUs often running faster than rated speeds. Included are two Beige G3/233 owner reports with XLR8 G4/350 ZIF upgrades noting no problems. (No Sonnet G4, Powerlogix G4 or Newer Tech G4 ZIF entries yet from Beige G3 owners.) [End of 3/30/2000 update]

Chris Lambert sent word he has setup a series of pages on Overclocking your B&W G3. Remember this voids your warranty and may not be reliable as noted on my earlier B&W G3 jumper settings page. Remember your results may vary...

Moto G3/450 Alum. ZIFs: [Note recently the price increased again as of 3/1/2000 so check the OWC site specials page for the latest pricing.] Some Beige G3 owners reported problems with the copper IBM 450's in the CPU Upgrade database so perhaps these may run better in their systems. Many good reports with the Alum. G3/450 however. OWC also has on the specials page a 'plug and go' version that requires no motherboard jumper settings change.

For links to installation info see my review of the OWC 350/400MHz ZIFs posted last fall. [2/24/2000 update]

MaxPowr G4 400 ZIF Review: I've posted a review of the Newer Tech G4 400MHz ZIF upgrade for Beige and B&W G3s. It's a better than average performer and even compares well to a new Apple G4/450 AGP system as shown in the review application tests. [12/10/1999]

XLR8 G4 Upgrade Review: I've published my review of the XLR8 G4/400Z that works in Beige G3, AIO G3 and B&W G3s. Included is a ton of application and benchmark test results and a full illustrated installation guide (including patching the B&W G3 to remove the G4 CPU ROM block). [11/22/1999]

OWC 350/400 ZIFs Reviewed: I've posted a review of the OWC Mercury 350 and 400MHz G3 OEM ZIF upgrades. Lots of details and links to installation info, guides and performance tests.

Other World Computing sold out of their 400/200/1MB ZIF Upgrade (#Z400APL) at $265 with free shipping. That was the lowest price I'd seen (as of Nov 1999) for a 400MHz upgrade.

[Update: Both Powerlogix (proven independently) and XLR8 have ROM fixes for the B&W G3 ROM 1.1 G4 CPU check] If you missed it from the front page news, I verifed a week or so ago that the Firmware update to the B&W G3s does prevent a G4 CPU from booting. XLR8 said the same G4 CPU ZIF module I had worked fine in rev 1.0x ROM machines. I posted a First Look at the G4 Upgrade article with performance tests in an XLR8 CarrierZIF card. I've also got an Apple AGP/G4 500MHz system on order now. [9/11/1999]

I've posted a review of the lowest priced 466MHz ZIF currently on the market, the Bottom Line Railgun 466/233/1MB ZIF.

New RagePro/Rage128 Drivers: Apple posted TIL 11475 on new ATI Video drivers that are said to require OS 8.6 and are for all ATI RagePro or Rage128 equipped Macs (iMac, PB G3, Beige/Blue & White G3) and according to the TIL fix several bugs. They are not for RageII owners (rev A iMacs, Rev 1 Beige G3s). They will not install on an ATI PCI card equipped older Mac.

New B&W G3 Improvements: The latest rev of the B&W G3 has a revised IDE controller chip that is said to solve the data corruption issues with some IDE drives, a dual drive (stacked) hard drive bracket, dual drive IDE cable and a faster/heatsinked Rage128 graphics card. See my New Features page posted on the 10th for photos, benchmarks comparing the new/old Rage128 in Quake and Unreal and the model number that may help in determining if that G3 Box you're eyeballing is a new model.

TurboMax Review: I've posted a review of the ProMax TurboMax dual channel IDE Controller PCI card. It solved the data corruption issues I had with the fast WD Expert IDE drive as well.

Kenwood TrueX IDE CDROM: Although there are some issues with the drive, overall I really like the fast 7-beam drive as noted in my Review. I've also posted an illustrated installation guide for the drive in a Beige G3/9600 and B&W G3. Note the compatibility issues mentioned in the review and be aware there is to be a SCSI version available very soon. Kenwood also tells me a firmware update is in the works and should be available within 2 weeks.

