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My OS X Experiences and Tests with PowerBook G4
By Mike
Published: 3/28/2001
(updated 3/30/2001 for notes on lack of Epson Photo 870 printer support)
I realize it's a new Mac and less likely to have problems with the first release of OS X, but I wanted to summarize my experiences with OS X on a PowerBook G4. I installed it Saturday and have used it for about 20 hours total (buried in email and work here so I can't use it as much as I'd like.)

I'm using Airport to connect to the internet via a cable modem so I can't comment on the PPP/internal modem issues many have reported. I partitioned the drive into two volumes, the first with OS 9.1 and the second for OS X (HFS+ format). My two 256MB SODIMMs had no problems with the firmware update (they were an exact pair of 222 speed modules.) I have had no kernel panics and no system crashes. Internet Explorer has crashed once, and has been sluggish at times (as has iDisk), but otherwise it's been pretty trouble-free. Here are some notes on my compatibility and performance tests (including Classic vs OS 9.1 and Game tests) so far.

  • Setup: I had to force-quit the initial setup registration - it stalled at the connecting stage and also when trying to disconnect. This did not seem to affect the install however and Airport was working from the get-go.

  • Printing My USB Epson Photo 870 was recognized but not supported. Espon has some drivers on the OS X CD, but not for this model. Disappointing. No idea when Epson will have support for my printer.

  • Loss of Cursor: Yesterday after testing several of the screensavers (using the test button) I lost the cursor. Luckily I could see menus highlight and was able to select restart from the Apple menu which brought back the cursor.

  • Display Brightness Keys: After a friend mentioned this, I verifed that if you use the brightness slider in the Monitors control, the keyboard brightness keys then work. However after a restart they don't work again (unless you use the slider again). [Thanks to Steve Weisel for this tip.]

  • Internet Explorer: The only OS X application I've had problems with so far is IE. It has quit suddenly several times (most often during downloads). Perhaps due to net traffic/server load, at times it's very fast, other times (especially during downloads) it becomes unresponsive (spinning cursor, unable to do anything in IE).

  • iMovie2 OS X vs Classic Performance: I ran my usual iMovie 2 Tutorial export test (CDROM medium size) using iMovie for OS X and compared times with the same test I had run with OS 9.1. The times were identical. (OS 9.1 tests used Quicktime 5 preview, which as noted in last October tests on the systems page, cuts export times literally in half with the default H263 codec.)

  • Photoshop 5.5 - OS 9.1 vs Classic Performance: Tests used the 10MB image and 21 filter PSBench series. OS 9.1 took 119.8 seconds to complete the test, under Classic it took 125.1 seconds.

  • Classic Game Tests: Most games I tried would not run properly and all ran slower than they did under OS 9.1 (as expected). With no major OS X native games yet (other than a beta of Cro-Mag rally), there's no reason to run current games in Classic mode when previous OS versions run them better and faster.
    GL Quake 0.7 didn't run, Quake 1 RAVE had no sound (there is a Rave layer in OS X apparently however), Quake2 OpenGL had some spurious polygons, Quake 3 (117) worked but was much slower, and Unreal Tournmanet (436) ran but was very slow. Driver showed a black screen after the opening company logos.

  • Word98/Excel 98: Seemed OK in quick/limited tests. (My old 1.1.1 Visual Page HTML editor also worked. I wish Symantec hadn't dropped that low-cost editor .)

  • Sound: So far I've seen no loss of sound in OS X apps. As other Nomad II MP3 player owners have reported, the first release of iTunes for OS X does not recognize the player. Note: After applying the OS X 10.0.1 update my Nomad II now is recognized by iTunes in OS X.

  • Shutdown Drive Noise: I noticed a much louder "click" from the PB hard drive when shutting down in OS X than in OS 9.1. I now restart in OS 9.1 before shutting down. (May not be an issue really, but I didn't like the sound of it, so I'm being overly cautious with this first release.)

Overall I'm very happy with what I've seen on OS X so far on the PB G4. It will be some time before I use it for daily work, but I like many of the new features and the dock. Performance on the PB G4 is actually better than I expected (considering that the Aqua interface is antialiasing everything). When I can, I plan on removing some of the startupitems folder contents for things I don't need (apache, cron, etc.). This requires root level priviliges I think. (You can move these folders when booted into OS 9.1, but not sure what effect that would have under OS 9.1.)

My PowerBook G4/400 details:

  • 32GB IBM Travelstar
    2 HFS+ partitions, appx 20GB for OS 9.1, 10GB for OS X
  • 512MB RAM (two 222 256MB SODIMMs)
  • Airport card (never updated to Airport 1.3 under OS 9.1)
  • All OS 9.1 updates applied except for Disc Burner

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