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SCSI Hard Drive Related Articles
Review of Atlas 10K Series II SCSI Drives
Reader review of the series II Atlas 10K (10,000 RPM) drives.
Reader Review
Atlas 10K RPM U2 SCSI Drive
Reader review of the Quantum 10,000 RPM Ultra2 SCSI drive. Includes detailed info on drive Cooling Fans
Install Up To 4 Drives
in a 8600 or 9600
Tutorial on installing a 4 hard drives in a 8600 or 9600
Cheetah UW SCSI Upgrade
Illustrated guide to installing a UW Cheetah Disk and PCI Controller in a 8500. Includes software install guide.
Owner Feedback
Reader comments (long) on the 2.2GB Castelwood ORB SCSI drive for the Mac
SCSI RAID Related Articles
Cheap SCSI Atlas 10K IV RAID Review
Reader review using Atlas IV drives with 39160 SCSI card for OS X RAID.
Adaptec DuraStor RAID Review
Reader review of the Adaptec DuraStor RAID array used with an Xserve.
Review of Atlas 10K Series II SCSI RAID
Reader review of the series II Atlas 10K (10,000 RPM) drives in a RAID configuration.
Darin Ames sends a review of his Ultra2 SCSI Raid setup titled 'Freeze: This is a Raid!'
4 Drive Internal 8600 Array
Tutorial on installing a 4 Drive Disk Array in a 8600 (or 9600)
Raid in a 7500
Dual Drive Raid in a Desktop 7500 case.
SoftRaid Setup
Although part of the IDE RAID How-To article, this illustrated guide to installing Softraid can apply to SCSI drives as well.
Softraid Cache Tweaking
Reader report of Tweaking the HD cache with Softraid's driver for improved performance (44% on sust. writes). As noted here before, I use Softraid's drive on single drives as well.
Initio Miles/Softraid Review
Reader review on the Initio Miles and Softraid 2.1.5 with 1 drive and up to 3 drive Raid tests.
Raid Array Tests I
(1998 UW SCSI RAID Tests) Dual UW SCSI card/Dual Drive Raid Array. 4 Mac SCSI Cards and 5 Raid Software Pkgs Tested
Raid Array Tests II
(1998 UW SCSI RAID Tests) Same Tests as above but with only one SCSI Card.
Graphs of Raid Tests II
(1998 UW SCSI RAID Tests) Select your Card/Raid Software combination and see how it performed.
SCSI Controller Card Related Articles
SCSI PCMCIA cards w/OS X 10.3
In response to a reader request, this page has feedback on using SCSI PCMCIA cards with panther/OS X 10.3.x. Also includes a section on Firewire/SCSI and USB/SCSI adapters.
Add a 2nd Int. SCSI Connector to $49 OEM UL2D ATTO Card.
A reader notes that soldering in a 2nd internal SCSI connector on the $49 OEM ATTO UL2D cards (from OWC) worked well for dual channel RAID capability. (From Dec. 18th, 2002 news page)
Reader Tip: Flashing Retail ATTO UW SCSI card Firmware into OEM (Apple ROM) card.
A reader's tips on how he was able to use the retail ATTO ExpressPCI (ultra-wide scsi card) firmware with an OEM (original equipment version) card. (Normally the retail card flash updaters will not update an OEM ATTO card that was an option on Some Apple Beige G3 Mac systems and servers.)
*Updated* 1/14/2002 to include notes on Ultra2 cards and sources for past ATTO firmware versions.
Reader Review: Ratoc Ultra-Wide SCSI PCMCIA Controller Card
A reader sent a quick review of the Ratoc PCCard Ultra-Wide SCSI controller for PowerBooks.
Acard AEC-6712WM Review
Reader review of the Acard Ultra-SCSI PCI Controller card for Macs.
Acard SCSI to IDE Case Review
Reader review with photos and install guide on a way to use IDE hard drives in an external case with your SCSI Mac without a PCI IDE card.
Acard SCSI to IDE Adapter Review
Reader review with photos and install guide on a way to use IDE hard drives (internal) with your SCSI Mac without a PCI IDE card.
Faster Controllers
for Audio
Although not a full review, Issue #64 of our Audio Column includes comments on a 9500 owner looking for a faster drive controller for audio use.