B&W G3 Owners: The B&W G3 Compatibility page has been updated with a note on certain IDE drives having data corruption problems in the B&W G3. Drive Setup 1.7.3 (new from apple) was to fix this but in my tests with a WD Expert in a B&W G3 it didn't. Only DS 1.6.2 (part of OS 8.5.1 update) solved the problem but at a performance penalty. See the site IDE articles for more storage reviews.

I've posted a review of the world's fastest CDROM drive, tested in my B&W G3. Beige G3 tests and install guide will follow soon.

I've posted a review of the PowerForce G3/400/200/1MB ZIF.

OS 8.6: For a complete summarized list of issues and fixes see my OS 8.6 Compatibilty page.

B&W G3 ROM Update: The Update is said to improve performance of PCI cards, Firewire ports and minor improvements in OS X Server. D/L it at the G3 Firmware Update page. See my ROM Update page for tips before installing

I've been tracking Quicktime 4 Bugs/Fixes/Wish Lists for several days now.

XLR8 G3/400Z Review: For a reliable, affordable G3 ZIF upgrade for your Beige/AIO/B&W G3, read the XLR8 400/200/1MB ZIF Upgrade Review.

3950U2B 64Bit PCI SCSI: Check out my Exclusive First Look at this rare dual channel U2 SCSI card, soon to be available from Apple's BTO Store.

Make sure you check the main site daily news and B&W G3 pages linked in the left sidebar here for the latest news/tips/downloads. Friday, 4/9/1999 news noted a great ram sale, Umax scanner/G3 patch and much more. For feedback on the OpenGL drivers - see the Rage128 Feedback page.

PPC Checker! If you have a 300Mhz or faster G3 CPU, wisit the PPC Checker page and get Michiro Isobe's utility that reports if your CPU is copper or aluminum based. It's available exclusively at

The B&W G3 Internal Modem Issues/Tips and B&W Compatibility pages have updates including a new TIL that may address the FaxSTF crashing issues (removing FaxSTF has solved many reader reported modem/connection problems as noted at the main site news page.

B&W G3 Drive Mtg Kit: I've posted an illustrated guide to installing Proline's B&W G3 Hard Drive Bracket Kit. It's a low-cost solution to the >1.5-inch tall drive problem affordably. [4/7/1999]

I've posted a page of B&W Internal Modem Issues and Modem Script performance test results. [3/23/1999]

PF 366MHz ZIF Review: This upgrade ran 400/200 speed reliably in my tests. It's compatible with beige, B&W and AIO G3 systems thanks to its speed adjustments. [3/19/1999]

Dim Video: Gene Shekhtman sent a URL to a page with info on fixing the dim/blurry video issue reported with the original rev of AV modules in the Beige G3 (when using the onboard video). I'm told that in some cases Apple will replace the module with a new rev (rev 3?) module (Gene's was) but have not verified this personally. I've added this link and info to the G3-ZONE Troubleshooting page. [3/11/1999]

PF 466/311/1MB Upgrade Review: Amazing performance and speeds were seen during this review in both a beige and B&W G3. How's 533MHz and 550MHz sound? If all samples are like this one, you won't be disappointed. [3/1/1999]

I've updated the Photoshop 5 Performance page for results with a 533MHz G3 ZIF upgrade in a beige G3 and scores from a dual PII 450 NT machine.

The Recent Site Features page has links to several new articles, including TurboMax PCI IDE card tests, Softraid Cache Tweaks and reports on the new ROM in RAM freeware utility. [2/23/1999]

Rage128 Updated Drivers Feedback - reader reports of Application and Game performance/issues. [2/11/1999]

RAGE 128 Updated Drivers: They're finally released! - click here to get it (MacBinary 485K or Binhex 660K). See the Apple Updates page for more info.

