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G4 CPU Related Articles

CPU Upgrade Reviews
CPU Related Articles
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Dual G4 533MHz CPU Module Overclocking Reader article on mods to overclock a Digital Audio Dual G4/533 CPU module.
Mods for Digital Audio G4/533 in a Sawtooth Tower Reader article on mods to install a Digital Audio G4/533 CPU module in his G4 Sawtooth Tower. Includes info on L2 cache voltage tweak/heatsink used to run the DA module at 650/325. (The Systems page has more CPU module design/mod related articles.)
MDD Owner Guide on upgrading to Dual 1.42GHz CPU module A MDD (single G4/1.25GHz) owner's guide to replacing the CPU module with a OEM Apple Dual 1.42GHz MDD module (sold on ebay). Includes links/notes on replacing the heatsink with the Apple Copper one and changing the bus speed to 167MHz. (The Systems page has more MDD Mods/Comparison tests/Reviews.)
PL Bluechip LS CPU Upgrade Cooling Mods (PB G3 Lombard) Reader article on his heatsink/fan mods to cool his Powerlogix Bluechip G4/500 CPU upgrade in a Lombard PB G3. (Using a Pismo/PB G3 2000 heatsink/heatpipe and fan.)
Logic Audio Pops/Noise with G4 Upgraded Macs Logic Audio owner comments on pops/noise with G4 upgraded Macs (G3 or older Macs w/G4 CPU Upgrade).
Dual G4/500 Cube
(using Sonnet Duet)
Photos of how a reader installed a Sonnet Duet Dual G4/500 in a G4 Cube. (*Entertainment purposes only* - Do not attempt this yourself. Not supported by Sonnet or Apple. Voids warranty on both the card and the system.)
Dual G4/450 Cube Photos of how a reader stuffed a Dual G4/450 Apple CPU module in a G4 Cube. (*Entertainment purposes only - Do not attempt this yourself. Not supported by Apple. Voids warranty on the Cube.)
G4 ZIF Voltage Boost Mods Comments/Photos on a reader's G4/500 ZIF running 650Mhz with a core voltage boost and active cooling. (*Entertainment purposes only* - Do not attempt this yourself. Voids warranty on the system and G4 upgrade.)
Overview and Speed Settings of the 7450 CPU Module(G4/667, G4/733MHz models) Michiro Isobe's illustrated article on the G4/733 (and G4/667) CPU module design where he notes he overclocked his G4/733 to 867MHz. Warning- for reference only. Do not attempt this yourself. Voids the warranty and may not be reliable. See article disclaimers.
First Look at XLR8's MAChCarrier MPe Dual G4 CPU Card Photos and info on XLR8's multiprocessor CPU card for PCI Macs.
Altivec Extensions Tests
OS 9.0x/OS 9.1
OS 9.0-9.04 included 4 Altivec support extensions (noted in the G4 cpu upgrade reviews here) that were removed in OS 9.1. A reader sent a note on tests in Altivec aware apps with and without the extensions enabled in OS 9.04 and OS 9.1.
Dual G4 CPU Module Swap Illustrated article on swapping a single G4 CPU module for a dual processor module. (AGP G4 Tower System)
Peek at Apple's Dual
G4 CPU Module
An owner of a new Apple dual-processor G4 system sent photos of the module and new motherboard. Check it out.
Dual G4 CPU Module Speed Settings Illustrated article showing the location of bus/cpu ratio control resistors on the dual G4 module. Reference Information only!
G4/AGP Sawtooth
CPU Module Speed Settings
My friend Michiro Isobe details the speed settings, core voltage, L2 level control and Bus clock configuration of the Apple G4 Sawtooth system. Reference Information only!
Peek at Sawtooth's
G4 CPU Module
A look under the huge heatsink on the new AGP slot G4 Macs.
Dual G4 CPU Upgrade
from Powerlogix
Take a peek at Powerlogix's dual G4 CPU upgrade for PCI and ZIF socket based Macs. Includes compatibility information and the official press release as well as a photo of the card. (As of August 2000, this upgrade is still not available.)
Reader Report:
Peltier Cooled Yikes G4
Reader submitted article on his active cooled Yikes G4 running at 500MHz. Caution: Voids Warranty - You could destroy your Mac
Reader Report:
500MHz Yikes G4/400
Reader submitted article by on how he overclocked (w/voltage tweaks) his Yikes G4/400 to 500MHz. Caution: Voids Warranty - Don't try this yourself, you could destroy your Mac!
Reader Report:
Yikes G4 Overclocking
Reader submitted article by Todd Eddie on how he overclocked his Yikes G4/400 to 450MHz. Includes before and after performance tests. Caution: Voids Warranty - Don't try this yourself!
Installing a G4 ZIF CPU
in a B&W G3
XLR8 G4/400Z installation into a rev 1.1 firmware B&W G3. Includes how to installer the XLR8 firmware patch that removes the G4 CPU block. (Other than the firmware patch, this info would also apply to G3 CPU upgrades)
First Look:
Powerlogix Z-Force
Exclusive first photos of the long awaited ZIF socketed CPU upgrade card from Powerlogix. Amazingly compact - not much larger than a ZIF CPU module that it holds!
First Look:
Powerlogix G4 Upgrade
Exclusive report on G4 CPU upgrade from Powerlogix. No real world tests as in the XLR8 G4 upgrade review (below), but pictures of their new small design and comments from George Cole on the card's features.
First Look:
XLR8 G4 Upgrade
Exclusive report on G4 CPU upgrade from XLR8. Tests against a G3 CPU of the same speed in the Genesis using the CarrierZIF card. Benchmarks and real world apps/games.

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