Adaptec Ultra160
SCSI performance reports
Owner comments (including mine) on Adaptec's 64-Bit PCI Ultra160 SCSI card performance, including notes on relatively low write performance in most cases. Updated for reports from dual Processor G4 systems. (This card is also compatible with 32-Bit PCI slots.)
Ultra2 SCSI Cards Compared
What's the fastest Ultra2 SCSI card? Benchmarks and real world tests on ATTO, Adaptec and Initio Ultra2 SCSI cards. Includes IDE disk performance comparisons.
Adaptec 3950U2B
64Bit Dual-Ch. U2 SCSI
An exclusive first look at the OEM 64-Bit PCI/Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI controller that is to be offered soon as a BTO option on B&W G3 Macs.
PCI SCSI Cards Compared
Adaptec, ATTO, Initio and Streamlogic cards Performance Comparison
Adaptec 2940 SCSI card install
Tutorial on Installing a PCI SCSI card
Cheetah UW SCSI Upgrade
Illustrated guide to installing a UW Cheetah Disk and PCI Controller in a 8500. (9500 case is similar) Includes software install guide.
Umax E100 SCSI/NIC Card
Compatibility page
Reader comments, tips and experiences using the Umax E-100 Combo UW SCSI and 10/100 Ethernet card.
B&W G3 RAID Tests
Adaptec 2940UW firmware 3.0 vs 4.1
A reader sends test data that indicates that sometimes the latest is not the best, at least for RAID in a B&W G3.
More PCI vs Onboard SCSI Tests
(with Narrow Ultra SCSI Drives)
Another comparison of PCI SCSI card vs onboard SCSI with Narrow drives. This time Ultra SCSI drives are used. Review by Frank Bernier.
9600 Onboard vs PCI SCSI
Tests of the stock 9600 narrow SCSI Hard Disk with the onboard SCSI vs PCI SCSI Cards.
CDROM, DVD and CDRW Related Articles
Firmware Update Tips
Tips on flashing Plextor IDE and SCSI CDRWs with Macs.
Installation Guide
for CDROM Drives
Although written for IDE drives, this step-by-step illustrated guide to installing a CDROM drive in a Beige G3, 8600/9600 and Blue and White G3 or G4 system, much of the info would apply to a SCSI drive as well. (The jumper settings of course are different for SCSI drives, you have to set the SCSI ID and make sure termination is set properly (only last drive on the cable should be set for termination.)
Plextor's SCSI
12/10/32 CDRW Drive
First tests of the SCSI Plextor 12x/10x/32x CDROM recorder in Macs.
Yamaha 16x/10x/40x
The first reader reports of the Yamaha 2100 CDROM recorder. (Search the drive database for the latest reports.)
Yamaha 8/4/24X CDRW
Owner Reports
After a reader reported severe problems with the drive in Macs, I was flooded with owner reports good and bad from most every Mac model and SCSI interface. Includes tips and system info.
Misc. Storage Related Articles
Sony Memory Stick
Floppy Adapter
Mini-Review of the Sony Floppy Adapter for their Memory Sticks. Tested for performance with my PB G3/250 and a PC PII/366 notebook for file copy performance. Includes comments on use, software and value.
Hard Disk Toolkit 4.0 vs
Apple's Drivers
A reader provided graphs of performance tests of FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit 4.0 drivers versus Apple's Drive Setup drivers (OS 9.04 version). The results are surprising and could save you a few $$.
Native PowerPC Code
Disk Drivers Comments
Intech, SoftRaid and Prosoft reply to an claim by FWB (now removed) that they had the only PowerPC native code storage drivers. (After this article was posted, FWB changed the wording from 'only' to 'leading' on their web page).
Using a PC ATX Case
For Mac SCSI Devices
A Reader shows how he used a PC full tower ATX case for Mac SCSI drives. Full of details, sources of components and illustrations.
Proline HD Bracket
Illustrated guide to Proline's low-cost solution for the tall drive mounting issue in the Blue and White G3 systems. (This bracket could be used in any Mac since it's velcro attached)
Disk Cache Size vs. Performance
Effect of Disk Cache size on performance.
B&W G3 RAID Tests
Adaptec 2940UW firmware 3.0 vs 4.1
A reader sends test data that indicates that sometimes the latest is not the best, at least for RAID in a B&W G3.
IDE to SCSI Adapter Info
BlackFire sends details on their IDE to SCSI adapter.
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