500MHz PF400 ZIF: Don't try this reader sent Voltage Mod/Overclock at home.

PB G3 Modem Tip: " Hey Mike,
Just a quick note for fellow PBG3 users who have been forced to use the V.34 script as the 56K scripts don't seem to work very well... Try either of this two modem scripts.

  1. PowerMac G3 Internal 56K
  2. Global Village 28.8-K56

Both have worked fine for me and I now can connect reliably at ~45333 bps, i.e., the modem now works as a V.90 device. Beforehand, I could only use the V.34 script as the 56K PBG3 scripts were totally unreliable, disconnecting within 2-3 minutes of connecting. I hope these help.
Ed O'Briant " [2/10/1999]

The main site news page has an indexed list in the sidebar of all B&W G3 related software updates. In the sidebar here (below left) is a link to All Apple G3 Tech Info Docs on the G3 series.

If you missed it, I've updated my (Yosemite) B&W G3 IDE Slave drive article, a followup to the original Beige G3 IDE update tutorial. [2/9/1999]

G3 Modem V.90 Update Issues: Several readers are reporting problems with modems after the V.90 update [noted below] was applied (some after only a week or use). One reader said he reflashed the modem back to the 56Flex version. Today's (Feb 1st, 1999) main site news has two reports. [2/1/1999]

Beige G3s/IDE Slave drives: I'm getting a lot of mail recently asking if owners of early G3's can add slave drives in their system (after reading the G3 IDE drive upgrade article). As noted many months ago at the G3-ZONE (dedicated to apple G3 systems since Feb of 98), there is an easy way to tell if you have a G3 Rev 2 or later (rev 1's do not support IDE Slave drives). Look at the ATI graphics chip on the motherboard:

  • If it says "ATI RageII+..." you have a Rev 1 (no Slaves)
  • If it says "ATI RagePro..." you have a Rev 2 (or later)

Reader Tai sent a note that Apple's System Profiler 2.1.2 will show if you have a RagePro chip installed (my 2.01 version does not). Look at the 'Card model:' ID. A 'GT-B' is the (slower, Rev 1) Rage II, 'GT-C' is RagePro. If you have a Rage II G3 then it does not support IDE slave drives.

The Yosemite Compatibility and Game Performance pages have been updated. Watch the main site news at daily for important updates. [1/23/1999]

New GV/56K Modem Update: Apple has released a V90 Update for the internal modems used in the 6500 and original G3 systems. Not for the iMac or new Yosemite G3's or for 6500's that shipped with a 33.6kbs modem. See the readme for more information. [Thanks Nick Klingaman and Michael Diaz]

Yosemite Compatibility: I've created a special page to hold reports of compatibility issues with the new Blue and White G3s.

Rage128 vs Voodoo2: New updates for the latest beta drivers and tests with both the Voodoo2 and Rage128 running in a 400Mhz Yosemite. Unreal and Quake tests are shown. This and more tips on optimizing Unreal is listed on the Yosemite Gaming Performance page. [1/16/1999]

Yosemite Lab Tests: I've just posted a page on Yosemite (Blue and White G3) Speed Settings Explained. This voids your warranty and I do not recommend others try it. Results of 350/400 tests to 400/450 are included. The Yosemite page has also been updated with a bizarre lack of Rave capabilty with a Initio Miles card installed. I've also updated the Photoshop Performance page for G3/400 Yosemite results. [1/14/1999]

B&W G3 Updates: The Yosemite page and Gaming info has updates on new drivers, Rage128 retail card compatibility and additional info on the new G3s. Mine arrived yesterday and my initial comments are listed in today's main site news. More info later.

iMac/Yosemite Plaintalk Enabler: MacSpeech is an independent company working on Mac speech recognition products. They also are the sole source (to my knowledge) of the iMac and Yosemite Plaintalk enabler. Visit their web site at [1/13/1999]

Yosemite G3/400/Rage128 Unreal Performance: I've posted a page comparing framerate tests between the Yosemite G3/400 and other systems with RagePro and Voodoo2 cards. Surprising results and make sure you read my analysis of what it all means.

