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My favorite Mustang is still "Eleanor" from 'Gone in 60 seconds' (2000), which sold for $1M at auction last year. (Some Eleanor copies also cost a small fortune.) Every now and then I pop in the blu-ray (set audio to PCM track), jump to chapter 25 and crank up the volume. The engine start-up in the garage and lopey idle bring back some (very) old memories from a simpler, better time. (Movie-wise however, I'd pick 2011's Drive over GI60S.)

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Looking for writers of apple/mac related upgrade reviews, mac upgrade projects, repairs/resurrecting an older Mac, game reviews, audio hardware/software, Mac Media Centers, how-to guides, etc. If interested info including topics you'd like to cover. Thanks.

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Listing/links of updates, DIY mod/upgrade articles, tips and reviews you may have missed. (Mac compatible 802.11ac wifi cards/adapters, Radeon 7970 in 2007 Mac Pro, Mac mini/MBP/iMac internal Mini-PCIe eSATA Card Mods, OS X Updates/Tips/Problems, Low-Cost CPU Upgrades for early Mac Pros/Xserves and Minis, Mac Mini SSD upgrades, OS X SSD Trim Enablers, DIY Fusion drives and more.)

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Previous News Archive Summary:
    Wednesday April 16, 2014 News
  • Nvidia CUDA 6.0.37 Update for OS X
  • Late 2013 Mac Pro Review (Australian)
  • Op-Ed on Apple ignoring Pro Apps (Final Cut Pro and Aperture)
  • OWC Blog Post on Thunderbolt Cable Testing at TT
  • Mac Pro sets record as worst Mac production shortage
  • Pioneer Bringing Apple CarPlay to In-Dash Systems
  • Updated Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Articles:
    - Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4 Graphics card compatibility
    - Final Cut Pro X Hangs at "Restoring the window layout" or open to a gray window
    - OS X: How to change your account name or home directory name
    - Resolve issues between iTunes and security software
    - Why can't I select None when I edit my payment information?
    - iOS: If you can't back up or restore from a backup in iTunes
  • Other News/Reviews/Tips/Tech/OT:
    - Linksys WRT1900AC 802.11ac Wi-Fi router - Fastest to Date
    - Critical Java Update Plugs 37 Security Holes (J7U55/J85)
    - Netcraft's Heartbleed indicator Toolbar for Chrome/Firefox/Opera
    - PS4 Update 1.70 Coming Soon, Introducing SHAREfactory
    - Guy Kawasaki takes evangelist job with Canva
    - Will Beats Music Measure Up?

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