Yosemite Page Updates: The Yosemite page has many new updates on SCSI card compatibility, USB, Firewire, modems and more. My 350/DVD model is due to arrive any day now. [1/9/1999]

Tywee Tan has another article on adding a CPU Cooling Fan to the G3 Desktop case.

Chris Franz has posted a page on reducing CDrom noise in the G3. I've added his link to the existing one on CDrom noise on the troubleshooting page. [1/5/1999]

Tywee Tan wrote an article on adding a 3Dfx Cooling Fan to the G3 Desktop case. [1/4/1999]

Chris Wood sent a note that Output Enablers has pre-programmed jumper block replacements for G3 Macs configured for different CPU speeds. Lifting the tape will void the warranty of course. See the Overclocking page for details on jumper settings. [1/2/1999]

Apple has reposted Modem Updater 1.3 for the PowerBook G3 (wall street) and iMac internal models. More information and download links are in the Apple SW Updates page.

As promised, Part 2 of the Maxtor IDE drive upgrade report showing performance comparisons to the stock 6GB drive has been posted. [12/22/1998]

G3 IDE Drive Upgrade: Need more storage or a faster drive? Then check out my article on upgrading the G3 with a quiet, cool running 10GB Maxtor DiamondMax™ Plus 7200 RPM UltraDMA drive. [12/20/1998]

PowerMac G3 CD Update 2.0: Apple has a TIL on CD 2.0 Update (firmware) to solve sleep issues with some OEM 24x CD drives. (original TIL link revised in 2001 when apple switched to Kbase system.) [12/11/1998]

Orange Micro PCfx Card - Fit Issues: A reader writes with a warning:

" I got me an Orange Micro PCfx card today and I'm very disappointed . I have a G3 266 desktop with a Adaptec UW card and a MicroConversions Game Wizard. There is no way to install the PCfx card if there is any other PCI card in the machine. It won't fit in the most left slot because the memory module on the card just won't fit in that narrow space. It won't go in the other two slots because the memory module is allways on top of one of the other cards. AAAARGH!!!!
Rob Huigsloot

I suggested he try it in the bottom PCI slot - that way the component side of the card is away from other cards (unless the memory module is on the back). Since he has a desktop I'd be curious if the Minitower has the same issue.

LocalTalk PCI 1.2 Update: Henry Goh wrote with postive comments on the latest LocalTalk PCI 1.2 update (11/3/1998). This may solve the prev. reported issues with the extension in G3 Macs. See the readme file for more details. [11/5/1998]

G3 4MB SGRAM: Men in Mac volunteer Kent Kanja sent a warning that some 4MB SGram modules may not work properly at 1280x1024, millions color mode, which apparently is the only mode that uses the upper 2MB of the 4MB expansion module. Kent's detailed mail fully describles the problem. ** Note: Many monitors are not rated for higher resolutions (esp. the iMac). Some multi-resolutions controls may allow you to set resolutions that your monitor does not support. Check your monitor specs to be sure. [10/24/1998]

PowerForce G3 ZIF 400MHz Review: Easy installation and record breaking performance sums up the PowerLogix 400MHz upgrade for Apple G3 and AIO Macs. Read all about it in my Review. [10/19/1998]

Audio CD Playback Issues: A reader sends more info on the problem: " I've seen this exactly problem with dozens of clients since the G3 introduction. It has to do with Enchanced CDs. There's a separate partition on the disc and the OS tried to mount this partition when there's an interruption (mounting a floppy or zip, launching an application, etc.).

Apple has also documented this problem in TIL 19112.

BTW... it can also happen if someone has the AutoStart virus. " [10/14/1998]

Another Possible Fix: for the disappearing printer problem is said to be the Serial DMA 2.1 update according to the latest report on the Compatibility page, printers section. [10/08/1998]

Noisy G3 CDROM Fix Jerry sent a URL to his page on Reducing CDrom Noise in the Powermac minitower. [9/29/1998]

VT Macpicasso 540: Apple G3 rev 3 systems have a compatibility issue with MP540 cards prior to Rev 1.3 (Aug 98 production). See for details. I've updated the Compatibility and MacPicasso 540/3D Overdrive review pages for this info. [9/25/1998]

The Compatibility page has been updated to note that Apple's Serial DMA update 2.1 solves the Palmpilot hotsync issues with the G3. [9/21/1998]

G3 CPU Cooling: I've just created HTML page listing Brent Basham's Active CPU Cooling Experiments. Very interesting! [9/16/1998]

PB G3 Display Fix: (Sept. 15, 1998) Today's news page has a post on how a dealer fixed the display cable problem. Apparently it has a habit of working loose and needs some padding or other securing to permanently fix the problem.

G3 Rev 3 Issues: I talked with a Apple G3 rev 3 owner/tech support person over the phone last night and he commented on several issues he's seen with the new models:

  • Mouse tracking problems (mouse movement is often jerky). (I suspect the video card drivers.)
  • Problems with the Apple 1705 monitors - 1024x768 shrinks the display on the 1705 when connected to the G3 rev 3 set to the same refresh rate that works fine with other Mac models (even a rev 2). Sounds like the horizontal scan rate is too high for the monitor, but the res/vert refresh is identical to other mac models that work fine with the monitor. Moving the monitor to an identical Rev 2 Apple G3 solves the problem. Other resolutions are fine.
  • Lack of 2D acceleration with Ultimate Rez video cards (OEM or Retail). (The ATI/Ult Rez driver issue was fixed in v1.02 of the URez drivers, but the problem appears to be back according to his story).

Internal Modem Audio Noise: I've gotten two reports of audio noise problems with the G3 internal modems. See Monday's and Tuesday's news at the main site for reports. A reader mail describes the problem and how to detect it. " [9/8/1998]

G3 Bus Speed Benchmarks: A reader sends some info that backs up the results I'd seen in most apps tests (see 'Does Bus Speed Really Matter?'):

"Hi, Mike. Just wanted to pass on some new information I just discovered about G3 overclocking, possibly to add to the page I wrote for you in the G3-Zone.

For a long time I've been running my 233 desktop at 292/83, thinking that the bus speed is more important than the slightly higher CPU speed one would get at 300/66.

Today I decided to finally run a benchmark to find out just how much benefit I was getting. I used STREAM, a crossplatform memory bandwidth benchmark used to evaluate the sustainable bandwidth of everything from personal computers to huge mainframes and supercomputers with hundreds of CPUs.

Well, I dug out the STREAM source code from where it had been sitting on my hard drive for a long time, improved the timing routines (changed to the UpTime() system call instead of TickCount(), greatly improving granularity), and compiled up a fresh copy. Surprisingly enough, 300/66 results in slightly *higher* measured bandwidth than the 292/83 configuration: about 133 MB/s versus 130 MB/s.

On further reflection, this may not be all that much of a surprise. The MPC106 memory controller needs to be programmed with the correct timing values for operation at any given bus frequency. If Apple's initialization code assumes 66 MHz, it may not be set up correctly for 83 MHz operation. It would be interesting to probe the MPC106 registers on an 83 MHz bus Wall Street and see how the values differ from the 66 MHz desktops... another project to eventually get around to. :)

BTW, 133 MB/s is pretty disappointing compared to Pentium II STREAM numbers, which often break 300 MB/s.

In any case, this means that for overclockers 66 MHz vs. 83 MHz is probably not an important consideration.
Tim S
" [9/6/1998]

G3 Rev 1 Videoconferencing Issues: As mentioned here in the past, owners of Rev 1 Apple G3 systems that have expanded the Vram have experienced problems with apps like CUSeeMe and iVisit. Apple apparently has a fix for the problem based on this anom. reader mail that contains a quote from Apple tech support:

" Enclosure: G3 Video Input Update
Enclosed is a copy of the G3 Video Input Update which should be posted soon to the Apple Software Updates. I was given the okay to go ahead and send this update out. It should be okay to send this out to anyone else, but please do not post it on any internet site or bulletin board.

Please see if this addresses issues with CUSeeMe and any other software you might be using. Feel free to post your comments to the discussion board or I will filter mail you send to this normally read-only mail address.
Todd Hart
Apple Support Discussions.

The problem was mentioned here on the Compatibility page software section months ago. [9/4/1998]

Printer Tip: The Troubleshooting page has a tip from Jan Boeijink that solved his disappearing LaserWriter problems in the Chooser. She says the common tip of removing the LocalTalkPCI extension caused mouse movement to be jerky when printing while her solution (discovered accidently) has no such drawbacks. [8/27/1998]

More G3 Cooling Tips: Readers sent in more G3 Desktop cooling tips (some covered here earlier):

" More cooling tips:
scrape off the grey pad from the heatsink, polish it with fine steel wool, make sure that the heatsink clip is not on backwards, bend the clip to make it a tighter fit. all the above will reduce the temp at leat 10c, usually 15-20c. another big help is to put the hd in the upper slot by the zip or cd [applies to Desktop only I think, as MT case has HD over the power supply-Mike], for this you may need a longer ide cable, radio shack has them, you can also remove the thin metal plates from the front of the case. you can also remove the internal speaker, or just move it from in front of the hole to allow more air flow, and you can even install a fan to bring more air in through that hole.

By moving the hd, removing the grey pad and adding coumpound and bending the clip should get any g3 to its fastest speed, or should i say the cache's fastest speed.
john m"

Thomas Morse wrote:

" I saw the g3-cpu fan article. I too have a 233mhz overclocked to 292mhz. I used a 486 fan like the one in the article,but I mounted it to blow across the stock apple heat sink toward the back of the case. I have not gone over 89F no matter what I try and run!! Works great. I spent 15 bucks at radio shack for the total upgrade. Love the site, keep it up!" [8/26/1998]

CPU Fan How-To: Greg Cloon sent a article showing how he added a Fan cooled heatsink on his G3 desktop system. [8/25/1998]

Does Bus Speed Really Matter? I boosted the bus speed on my Apple G3 to 83MHz and ran the apps tests again to see what benefit it provided. Results are shown below.

Application Test
Apple G3/333
Apple G3/333
Bryce 2 Alexandria II render
Bryce 2 Magical Knights I
After Effects 3.1 Movie
Adobe Premiere 4.2 Make Movie

I'll have tests in Photoshop 5 next, which may show more of an advantage, but so far the benefit seems very small. Apps that use large amounts of RAM may show much more benefit. [8/25/1998]

iMac Modem Tip: It might be worth a try for iMac owners to test the modem speedup tip (script change) posted earlier. It seemed to help here on the PB G3 and Apple G3 internal modems and the iMac uses the same modem I believe. If it does help your connect rates and/or reliability please contact me. [8/24/1998]

A reader sent the results of a series of overclocking tests on many Apple G3 ZIF CPUs. [8/22/1998]

Exclusive! PowerForce G3 ZIF Preview: I've posted a preview and test results of a prototype of PowerLogix's new PowerForce G3 ZIF upgrade. MacBench 4.0 and applications tests at speeds as high as 400 MHz are shown. [8/20/1998]

Iomega Driver v6.0/2940UW/Apple G3 Conflicts: This info has been moved to the Compatibility Page.

ByteMarks: Mach 5 vs G3: I ran Bytemark DR/3 on both the 9600/400 and my Apple G3/300 (running 333/222). Tests were run with no extensions (backside cache on G3 was enabled).

ByteMark DR/3
Apple G3/333
Floating Point

If you missed it, check the Applications tests scores I previously ran with these two systems. [8/13/1998]

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